Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 68

The next day Seth, Dean, and Sarah were up bright and early so they had a little time before Seth had to go to the arena with Sarah since she was better so they decide to have breakfast together, after breakfast Seth had to get his stuff packed for the arena and so did Sarah once they were packed Dean gave his sister her IPad back.

"I thought i was on punishment". Sarah said.

"I took a week off and decided to give you something to keep yourself occupied while your there". Dean said.

"Thanks Dean". Sarah said.

"Your welcome but remember you don't go anywhere near ringside or the ring do you understand me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

Dean then kissed her head and sent her with Seth as he decided to spend the day resting on much needed sleep.


Once Seth and Sarah have arrived they head to Seth's locker room but neither doesn't notice that they are being watched by the authority members just waiting for the perfect time to strike. Seth then went to change into his ring gear while Sarah was on her IPad reading, once he was changed he decided to train to get him pumped up and get his adrenaline going. Since it was only in the early afternoon Seth decided to take Sarah to catering for some lunch and to spend some time with the other wrestlers or divas but on the way there Renee stops them.

"Now what do you want?" Sarah asked annoyed.

"Where's Dean?" Renee asked.

"None of your business". Sarah said.

"It's all his fault". Renee said.

"Nothing is his fault". Sarah said.

"It's his fault that Jake broke up with me". Renee said.

"No that's your fault because you bounce from one guy to another so that has nothing to do with my brother that's on you". Sarah said.

"I don't know where you started to talk like that but you better start talking to people with respect or else". Renee said.

Sarah then dropped Seth's hand and stepped forward getting closer to the blonde woman.

"Or else what Renee? Would you like a black eye with that broken nose or maybe two, like i said before i'm not afraid of you or whatever you do to me you on the other hand should be afraid of me because i'm just like my brother and i'm capable of almost anything if people cross me so if i were you Renee i wouldn't cross me or you will feel my wrath". Sarah said.

"Are you gonna stand there and let her talk to me like that?" Renee asked Seth.

"Pretty much yeah". Seth said.

"You should watch your back little girl". Renee said.

"Lady you don't know who your messing with". Sarah said.

Renee then stormed off again leaving Sarah and Seth standing there, Sarah has a look on her face and Seth knows what it is.

"What are you thinking?" Seth asked.

"I feel like pranking somebody". Sarah said.

"And who would that be?" Seth asked.

"Renee". Sarah answered.

"As long as you don't go overboard with it". Seth said.

"I'm not". Sarah said.

Once at catering Seth and Sarah sit down to eat there lunch while Sarah planned out her pranks for Renee. Sarah then took a water bottle and the hot sauce turned her back dropping a few drops of hot sauce in the water and plans to give it to Renee. After lunch Sarah asks Seth if she could go outside of the arena and she has a couple of plastic cups to catch a couple of bugs so she sees a spider and a worm making perfect choices for her she then puts a lid on the cups going back in the arena. She then asked around if anybody had any liquid glue because she is going to put it in Renee's lotion. Finally she replaces her hair spray with spray paint. Renee will regret the day she crossed Sarah and then goes to where Renee hangs out with Summer Rae and Seth goes with her to be her look out, Sarah then gets to work by first putting the bugs in her make up kit, then pours some glue in the bottle of lotion, then takes the can of spray paint and carefully puts a hairspray label on it. Once they were still in the clear they bolted away before they can get caught but on the way back they bump into Renee.

"Hey Renee i just wanted to say no hard feelings anymore". Sarah said.

Sarah handed her the water with a smirk on her face just as Renee takes the water.

"Sure thanks Sarah". Renee said.

They watched as Renee walked away then opened the water taking a drink then spitting it out because her mouth is on fire and she is yelling. Seth and Sarah are cracking up laughing on the floor as Renee is walking over so she can do her hair and make up, when she gets there and opens her make up she lets out a scream because she saw the spider and worm so she throws the make up case away so she decides to brush her short hair then put hairspray in but doesn't know that her hairspray isn't hairspray so once she's is finished her hair is purple which makes Sarah crack up more. Finally Renee takes her lotion and puts it on but she notices that her hands are sticking together from it getting her confused till she finally realized what happened. Sarah then was able to catch her breath from all the laughing she did and walked to a very upset Renee.

