Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 75


Today is the TLC ppv and the same day Dean can get his hands on Wyatt and after what happened on smackdown he's ready for it, Wyatt has crossed the line way too many times with Dean and now it's time for him to pay. Seth, Dean, and Sarah are on the way to the arena but Sarah has a bad feeling about this match.

"Dean i don't want you to do the match tonight". Sarah said.

"Why not?" Dean asked.

"I got a bad feeling that something is gonna happen". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart i promise that i'll be just fine, nobody can take your big brother down not without fight". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

They finally arrive to the arena because they all have a lot to do before the show starts, Seth grabs the bags from the car while Dean takes his sister's hand as they cross the street heading inside of the arena then on the way to catering they see someone from behind who resembles Roman but once they got just a bit closer they see that it is their friend Roman.

"Uncle Roman!" Sarah yelled in excitement.

Roman turned around at hearing his niece's voice and a smile appeared on his face as he swept her up holding her close.

"Hey baby girl". Roman said.

"I missed you Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"I missed you too baby girl". Roman said.

"Does this mean your back?" Sarah asked.

"I'm back baby girl". Roman said.

Seth and Dean then finally make it to Roman and Sarah.

"Looks like the welcoming comity beat us to the punch, good to have you back Rome". Dean said.

"Thanks man". Roman said.

"It's great to see you man". Seth said.

"Thanks Seth". Roman said.

"Were all finally back together". Sarah said.

Dean then had a smile on his face as did Seth and Roman, Dean then took his sister from Roman holding her up with one arm.

"Yeah we are sweetheart were all finally back together". Dean said.

They all then went to catering to grab something to eat before they had to get prepared for the show, once they were finished eating they grabbed their stuff heading to their locker rooms so they can get there ring gear on. On the way to his locker room Dean and Sarah run into someone who annoys them both.

"You ready for round 2 you little blonde headed twit". Sarah said.

"What do you want Renee?" Dean asked.

"I was hoping i can talk to you alone". Renee said.

"Ha like that's ever gonna happen". Sarah said.

"Whatever you gotta say to me you can say in front of my sister". Dean said.

"I wanna get back together Dean". Renee said.

Sarah then laughed holding her stomach thinking it's a joke.

"Oh you're serious". Sarah said.

"Please Dean i still love you and i will do anything to prove it to you anything". Renee said.

"Let me think about it...no, i'm not gonna be with someone who cheated on me and who doesn't accept my sister. With me it's a complete package you go out with me you also get Sarah". Dean said.

Dean then put a protective arm around his sister guiding her away before a huge argument broke out, they finally arrive to his locker room and they go in then set there stuff down on the floor.

"She's lying to you Dean". Sarah said.

"Who? Renee?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, she doesn't wanna get back together with you she's planning something to hurt you". Sarah said.

"How do you know that?" Dean asked.

"I'm good at what i do". Sarah said.

"Well we can discuss that later right now i have to get ready for my match later". Dean said.

"I still have a bad feeling about that". Sarah said.

Dean then brought his sister into his arm holding her to his chest in a tight protective hold as he rested his chin on top of her head dropping a kiss to it.

"Listen sweetheart it's just a match like I've had before only this time with weapons, nobody will keep me down and nobody will ever keep me away from you ever again. I promise". Dean said.

"I love you bubba". Sarah said hugging him.

"I love you too baby, i love you so much". Dean said.

They stayed like that for a couple of minutes before Dean set her back down on the couch while he got ready, after a couple of minutes while Dean is still changing there is a knock on his door so Sarah goes by it to see who it is.

"Who is it?" Sarah asked.

"Roman and Seth, baby girl". Roman said.

Sarah then swung the door and flew into Roman and Seth's legs almost knocking them down.

"Where's your brother sweetheart?" Seth asked.

"He's changing for his match". Sarah said.

"And how are you holding up?" Seth asked.

"I still don't want him to do it i got a bad feeling". Sarah said.

Seth and Roman look at each other then down at their niece.

"Sarah nothing bad is gonna happen tonight and we all know your brother he's not gonna go down not without a fight". Seth said.

