Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 69

Sarah is starting to come to as she hears an annoying irritating beeping sound and just as she cracks her eyes open the lights are extremely bright so she tries a couple more times till she opens them and moves her head to see her brother on one side and Seth on the other. Dean then heard a small voice he'd recognize anywhere.

"De?" Sarah asked in a small voice.

Dean and Seth looked over and saw that Sarah is awake, they then move to her.

"Hey baby how are you feeling?" Dean asked.

"My head is killing me, where am i?" Sarah replied.

"Your at the hospital, you hit your head back at the arena". Seth explained.

"Alright let's get out of here i wanna go back to the hotel". Sarah said moving out of the bed.

"Whoa whoa whoa sweetheart you can't go anywhere just yet not until the doctor says so". Dean said.

"But i don't wanna be here it sucks here". Sarah said.

"I know but you can't go against doc's orders". Dean said.

Sarah was still a little bit sleepy from the meds and she was slowly nodding off.

"Go to sleep sweetheart we're not going anywhere i promise". Dean said.

"You promise you won't leave?" Sarah asked.

"Were not going anywhere sweetheart you have our word". Seth said.

"G'night Dean...g'night Uncle Seth". Sarah said in a slur.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

"Sleep tight angel". Seth whispered.

After Sarah fell asleep Dean and Seth watched the tv at a low volume then shortly after that they fell asleep too.

The next morning

Sarah was still asleep while Dean and Seth were stirring awake and Dean's phone was buzzing he went to check who was calling him and it was Roman.

-Hey man what's up. Dean answered.

-I just landed i should be there soon. Roman said.

-Alright we'll see you when you get here. Dean said.

Dean then hung the phone up then went back in the room to see his sister waking up.

"Morning sweetheart you ok". Dean said.

"I'm fine but i wanna get out of here it stinks and smells". Sarah said.

"I know but you can't go until the doctor says so". Dean said.

Sarah's doctor then comes in to see how she is and to see if she'll be able to be released.

"Morning Sarah how are you". The doctor said.

"I'm ok my head still hurts but other then that i'm fine". Sarah answered.

"Now since you hit your head pretty hard last night i'm just gonna ask just a few simple questions and all you have to do is answer them if you don't remember that's alright ok". The doctor said.

"Ok". Sarah answered.

"First question. What is your name". The doctor asked.

"Sarah Nicole Ambrose". Sarah answered.

"When is your birthday?" The doctor asked.

"December 15, 1995". Sarah answered.

"What is your brother's name?" The doctor asked.

"Dean Michael Ambrose". Sarah said.

"And when is his birthday?" The doctor asked.

Sarah then started to try and remember but she couldn't, she then started to feel frustrated and angry.

"I don't remember. I don't remember. Why can't i remember". Sarah said frustrated.

Dean then went to her side trying to calm her along with Seth.

"Hey it's alright sweetheart it's alright. There's no need to get frustrated". Dean said.

"But i can't remember your birthday i always do but i can't remember it now". Sarah said with her voice cracking.

"Dean can i talk to you for a second in the hallway". The doctor said.

"Sure. I'll be right outside sweetheart". Dean said.

Sarah kept trying to remember but she kept getting more frustrated by the minute almost putting herself in tears so Seth brought her into his arms hoping to calm her.


"Why is it my sister can't remember?" Dean asked.

"My guess would be because of how hard she hit her head, because of how hard she hit it she will have some memory loss so you just have to work with her everyday little by little till she can get at least some of her memory back but when she starts to get frustrated like now stop because that will cause her to break down. Try simple question everyday or every other day what ever works for you". The doctor explained.

Dean then sighed running his hands threw his hair frustrated as well because he didn't want this for his sister but also pissed at what the former authority members did.

"Is there anything else i should know". Dean said.

"You might noticed a change in her, some of the emotion behavior might change such as being easily irritable or aggressive, feeling anxious, depression, acting out, lack of energy and interest, and she will have some outburst. The physical symptoms will be headache, dizziness, she'll be nauseous, blurred vision, and she might not be able to handle lights and noise. Over the next few days take it very easy with her, make sure that she doesn't get stressed out or anything. Give her some pain medication for the headache but nothing too strong, also if she feels nauseous give her something for that as well. And there is something else i wanted to talk to you about". The doctor said.

"What?" Dean replied.

"When Sarah was brought in last night we noticed that her left arm was healed after it being broken and her ankle looked twisted in it's healing stage, is there something you wanna tell me". The doctor said.

Dean got pissed off, is this doctor being serious? Is he insinuating that he hurt his own sister?