"I told you Renee don't cross me and since you did you had to pay the consequences by the way nice hair". Sarah said.

Renee looked back at the mirror to see her hair a bright purple color and she screams in frustration and anger.

"Next time when i say to not cross me you should listen or something else could happen again by the way you have something on your shoulder". Sarah said.

Renee looked on her shoulder to see the spider and she flips out running around like a manic trying to get the spider off her shoulder but can't since her hands are glued together. Summer then came and was wondering what was going on with her friend.

"Did you have something to do with this?" Summer asked.

"Maybe i did maybe i didn't what's it to you, you annoying blonde headed twit". Sarah said.

"You should really learn some manner and respect". Summer said.

"Or maybe you should learn what clothes are heck i'm 10 and dress better than you". Sarah said.

"How dare you". Summer said.

"My brother has always taught me to told the truth and i'm telling the truth wait is the gray i see in your hair, you should really get that looked at since you are getting up there in age i don't think guys would wanna go out with someone your age". Sarah said.

Summer then looked in the mirror frantically to see what Sarah was talking about and ran off to the divas locker room and Seth saw everything because he is laughing so hard he is crying.

"Sweetheart the was the best thing i have ever saw". Seth said.

"I did learn from the best". Sarah said.

"Come on my match is soon and i have to get you to someone". Seth said.

"Can i stay with Nikki and Brie?" Sarah asked.

"Sure but we gotta hurry". Seth said.

Seth then took her hand as they sped walked trying to find Nikki and Brie who were with a couple of the other divas.

"Hey Seth, hey Sarah what's up". Nikki said.

"Do you guys mind keeping an eye on Sarah while i'm in the ring". Seth said.

"We don't mind Seth". Brie said.

"Thanks. Sarah remember what your brother said alright". Seth said.

"I will". Sarah said.

Seth then kissed her head before going out for his match leaving his niece with Nikki, Brie, Paige, and Nattie.

"So did you guys hear that Summer was freaking out not that long ago". Nattie said.

"Oh yeah that was funny". Nikki said.

"I wonder what made her do that". Brie said.

"That would be me". Sarah said.

"You did it?" Paige asked.

"Yup i loved the look on her face totally priceless". Sarah said.

"What did you say?" Nikki asked.

"She should learn what clothes are since she is always dressed like that then said that there was gray in her hair, she should really get that looked at since she is getting up there in age and i don't think guys would wanna go out with someone her age". Sarah explained.

"Wow that is the best and funniest thing i have ever heard nice job". Nattie said.

"Thank you". Sarah said.


Seth is in the ring Rusev and he is a lot bigger, tougher, and stronger than Seth so in a way it's a close match between the two, Seth goes for the pin on Rusev but he kicks out at 2 then he attacks Seth sending him flying into the corner and just as he charges at Seth he swiftly moves out of the way making Rusev hit the corner. Seth hits Rusev with two dropkicks then climbs to the top turn buckle and hits a missile dropkick to Rusev knocking him down then goes again to the top turn buckle and does the corkscrew splash hitting Rusev perfectly goes for the pin but he kicks out again getting Seth angry and frustrated, Seth then tries something else so he once again goes to the top turn buckle and flies out hitting Rusev on the face with his knee then once he is down he is set up for the curb stomp and Seth hits it and pins him winning the match.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth gets out of the ring and head backstage to get Sarah so they can head out for the night, he finds Sarah who's talking to the other girls.

"Hey sweetheart you ready to go". Seth said.

"Yeah. Bye guys". Sarah said.

"Bye". The other girls said.

Seth took Sarah's hand going back to his locker room to get there stuff for the night then Seth got a gut feeling something wasn't right, just then from behind Randy and the other authority members jumped him.

"Sarah go to my locker room now". Seth instructed his niece.

"But what about you?" Sarah asked.

"Don't worry about me go". Seth said.

While Randy, Kane, and Big Show had a hold on Seth, J&J went after Sarah.