"But we don't know that Uncle Seth anything could happen". Sarah said.

Neither man knew what to say to their niece the most they can assure her is that Dean is gonna be fine because they wouldn't even know the outcome of Dean's match. Dean is now changed into his ring gear and when he walks out he saw his two best friends on the couch talking to Sarah, he knew what they were talking about and he wished he knew of a way to console his sister. He then quickly tied his boots then tapped his hands then did a couple exercises to get his adrenaline going, Seth sees he has to go out for his match with Cena soon so he fist bumped Dean and Roman's fist then kissed the top of Sarah's head before heading out. Roman, Sarah, and Dean then watched the match with Cena going against Seth which is a tables match.


"This is a tables match, the only way to win is to put your opponent through a table. Introducing first John Cena". Lillian said.

Cena gets in the ring does his pose then waits on Seth.

"And his opponent he is Mr MITB Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

The match then goes underway

(Skips most of the match)

Seth and Cena are both down and weak, they have tables everywhere inside the ring and outside both trying to put each other through one but keeps failing, then coming down the ramp is the Big Show ready to attack both Seth and Cena. He starts his attack on Cena first then once he's down he then begins his attack on Seth. He is giving Seth one hell of a beating then out of no where Roman's music plays and he comes down the aisle like he always does then hopes over the barricade jogs up the steel steps then begins his attack on the Big Show, just as Big Show goes for the KO but misses and Roman hits him with a superman punch then hits a spear putting Big Show through a table. Seth is almost a bit shocked that Roman came down to help him but he was also grateful for it he then turned his attention back to Cena and just as he was going for the AA he misses than hits Cena with a superkick to face then hits a dropkick making Cena go through the table in the corner.

"The winner of this match Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then picked up his case slowly making his way up the ramp to meet Roman who fist bumped him then Roman raised his arm before heading backstage going back to Dean's locker room. Once they get there Sarah runs accidentally hits Seth a bit too hard making him grunt in pain but Sarah still hugs him.

"Sorry Uncle Seth, are you ok. That match looked bad". Sarah said.

"I'm just fine sweetheart plus Roman had my back". Seth said.

"Sarah i have to talk to Seth and Roman we'll be right outside alright". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Sarah then went to sit down on the couch while her brother and uncles went out in the hallway.

"What's up man". Roman said.

"I need the both of you to watch Sarah and to not let her go anywhere near ring side or the ring that son of a bitch got her too many times he's not getting her this time". Dean said.

"We'll watch her man nothing won't happen to her on our watch". Seth said.

"That's not all". Dean said.

"What's up". Seth said.

Dean then pulled a small box out of his pocket and opened it to show his friends what he got his sister for her birthday, it's a necklace on a silver chain with the December birthstone.

"Do you guys think Sarah will like it?" Dean asked.

"I'm sure she'll love it Dean". Roman said.

"She will love it man". Seth said.

"I can't believe she's turning 11 tomorrow it's like i just brought her home from the hospital yesterday then i sent her off to school now she's 11 where did all the time go". Dean said.

"Hey at least she's not dating yet you still got a few years to go before she starts to date". Seth said.

"Seth i don't wanna end up in jail for breaking somebody's ribs is she gets her heartbroken". Dean said.

"I agree with Dean because we'll be the ones bailing him out if that does happen". Roman said.

Dean saw it's almost time for his match but before he goes out he goes to see his sister first, he enters the room then gets to her level holding her shoulders.

"Alright sweetheart i have to go out soon but before i do i want you to have something first". Dean said.

Dean pulls the box out of his pocket then opens it taking the necklace out.

"I know your birthday isn't till tomorrow but i figured you could have it now". Dean said.

Dean then puts it on his sister and she looks at it as it hangs around her neck.

"Its beautiful Dean". Sarah said.

"Beautiful just like you". Dean said.

Sarah then threw her arms around her brother holding on to him tightly just as he holds her to his chest protectively stroking her hair back then once he broke the hug he kissed her head a couple of times before going out for his match.

