Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 70

Roman had to go home the next day so he can continue his recovery but Dean and Seth had different views on what to do with Sarah, Dean wanted her to stay with him for the day but Seth wanted her to go to the arena so she's not stuck in a boring hotel room all day long.

"Dean it'll be good for her to get out for a while". Seth said.

"No, she's staying here and that's final Seth. I make the decisions for her". Dean said.

"I know that Dean but don't you think she'll be fine at the arena". Seth said.

"Not without me there if she wants to go to the arena i go with or she doesn't go. I told you i'll be damned if i sit by and watch her get hurt and used as a ragdoll not anymore". Dean said.

Sarah was trying to sleep but not with the bickering of Dean and Seth so she sits up rubbing the sleep out of her eyes then getting the attention of her brother and Seth.

"Would the two of you please lower your voices". Sarah said.

"Were sorry sweetheart". Dean said.

"What are you two bickering about anyway?" Sarah asked.

"What were gonna do with you for today, i think you should stay here and rest where i can keep an eye on you". Dean said.

"I was gonna take you to the arena so you won't be cooped up in the hotel all day". Seth said.

"I think the only way that we'll make a decision is to ask her. Sarah what do you want to do today, stay here with me or go with Seth. No matter what you choose we won't get mad i promise". Dean said.

Sarah then thought about it for a couple of minutes before making her decision.

"Could i stay with Dean". Sarah said.

"Sure sweetheart maybe you can come with me tomorrow". Seth said.

Sarah then got out to hug Seth around the waist and he hugs her back.

"I'm sorry Uncle Seth i think i just need a day to rest before i go back to the arena". Sarah said.

"I understand sweetheart don't worry about it". Seth said.

Seth kissed her forehead and she kissed his cheek, Seth then began to pack his dufflebag for the arena while Sarah went to go watch tv. After Seth left Dean ordered him and Sarah some food then watched tv while they ate, after they ate they watched movies for a little while before Dean wanted to head out for the gym. Just then there is a knock on the door and Dean goes to answer it then sees anger and annoyance in his eyes, it's Renee but she has a different look so they step in the hallway.

"Nice hair put something in your shampoo". Dean said.

"Very funny Dean, your brat of a sister did this to me after putting hot sauce in my water, a spider and worm in my make up, and glue in my lotion". Renee said.

"You really shouldn't underestimate her". Dean said.

"I can't believe your taking her side in this do you not see what she did to my hair". Renee said.

"Does this looks like a face that give a damn? Not really whatever she did to you, you deserved. I mean come on Renee you cheated on me and she caught you, you really didn't think that you would get away from it easily did you. My sister gets revenge on anybody who crosses her just like i do so i'm not mad at her and by the way purple isn't your color". Dean said.

Sarah heard talking coming from outside the door so she decides to go see what's going on, she quietly opens the door to peak out she was just about to close the door when she heard a loud smack land across her brother's face that's when she swung the door open and got in front of Dean trying to protect him.

"Look here you purple headed twit nobody hits my brother without going through me". Sarah said.

"How cute the brat is defending her brother". Renee mocked.

"Cute? Cute? You want cute i'll show you cute". Sarah said.

Sarah then walked around to Renee's side and swiftly kicked the back of Renee's right knee knocking her on the floor then picks her up by the front of her shirt with one hand then back handed her a few times.

"How's that feel Renee...don't like it when people do it to you huh...don't...ever...hit...my...brother...again". Sarah said in between slaps.

By the time Sarah was finished with Renee her face was bright red as an apple from being slapped so many times, Sarah's hand was red and a bit tingling so she shook her hand out.

"Renee here's a tip or advice, don't ever hit my brother again or you deal with me. Got it". Sarah said.

Dean was just standing there with a look of pride on his face with his arm crossed across his chest and his legs crossed too, Sarah then skipped back in the room and Dean swiftly rubbed her head as she went in then looked at Renee.

"Stay away from us Renee i told you were over, done. I never want to see you outside of work again". Dean said.

"You'll be sorry Dean very sorry". Renee said.

"You shouldn't threaten me Renee, i may not hit a woman but i will let my sister do it again. Stay away from us". Dean said.

Dean then walked back inside of the room closing the door just as Renee stormed down the hallway. Dean then walked back inside resting his head on the door and Sarah walked to her brother.

"Are you alright Dean? It looks like she smacked you pretty hard". Sarah said.

"I'm fine sweetheart nothing i can't handle, how are you feeling". Dean said.

"I feel a bit tired". Sarah said.

"Why don't you go take a nap while i hit the gym". Dean suggested.

"Are you sure that's a good idea Dean?" Sarah asked.