"Are you trying to insinuate that i hurt my own sister?" Dean asked angrily.

"I'm not insinuating anything but i have to look out for the child". The doctor said.

"I didn't do it, i would never in my life hurt her". Dean said.

Dean was about to seriously lose his cool with this doctor it's taking every fiber in his body to not tear him apart in this hospital, just then the elevator dinged letting off a group of people and Roman came off with that group spotting Dean running over.

"I'm going to tend to my other patients i will check on Sarah a bit later". The doctor said.

"Yeah you do that". Dean said.

The doctor then walked off leaving Dean they're about to punch a hole in the wall, Roman ran over to see what's wrong with his friend.

"Whoa what's wrong man". Roman asked.

"That stupid son of a bitch doctor insinuated that i hurt Sarah because she broke her arm and twisted her ankle". Dean said.

"What?" Roman replied.

"I'm telling you bro it took everything in me to not rip him apart. I would never in my life hurt Sarah, i love her with everything i have so why would i hurt her". Dean replied.

"I hear you man but anyways how is she". Roman said.

"She has some memory loss from how hard she hit her head, he told me i should try asking her a few simple question everyday or every other day to help her with her memory". Dean explained.

"Is she awake?" Roman asked.

"She should be Seth's with her". Dean said.

Roman and Dean went in the room to see Sarah but she is fast asleep curled on Seth's chest while he's lost in his thoughts till he hears the door open to see his two best friends so he gently and quietly lifts Sarah up off his chest to gently lay her down on the bed but she stirred when she felt she was being moved but went back to sleep, then the three men went into the hallway so they don't disturb her.

"Seth what happened last night". Roman asked.

"I was taking Sarah back to my locker room so we could get out stuff and leave but out of no where the authority got us from behind i told her to run to my locker room but J&J got her she struggled to get out then she hit her head on the wall and passed out, i took her to the trainer's room but they advised i take her to the hospital and i went with her once we got here i called Dean then you". Seth explained.

"I'm going to kick their asses when i get back". Roman said.

"Were ahead of you". Dean said.

"Dean you're still out for at least another couple of weeks so there really isn't anything you can do". Seth said.

"The hell i can't if i have to go to every arena to watch and protect her then dammit i will". Dean said.

"Yeah and what if you get injured or hurt worse? It took her a while to calm down when you got your throat slammed into those steps, you didn't have to see her cry for you or hear her begging to let her go so she can go to you. She was scared out of her mind wondering what happened to you that night i couldn't keep a hold on her long enough but i was lucky i did". Seth said.

"Alright that's enough out of the both of you". Roman told the two younger men.

"Nothing is going to stop me from protecting my sister. Not you, not Roman, not those damn doctors, i could care less what happens to me but i will be damned if i just sit by and let my little sister get hurt and used like a damn rag doll. That stops now and ain't no damn body gonna get in my way or i will run through them". Dean said.

"Yeah and what if god forbids something happens to you Dean, where does that leave Sarah huh. You are all she has in this world and how is she gonna feel if something does happen, she nearly shut down when you had to go out for almost a month and a half". Seth said.

"Would you two shut the hell up before you wake her up and scare her with all this talk". Roman said.

Just as Dean and Seth were about to go at it again Roman smacked both men upside their heads as if they were his siblings.

"Roman what the hell man". Dean said rubbing his head.

"Yeah what was that for". Seth said rubbing his head.

"In case you two haven't noticed there is a little girl with a concussion in that room so for once can the two of you stop the bickering and save it for later she comes first". Roman said.

"Your right Roman, she does come first so we can put the bickering aside for now". Seth said.

In the room Sarah was stirring awake and when she opened her eyes all the lights were bright so she decided to call her brother before her headache got a bit bad.

"Dean". Sarah called out.

Dean then practically ran in the room when he heard his sister.

"Hey what's wrong sweetheart". Dean said.

"Lights too bright". Sarah said.

Dean then turned the brightness down and sat down beside her stroking her hair back.

"Are you up for seeing someone?" Dean asked.

"Who?" Sarah asked.

"It's a surprise". Dean said.

"Come on Dean tell me who it is". Sarah said.

"Guys you can come in now". Dean called.

Roman and Seth heard their friend so they go in the room and Sarah's face lights up when she sees Roman, this would be the first time she seen him since he had to go out for his emergency surgery.

"Uncle Roman". Sarah said excitement.

"Hey baby girl". Roman said kissing her forehead.

"When did you get here?" Sarah asked.

"Not that long ago i had to come and surprise my favorite niece". Roman said.

"I'm your only niece". Sarah said.

