Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 74

Later that night Sarah was tossing and turning in her sleep, she was having a night and she hasn't had one in a really long time she then began mumbling in her sleep.

"No. No. Dean No". Sarah mumbled.

She continued to toss and turn then she let out a scream waking up both Dean and Seth, when they woke up they saw Sarah tossing and turning with tears streaming down her face like a broken dam. Dean then has an attempt to wake his sister up.

"Sarah, Sarah wake up sweetheart come on wake up. Wake up baby girl wake up, it's just a dream your dreaming it's all just a dream". Dean said shaking her.

Sarah's eyes then shoot open so she looks around to see she's in the hotel room with her brother and Seth, she then threw her arms around her brother burying her face into his neck crying uncontrollably.

"Shh sweetheart shh it's alright, everything's alright now shh. Calm down baby it's alright, everything's gonna be ok shh it's alright now sweetheart it's ok". Dean soothed her.

Seth rubbed her back soothingly while Dean tried to calm her, after a little while Sarah had stopped crying but remained in the comfort of her brother's arm as she buried her face into his chest and gripped the back of his tank top.

"Sweetheart you wanna talk about it? It might help". Seth suggested.

Sarah waited a couple of minutes before she took a deep breath before she started.

"Wyatt got Dean and he threw him into the steel steps only this time...this time you didn't wake up". Sarah said crying again.

Dean and Seth look at each other while Sarah cried again in her brother's chest scared to lose him.

"It's alright sweetheart it's alright, i'm here and i'm fine. It's alright now baby it's ok now shh I've got you, I've got you baby i'm not going anywhere. Shh everything's alright now sweetheart it's ok". Dean soothed.

Dean then sent Seth a looking saying 'i got this' Seth then nodded and kissed his niece's head before returning to bed, Sarah had stopped crying and laid her head on her brother's chest as he played with her blonde hair he then looked over to see the clock reading 3:30 am, they had to be up in just a few hours and he didn't know if his sister would go back to sleep after a nightmare sometimes she refused to go back to sleep so she stayed up with Dean watching tv until she fell back asleep. He knew that his sister wouldn't go back to sleep anytime soon so he turned the tv on keeping it at a low volume so they wouldn't wake Seth, Sarah laid next to her brother curled into his side watching tv while he held her in a protective hold.

It's now 8 in the morning and Sarah is still awake but she is struggling to stay awake since she is still tired but she didn't wanna go to sleep, Dean was also tired since he stayed up with his sister but he could easily shake it off but she couldn't. Seth saw how his friend and niece were struggling to stay awake after being awake since 3:30 in the morning, they had to go to the gym before they headed to the arena so once they were all packed for the gym and the arena they headed to the gym while Sarah was fighting hard to stay awake which is bad because now she is getting a headache and it's starting to become painful. Once at the gym Dean and Seth put their stuff down then taped their hands while Sarah took one of the mats set it on the floor then sat down while dozing in and out of sleep, any kind of loud noise jolted her awake. She put her earbuds in so she can drown out the loud noises and after a while she started to feel totally relaxed and ended up falling asleep on the mat while Dean and Seth worked out.

(Skips a few hours)

Dean and Seth have finished their work outs for the day so they untapped their hands throwing it away then going to get their bags, when Dean saw his sister passed out on the mat he had a small smile on his face because at least she is getting some sleep. Seth then grabbed her backpack putting it on his shoulder then grabbed his and Dean's bag while Dean got his sister who slightly stirred awake looking up at her brother.

"D'n?" Sarah asked with her voice heavy with sleep.

"Shh sweetheart go back to sleep I've got you". Dean whispered.

Sarah nodded putting her head on his shoulder going back to sleep as he carried her out to the car, once they were outside Seth put their bags in the trunk while Dean carefully laid his sister in the back seat covering her with his jacket then kissed her head he then got in the passenger seat of the car while Seth drove to the arena.

