Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 71

The next day Dean, Seth, and Sarah were up moving around, Dean made a deal with his sister. If she got at least half of her homework done she can go with Seth to the arena and since she's extremely smart for her age she skipped a couple grades so she's doing 8th grade work and she's doing her health homework, while doing it she stumbles across a certain subject so she asks her brother about it.

"Dean?" Sarah said.

"What is it sweetheart?" Dean asked sipping his coffee.

"What's sex?" Sarah asked.

Dean choked on his coffee as did Seth and Dean had mixed emotions.

"Why?" Dean asked panicked.

"It's part of my health homework". Sarah said.

Dean wasn't ready for 'the talk' with his sister not now anyway but sooner or later she might found out, Seth was still just standing there with a complete shock looked on his face he wasn't even ready for this talk with his niece.

"Seth you gonna help me out here". Dean said.

"Sorry Dean but that's your department". Seth said.

"Seth". Dean said annoyed.

"Alright alright". Seth said.

Dean and Seth sit down and have 'the talk' with Sarah but they will sugar coat some of it, after a really awkward conversation with Sarah she has a disgusted look.

"People actually do that? For fun?" Sarah asked.

"Yes, but you will never have to worry about that because you're never gonna do it". Dean said.

"After hearing that i won't ever do it like ever". Sarah said.

"Good that means i won't end up in jail. Just stay my little girl for a while longer". Dean said.

"I'll always be your little girl Dean no matter what". Sarah said.

Dean then kissed the top of his sister's head, Sarah then finished what homework she had left then let her brother check over it while she packed for the arena.

"Looks good sweetheart". Dean said.

"Does that mean i can go with Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"Yes you can go with Seth". Dean said.

"Why i do hear a but coming". Sarah said.

"But you are going to take it easy as in no running around, staying with whoever Seth leaves you with, if you feel sick or dizzy in any kind of way tell Seth. Do you hear me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"Atta girl". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her head one last time just as Seth finished packing his stuff for the arena.

"Alright let's go sweetheart". Seth said.

Sarah then got her backpack on then kissed her brother's cheek as he ruffled her hair then took Seth's hand, once Seth and Sarah left Dean got on his bed got relaxed then turned a movie on and about halfway through he heard a knock on the door so he let out an annoyed sigh and got up to answer it and he gets really annoyed and pissed off, it's Renee.

"Now what do you want?" Dean asked annoyed.

"I came to apologize. I know that i did cheat on you so i hurt you and i hurt Sarah so for all that I've done i'm so so so sorry and i hope you can forgive me". Renee said.

"Do i look like i'm stupid? I wasn't born yesterday. I don't even know if i believe you Renee, not to mention while my sister has a concussion you decided to chase her around which caused her to puke and pass out i was lucky that she woke up because if she didn't you would have had hell to pay. My sister means more to me than this world she is the only family i have and you really had to make me pick between you and her, i went through that once and i'm not doing it again i'm not going to be with someone who doesn't accept my sister". Dean said.

"Dean, you can't do anything or go anywhere because you're tied down all the time if you weren't tied down all the time you could do whatever you want". Renee said.

"Who says i want to do whatever i want? Maybe i like being tied down, i love my sister more than i love anything or anybody she means everything to me so yeah i have always put her first because she matters to me more and nothing about that won't ever change". Dean said.

"Dean i'm being honest here". Renee said.

Dean's patience is very thin right now and he might end up snapping at her.

"Renee i think you should go before i lose my cool". Dean said.

"If that's what you want Dean". Renee said.

"Yes that's exactly what i want". Dean snapped.

Renee then left the room with Dean shutting the door behind her he then went to the fridge and got a few beers then began watching tv.


Seth has arrived at the arena with Sarah and they get out taking their bags then once they got their stuff Seth takes a hold of his niece's hand going in the arena once they entered the superstars and divas hug Sarah because there glad she's ok and she's back.

"Good to have you back short stuff". Dolph said.

"Thanks Dolph". Sarah said.

"Glad to see your ok kiddo". Titus said.

"Thanks Titus". Sarah said.

After seeing a few other superstars and divas Seth then brought Sarah to his locker room but not before getting stopped by the former authority members so Seth wrapped a protective arm around Sarah and she grabbed it holding on to it.

"Well if it isn't the pint size brat she's back". Randy commented.

