Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 76

The next morning Dean was up a bit early so he can surprise his sister so he woke Seth up then Roman, they had to move quickly and quietly Seth got to work wrapping the few presents while Roman was out getting the cake and Dean was getting the breakfast. They managed to get it all done while Sarah was asleep but they had to clean up the little bit of trash on the floor then Dean sent a quick text to some of the superstars and divas to tell them about the surprise party that night. Once everything was perfect Dean then went to go wake his sister up.

"Sarah, sweetheart wake up". Dean said shaking her.

"What Dean?"Sarah asked asleep.

"Do you remember what today is?" Dean asked.

"December 15th". Sarah answered.

"And what's December 15th?" Dean asked.

Sarah's eyes shoot open and got excited because it's her birthday.

"It's my birthday". Sarah said excitedly.

"Happy birthday sweetheart". Dean said.

"Happy birthday munchkin". Seth said.

"Happy birthday baby girl". Roman said.

They all then hug her and kiss her head, Seth then pulled out the few gift while Dean got breakfast ready and Roman cut the cake. Sarah then sat down at the table where her presents were being brought to her along with her breakfast and cake. In one bag it was a shield's t shirt with a black skirt and blue leggings, in another bag they are tactical boots that almost resembles Roman's, in another is a few horror movies that she and Dean love to watch, in another is a small leather jacket that resembles Dean's and finally in a huge box is a guitar. She thanked her brother, Seth, and Roman then hugged them they then ate breakfast before they got dressed. Since it's the middle of winter Sarah decided to wear long jeans with a long sleeved sweat shirt and to top it off is her new jacket,the guys then quickly got changed so they can head out to the arena. Once they all grabbed their stuff they headed out and they packed the car up and they all got in heading to the arena.

Once at the arena they carefully got out so they wouldn't slip on the ice they all got their stuff and carefully walked to the arena and once they got inside they were happy because the heat was turned on so they were able to take their jackets off and head to their locker rooms. While the authority members were trying to form a plan to keep Roman, Seth, and Dean away from Sarah long enough to grab her but since Roman's back now there going to have Sarah under a close eye not to mention Dean won't let his sister out of his or Seth's sight for anything whatsoever.

"So any ideas on how were gonna grab the little brat?" Randy asked.

"No clue Ambrose isn't going to let her out of his sight for anything and now that Reigns is back they're going to keep a close eye on her". Renee said.

"I say do what we did before". Kane said.

"And what is that exactly Kane?" Big Show asked.

"Wait for her to leave them then snatch her worked before so it should work again". Kane said.

"That does sound simple but it should work, we wait for her to leave them and grab her yeah that'll work". Randy said.

"After this Seth will have no choice but to bring back the authority once and for all". Kane said.

They then waited around for Sarah to leave the presence of her brother, Seth, and Roman which was gonna be a little while.

Dean, Sarah, Seth, and Roman decided to go to catering to get lunch before they had to get ready for Raw, Seth got a gut feeling that something wasn't right but as long as Sarah was with them and she was safe that was the only thing mattered. Once they were finished with lunch they headed back to their locker rooms so they can get dressed in their ring gears then when Sarah was walking with her brother she felt like she was being watched by someone so when she turned around nobody was there except for the other workers backstage.

"Hey you alright sweetheart". Dean asked.

"I had this feeling i was being watched". Sarah said.

Dean then looked around and saw nobody except a few other superstars and divas but he took her words for it so he put his arm around her shoulders and walked quickly to his locker room then texted Seth and Roman.

-My locker room now. Dean.

-Coming. Seth.

-On my way. Roman.

Sarah then played on her IPad while Dean waited for his two best friends to arrive and once they did he wanted to talk to them in the hallway so Sarah doesn't overhear them.

"What's wrong". Roman asked.

"Sarah told me she had a feeling someone was watching her". Dean said.

Roman and Seth both become stiff wondering if something could have happened to their niece.

"She's fine but it did get me worried so i brought her back here as fast as i could". Dean said.

"Did you see anybody around?" Seth asked.

"No". Dean said.

"I bet this is another plan for them to get Sarah trying to scare her". Seth said.

"They won't get near her not with us around". Roman said.

Dean ran his hands threw his hair getting frustrated and aggravated, Roman sees it's time for him to go out so he leaves Dean and Seth so he can make his return to Raw.


Fandango is in the ring talking then Roman's music hits and he makes his way down the aisle then once he gets in the ring Fandango tried to say something but Roman hit him in the face then speared him he then picked up the mic and before he could say something Big Show came out.

"I'm telling you right now you come down to this ring i'm a hit you in the mouth". Roman said.

"Oh i like to see you do that pretty boy, now everybody's excited that your back on Raw but you made one little mistake you put your hands on me last night so sorry pretty boy i'm gonna have to put you back on the injured reserve list". Big Show said.