"As long as the door stays locked and nobody comes in you'll be fine not to mention i'll be one phone call away if you need anything". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Sarah then went to climb in her brother's bed while he shut the curtains and once she got comfortable Dean hooked her IPod in and put her phone on the nightstand.

"Your phone is right here sweetheart alright if you need anything i'm one phone call away alright". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Dean then tucked the blanket around her as she started to fall asleep.

"G'night bubba". Sarah whispered.

"Have a good nap sweetheart". Dean whispered.

Dean kissed her forehead then quietly packed his stuff for the gym in his bag, then just as he left he locked the door taking a key card with him then putting a do not disturb sign on the door knob before heading to the elevator but doesn't know he's being watched by Renee so she follows him to the gym. Once Dean is in the gym he sets his stuff down and tapes his hands and once he is done that he starts his work out, during his workout Renee sneaks in not being noticed so she quietly goes through his bag getting the key card to his room because she is gonna teach Sarah a lesson. She then gets on the elevator going up to the floor that Dean stays on then head to his room without being noticed she quietly slips in the room careful to not waking Sarah up but as soon as she bumps into something it wakes her up. When Sarah hears a clank noise she wakes up and insistently knows it's not her brother or Seth it's Renee.

"Renee what are you doing here? Do you not know the phrase 'stay away' means, it means don't come near us anymore". Sarah said.

"I have had enough of you, you ruined everything. You ruined the relationship i had with Dean, you basically ruined his life". Renee yelled.

Renee then started to charge at Sarah but she dodged the woman by running slipping away from her but while she was running she felt extremely dizzy and very nauseous.

"I don't feel so good". Sarah said weakly.

Renee then got confused at Sarah's action then Sarah puked everywhere on the floor then feeling so dizzy she fell on the floor but tried to crawl to get to the nightstand to get her phone to call Dean while Renee bolted out of the room. Sarah weakly reached up and grabbed her phone and called Dean.

-Sarah? What's wrong? Dean answered.

-D'n help. Sarah said weakly.

That was the last thing she said before she passed out on the floor with the phone in her hand and Dean screaming through it.


Dean is working out when he hears his cell phone ring and it's his sister.

-Sarah? What's wrong? Dean answered.

-D'n help. Sarah said weakly.

The next thing he heard was the phone drop and he felt his stomach drop so he quickly grabbed his bag running out of the gym while yelling in the phone to his sister to wake up, when he got on the elevator it was the longest ride of his life but finally it got to his floor and he ran to where his room is and saw that his door is cracked open so he ran to the room throwing it open then dropping his stuff on the floor looking for his sister. Dean then saw her passed out by his bed with the phone in her hand, vomit on her mouth and down her chin going on her clothes, he then gets down on his knees trying to wake her up.

"Sarah, sweetheart wake up. Wake up sweetheart come on baby girl wake up come on wake up". Dean said tapping her cheeks with his fingers.

Dean then thought of something else so he picks her up bridal style going in the bathroom gently laying her in the bathtub then turning on the shower hoping that'll wake her up.

"Come on baby wake up come on wake up, wake up baby wake up come on i know you can do it". Dean said.

Sarah then started to stir after a few minutes so Dean shut the water off then went to get her a towel and dry clothes, once he came back she was so out of it she couldn't stand straight without falling so he quickly helped her changed then took the towel wrapping it around her so she won't get cold he then lays her on the bed brushing her hair out of her face while trying to keep her awake.

"Come on baby stay with me just stay with me sweetheart come on stay with me, stay with me sweetheart i know you can do it". Dean said tapping her cheeks.

Dean tapped his fingers on her cheeks to see if she can stay awake and she starts to stir but everything is too bright then there is a long ringing sound in her ears.

"Come on baby stay with me come on i know you can do it". Dean said.

She tried a couple more times to open her eyes and Dean knew she was struggling so he dimmed the lights in the room and went back to her.

"D'n? Is that you?" Sarah said with her voice cracking.

"It's me baby it's me, i'm not going anywhere". Dean said.

"Renee. It was Renee. She broke in saying i ruined her relationship with you, i basically ruined your life". Sarah said weakly.

Dean got pissed off at Renee, he never hit a woman in his life ever but after hearing what Sarah told him he just might reconsider that just for a one time thing.

"I'm sorry Dean, i'm sorry". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart what are you sorry for?" Dean asked.

"I ruined your relationship with her and i ruined your life". Sarah said.

Dean then picked her up setting her on his lap rocking her back and forth at a slow, gentle pace.

"Sweetheart you had nothing to do with ruining my relationship with Renee she did that herself. And you never ever ruined my life you are the best thing that could have ever happened to me, you are my baby my little girl you could never ruin my life". Dean said.

Sarah was still out of it so she passed out again and Dean continued to hold her in a protective hold.