"Dean be careful please". Sarah said.

"I'll try sweetheart". Dean said.

Dean then left the locker room to see his friends outside and they know he has to go out for his match.

"Go man she'll be fine with us". Roman said.

"No matter how out of control this match will get don't let her out of your sights". Dean said.

"We won't we promise". Seth said.

Dean then fist bumped them before heading out to the ring.


"This is the TLC match, introducing first Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Dean comes out holding a latter in his left arm ready for this match and he gets in waiting for Wyatt.

"And his opponent Bray Wyatt". Lillian said.

The match then goes underway.

(Skips most of the match)

Half of the match has gone by and Dean is beating the holy hell outta Wyatt, Wyatt was able to get Dean a few times. Dean was laying on a latter when Wyatt bounced on top of him, Dean was able to get back in the match just as he took a kendo stick and hit Wyatt on his head. He then hit Wyatt with a running bull dog, they then kept going at it inside and outside of the ring Dean then went to get the tallest latter he can find and bring it over to the Spanish announce table then once he was able to get Wyatt down on the table he jumped from the top down on the table on top of Wyatt breaking the table, then just as Dean was gonna use a tv screen to hit Wyatt it was still hooked it and he yanked it making it blow up in his face and Wyatt hit sister Abigail.

"The winner of this match Bray Wyatt". Lillian said.


Sarah was watching with Seth and Roman then when she saw the tv screen blow up in her brother's face she had a horrified look on his face.

"NO! Dean!" Sarah cried.

Before she could make it out the door Seth grabbed her and held her so she couldn't get out.

"Sarah, calm down sweetheart just calm down". Seth said holding her.

"No i want Dean, i want my brother let me go Uncle Seth let me go". Sarah said struggling.

"You have to wait till they bring him to the trainer's room first, if we let you out there and something happens to you your brother will have both our heads". Seth said.

Sarah then burst into tears crying in Seth's chest wanting her brother but they had to wait and bring him to the trainer's room, after a while Dean was brought back and was being looked at then Roman and Seth brought Sarah so she can see her brother. Once the doctor was finished looking over at Dean he told Roman and Seth he was gonna need rest the next couple of days then they brought Sarah in so she can see her brother, Sarah ran to her brother's side and tears began streaming down her face.

"Bubba". Sarah cried.

Sarah held her brother's hand waiting for him to wake up, she then carefully got on the bed and laid her head on his chest listening to his heart beat while gripping his shirt while silently crying. Dean was starting to come to and when he opened his eyes he saw bright ass lights then he blinked a couple of times and his vision cleared, he felt extra weight on him so he looked down to see his sister fast asleep on his chest while gripping his shirt so he slowly gets up while trying to keep a hold on her so she doesn't fall. Seth and Roman then looked over to see their friend finally awake.

"You alright man?" Seth asked quietly.

"I'm fine, how was she?" Dean replied.

"She lost it, we had to hold her so she couldn't get out". Roman said.

Dean then held his sister tightly to his chest wondering how she felt when that happened, Sarah started to stir a little.

"Shh sweetheart shh it's alright, I've got you baby I've got you it's alright". Dean whispered.

Sarah then was back in a peaceful sleep then Dean got up carrying his sister just as Roman and Seth had the bags, they went out to the parking lot to their car putting the stuff in the trunk then Dean sat in the back with his sister he had laid her down on the seat resting her head in his lap while Seth got in the passenger seat and Roman got in the driver seat, they then drove to the hotel once there Roman and Seth got the bags while Dean carried in his sister. They got up to the floor there staying on then head to their rooms, Seth got the door so Dean can lay his sister down and they can quickly change for bed. Dean laid his sister down on the bed then covering her up with the blanket then he and Seth took turns changing for bed, once they were both changed Seth was the first one to bed while Dean stayed awake for a little while. Dean was in the bed he shares with his sister and he pulled her close to him holding her then he picked his phone up and the time read 12:01 and the date Dec 15.

"Happy birthday sweetheart". Dean whispered.

Dean then kissed her head before going to sleep.

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