"Hey you alright man?" Seth asked.

"I'm gonna kick Wyatt's ass on Sunday, she hasn't had a nightmare in a long time this drew the line". Dean said.

"At least Roman's coming back that way nobody'll ever mess with or hurt her again". Seth said.

"Your right once were finally back together nobody'll ever hurt her again or they'll answer to us". Dean said.

"Believe in the shield". Seth said.

"Believe in the shield". Dean said.

They did a quick fist bump and the rest of the way to the arena was quiet except for the soft snoring coming from Sarah, once they arrived at the arena Dean decided to get the bags while Seth got Sarah. Sarah felt herself being moved so she woke up and looked around to see Seth holding her.

"Uncle Seth, where are we?" Sarah asked.

"Were at the arena sweetheart". Seth said.

Seth then set her on her feet taking his hand as Dean got the bags.

"Well if it isn't sleeping beauty, you have a good nap sweetheart". Dean said.

"Yeah, but i'm still a bit sleepy". Sarah said.

"Looks like it'll be an early night for you then". Dean said.

They headed into the arena and Sarah stayed by both men because she still has a double target on her, since she hasn't had a lot of sleep she's going to act just like her brother to people who push her buttons and won't care. They drop their stuff off in Seth's locker room then head to catering for lunch then an idea pops in Sarah's head so while Dean and Seth are having their lunch she sneaks away from the table but is still in view of her brother she sees honey extract getting the perfect idea for a prank she grabs it from the table then goes back to her brother and Seth.

"Sarah why do you have honey extract?" Dean asked.

"I'm gonna pull a prank". Sarah said.

"On who?" Dean asked.

"Renee". Sarah said.

"Alright but you are not going by yourself wait for one of us and we'll take you i don't want another repeat of what happened". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Once they were finished eating they cleaned up then took Sarah to prank Renee, she looked around to make sure it was clear then took Renee's perfume bottle pouring the honey extract in it then shaking it really well so the honey dissolves well with the perfume they then scattered before they get caught. Renee and Summer then comes up and the first thing Renee grabs is her perfume spraying it on her then remembers she left something in her car.

"I'll be right i left something in my car". Renee said.

"Alright". Summer said.

Renee then jogged in her heels outside to her car to grab her make up kit, just then a honey bee started to fly around her so she shooed it away till another came around then more came around till a group swarmed her making her run back in the arena breaking one of her heels. Then watching is Sarah, Seth, and Dean who are cracking up on the floor. Renee was then furious because she knows who did it so she marches over to the group.

"I can't believe you did this you little brat". Renee said.

"I told you don't cross me or you would pay the consequences you really shouldn't underestimate me just because i'm 10". Sarah said.

"Are you two are just gonna stand there looking like complete idiots letting her do and say this to me?" Renee asked the two men.

"Pretty much". They said.

Sarah was starting to get very irritated with being tired and she wasn't gonna stand and let Renee talk to her brother or Seth like that.

"Hey!". Sarah yelled.

Renee then looked down at Sarah who has a pissed off look that very much resembled her brother's.

"I told you once don't talk to my brother and uncle like that, i am so not in the mood for any of your crap. Talk to them like that again you deal with me". Sarah said.

"And what exactly are you gonna do about it". Renee said.

Sarah kept getting more and more pissed off by the minute so she had her fist balled up together ready for a fight.

"Just two things Renee one, you shouldn't have said that. And two well that look she has on her face means she's about to kick your ass if you don't shut up". Dean said.

"I am not afraid of some 10 year old little wanna be wrestler". Renee said.

That set Sarah off so she jumped Renee punching her over and over again then she grabbed Renee's hair and began slapping her over and over till her face was a bright red color, by the time Sarah was finished her attack she fixed her frizzy hair by re doing the ponytail and adjusting her clothes. Renee on the other hand was a mess she had a black eye, her cheeks were a bright red after being smack so many times, her hair was a complete mess, her clothes were messed up, and one of her heels broke.

