Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 72

The next day Seth, Dean, and Sarah had to get up at four in the morning so they can move onto the next town and Sarah didn't wanna get up.

"Come on sweetheart once were in the car you can sleep all you want but we have to go or were gonna be late now come on up and at em". Dean said.

"Five minutes just five more minutes". Sarah said asleep.

"Sarah don't make me throw you over my shoulder now". Dean warned.

"That doesn't scare me anymore Dean". Sarah said sleeping.

"Well how about this if you're not up in the next 10 seconds i'm going to dump ice cold water on you". Dean said.

"You wouldn't". Sarah said.

Dean then went to the bathroom and got a big cup full of cold water ready to aim it on his sister.

"You got 5 seconds Sarah or you get soaked. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1". Dean said.

Dean then dumped the water on his sister making her get up while trying to dodge the water.

"Dean these were my favorite pajamas". Sarah whined.

"I told you to get up and you didn't now go change and once we're in the car you can sleep all you want on our way to the next town". Dean said.

"What about my stuff?" Sarah asked.

"It's already packed now go changed unless you wanna get left behind". Dean joked.

"Very funny Dean". Sarah said.

Sarah then took a gray t shirt and some black pants out of her bag then a pair of socks, she went to the bathroom to change real quick and once she was changed she slipped her socks on then her shoes once she was done she was still tired she was ready to go back to sleep till Dean swept her up and threw her over his shoulder in a fireman's hold.

"Dean put me down you know i hate being held like this". Sarah said struggling.

"I'm just making sure you don't fall back asleep until we get out to the car". Dean said.

"Sometimes you're no fun at all". Sarah said.

"That's in my job description sweetheart". Dean said.

Dean then put her down and she took a hold of her backpack and suitcase while Dean and Seth had there's, once they were in the parking lot there was a chilly breeze in the air making Sarah shiver because her jacket was packed in her suitcase. Dean then slid his jacket off and put it around his sister so she wouldn't get too cold.

"But Dean what about you?" Sarah asked.

"I'll be fine sweetheart". Dean said.

"You sure". Sarah said.

"I'm sure". Dean said ruffling her hair.

Once the luggage was in the car they all got in the car with Sarah taking the back stretched out covered up with her brother's jacket while Dean was driving and Seth was in the passenger seat and she wanted to stay awake but sleep soon called her but she was fighting it and fighting it hard.

"Go to sleep sweetheart it'll be a long drive so you get some rest we'll wake you when we stop alright". Seth said.

Sarah nodded sleepy and was out within second just as Dean was halfway down the road onto the next town. After almost 3 and a half hours on the road Dean was still driving while Seth was in the passenger seat on his phone and Sarah was still in the back asleep, Dean sees he has stop stop for gas soon so he pulls off at the next rest stop. Seth then wakes Sarah up to see if she has to use the bathroom.

"Sarah, wake up sweetheart wake up". Seth said shaking her.

"What?" Sarah said.

"Were stopping for gas and bathroom breaks if you gotta go now's the time to do it". Seth said.

Sarah then got up stretching then gets out of the car and is hit with a cold breeze she then quickly looks both ways and runs in the store to see her brother picking out some snacks.

"Hey sweetheart you're finally up". Dean said.

"Yeah i'll be right back". Sarah said.

"Alright". Dean said.

Sarah then ran to the bathroom while he looked around for some more snacks, after Sarah was finished her business she came back out then looked around her some snack of her own because she had her kind of snacks and her brother had his own so she picked out a few things and a couple drink then saw Dean who had snacks for him and Seth along with a few sodas and energy drinks.

"You already kiddo". Dean said.

"Yup". Sarah said.

Sarah sat her stuff up on the counter then Dean did, Sarah stayed by her brother because he didn't like it when she walked off by herself especially when they're in a new town and hardly know anything about it. Once there stuff and the gas was paid for Sarah took the two bags out while Dean signed the receipt.

"Cute daughter you got". The cashier said.

"What?" Dean asked not paying attention.

"Your daughter looks just like you". The cashier said.

"She's my sister and thanks". Dean said.

Dean then walked out with that on his mind. Daughter. Sure Sarah was his sister and he loved her to death but daughter, in a way he did look at his sister as his daughter since he raised her from birth and he was the only father figure she ever had in her life but he also took on the older brother role when and if needed. He then shook the thought from his head and went out to the car so they can move onto the next town when he got outside he saw his sister eating her breakfast with her ear buds in her ears listening to music while Seth was on his phone waiting for Dean, Seth then looked up to see his friend.

