Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 73

The next morning Seth and Dean were up a bit early while Sarah slept in they went out on the patio to talk.

"Seth i really think i should come back TLC is in a week not to mention those assholes are still out to get her. God i wanna kick their asses". Dean said.

"Are you even cleared to come back yet? We just don't wanna see what happened last time to happen again, when that happened Sarah lost it very bad i couldn't get a hold on her long enough". Seth said.

"I'll check with the doctor today he says i'm good i'm coming back and ain't nobody gonna stop me". Dean said.

Seth then heard a knock on the door and so it wouldn't wake Sarah up he went to open it to see Jamie and Joey there so he signed for them to be quiet when they entered the room then signed for them to go out on the patio so they won't wake Sarah.

"What are you guys doing here this early?" Seth asked.

"We just wanted to check on you guys and the kid". Jamie said.

"I still don't buy that you wanted to turn on the authority, nobody ever wants to turn on the authority". Dean said.

"Hey i turned on the authority". Seth pointed out.

"Ok nobody except Seth wants to turn on the authority, the only reason he did it was because they hurt my sister and he wasn't gonna stand for it like i won't stand for it". Dean said.

"And like i said yesterday if you two are scheming some kind of plan just walk out now and we can forget this happened". Seth said.

"Then get your asses kicked". Dean said.

Jamie and Joey then felt nervous because they were more afraid of Dean then Seth because Dean is a lot more dangerous then Seth and can cause a hell of a lot more pain.

"We wanna help keep the authority out of power and we will do anything to make sure that happens". Joey said.

Dean kept staring at the two guys getting a weird vibe from them it's almost like there lying and if they are there doing one hell of a job at it, after Seth turned on them he has had a hard time trust or believing anybody who wasn't Roman or Sarah then once Seth turned he started trusting and believing him again but everyone else not so much. Dean then wanted to get them alone so he can talk to them because he wasn't buying a word they were saying.

"Seth can you go check on Sarah for me". Dean said.

"Sure". Seth said.

Seth then went to go check on his niece while Dean was still out on the patio with Jamie and Joey.

"Alright you two cut the crap, whatever game or scheme you guys got going on it stops now". Dean said.

"We don't know what your talking about Ambrose". Joey said.

"Does it look like i was born yesterday? Do i look stupid? No, i know when were being played and you two don't even convince me enough to turn on the authority when Seth turned he had a good enough reason to do it but you two saying 'they keep doing the same thing', i don't buy it". Dean said.

Jamie and Joey bit their lips because maybe Dean was trying to figure out what they really planned.

"So either you tell me what your real plan is or get your asses kicked, your choice". Dean said.

"Alright, once we had made friends with you, Seth, and the kid we were suppose to wait for the signal to turn on you guys and take the kid so Seth have no choice but to bring the authority back. Since he has one weakness like you do and it's the kid we figured that if we get her and do something Seth would have no choice but to bring the authority back". Jamie confessed.

"At the expense of my sister?!" Dean yelled.

"We didn't know of any other ways of making him bring the authority back, we thought since he'd do anything for her he'd bring back the authority". Joey said.

Dean knew it and now that he knows it he's not gonna let it happen.

"Before i lose my cool with the two of you and i break you both like twigs get the hell out of my room, and if i ever hear or catch you around my sister ever again i will snap you like twigs now get the hell out". Dean said.

Jamie and Joey then left without saying a word to Seth then with a confused look Seth went out to talk to Dean.

"Why did they leave?" Seth asked.

"It was a scheme Seth so you'd bring the authority back". Dean said.

"What?" Seth replied.

"They said once they had made friends with us they were gonna wait for the signal to turn on us then get Sarah so you wouldn't have a choice but to bring the authority back". Dean explained.

Seth then sat down with his head in his hands, he let those two neanderthals go near his niece and if he wasn't around they could have possibly hurt her he felt so guilty that he actually believed them and trusted them but the worst thing he felt guilty about is that he let them around Sarah and they could have did anything to her if not hand delivered her to the authority members.

"Dean i'm so sorry i really am". Seth said.

"What do you have to be sorry for?" Dean asked.

"I trusted them, i believed them, i let them around Sarah". Seth said.

"But you didn't know Seth, you couldn't have known what they were really up too they told you something you wanted to hear". Dean said.

"They could have hurt Sarah". Seth whispered.

"But they didn't i know you won't let anyone hurt her". Dean said.