"Now i said i'm not in the mood for your crap you wanna go again i'd be happy to, so you wanna go again come on". Sarah said.

"Renee you should really listened to us, we tried to warn you but you didn't wanna listen". Seth said.

"You need to teach that kid some manners and keep her on a leash before she gets seriously hurt". Renee said.

"Oh that's it you asked for it again". Sarah said.

She then went for Renee but before she could her brother picked her up while she was trying to fight out of his hold but she was losing.

"You got lucky you stupid little blonde headed twit next time you won't get so lucky, next time my brother won't stop me". Sarah yelled.

Once Renee was able to stand she was so furious, so livid she got an idea in her head, she wants to hurt Dean and the only way you can hurt somebody like that is to know their weakness and she knows his. After she cleans herself up getting a new outfit on she goes to look in the mirror to see how bad her eye is and it is bad so she uses makeup to cover it up then once she is finished she went to find the authority members and finds them.

"And what exactly can we help you with Renee?" Randy asked.

"Since you want the authority back in power and i want that dumb ass fool Ambrose hurt i got the perfect plan". Renee said.

She then tells them the plan and they looked very impressed with it not to mention it is the perfect plan to bring the authority back so in a way they'd be able to bring the authority back and hurt both Dean and Seth all at the same time.


Sarah stopped fighting to get out of her brother's hold but she was still a bit pissed off on top of being tired and that wasn't a good combo with someone that young.

"Who does that little blonde headed twit think she is? Does she not know i can and will take her out, she got so lucky tonight because i was ready to knock her teeth down her throat then rip her hair out and shove it in her mouth". Sarah ranted.

Dean and Seth then looked at each other because right now Sarah is acting just like her brother and in a way that could be a very bad thing.

"Sarah, sweetheart just calm down alright just calm down we don't want you to get so worked up and something happens to you". Seth said.

"Seth that's one thing she really doesn't like being told when she's mad". Dean said.

"I can't calm down Uncle Seth that stupid little twit crossed me not to mention the way she talked to you and Dean, i won't stand for it". Sarah said.

Sarah then plopped down on the couch and put her earbuds in cranking her music up a bit.

"Dean she has to calm herself down or something bad can happen". Seth said.

"I know but one thing either of us like being told while were mad is to calm down because that'll get us riled up more, look she leave her and she'll calm down on her own it will take a little while but as long as you leave her alone she will be fine trust me i know". Dean said.

"If you say so". Seth said.

Seth then quickly changes into his ring gear because he has a match with Big Show later and he just hopes that he won't have back up tonight because since Roman isn't back just yet the only back up he will have is Dean and that's if Wyatt doesn't show up. They then had to leave Sarah with someone the question is with who though Dean doesn't trust a lot of people with his sister, since they don't have a lot of time they don't have a choice but to leave her with Heath Slater.

"Slater i need a favor". Dean said.

"What's up". Dean said.

"Can you watch my sister and not for any reason whatsoever do not let her out of your sight or i will kick you ass". Dean said.

"Sure i'll watch the squirt for ya". Heath said.

"Thanks i owe you". Dean said.

Dean then bent down to his sister's level and puts his hands on her shoulders.

"Alright sweetheart your gonna stay with Heath just until Seth's match is over then we'll come get you alright, you know the rules don't you". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"Atta girl". Dean said.

He then kissed her head a couple of time then Seth bent down to his niece's level.

"We'll be back as soon as my match is over ok sweetheart". Seth said.

"Alright Uncle Seth just be careful". Sarah said.

"Always am sweetheart". Seth said.

Seth this kissed her head a couple of times before he and Dean then took off so he can go out for his match.

"So how you been short stuff". Heath said.

"Alright been on a prank war". Sarah said.

"And who have you been pranking?" Heath asked.