Just as Big Show got on the apron Roman gave him a superman punch and wanted Big Show to get back in the ring but he wouldn't because he's gonna get him, Seth, and Dean later so he goes back up the ramp to find Randy and the others.

"We need to find that brat and find her now". Big Show said.

"Where do we start looking then?" Jamie asked.

"Everywhere". Randy said.

They all then split up to look for Sarah and put this plan in action, they searched everywhere but couldn't find her until Renee had an idea.

"I could possibly get her if it works". Renee said.

"It better work". Randy said.

Renee then walked off trying to find Sarah and just as she figured she's with Dean in his locker room so she knocks on the door but Dean's in the bathroom so Sarah answered.

"Well if it isn't the twit you ready to go for round 2". Sarah said.

Renee had to think of a quick lie to get her to leave the room or she wouldn't leave.

"Seth's hurt you have to come with me now". Renee lied.

"No he's not because he's in his locker room changing". Sarah said.

"Your brother's hurt he asked me to come get you". Renee lied again.

"Do i look like i'm stupid? I wasn't born yesterday my brother's in the bathroom so whatever game your trying to play it's not gonna work so piss off". Sarah said.

Renee then grabbed the closest thing she can find hitting Sarah on the head knocking her out the dragging her body to the authority, she is finally at the authority's hide out and Randy looks impressed to see Renee with an unconscious Sarah.

"You actually got her and i was actually underestimating you but you came through". Randy said.

"Like i said before i want Ambrose hurt, you want the authority back i'll do what i can". Renee said.


Dean came back from the bathroom to see his locker door open and his stomach drops so he runs in and doesn't see his sister there, he couldn't have been gone for more then 5 minutes. 5 freaking minutes and his sister is gone, Dean is now ready to rip someone to shreds. He texts Seth and Roman.

-My locker room now! 911! Dean.

-On my way. Seth.

-Be there in a couple mins. Roman.

After a couple of minutes both Roman and Seth run up to Dean to see what the problem is.

"What's the emergency?" Seth asked.

"Sarah's gone". Dean said.

"What?" They said together.

"I couldn't have been gone for not even 5 minutes". Dean said.

"Dean this wasn't your fault alright it wasn't, this is probably the authority's plan alright. They wanted to make sure none of us were around when they grabbed her". Roman said.

"This does have them written all over it". Seth said.

"I'm going to kick all their asses". Dean said.


Sarah is starting to come to but she wakes up with a killer headache and she can't move because she looks at the ropes that are holding her to the chair.

"Well well well look who's finally awake". Randy said.

"Oh geez its you whiners what do you want?" Sarah asked.

"What we wanted for a while the authority back in power". Randy said.

"And what do i have to do with that?" Sarah asked.

Randy grabbed her hair pulling her to his face.

"Because were going to use you against that so called pathetic uncle of yours and he'll have no choice but to bring the authority back". Randy said.

"Dude go wash your mouth out geez what did you have for lunch onions or garlic, your breath is rank". Sarah said.

"Just like your brother i swear". Randy said.

Sarah continued to struggle to get out of the ropes but failed, Renee then walks in the room.

"Should have known you'd do something like this you stupid blonde headed twit". Sarah said.

"Ignoring you but i do have something to tell you guys". Renee said.

"What?" Kane asked.

"Dean found out she's gone and he is on a warpath". Renee said.

"Oh no". Sarah mumbled.

"What's your problem?" Randy asked.

"When my brother's that mad you don't wanna know what he is capable of trust me you don't". Sarah said.

"We should get going the sooner we get out there the sooner the authority can come back". Randy said.

J&J then untied Sarah from the chair but kept her arms tied as she tried to fight her way out.


Randy along with the others are in the ring but are keeping Sarah hidden for a few minutes.

"Alright enough games, enough with everything it's time the authority comes back in power and i have just the plan to do it". Randy said.

Randy then grabbed Sarah's arm bringing her in front of him holding her shoulder in a death grip then hands her to Big show and he picks her up by the throat but not with a lot of force.

"Oh Seth, Seth get your ass out here because we have a special guest with us isn't that right Sarah". Randy said.

Randy then held the mic to her mouth.

"U-Uncle Seth! Help! Dean!" Sarah cried.

Randy then took the mic back.

"Come on Seth don't you wanna help your precious niece". Randy said.

Seth's music then hits as he comes running down by Randy stops him.

"Stop Seth don't you dare make another move or he will choke slam her". Randy warned.

Seth then saw his niece's terrified face as tears start to stream down her face.

"Randy let her go". Seth said.

"I will as soon as you bring the authority back, you bring the authority back she goes back with you safely". Randy said.

Before Seth could say anything else Dean's music hits and he comes running out pissed off.

"Ambrose stop, Ambrose don't make another move or she will get choked slammed". Randy warned.

Randy then put the mic at Sarah's mouth again.

"Dean stop don't come any closer". Sarah said.

Dean then stopped right behind Seth looking at his friend wondering what he's gonna do.