No matter what Dean said it wouldn't change anything in Seth's mind, this was way too close of a call and anything could have happened and if he would have left Sarah alone with them two they could have just hand delivered her to the authority. After a little while Sarah woke up to the room being empty so she figured that Dean and Seth were on the patio so she went into her suitcase to grab a long sleeve t shirt and a pair of pants since the weather is getting colder she then goes to the bathroom to shower, once she is done and is changed she pulls her hair into a ponytail then goes out on the patio to see her brother and Seth.

"Morning Dean, morning Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"Morning sweetheart". Dean said.

"Hey munchkin". Seth said.

Sarah notices something wrong with her uncle because this wasn't his usual behavior.

"Uncle Seth are you alright?" Sarah asked.

"I'm fine sweetheart i promise". Seth said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart why don't you go get your stuff ready for the arena so i can talk to Seth real fast". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Dean then kissed her head before she went back inside to gather her stuff leaving Dean and Seth out on the patio.

"Seth if you want i can come with you guys tonight i can keep an eye on her because you know damn well i won't let nothing happen to her". Dean said.

"Dean you don't even know if your cleared to come back yet". Seth pointed out.

"I got a doctor's appointment today anyway so he can tell me when i'm clear". Dean said.

"You want us to go with you?" Seth asked.

"If you want i'm just going in to get a quick physical and to see if i'm cleared to come back or not". Dean said.

"That's fine with me". Seth said.

Sarah is finished packing her stuff for the arena, Dean and Seth then go in so Dean can quickly get dressed so he can make his doctor's appointment in time. Once the trio get their stuff packed up they headed out so Dean can make it to his appointment. Once they are there they all go in, Dean gets called back so Seth and Sarah wait for him out in the waiting room which isn't that full. Sarah still notices something is wrong with her uncle so she tries again.

"Uncle Seth are you sure your alright, it looks like something is bugging you". Sarah said.

"I'm fine sweetheart just got a lot on my mind". Seth said.

"That's what Dean says when he's lying". Sarah said.

Seth knew that she would find out sooner or later so it'd be best to tell her now before she finds out on her own or someone else tells her.

"Sweetheart, Jamie and Joey aren't turning on the authority they only said that so they can get close to us. Close to you. It was all a lie". Seth said.

"They tricked us?" Sarah asked.

"Yes. If they got close enough to us they would have waited then took you so i'd bring the authority back". Seth said.

Sarah then threw herself into his arms burying her face into his shirt just as he tries to calm her down, after a while Dean came out wearing a neck brace which confuses Seth and Sarah.

"What's with the neck brace?" Seth asked.

"It's the only way i'd be able to return tonight". Dean said.

"Your coming back?" Sarah asked excitedly.

"I'm coming back tonight sweetheart". Dean said.

Sarah then jumped onto her brother hugging him tightly just as he held her tightly, they then left to head to the arena since Dean always carries his bag with him. Once they finally get to the arena they grab there stuff to head inside, Sarah then grabs her brother's hand as they cross the street then head inside. Once inside they go through the hallways going to Dean's locker room but on the way see their best friend Roman back well at least for the night since it's the slammy awards, Sarah then dropped her brother's hand and ran to Roman.

"Uncle Roman!" Sarah yelled in excitement.

Roman turned around to see his niece coming at him full force so he bends down to hug her and sweeps her off her feet holding her in a tight hold.

"Hey baby girl". Roman said.

"I missed you so much Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"I missed you too baby girl". Roman said.

Roman then kissed her head then held her in one arm watching as Seth and Dean are making their way over.

"What's up Rome". Dean said bro hugging him.

"What's good man". Roman said.

"Hey Roman". Seth said.

"What's up Seth". Roman said.

Roman sees something wrong with his friend and wonders what's wrong.

"Is everything ok Seth?" Roman asked.

"Yeah everything's fine". Seth said.

"Yeah and i'm the queen of England". Roman said.

Seth then knows he has to tell Roman before he finds out on his own.

"We have to talk but not here". Seth said.

Roman then put Sarah down so they can all go to Dean's locker room to talk, once the coast is clear they go in shutting the door.

"What's going on Seth". Roman said.

"The other night J&J came to me when i had Sarah they claimed they wanted to turn on the authority, then when i was about to get beat down they jumped Kane and Big Show so after that they came to the hotel room so we could talk to them. Then this morning Dean talked to them and it was all a scheme for them to get close to us, close to Sarah then once they got the signal they were gonna grab Sarah and force me to bring back the authority". Seth explained.