"What do you want Randy?" Seth asked.

"What else do you think, the authority back in power". Randy said.

"Well Randy we all can't get what we want so why don't you shut up and stop the whining". Sarah said.

Seth then put Sarah behind him before any of them could lay a finger on her.

"Leave her out of this all of you, if you want me then by all means come at me but you leave her out of this". Seth said.

"Or what? What are you gonna do?" Randy asked.

Just then coming up behind Seth and Sarah are The Usos who are a bit ticked off.

"How about the three of us take on you three later tonight because we don't take kindly to people who hurt our niece". Jimmy said.

"Your on". Randy said.

The authority members then walk away from Seth, Sarah, and The Usos going to prepare for the 6 man tag team match later that night.

"Thanks guys". Seth said.

"No problem Seth, how you feeling kiddo". Jey said.

"I'm ok but Dean said i can't be running around at least not right now". Sarah said.

"Sarah, remember what he also said if you feel sick or dizzy in any kind of way you gotta tell me". Seth said.

"I will Uncle Seth i promise". Sarah said.

The four people then went to Seth's locker room so they can discuss the game plan for their match, while Jimmy, Jey, and Seth were discussing the game plan for the match Sarah stayed on her IPad feeling bored she wanted to do something fun, she was in the mood to prank someone so she asked Seth if she could leave the room to wander around a bit so she could get an idea for a prank then she remembered somebody she really wants to get back. Renee. So she goes to catering to see if they have any pancake syrup because she has the perfect idea. She is going to fill a bucket with syrup then have it dump on Renee some how. It was the perfect plan. She found the right size bucket and found in catering a few bottles of syrup that have never been open then she thought of something else she went back to catering for honey because she has another idea. Renee will think twice about messing with her and Dean again because nobody hurts either of them without paying the consequences. she took the bottles of syrup and honey putting them in the bucket then going to where Renee gets her hair and makeup done she sees that nobody is there yet so she takes this time to pour the honey all in the chair then once that was done she looked around to make sure that no one was looking and it was clear so she then took this time to pour the syrup in the bucket and since it was somewhat of a bucket for her size she decided to pour the syrup on Renee. She then hears footsteps coming so she quickly hides with the bucket and she peeks around to see who it is, it's Summer and Renee.

"Renee it'll be alright there are plenty of other guys then Dean". Summer said.

"I want to get back together with him but he hates my guts all because i messed with his stupid brat of a sister". Renee said.

"With a guy like that it's a complete package you go out with him you have to deal with her, no choice about the matter". Summer said.

"If i could i'd fix it all pretend to like her and then date him but like i said he hates my guts and well she just ruins everything". Renee said.

Sarah has heard enough so she takes the bucket slowly and quietly making her way over to Renee and Summer then sneaks up behind Renee kicking the back of her knee making her fall then pours the syrup all of her making Renee and Summer scream.

"Next time you should really think about who's listening you little blonde headed twit and i'm glad i told my brother when i did because you will never hurt him or me again and if i ever and i mean ever hear about you going around my brother again i'll do a lot worse stay away from me and my brother". Sarah said.

"How dare you, you little brat". Summer said helping Renee up.

"How dare me? How dare you wear that fugly outfit, that outfit is like so old. Wait i think i see more gray in your hair you should really get that checked out because i don't think guys would wanna go out with an old woman like you". Sarah said.

Summer then gasp then checked the mirror to see what Sarah's talking about then as she turned around she slipped in the syrup falling on the floor in the syrup making her scream.

"Next time you should really think about messing with me, i don't take kindly to people who hurt my brother and who cross me so this is your last warning don't mess with my brother again and don't ever think about crossing me again because i can and will do a lot worse don't think i won't". Sarah said.

She then walked away going back to Seth's locker room but not before bumping into Kane and the Big Show.

"What do you two sell outs wants?" Sarah asked.

"You hear that Kane she still doesn't respect authority". Big Show said.

"Just like her brother". Kane said.

"Have you two been using those gym memberships that the authority gave you for joining them and selling out because i think those just went to waste by looking at the two of you". Sarah said.

Kane and Big Show then went for her just as she dodged them moving around them fast making them bump into each other falling, she felt a little dizzy and nauseous. Sarah couldn't hold it anymore and she puked all over the floor before passing out on the floor, once she was out Big Show got up and picked her up throwing her on his shoulder like a sack bringing her to their hideout lying her down on the couch.

