Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 7

Monday Night Raw

(skips most of it)

3MB goes to the ring to call out The Shield. The speakers then blare, Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta SHIELD. Dean and Roman walks down with Sarah close behind after seeing her former uncle beating her brother and other uncle with chairs. She thought she could trust Seth but now she can' jumps over the barricade with Roman and his sister behind him as soon as Roman gets over the barricade he picks up Sarah since she is too small to climb. She stays back away from the fight so she doesn't get hurt and to where Dean and Roman can keep an eye on her. Just then she didn't see it Jinder grabs her from behind and she calls her brother.

"DEAN! HELP"! Sarah cried.

Dean hears his name being called and turns around and does not like this. He sees one of the 3MB members with his sister. He then carefully gets his sister out of harm's way and continues to beat the living hell out of Jinder. When he finishes he checks on his sister.

"Sarah? You okay?" Dean asked calmly to his sister.

"I'm fine De". Sarah said with a little bit of fear in her voice.

Dean smirked at the nick name his sister gave him when she was 5. Then they all get in the ring. Dean keeps his sister by his side and he and Roman had mics.

"The Shield was untouchable and we will go down in the history books as one of the greatest groups in sports entertainment ever. We dominated the WWE we beat everybody, including Evolution. But we weren't healthy we had a cancer inside of us little did we know and that cancer's name is Seth Rollins. History is full of people like you Seth, everyone in this building knows someone like you Seth, kind of guy to stab his brother in the back. Now when i get the opportunity to rearrange your face which i will your nose is going to be here where your ear is cause your gonna have one left when i rip it off. Then i'm gonna rip your hair out of your head and shove it in your mouth there's gonna be a lot of room where your teeth used to be". Dean said.

When he mentioned Seth's name Sarah was clinging to her brother for protection. He then picks her up and she holds on for dear life.

"Seth there are things you don't do in life. You don't tug on superman's cape. You don't piss in the wind. And you don't ever stab your brothers in the back. But you're only part of the problem. The other parts are Randy Orton and Triple H. Randy Orton runs around here and thinks everyone owes him something. He thinks he's the face of the company but when i get finished Randy you won't be the face of the WWE you're gonna be the ass of the company. Then when i'm done with you i'm coming for you Triple H. The king of kings. Were gonna have our own game of thrones. Believe that". Roman said.

They all get out the ring with Sarah in her brother's arms holding on for dear life. They return to the hideout and Dean notices something wrong with his sister.

"Sarah? What's wrong kiddo?" Dean asked his sister.

"I don't want Seth to come after me. After last week he might come after me i don't want him to". Sarah said close to tears.

Dean and Roman both look at each other then sigh knowing it might happen.

"Sarah, listen we're not gonna let him touch you or breath around you ever again cause if he does i'm going to knock his teeth down his throat and put my foot in his ass". Dean said.

"Plus if he even thinks about it i will spear him so hard it will put him in next year. Baby girl don't worry we'll take care of him we promise". Roman told his young niece.

"I love you De. You to Uncle Ro Ro". Sarah said calling them by their nicknames.

"We love you to princess". Dean said kissing her forehead.

They then turn their attention to the TV and sees the interview with there former friend Seth Rollins and it's the end of the interview.

"Is that it Michael? Oh no wait i heard earlier tonight i was watching and Dean Ambrose said that he was gonna let me say my peace and then they were gonna come kick the hell out of me. Well...I've said my peace". Seth Rollins said.

Hide out

"Sarah, stay here i don't want you to get hurt or grabbed again alright". Dean said in a calm but strict voice.

"Alright be careful though". Sarah said.

"We will. We promise. Lets go Dean". Roman said.

They walk down the ramp and gets in the ring but before anyone can do anything The Wyatts come out. They go at it then Rollins gets back in the ring and they go after him. He then picks up a mic.

"Dean...Roman you DON'T want to mess with me cause if you do you won't like what i do next". Seth said.

Dean and Roman get mics and begin to talk.

"What are you gonna do Seth? Huh? I wanna hear this". Dean said.

"You boys forget i know BOTH your weaknesses especially your's Dean. By the way how's your sister doing Dean? I bet after last week she must be real scared of her Uncle Seth". Seth said in a serious voice.