"That little blonde headed twit, Renee". Sarah said.

"Whatever she did she probably deserved it". Heath said.

"Oh she did deserve it". Sarah said.

Sarah then got on her IPad listening to her music while reading but left one of her ear buds out then she hears a creepy voice calling her name.

"Sarah. Sarah. Sarah". The voice called out.

Sarah then took her other ear bud out to look around to see who could be calling her name but she shook it off knowing it could be a trap like always then the hall lights go out then hears something like a scuffle and a somebody falling to the ground, she then hears a voice that ran a chill up her spine.

"It's time to go little lamb". Wyatt said.

Wyatt then grabbed her as she screamed for her brother.


Half of Seth's match has gone by and he is trying to stay in it but he is starting to get wore out as much as he tried to stay in it he couldn't, he needed something to motivate him anything. He then thought of Sarah, he's fighting for her because the authority is out to get her since Seth is the only who can bring the authority back. Seth is then hit with a powerful closeline knocking him down so Big Show goes for the pin but Seth kicks out, Seth then hits Show with a dropkick twice then goes up high on the turnbuckle to hit Big Show in the face with his knee and goes for the pin but the authority members jump him like a pack of wild dogs then Dean gets in the fight and helps Seth, once the fight is over all the lights in the arena goes out and Dean knows it's Wyatt so he's ready for him.

"How's it feel Dean? How does it feel to lose something very dear and precious to you? I actually have some good news i made a new friend today you might know her, isn't that right little Sarah". Wyatt said.

The camera then moved to Sarah who was shaking and trembling while trying to stay strong but just as Wyatt moved her hair from her face she let out a whimper. Dean and Seth got pissed off at seeing this, Dean then went for a mic.

"Alright Wyatt enough games and enough of all this bull crap, i have had it with you. Let's not wait until Sunday i say let's throw down now and so help me god if you don't let my sister go right now i will break your hands then rip your head clear off your shoulders". Dean yelled.

"Run Dean". Wyatt said.

"Dean!" Sarah cried.

Seth and Dean then ran out of the ring going backstage to find Sarah before Dean kicks somebody's ass badly, first they go to see Heath since Sarah was with him last he is just starting to come to after being knocked down with a lot of force so Seth goes to help him.

"Heath what happened". Seth asked.

"The lights went out someone got me from behind and they took Sarah". Heath explained.

"Wyatt". Dean hissed.

"He probably planned this since you came back, he wanted to wait to get Sarah away from you before he striked". Seth said.

Dean felt like punching something, in his mind this was on him if anything at all happened to his sister and he would never forgive himself. Dean then took in a few deep breaths before storming off to find his sister with Seth in tow, they split up to look for her but it's still on Dean's mind that this is his fault he believes that if he hadn't left his sister she wouldn't be missing right now with that creepy son of a bitch. Dean continues to search but has no luck whatsoever to find his sister which pisses him off even more, Seth on the other hand is looking through the hallways checking every single empty or abandoned room possible in that arena to look for his niece then he stumbles across a locked door and it won't open from the outside so it's problem locked from the inside he then remembers something in his pocket it something he picked up on a tv show, he picks the lock on the door to get the door open and once it's open he turns the light switch on but it's broke so he goes in hoping he'll find his niece. He then hears a whimper as he went closer towards it, it sounded very familiar to him.

"Sarah! Sweetheart if you here call out". Seth called out.

Sarah then heard a voice she recognize anywhere so she slowly lifts her head up and tries to call out.

"U-Uncle Seth". Sarah weakly called out.

Seth heard a small voice and knew it was his niece.

"Sweetheart call out again so i can find you". Seth called out.

Sarah tried to find her voice but couldn't so she kept trying.

"Uncle Seth. Uncle Seth". Sarah called out twice.

Seth then found his niece tied to a chair and she can't move, he saw that her head is down and her hair is all messy and falling out.

"Sarah!" Seth called out.