"Look what we found just wandering the hallway". Kane said.

Randy, J&J then turned around to see a passed out Sarah on the couch with some vomit on her mouth that's still fresh.

"Maybe now we can get Rollins to bring back the authority". Randy said.


Seth, Jimmy, and Jey are starting to get worried because Sarah hasn't returned yet and she always comes back when she's done with whatever she's doing. Seth has a gut feeling something's not right and it's eating at him.

"I'm gonna go look for Sarah she should have been back by now". Seth said.

"Alright". Jimmy and Jey said together.

Seth then left the room to search for his niece but has no luck so he asks the other superstars or divas and nobody as seen her until he sees a messy and sticky Renee with Summer who are furious.

"Have either of you seen Sarah?" Seth asked quickly.

"What does it look like? Yeah we saw her look at what she did not to mention she called me old". Summer said.

"Do you know where she went?" Seth asked.

"She just walked away we thought she went back to you". Summer said.

"Well she never came back". Seth said.

"After she left we don't know where she went". Summer said.

Seth then walked away still in search of his niece.

"Dean is so gonna kill me". Seth muttered.

Seth continues to search until he bumps into Randy.

"I'm busy Orton so tell me what you want". Seth said.

"I believe we have something that belongs to you". Randy said.

Seth then got confused for a second till it hit him, they have Sarah.

"Where the hell is she?" Seth hissed.

"She's with us and she can go back safely with you if and only if you bring the authority back". Randy said.

"I wanna see her before i make any deal". Seth said.

"That's fine". Randy said.

Seth noticed that Randy seems way too...calm about this whole situation and it's bugging him on why he's so calm, once they get to the hideout just as Randy opened the door Seth looked over his shoulder to see his niece knocked out on the couch with the vomit still on her face so he pushes Randy aside to rush to his niece.

"Sarah, Sarah wake up come on wake up. Wake up sweetheart wake up". Seth said tapping her cheeks.

Seth continued to try and wake Sarah up but she wouldn't which pissed him off even more and once Dean finds out all hell will break loose.

"What the hell did you assholes do to her?" Seth asked in anger.

"We didn't do anything she was running from us when she puked and passed out". Kane said.

"Why the hell are you chasing her? Don't you idiots realize after she knocked her head into the wall she got a concussion, you all better thank god that Dean isn't here or you all be getting you asses kicked". Seth said.

Seth then picked her up bridal style going out of the room taking her to the trainer's room but not before being stopped by Randy.

"So what's it gonna be Seth you gonna bring the authority back". Randy said.

"Not a chance in hell Orton". Seth said.

"You'll be sorry Seth mark my words you'll be sorry". Randy said.

Seth continued his way to the trainer's room when Sarah started to stir a little trying to wake up.

"Come on sweetheart wake up, wake up come on you can do it i know you can". Seth said.

Sarah was trying to open her eyes but everything was bright and she had a ringing sound in her ear, she was finally able to open her eyes and blink a few times then remembered where she is, when she looked up she saw Seth's brown eyes stare down at her as he moved her hair away from her face.

"Hey sweetheart". Seth said gently.

Sarah tried to find her voice until she did.

"U-Uncle Seth". Sarah said weakly.

"It's me sweetheart it's me. Do you remember where you are". Seth said.

"I'm at the arena". Sarah answered.

"Do you remember what happened". Seth said.

"Kane...Big Show...i was running then i must have puked then everything was black". Sarah said.

"Well to make sure i'm taking you to the doctor then i should call Dean to come and get you". Seth said.

"No, i wanna stay Uncle Seth please. Can't you tell Dean later". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart i have to call Dean this was too close of a call maybe until you fully healed you should stay with your brother at the hotels, this was way too close of a call". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Seth then still held her bridal style carrying her to the trainer's room and once he arrives there he gently sets her down on the bed while he goes to call Dean.

-Yeah Seth what's up. Dean answered.

-How fast can you come get Sarah? Seth asked.

-Is she alright? What happened? Dean asked.

-She passed out tonight and the authority got her but i have her now she's in with the doctor now getting looked over. Seth said.

-I'll be there in 10 minutes. Dean said.