Seth is finished preparing for his match tonight against Tyson Kidd and so far almost every superstar and diva asked how Sarah was and told them all the same she's at the hotel resting and should be back soon. It was never the same without Sarah at the arena she was like the little sister/niece to everybody without her is kinda boring because she brought fun and excitement to them backstage, almost everyone loved hanging out with her. Seth sees it's almost time for his match and he knows what the chances are of winning his match so he still goes out and since Sarah decided to stay back at the hotel the authority members can't get her or hurt her.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first he is Mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then gets in the ring ready for this match.

"And his opponent being accompanied by one half of the WWE tag teams champions Cesaro and Natalya he is the other half of the WWE tag team champions Tyson Kidd". Lillian said.

Tyson then gets in the ring after giving his title to his wife and taking his shirt off throwing it in the audience, the match then goes underway.

(Skips most of the match)

Tyson got Seth in the sharpshooter a couple of times hoping to get him to tap out but Seth managed to get to the bottom rope each time and Kidd had no choice to break the hold or he'd be disqualified. Seth then got back in the match after hitting Tyson with a dropkick then a missile dropkick, Seth then put the figure four leg lock on him hoping to get him to tap but Tyson managed to get to the bottom rope and Seth broke the hold so he then gets on the top turnbuckle and hits a knee right to the face of Tyson then hits the corkscrew splash full force on Tyson and pins him winning the match.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth thinks he is out of the woods but not yet because Randy and the others come down ready to attack him so they surround the ring and Seth gets ready to fight but just as the authority members can get in the ring coming down the ramp is Dolph, Eric, and Ryback ready to help Seth at any cost. A fight then erupts in the ring making it a free for all fight between the authority and Seth's team from survivor series. The authority members are down and out of the ring as Seth, Dolph, Eric, and Ryback are standing tall, they all shake hands before heading backstage. Seth is now showered and changed so he gets his stuff heading out back to the hotel.


Seth has just arrived back at the hotel and he is exhausted and is ready to go to sleep, he then makes it to his floor and goes to his room he shares with Dean and Sarah. Since he didn't know if Sarah would be awake or sleep he quietly goes in the room to see his niece fast asleep on the bed and his friend cleaning puke off of the floor.

"What happened man". Seth asked quietly.

"Renee happened". Dean said.

"Is Sarah alright?" Seth asked putting his stuff down.

"She's been dozing in and out of sleep for a while". Dean answered.

"Dean what happened". Seth asked.

"Sarah was tired so she took a nap while i went to the gym, Renee snuck in the gym stole my key card broke in here apparently chased Sarah around to the point she puked then passed out while on the phone with me. I run back up here to see Sarah passed out by my bed with puked on her mouth and she wouldn't wake up so i put her in the shower to wake her up she finally came to and told me what happened. That bitch told her that she ruined my relationship with her then told her that she ruined my life". Dean said.

Seth got pissed at hearing that and he knew that Dean had to go see Renee so he finished cleaning the puke while Dean went to go see his ex girlfriend. He bangs on her door ready to knock it down, she opens it in her bath robe and tries to act innocent.

"Dean, what are you doing here". Renee said.

Dean pushed his way past her trying to keep his cool but it's getting hard right now.

"You got a lot of nerve and guts to do that to my sister". Dean said.

"I don't know what your talking about". Renee said lying.

"You know damn well exactly what i'm talking about. You stole my key card from the gym, broke in my room, chased my sister around while she has a concussion, saying what you said to her. What you said to her was way out of line Renee, Sarah did not nor did she ever ruin my life. That little girl is the best thing that ever happened to me". Dean said.

"Dean she's lying to you i wasn't even there i was on my way to the arena". Renee lied.

Dean then saw his key card on her dresser and picked it up.

"So if you were on your way to the arena who's key card is this because this is my key card to my room so try again". Dean said.

Renee then knew she was busted and ran out of stuff to say.

"I'm telling you for the last damn time Renee stay the hell away from me and stay away from my sister because if you thought i went easy on you now next time i won't be so easy". Dean said.

Renee then sat on her bed just ready to give Dean up because she isn't getting him back anytime soon and if she kept pushing his buttons she did not want to see what he'll do. Dean then goes back to his room and quietly goes in to see his sister still fast asleep on the bed and Seth sleep too so he quickly changes for bed and gets in next to his sister, Sarah then felt the bed dip and opens her eyes slightly to see her brother and she curls up into his side gripping his t shirt.

"G'night De". Sarah whispered.

Dean then brought his sister close to him holding her in a protective hold and then kissed her head a couple times.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

Dean then fell asleep with his sister tucked into his side in a protective hold as he held her like that all night.

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