Sarah then looked up and saw her uncle she then had a smile on her face, Seth then ran over then dropped to his knees to check on his niece.

"Hey sweetheart are you hurt?" Seth asked.

"No i just really want my brother". Sarah said.

"Alright i'll get you back to Dean just give me a couple of minutes here". Seth said.

Seth then began untying the ropes that held Sarah to the chair and once she was free she practically jumped into Seth's arm burying her face into his chest crying.

"Alright now shh it's ok sweetheart it's all gonna be ok shh, everything's gonna be alright shh now". Seth soothed her.

Sarah stopped her crying but remained in Seth's arms since she felt a bit weak to walk so Seth carried her back to the locker room, while Dean continues his search but has absolutely no luck whatsoever so he goes back to the locker room to wait for Seth hopefully he might have more luck Dean thought. Dean then paces around then goes back out to search for his sister because he is not giving up to look for her, then just down the hall is Seth carrying Sarah and Dean doesn't notice until he hears Seth's voice.

"Dean!" Seth called out.

Dean then turned around to see his sister in Seth's arm he then ran over just as Seth put Sarah down and she ran to Dean, Sarah ran straight into her brother's arms.

"Bubba". Sarah cried clinging to him.

"Oh my baby, i'm so glad your alright". Dean whispered.

She then started to cry in her brother's neck as he rubbed her back with one hand and held her head with the other.

"Shh sweetheart shh it's alright, it's alright now baby shh it's all gonna be ok. Shh baby shh everything's alright now i promise, I've got you baby girl I've got you shh". Dean soothed her.

Sarah kept her grip on her brother for a little bit before she finally let go but remained in her brother's arms as she rested her head on his shoulder gripping the back of his shirt, Seth then caught up with his friend and niece.

"Thanks for finding her Seth". Dean said.

"No problem Dean". Seth said.

Dean then adjusted his sister in his arms holding her with one arm just as she is slowly falling asleep, they then go back to the locker room to get their stuff and head back to the hotel. They went out to the car getting it packed up, Dean then gently set his sister in the back seat of the car then puts her seat belt on once his sister is situated he kissed her head before getting in the passenger seat of the car while Seth got in the driver seat.

"Hey you alright man?" Seth asked.

"It was my fault". Dean said.

"It wasn't your fault man you couldn't have known that Wyatt was gonna do that so how could it have been your fault". Seth said.

"I left her, every time i leave her that son of a bitch always finds a way to either lure her to him or grab her but when i'm around he doesn't try it". Dean said.

"Dean that's his thing he knows once your away from her she is left vulnerable knowing she won't fight back because she is afraid of him or what he'll do to either her or you". Seth said.

"I shouldn't have left her, i could have lost her. I could have lost my little girl". Dean said.

"But you didn't. Dean you can't possibly know each and every time when you leave her that something bad is gonna happen your not psychic so you won't know what'll happen if your not around". Seth said.

Dean then looked back and saw his sister in a peaceful sleep hopefully she'll be able to sleep tonight nightmare free. Once back at the hotel Seth got the bags while Dean got his sister who remained asleep when Dean picked her up, once inside they head up to the room there staying in Dean laid his sister down on the bed taking off her socks and shoes then covering her with the blanket. Once Seth and Dean have changed for bed they hit the sack because this weekend is gonna be a war. Seth is out as soon as he hit the pillow, Dean then props himself up on the bed and Sarah feels movement and curls into her brother's side and she whimpers a couple of times getting his attention.

"Shh sweetheart shh it's ok, I've got you it's alright. Your alright, shh it's ok i'm here baby girl i'm right here". Dean whispered.

Sarah must have heard her brother's voice because she had calmed down almost insistently, Dean then threw a protective arm around his sister bringing her close to him stroking her hair back.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart i love you". Dean whispered.

He then kissed her head a couple of times then held her like that until he finally fell asleep.

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