"Rollins let me give you some advice, If you even think about going near my sister again so help me i will demolish you. If you even breath on her i will not think or hesitate in taking you out. You do ANYTHING to my sister i will rip you limb from limb". Dean said.

"Rollins know one thing and remember it for life. If you step foot or an inch near Dean's sister who which happens to be MY niece i will spear you so hard it might put you in the middle of next year". Roman said.

"Just saying watch yourselves and watch your sister Ambrose you know what i'm capable of and trust me i'll do it". Seth said.

They return to the hideout to prepare for the 6 man tag team match they have later. Sarah hears the door open and sees her brother and uncle. She runs to her brother scared and terrified after what Seth said.

"Sarah what Seth said isn't true he said that to get to you and us. He said that to you to get you upset. He said it to us to get us more annoyed and mad at him. I swear to you he won't get you". Dean said wiping his sister's tears with his thumb.

Can i still come to ringside with you and Uncle Ro Ro? Sarah asked.

Dean and Roman look at each other.

"Let me and Roman talk about it okay. Why don't you watch the rest of Raw or play a game on my phone. Me and Roman will be just right outside the door okay if you need us come get either one of us". Dean said to his sister.

"Okay". Sarah said pulling up a game on her brother's Iphone.

Hall way

"Alright the match is in 5 minutes. What should we do bring her or leave her?" Roman asked.

"I have no clue. If we leave her Seth might get her. If we bring her the wyatts might get her. And i doubt if all the divas are here. What do you think Rome?" Dean asked.

"I'd say bring her so that way we can still keep an eye on her cause knowing Rollins now he might come and get her. But if we bring her me, you, and Cena might be able to keep an eye on her and protect her". Roman said.

"Very much true. Alright we'll bring her. Only problem is she can't stand around the ring cause then i'll have to pummel someone if they hurt her". Dean said.

"She can sit at the announce table and do commentary". Roman said.

"Alright but the second we see Rollins we get her out cause if that sellout thinks he's going near my sister he has another thing coming". Dean said.

"Let's get ready for the match bro". Roman said.

They go back in and Sarah looks up from the game she's playing.

"So can i come with you guys?" Sarah asked.

"Yea you can come but since were teaming with Cena he might help us protect you. Also since were fighting The Wyatts it's too dangerous for you to be at ringside so you will do commentary". Dean said.

"Cool". Sarah said.

Its the 6 man tag match

"This is a 6 man tag team match set for one fall, coming down the aisle being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose weighing in at 490 pounds Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns". The announcer said.

Ambrose and Reigns jump over and since Sarah is too small to climb her brother picks her up.

"Remember Sarah you're gonna sit commentary tonight alright so go on over". Dean said.

"Alright. Good luck Dean. Good luck Uncle Roman". Sarah said hugging the two men and kissing their cheeks.

"Thanks Sarah". Dean said kissing her forehead. Roman did the same.

Cena's music hit.

"Introducing their tag team partner from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing in at 251 pounds John Cena". The announcer said.

John runs down the ramp and in the ring getting ready then he sees that Dean and Roman needs to talk to him.

"Cena, before the match starts can you help us by doing a favor?" Dean said.

What's up? John asked

"Rollins is going to go after my sister so what we're asking is during this match can you help keep an eye on her and if we compete can you keep her with you and not let her out of your sight". Dean asked.

"Sure. I'll do everything to protect her". John said.

"Better keep your word Cena cause if my niece gets hurt and i found out Rollins got her and she was in your care i'll spear you so hard it will put you into next month". Roman said.

"I'll do it. She'll be fine with me. No one will know she's with me unless one of us tells them". John said.

"Alright. Lets do this". Roman said.

The Wyatt's music hits. Sarah gets a bit scared but since the match is about to start she can't go to her brother or uncle cause one of the wyatts might get her. The lights come back on.

"Introducing their opponents The Wyatt family". The announcer said

(skips most of the match)

Luke Harper gives a kick to the jaw to Roman and goes for the pin. Roman kicks out at 2. He goes for another move but before he can Roman hits him with a spear and gets the 3 count.

Here are your winners, John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

Mean While

Backstage Triple H and Seth Rollins are not happy because Reigns, Ambrose, and Cena won. But Seth has a plan to get to them to stir things up. He is going to target Sarah.

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