"It's about time so you wanna switch i could drive the rest of the way while you rest". Seth said.

"Yeah yeah i'm cool with that". Dean said.

"You ok? You seem different". Seth said.

"I'm fine come on let's move". Dean said.

Dean then tossed the keys to Seth so he can drive the rest of the way to the next town, the thought then came back to Dean's head and it was eating at him and Seth saw the look on his face.

"Hey you alright man". Seth said.

"Back at the gas station the cashier called Sarah, my daughter". Dean admitted.

"Really?" Seth asked.

"Yeah, i remember a time when she could be no older then 3 i took her to the park and this woman thought she was my daughter. I think everyone sees her more as my daughter then my sister". Dean said.

"Well it's true. You raised her from birth, you're really the only father figure she has so you're her brother and father rolled into one. You treat her more like a daughter then a sister anyway so i think that's why people think she's your daughter then your sister". Seth said.

Dean then looked in the rear view mirror to check on his sister like he always did then a small smile formed on his face. After an hour and a half drive they have finally made it to the next town so they quickly find the hotel there staying at, they quickly check i and go up to the room they're staying in and drop their bags on the floor.

"Nice room". Dean said.

"So what's the plan for today? Can i go with Uncle Seth, please Dean please". Sarah said.

"I don't know sweetheart i don't want another repeat of Monday". Dean said.

"I won't go anywhere Dean i promise, i'll stay with Uncle Seth until his match then stay with whoever he leaves me with please Dean please". Sarah said pulling on his hand using the puppy dog eyes.

Dean then sighed at the puppy dog eyes, ever since she was little he could never resist them no matter how hard he tried they were irresistible especially when she also used the pout and no matter how hard he tried to resist he always ended up caving in.

"Alright just do what Seth tells you to do, i don't want another repeat of Monday again. Do you understand me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

She then hugged her brother around the waist and he hugged her back, once they broke the hug Sarah then got her backpack and put a few things in it to keep herself occupied at the arena but something was still on Dean and Seth's minds.

"Sarah what was that prank you pulled on Monday?" Dean asked.

"Well i may have poured honey in Renee's chair and dumped a bucket of syrup on her head". Sarah said.

"Where did you find honey and syrup?" Seth asked.

"Catering". Sarah answered.

"And you were able to pull this off?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, then i may have threatened her. I told her that if she ever came around you or me again i'd do a lot worse to her". Sarah said.

Dean then started to crack up a bit as did Seth, once Seth and Sarah got there stuff together they were about to head out to the arena.

"Sarah remember what i said, do everything Seth tells you to do, stay with whoever he leaves you with, and most of all no wandering around by yourself. Do you understand me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean this kissed her head a couple of times then Seth took her hand and left for the arena, Dean was exhausted. After waking up so early in the morning then driving for a while he was ready to catch up on some well deserved sleep so the second he hit the bed he was out like a light.


Seth has finally made it to the arena with Sarah and once they got out he took her hand going inside and since Seth had a match later that night he is going to see if he can leave Sarah with Naomi and Tamina while he was in the ring. Seth was all over looking for Naomi or Tamina hoping that they can watch Sarah while he competed because them two divas would make absolutely sure that nothing will happen to Sarah. Seth finally found them while they were talking then Tamina pointed her head back and Naomi turned around to see Seth and Sarah.

"Hey Seth what's up". Naomi said.

"I was wondering if you guys would mind keeping an eye on Sarah while i was in the ring tonight". Seth asked.

Tamina nodded in approval and Naomi answered.

"Sure we'll keep her for you". Naomi said.

"Thanks i owe you guys". Seth said.

"See you later Seth, see you later sweetie". Naomi said.

"See you later shortie". Tamina said.

"Bye". Sarah said.

On the way to Seth's locker room they bump into J&J and since they won't pose any immediate threat to Seth or Sarah they kept walking.

"What do you two losers want?" Sarah asked.

"We wanna quit the authority". Jamie admitted.

Seth and Sarah stopped right in their tracks and looked stunned.

"You two wanna quit the authority?" Sarah asked trying to see if she heard correctly.

"Were sick and tired of them they keep doing the same thing each and every week, it's kinda boring". Joey said.