Sarah then clutched onto her brother as he held her protectively rubbing her back just as Roman looked pissed off, he was ready to rip the authority members apart.

"Next week they are getting there asses kicked". Roman growled.

"Your coming back too Uncle Roman?" Sarah asked.

Roman then took Sarah from her brother and sat her down next to him.

"Yes i am baby girl it's time we do something we should have done before, this time nobody will ever hurt you again not with us around". Roman said.

"What are you gonna do?" Sarah asked.

Seth, Dean, and Roman looked at each other nodding their heads.

"Were gonna reform the shield but not yet because we have to figure everything out first with what's gonna happen with your brother, along with me and Seth but it's time that we bring justice back to the WWE". Roman said.

Sarah then threw her arms around Roman, then hugged Seth next then finally her brother who held her in one arm, Dean then set his sister down so he can quickly change into his gear then put on the dumb neck brace again. Once he is changed he saw that Wyatt's in the ring and he has to go show him a lesson.

"Would you guys mind keeping an eye on Sarah for me?" Dean asked.

"Sure". Seth said.

"No problem". Roman said.

"Be careful out there Dean". Sarah said.

"I always am sweetheart". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her head before heading out, once Dean left the room Roman, Seth, and Sarah then started talking about what they have planned back at the hotel for Dean


Wyatt is still in the ring going on with his promo then out of no where coming from the corner where the ramp is an ambulance is pulling back into the arena then the back doors open and Dean comes out wearing a neck brace and he is pissed. He then gets out of the ambulance getting on the ramp pulling the neck brace off then goes to the ring he then gets a latter just as Wyatt has a chair he takes the latter and hits it off of Wyatt's ribs then his shoulder, Dean then goes for tables, chairs, one of the chairs hits Wyatt in the head. Dean sets the table up just as Wyatt rolls outta the ring, Dean then picks up a couple of chairs in both hands wanting Wyatt to get back in the ring , Dean uses himself as bait to lure Wyatt in the ring then just as Wyatt gets up on the apron Dean throws the chair at him making him fall.

"Take a good look at that ambulance Wyatt, the only Wyatt you'll leave TLC this Sunday is in the back of one of those. Cause when it's tables, when it's latters, when it's chairs your gonna know who exactly your in here with this Sunday, i become the monster and i'm gonna eat you alive. And also after Sunday you are gonna learn just like everybody else back in that locker room will learn, you will learn to keep your god damn hands off of my sister because if you don't i'll break them off". Dean said.

Wyatt then was going back up the ramp just as Dean stayed in the ring. Once that was over Dean headed back to his locker room so they can figure out what to do, while in the locker room Seth, Sarah, and Roman were still talking then once they heard the door open they stopped talking because it's Dean coming in.

"Nice job out there man". Seth said.

"Yeah awesome job". Roman said.

"Thanks guys". Dean said.

"He's not gonna get me again is he Dean?" Sarah asked.

"No he won't sweetheart because he'll have to go through me first". Dean said.

(Skips most of it)

It's the final slammy award given out and it's for Superstar of the year, Roman wins it.

"Congratulations Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"Thanks baby girl". Roman said.

He then went out to accept his slammy then give his speech, once he is finished with his speech he goes back to the locker room so he can head back to the hotel with Dean. Sarah, and Seth because they planned something for Dean and just as he promised Sarah he'd be there. Once the four people got there stuff together they headed back to the hotel, then they went up to the floor that Dean and Seth were staying on. Once Dean opened the door to his and Seth's room just as he cut the light on it's a few other superstars and divas there.

"Surprise". They said together.

"What is all this?" Dean asked.

Sarah then came forward to answer.

"Happy birthday Dean". Sarah said.

"You did this sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"She did have some help from us, she swore us to secretes". Roman said.

"Do you like it Dean?" Sarah asked.

Dean then picked her up holding her.

"I love it sweetheart thank you". Dean said.

They all then went in to eat, drink, and party a little, after a while the superstars and divas went to their rooms for the night. Sarah was already passed out in her brother's bed fast asleep as the guys cleaned the room up. Roman then went back to his room so they all can rest after the long day they had, Seth and Dean changed for bed then went to bed. Just as Dean dipped down on his bed Sarah knew it was her brother so she curled up into his side and he held her protectively.

"Happy birthday bubba, i love you". Sarah whispered.

"I love you too sweetheart". Dean whispered.

Dean then fell asleep with his sister next to him.

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