"So what's it gonna be Seth? You gonna bring the authority back in power or watch as your little niece gets choke slammed". Randy said.

Seth doesn't have a choice in the matter he has to do what has to be done if he likes it or not.

"I bring back the authority". Seth mumbled in the mic.

"What? What was that i couldn't hear you". Randy said.


"See now that wasn't that hard was it but anyways Show do it". Randy said.

"NO!" Seth and Dean yelled.

Sarah then closed her eyes tightly then Roman's music hits and he comes down the aisle pissed off, he then hops the barricade ready for a fight. Seth, Dean, and Roman then did something they haven't done in a while they surrounded the ring the way they use to and Big Show still held Sarah as if he was about to choke slam her.

"If any of you make a move she gets choke slammed on this mat and i know for a fact none of you would want that to happen especially you Dean". Randy said.

Dean then made a move toward Randy while Seth went after Kane and Roman went after Big Show to save Sarah once he was able to get her out of Big Show's grip she started coughing trying to get her breath back, Roman then got her out of the ring untied her hands then told her to stay put until they were finished because it was now WW3 in the ring. Dean was beating the living hell out of Randy then passed him off to Seth while he went after Kane, J&J then tried to jump Dean which was a really bad idea when he turned around to face them he grabbed the both of them and threw them over the top rope, Seth was beating Randy like there was no tomorrow. Seth then threw Randy in the middle of the ring only to get speared by Roman, then Dean threw Kane to get speared then Big Show then to top everything off they did an old move. They triple powered bombed Randy first then Kane, then Big Show once that was finished they put their fist next to each other's as if they were the shield once more. Dean then got out to check on his sister and she practically jumped into his arms crying then to everyone's demise the authority's music hits and there back which pisses the three men off especially Seth. They finally make it backstage to check on Sarah to make sure she's alright.

"Sweetheart are you ok?" Dean asked.

"I'm fine. Dean it wasn't just there idea". Sarah said.

"What are you talking about sweetheart?" Seth asked.

"Renee helped them she was the one to grab me and take me to them". Sarah said.

Dean's eyes lit up with anger at hearing this so he leaves his sister with Seth and Roman so he can go talk to Renee and he finds her at her station.

"You have a lot of nerve doing that to my sister Renee". Dean hissed.

"I don't know what your talking about Dean". Renee said.

"Bull, she told me Renee you were in on it with the authority". Dean said.

"Fine i wanted to hurt you alright and i did". Renee said.

"I can't believe that you would hurt my sister just to hurt me i can't believe you". Dean said.

"It's time that little brat knows her place". Renee said.

"You know what you are Renee? You are an ungrateful little bitch, i can't believe you used my little sister as a plan to hurt me". Dean said.

"Oh grow up Dean she's a child she's old enough to fight her own battles so why don't you stop playing the hero each and every time for her, why don't you for once let her fight her own battles". Renee said.

Dean's patience is on thin ice right now and he's about to lose it bad with Renee.

"I'm gonna tell you for the last damn time stay the hell away from me and my sister and if you even go two feet near my sister you're going to regret it". Dean said in a low threatening voice.

Dean then walked away before he lost his temper with Renee, he then goes back to his locker room to see his friends and sister packing their stuff for the night. They head outside but is careful enough to avoid the ice and pack the stuff up in the car, Sarah was in the back seat blowing her hands to find warmth then Roman got in the driver's seat while Seth was in the passenger seat and Dean got in the back with his sister.

"You cold sweetheart". Dean asked.

"A little". Sarah said.

Roman turned the heat on but it took a few minutes to kick in so Dean took his jacket and covered his sister up with it and brought her close to him he then slipped his phone out of his pocket to text Nikki that they were on the way back to the hotel for the party. Once they were back at the hotel they grabbed their stuff and headed inside out of the cold and up to their rooms and once they got up to the floor they walked to their room and Sarah was the first one at the door and when she opened it she turned the light on to see a few of the superstars and divas there.

"Surprise! Happy birthday!" They said together.

Dean then snuck up on his sister and picked her up kissing her cheek.

"Happy birthday sweetheart". Dean said.

"Thanks Dean". Sarah said hugging her brother.

Sarah kissed her brother's cheek and he set her down as she began to party. After a while the party ended and the room was cleaned Roman went back to his room while Dean, Seth, and Sarah got ready for bed. Sarah wanted to watch one of the movies with her brother so after she finished she put the movie in and waited for him then once he came out dressed for bed he got on the bed and pulled her close to him and played the movie. Seth was already asleep so they kept the tv at a low volume and watched the movie.

"Thanks for today Dean". Sarah said.

"Your welcome sweetheart". Dean said.

Once the movie was finished Sarah was fast asleep with her head resting on her brother's chest and Dean holding her.

"Happy birthday sweetheart, sweet dreams". Dean whispered.

Dean then kissed her head one last time before going to bed.

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