"But you're still my favorite". Roman said.

The four talked for a little while until Sarah's doctor came back calling Dean out in the hallway.

"From the looks of Sarah's chart and others she's free to go i just need you to fill out the release forms and she's good to go". The doctor said.

Dean then began filling out the release forms for his sister and once he was finished he went back in the room.

"Alright sweetheart you're free to go". Dean said.

"Awesome". Sarah said.

She then slowly and carefully got out of her bed grabbing her clothes then going in the bathroom changing, once she is changed Dean grabbed the rest of her stuff and headed out. Dean then stopped off at a pharmacy to grab some painkillers and other stuff he might need, once they headed back to the hotel they moved quickly to the room since Sarah couldn't tolerate a lot of noise so once they got in the elevator they waited till it got to the floor and headed to the room. Once in the room Dean dimmed the lights so they weren't too bright for his sister, they all go in the room to set their stuff down they decide to order room service for dinner after being in a hospital almost all day. They then watched a movie, halfway through the second one Sarah was starting to go in and out of consciousness.

"Go to sleep sweetheart we're not going anywhere". Dean said.

"Promise?" Sarah asked in a slur.

"We promise baby girl we're not going anywhere". Roman said.

Sarah nodded then climbed on her brother's bed slowly going to sleep.

"G'night De...g'night Uncle Seth...g'night Uncle Roman". Sarah said in a slur.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

"Sleep tight angel". Seth whispered.

"Good night baby girl". Roman whispered.

They each kiss her forehead then grab a few beers going out on the patio to talk and catch up.

"So how's everything been going since I've been gone?" Roman asked.

"Fine". Seth said.

"Yeah everything's been pretty much almost normal, i go against that son of a bitch Wyatt at TLC". Dean said.

"I see, how about you Seth i mean you are the only person who can bring the authority back isn't that tough i mean they can do anything to force you to do that". Roman said.

"So far they only been jumping me, getting me from behind. What happened last night i didn't mean for it to happen when she wouldn't wake up it scared the hell outta me". Seth said.

"Seth i don't blame you i never had, i blame them they did this you had no part in this". Dean said.

Dean's right you didn't knock her in the wall, you didn't cause her to hit her head, none of this is your fault so your not to blame they are and when i get back those assholes are gonna pay for it". Roman said.

"When are you coming back?" Dean asked.

"When the doc clears me i'm good". Roman said.

"Rome there's actually something i wanted to talk to you about while your here it's better to ask you in person then on the phone". Dean said.

"What's up". Roman asked drinking his beer.

"How would you feel if we reformed the shield". Dean said.

Roman nearly choked on his beer when Dean said that but he was able to catch his breath afterward.

"You guys wanna reform the shield? For real?" Roman replied.

"I'm down for it but we just wanted to see if you'll do it with us, we kicked some serious ass together. I really had no intention on breaking up the shield if i could i'd take it all back". Seth said.

"Then why did you do it?" Dean asked.

"They threatened Sarah. They said if i did it they leave her alone and if i didn't they continue to use her until i joined them, when i slammed that chair into your back Roman i didn't wanna do it i really didn't but i had to do something to protect Sarah and when they said i had to join the authority that was the hardest decision of my life. I did what i had to do to protect Sarah or they would have done god knows what to her if i didn't do it i know after that you all hated me but at the time i knew that you guys wouldn't trust or believe a word that came out my mouth but that night when Randy pushed her and gave her that concussion i knew that they crossed the line and i had to get them back for it. They knew neither of you would do it so they told me to do it or they would have seriously hurt Sarah i wasn't going to take that chance or risk not with her i couldn't". Seth explained.

"Seth why couldn't you come to us to help you figure this out?" Roman asked.

"I wanted to so damn bad but i knew if i did come to you guys and they found out, i wasn't going to take the chance of them hurting Sarah in any kind of way. They have eyes and ears everywhere so if i went to you guys they would have found out and i wasn't going to risk it so i did what i had to do, to protect Sarah like i always will do". Seth continued.

"So if we reformed the shield, what makes us think you won't turn on us again?" Roman asked.

"There's no reason for me to turn on you guys ever again, you guys are my true family that i have and i won't do anything to hurt you guys or Sarah ever again. Your my brothers and Sarah's my niece you're the only family i have ever needed i won't do anything to hurt you guys ever again you have my word". Seth said.

The three men then raised their beers to make a toast.

"To the shield". Seth said.

"To the shield". Dean said.

"To the shield". Roman said.

They clink their glasses together then drinking their beer, this was the beginning to a good friendship that will never be broken ever again.

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