"I told you Seth you made the biggest mistake of your life". Randy said.

J&J grabbed Sarah from behind but since they weren't that strong and she was struggling they accidentally knocked her into a wall causing her to hit her head kinda hard but it was hard enough to knock her out. Seth then got free of the three men then knocked J&J away from his niece.

"Sarah, wake up sweetheart come on wake up". Seth said shaking his niece.

Sarah wouldn't budge an inch.

"What the hell did you two morons do?" Seth hissed.

They all just ran for it while Seth tried to wake Sarah up but had no luck which means he had to get her to the doctor now, once he brought her to the doctor he looked her over and since he couldn't do much he told Seth that Sarah has to go to the hospital to get treated and to get properly looked over. Once the ambulance arrived Seth went with Sarah and once he got to the hospital he'd have no choice but to call Dean and tell him. They have arrived at the hospital and Sarah is immediately taken from Seth to a room to get treated now Seth has to make a hard phone call to Dean and possibly Roman, he pulls his phone out and dials Dean's number first.

-Yeah Seth what's up. Dean answered.

-Dean, it's Sarah. Seth said with a shaky voice.

-Is she alright? What's wrong? Dean asked panicked.

-She's in the hospital. Seth responded.

-I'm on my way. Dean said.

Seth then hung up and decided if he should call his other brother to tell him and he does.

-Hello. Roman answered.

-Roman it's me look something happened, it's Sarah. Seth said in a shaky voice.

-What happened? Roman asked.

-Randy and the other assholes jumped me tonight and J&J knocked her into a wall, she's in the hospital Rome. Seth said.

-They are getting there asses kicked when i get back i'll be on the first flight out. Roman said.

-Alright i'll keep you updated on her condition. Seth said.

-Alright. Roman said.

Seth then hung his phone up again and started pacing waiting on the doctor to tell him Sarah's condition, after 10 minutes Dean was running in out of breath.

"Where is she? Where's Sarah?" Dean demanded.

"She's still with the doctor nobody came and told me anything yet". Seth said.

"What the hell happened". Dean said.

"Randy and the other jumped us from behind, J&J went after her then when she was struggling to get free they knocked her into a wall and she hit her head kinda hard and she passed out. Dean i swear i didn't mean for this to happen you have to believe me". Seth said.

"It's not your fault Seth so i don't blame you, i blame those assholes". Dean said.

After almost 15 minutes Dean and Seth are sipping on coffee then Sarah's doctor approaches the two men.

"Family of Sarah Ambrose?" The doctor said.

"I'm her brother how is she". Dean said.

"She has sustained a concussion from when she hit her head she's resting now were gonna keep her for at least a day or so that way we can monitor her and she will be released once she is back to normal". The doctor said.

"Can we see her?" Dean asked.

"Sure she's in room 215". The doctor said.

The two men then ran to the room and saw Sarah lying in the bed asleep with an oxygen wires in her nose, Dean and Seth's hearts shatter at seeing her like that. Seth then tells Dean that he's gonna call Roman so he can update him on Sarah's condition, Seth pulls his phone out and dials Roman's number.

-How is she? Roman asked.

-She has a concussion so there gonna keep her for a day or so, so they can monitor her. Seth said.

-I'm on the first plane out so i should be there by morning. Roman said.

-Alright see you when you get here. Seth said.

-See you then. Roman said.

Seth then hung his phone up then looked back in the room to see Dean holding his sister's hand rubbing his thumb across her knuckles, Seth then sits on her right side while Dean is on her left side.

"My baby you gotta wake up sweetheart you have to wake up. I know that your strong and hard headed like me so i know you'll pull through this i know you will". Dean whispered.

Seth then stroked her hair back from her face then caressed her cheek hoping she'll wake up soon. Sarah is starting to come to as she hears an annoying irritating beeping sound and just as she cracks her eyes open the lights are extremely bright so she tries a couple more times till she opens them and moves her head to see her brother on one side and Seth on the other. Dean then heard a small voice he'd recognize anywhere.

"De?" Sarah asked in a small voice.

Dean and Seth looked over and saw that Sarah is awake.

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