Seth then heard the phone get hung up so he then texts Jimmy and Jey to tell them that he found Sarah and she's with the doctor, a little after he sent the text Jimmy and Jey found him standing around waiting.

"How is she Seth?" Jey asked.

"When i found her she was passed out with puke on her face she just came to a little while ago and she's in with the doc now getting checked out". Seth explained.

"Do you know what happened". Jimmy asked.

"When she was on the way back to my locker room Kane and Big Show found her then she tried to get away from them but ended up puking then passing out they got her and i just got her back. I called Dean to come get her". Seth said.

"You realize that all hell is gonna break loose when he gets here right". Jimmy said.

"If anybody's to blame it's me i should have never let her out on her own not while she has a concussion if i hadn't let her out none of this would have happened, Dean is gonna kill me". Seth said.

"You don't know that Seth, look you got her back and she's gonna be just fine. She's just like her brother she might go down but she won't stay down not without a fight". Jey said.

"I hope your right". Seth said.

10 minutes later

Dean finally arrived at the arena and he storms in there pissed off and he searches the hallway to find Seth, if he finds out anything happened to his sister all hell will break loose inside of him. He will go on a warpath so bad, so destructive he might not be able to be stopped. He finally finds Seth standing with Jimmy and Jey outside the trainer's room so he runs up to them.

"Where is she? Where's Sarah?" Dean demanded.

"She's in with the doctor getting looked over". Seth answered.

"What the hell happened". Dean said.

"I let her out of the room because she wanted to pull a prank so i let her go out, when she didn't come back to the room i went out to look for her i was in the middle of looking for her when Randy came to me saying that they had her so when i went to go get her she was passed out with puke on her mouth and i brought her here". Seth explained.

Dean's emotions are mixed he didn't know who to be more pissed at Seth or the authority members but he knew he was about to lose it.

"I'm sorry Dean, i'm really truly sorry if i hadn't let her out none of this would have happened. This is all my fault i shouldn't have let her out on her own". Seth said.

"Then why the hell did you? I trusted you with my sister Seth and you let her out on her own! While she has a concussion! Are you out of your damn mind!" Dean yelled.

"It was an accident Dean nobody knew it was gonna happen". Seth argued back.

Dean was about to rip somebody to shreds but when the doctor came out Dean went up because they could only release the information to immediate family.

"How's my sister doc". Dean asked.

"She's fine, all she needs is some rest and to take it easy for a few days". The doctor said.

"Can i see her?" Dean asked.

"Sure". The doctor said.

"Dean i'm really sorry man i truly am i never meant for any of this too happen i swear to god". Seth said.

"We'll discuss this later right now you three have a match and i gotta get Sarah out of here before i kick somebody's ass". Dean said.

Seth, Jimmy, and Jey then went out for their six man tag team match while Dean went in to see his sister, when he saw her lying on the bed she looked fragile and pale a little so he sat next to her and took her hand in his gently rubbing her knuckles with his thumb as he took his other hand and moved the hair back from her face. After a little bit Sarah started to stir and move her head slowly to her right to see her brother.

"De?" Sarah asked in a weak voice.

Dean then looked down and saw his baby sister waking up.

"Hey baby how are you feeling". Dean asked.

"I'm ok". Sarah said.

"Do you remember what happened tonight". Dean asked.

"I wanted to pull a prank tonight so i asked Uncle Seth if i could go out if i promise not to over do anything and i'd go right back so i went and pulled my prank then after i did that i was on the way back to Uncle Seth's locker room when i ran into Big Show and Kane i told them off then when they went to get me i dodged them then i felt dizzy and nauseous then i puke and i pass out the next thing i remember was Uncle Seth holding me in his arms bringing me here". Sarah explained.

"Who did you go prank tonight?" Dean asked.

"Renee, i wouldn't let her get off so easy for hurting us so i poured honey in her chair then while she and Summer were talking i snuck up behind Renee and dumped syrup on her". Sarah answered.

"After this no more going off on your own and i mean it, when i come back or if you come here with Seth you are to stay with one of us at all times or someone else if we are in the ring. If you want or need to go somewhere tell Seth and he'll bring you. Do you understand me". Dean said.

"Yes". Sarah said.

"Good now let's blow this Popsicle stand what do you say". Dean said.

"Yeah". Sarah said.