"Plus the kid is sorta fun to hang out with". Jamie said.

"I don't know what game you two are trying to play but it's not working, i wasn't born yesterday and neither was she". Seth said.

"We can give you them on a silver platter". Joey said.

"Not now but tonight come to mine and Dean's hotel room we can talk there because if Dean found out that you were anywhere near Sarah he will flip out plus it'll be your chances not only to prove yourselves to me but to him too then when he gets back Roman and trust me when i say this if you two are even thinking about double crossing us you might as well just walk away right now and we can forget this whole thing ever happened". Seth said.

"Deal". Jamie said.

Seth and Sarah then went to his locker room so he can prepare for his match tonight against Sheamus, once he was dressed in his ring gear he started to exercise a bit to get his adrenaline going a little so he can be ready for his match.

"Uncle Seth?" Sarah asked.

"What's up sweetheart". Seth said.

"Do you believe them? J&J? Do you really think that they wanna quit the authority". Sarah asked.

"I don't know sweetheart but before me jump to any conclusions lets hear them out first". Seth said.

"What if they get me again?" Sarah asked.

Seth then brought his niece into his arms and held her in a tight protective hold rubbing her back soothingly, he then gently took her chin and forced her to look at him when she wouldn't look up at him.

"I promise you that nobody will ever hurt you. Not as long as me, your brother, and Roman are around we won't ever let anybody else hurt you or they'll answer to us especially to your brother". Seth said.

"What about Wyatt? It's like he's been quiet for a while and it's actually scaring me, like he's waiting for Dean to come back to do something". Sarah said.

"Like i said i promise that nobody will ever hurt you not while me, your brother and Roman are around". Seth said.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"I love you too munchkin". Seth said.

"I haven't heard you call me that in a while". Sarah said.

"I guess it has been a while since i called you that". Seth said.

Seth then sees it's almost time for his match so he has to quickly go drop Sarah off with Naomi and Tamina then head out for his match, he then finds the two divas who just got finished in the ring and are coming back.

"Hey Seth, hey Sarah". Naomi said.

"Hey girls is it cool if i drop her off now my match is soon". Seth said.

"Yeah it's fine". Tamina said.

"Alright Sarah you know what your brother said to you right". Seth said.

"Yes Uncle Seth i know and i promise i'm not going anywhere". Sarah said.

"Good". Seth said.

Seth then kissed the top of her head then heads out for his match.

"So what have you been up to little miss Sarah". Naomi said.

"Nothing much really since i got my concussion Dean and Uncle Seth are making sure I've been taking it easy to make sure i don't pass out or anything". Sarah said.

"Anything else you been up to?" Tamina asked.

Sarah bit her lip as she tried to hold a laugh in.

"I may have pranked Renee on Monday". Sarah said.

"That was you?" Naomi asked.

"Yup". Sarah said.

"What'd you do?" Tamina asked.

"I poured honey in her chair then dumped a bucket of syrup on her head". Sarah said.

The two women then laughed at the joked wishing they could have seen it.

"You are such a mini version of your brother". Naomi said.

"Everyone always says that". Sarah said.

"Probably because it's true". Tamina said.

They continued to talk for a while.


Half of the match has gone by and so far Seth is getting his ass handed to him, every time he think he has Sheamus where he wants him the move always get countered back. He then hits a dropkick on Sheamus knocking him out of the ring he then has the advantage in the match so he goes to the top turnbuckle then jumps down on Sheamus in a way that reminded everyone of Dean, the ref has started the count and so he doesn't get counted out Seth rolls back in the ring while Sheamus gets counted out.

"The winner of this match via count out Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Just before Seth could get out of the ring Randy, Kane, Big Show and J&J comes out.

"Congratulations Seth you won your match but now it's time we get down to business here, bring the authority back right now". Randy said.

Seth then went for a mic of his own.

"And what are you gonna do if i don't?" Seth asked.

"We can always pay that precious niece of yours a visit, how she doing by the way Seth". Randy said.

"I'm gonna tell all of you for the last damn time, leave her out of this she has nothing to do with any of this. You want me fine come at me but leave her out of this she's an innocent kid who doesn't deserved to be messed with just because of me". Seth said.