Dean then helped his sister slowly get up not wanting her to get sick and he slowly helps her walk out to the parking lot and into the rental car once they are buckled Dean then pulls out of the parking lot heading back to the hotel to wait and talk to Seth.


In the ring half of the six man tag match has gone by and so far it's been a real close match, right now Jimmy is in against Kane and he is thrown into one of the corners then just as Kane goes to tackle him he dodges it making Kane hit his shoulder on the turnbuckle. Jimmy sees an opening to make a tag and he does he tags in Seth and he goes against Kane now and he takes him and throws him across the ring into the other turnbuckle hitting it hard, Seth launches himself at Kane then once he is in the middle of the ring Seth gets on the top turnbuckle and hits him with a cross body going for the pin but Kane kicks out so he hits Kane with a drop kick back to back then once he's down he then goes for a missile dropkick and hits him right on the chest hoping to go for the pin but Randy and Big Show then attack Seth breaking the count then Jimmy and Jey got in the ring. Once everyone was in the ring all hell broke loose inside of everybody it was a fight like never before Seth threw J&J out the ring first then Randy grabbed Seth from behind and before he could hit an RKO Seth pushed him towards The Usos when he got a double kick to the face, Kane and Big Show then threw The Usos out of the ring and began stalking Seth. They tried to get him both ways until Seth made his first move on Kane then during his attack Big Show ripped him off of Kane and hit him with a KO punch and at the end of it all the authority members came out on top.

It took Jimmy, Jey, and Seth a little bit to finally get to there feet, Seth struggled to get up since he got hit with a full force punch and after a few minutes he finally made it to his feet then the trio went backstage to shower quickly and change so they can head back to the hotel. Once Seth is showered and changed into some shorts and a tank top with his hair in a low bun he then grabs his back throwing it around his shoulder leaving the arena. He then heads back to the hotel because he knows he has to talk to Dean about what happened because he partly blames himself, he's thinking to himself that if he never let Sarah out of the room she wouldn't have passed out and Dean wouldn't have had to get her. Seth then clears his heads because he is finally back at the hotel and he grabs his bag from the back heading into the hotel and up to the room he shares with Dean. Once he is on the floor he starts to get a bit nervous but he won't let it show he then gets to the room and since he didn't know if Sarah was asleep or not he quietly goes in to see Sarah watching tv and Dean isn't around.

"Hey sweetheart, where's your brother?" Seth asked.

"He's on the patio i think he's waiting for you". Sarah said.

"Alright. But how are you feeling". Seth said.

"I'm ok". Sarah said.

Seth then put his bag down then went out on the patio while Sarah continued to watch tv, once on the patio he sees Dean sitting down with a beer next to him and an unopened beer on the table.

"We need to talk Seth". Dean said.

"I know we do". Seth said.

Seth then opened his beer taking a sip of it while Dean began talking.

"Just like i told Sarah after tonight i don't wanna another repeat so once i come back or she goes with you she stays with one of us at all times, if she wants or needs to go anywhere one of us takes her". Dean said.

"I understand. But Dean you gotta know i never meant for that to happen i didn't". Seth said.

"Seth it's like you broke my trust again, when i asked you to watch her that means make sure she stays in the room with you and keep an eye on her not let her go off by herself while she still has a concussion. When she went out why didn't you go with her". Dean replied.

"I guess we got so caught up trying to figure out the game plan we thought she'd be ok by herself for a few minutes but i swear to god i never meant for her to pass out i swear". Seth said.

"Well put it like this Seth if it does happen again i'll kick your ass first then there's". Dean said.

"I understand". Seth said.

Once Dean and Seth finished their conversation they headed inside to see Sarah struggling to stay awake so Dean cuts the tv off and takes the remote from her then covers her up with the blanket then plugs her IPod in.

"G'night Dean...g'night Uncle Seth". Sarah said in a sleepy voice.

"Sweet dreams baby girl". Dean whispered.

"Sleep tight sweetheart". Seth whispered.

They then kiss her forehead then get in their bed going to sleep for the night, just as Seth's head hit the pillow he was out for the night. Dean slowly got on the bed he shares with his sister and once he gets comfortable he pulls his sister close to him and she grips his shirt he then kisses her head a couple times before going to sleep for the night holding his sister in a protective hold.

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