Randy then dropped the mic and began his assault on Seth along with Kane and Big Show but what happens next surprises and shocks everyone including Seth, J&J attack Kane and Big Show trying to get them off of Seth but fails when they are shoved so far they fall out of the ring. Seth then lies in the middle of the ring looking like a fresh of meat surrounded by a group of lions just then The Usos music hits and they come running out to help evening up the odds, a fight then breaks out between the six people while J&J lies outside helpless and since they did turn on the authority there going to have there own hell to pay now too. Once the fight is over Seth, Jimmy, and Jey come out on top holding up each other's arms then Seth hops out the ring to help J&J up to their feet and backstage, Naomi and Tamina were still with Sarah so since they were near by they went to Seth and the others. Sarah had ran her way to Seth hitting him full force with a hug making him groan a bit in pain.

"I'm sorry but are you ok Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"I'll be fine sweetheart i promise". Seth said.

"What about you Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Jey are you guys alright". Sarah said.

"Were fine kiddo we promise". Jimmy said.

"Let's go get our stuff so we can head out sweetheart". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Sarah then said bye to everyone then she, Seth, and J&J went back to Seth's locker room so he can quickly change and they can head out.

"I can't believe you two actually turned on the authority". Sarah said.

"Like we said were getting tired of them it's the same thing with them each week". Jamie said.

"Just know this don't double cross us because we don't take to kindly to that especially my brother, he can and possibly will tear you apart if you cross us". Sarah said.

They know Ambrose pretty well and both men knew that Sarah's telling the truth when Seth turned on them he was almost close to ripping him to shreds. Seth is finally changed so he grabs his bag just as Sarah grabs her bag then he takes her hand just as J&J are following them out so they can get in there cars, once they were in there cars they all began to drive back to the hotel so they can talk about what's gonna happen from here. Once back at the hotel Seth and Sarah went up to the floor there staying on with J&J in tow, they finally get up to there room and go in with Seth and Sarah sitting there stuff down, Sarah then sneaks up on her brother jumping him from behind throwing her arms around his neck surprising him.

"Hi Dean". Sarah said.

"Hey sweetheart how were you today". Dean said.

"I was fine Dean you worry too much". Sarah said.

"It's my job to worry sweetheart now get ready for bed come on". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Sarah then went to her bag and pulled out a shirt and some pajama pants along with her hairbrush and toothbrush, just then Dean looks over to see Seth standing by the door with his bag then behind him is J&J which sets Dean off so before he can do anything Seth stops him.

"Whoa man before you do anything just hear them out, they actually saved me tonight without them i would have gotten beat down bad". Seth said.

"I'll hear them out but let's get a couple of things straight right now. One don't even think about hurting my sister or you'll just see one pissed off older brother who will kill you, second if you double cross us i will take you two out faster then i almost did to him and not think twice". Dean said.

"We got it". Jamie and Joey said.

Sarah then came out dressed ready for bed then puts her stuff in her bag then gets in bed ready to go to sleep so Dean throws the blanket over her to cover her up just as Seth plugs her IPod in the dock to play.

"G'night Dean...g'night Uncle Seth". Sarah said sleepy.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

"Sleep tight munchkin". Seth whispered.

They then kiss her forehead then motion for J&J to go out on the patio so they can talk in private and so they won't wake Sarah up.

"Alright so why all of a sudden the turn?" Dean asked flat out.

"I guess were tired of them doing the same thing each and every week, plus our intentions were to never hurt your sister back when Seth was with us when we were alone he'd always talk about her. She's a good kid Ambrose just like you and now since we have turned on the authority there going to be out for us". Jamie said.

"You said that you would give us the authority on a silver platter what were you talking about". Seth said.

"Each week they were gonna try and do something different so you'd bring the authority back but made sure it was with the same person". Joey said.

"Sarah". Seth said.

"Right, they wanted us to grab her for them each time but we didn't want to, like Seth said she's just a kid who doesn't deserve any of that". Jamie said.

Both Seth and Dean seemed convinced enough to actually trust them but they also had to prove themselves to Roman when he came back.

"Alright let me and Seth talk about it then we'll get back to you guys but know another thing you gotta prove yourselves to us and Roman but you have to wait to prove it to him since he'll be out a bit longer". Dean said.

"Deal". They said.

Once J&J left Dean and Seth went back in to go to bed for the night, Seth was out the second he hit the bed. Dean then got in by his sister and when she sensed her brother she got closer to him curling herself into his side throwing her arm across his stomach, he then pulled her closer to him holding her protectively dropping a couple kisses to her head before going to sleep for the night.

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