Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 77

Now that the authority is back in power Seth feels guilty as hell but when he brought the authority back they had threatened his niece, if he hadn't brought back the authority she would have gotten choke slammed and it would have been his fault so he had to do the one thing that he could think of so they wouldn't choke slam her, he brought the authority back which means now he and the others that helped him at Survivor Series are in for hell. Sarah also felt guilty in her mind the authority wouldn't be back if she hadn't opened the locker room door, if she would have kept the door closed and not opened it the authority wouldn't be in power and she thinks it's her fault the authority's back in power. Right now they are in catering for lunch but Sarah wasn't hungry they kept trying to get her to eat but she wouldn't, when Dean left to use the bathroom Roman and Seth noticed something wrong with their niece.

"Sarah, what's wrong sweetheart". Seth said.

"It's my fault isn't it, it's my fault that the authority's back in power". Sarah said.

"No, no sweetheart it's not your fault you had nothing to do with the authority coming back". Seth said.

"It is my fault Uncle Seth if i hadn't opened the door then Renee wouldn't have gotten and the authority wouldn't be back in power". Sarah said breaking down.

This really pissed off Roman and Seth because now Sarah has it in her head that this is her fault the authority's back and it's in no possible way her fault they just hope they can convince her.

"Baby girl you had absolutely nothing to do with bringing the authority back alright, they only used you as a way to get Seth to bring the authority back but you had nothing to do with it". Roman said.

"But if i hadn't opened the door Renee wouldn't have gotten me and brought me to them, if i had just kept the door shut none of that would have happened". Sarah cried.

Sarah then ended up crying so she hid her face in her arms pulling her knees to her chest just crying her eyes out, on the way back from the bathroom Dean heard crying and his older brother instincts kicked in as he ran through the hallway to get to catering and when he got there he saw his sister crying her eyes out and wants to know why. He goes to her and brings her into his arms and she just threw her arms around his neck clutching to his shirt like she use to do, they then went to Seth's locker room to talk but the first thing Dean had to do was calm his sister.

"Alright calm down sweetheart, shh it's alright it's gonna be alright now sweetheart shh. Everything's gonna be just fine shh". Dean soothed while rocking her.

Once Sarah has stopped crying Dean had wiped her face and he wants to know why she got so upset to the point she cried.

"Sweetheart what's wrong, why are you so upset?" Dean asked.

"It's my fault Dean, it's my fault that the authority's back". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart you had nothing to do with that whatsoever". Dean said.

"If i hadn't opened the door none of that would have happened it's my fault i opened the door and let Renee take me". Sarah said.

Sarah felt too ashamed to even face her brother, Seth, or Roman so she put her head down just as unshed tears came to her eyes, Dean then gently grabbed her chin with two of his fingers looking into her eyes.

"Sweetheart listen to me and listen carefully you had nothing to do with bringing the authority back alright, they just wanted to hurt Seth enough so he'd wouldn't have a choice but to bring them back. You had absolutely nothing to do with any of that i promise you". Dean said.

"But-". Sarah started but being cut off.

"No buts, you had nothing to do with bringing the authority back. Say it you had nothing to do with bringing the authority back". Dean said.

"I had nothing to do with bringing the authority back". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart they only used you as a way for me to bring the authority back because they knew i'd do anything for you and when i saw that you were about to be choke slammed i didn't have a choice but to do it, my first and main priority is that your safe that's all that matters to me". Seth said.

"So what do we do now?" Sarah asked.

"We keep a close eye on you for now since you still have a double target on you". Seth said.

"But are you guys gonna reform?" Sarah asked.

The three men then look at each other wondering the same exact thing.

"Were gonna see what happens before we make any decisions". Roman said.

Roman then had to go because he had a return match against Big Show.

"I'll see you guys after my match". Roman said.

"Good luck man". Dean said fist bumping him.

"Good luck Rome". Seth said fist bumping him.

"Good luck Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

Roman fist bumped Dean and Seth then kissed Sarah's head before going out.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first standing at 7'0 feet tall The Big Show". Lillian said.

Big Show gets in the ring and waits on Roman, Roman's music hits and he comes out.

"And his opponent Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

Roman comes down and he is pissed off like never before, before he could even get in the ring he is ambushed by Big Show but he fights him off as much as possible hoping to get him down and keep him down. Roman continued his assault on Big Show then he speared him making him roll out of the ring. Roman then goes for a mic.

"Now that i'm back i got something to say, now that the authority is back in power let me tell you this. You all made a really big mistake by putting your hands on my niece threatening to choke slam her and because of that i am pissed off, you all have the nerve and guts to do that to her well if any of of you ever put your hands on her ever again let alone breath around her i will take you out. Believe that!" Roman said.

Roman's music then hits again as he goes backstage to see his friends and niece, now that he and Seth are in this together he is ready for anything the authority throws at them. He goes to Seth's locker room to see them watching the show.

"Nice job man". Seth said.

"I agree good job". Dean said.

"You were awesome Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

Dean then saw it's almost time for his match so he asks Seth and Roman to keep an eye on Sarah for him.

"Alright sweetheart it's almost time for my match so your gonna stay with Seth and Roman alright, and you know the rules ok". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

He then kissed her head before heading out for his match leaving Seth and Roman to watch her.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Dean then jumps ready for his match.

Randy's music then hits.

"And his opponent Randy Orton". Lillian said.

Dean then gets a smirk on his face because he's gonna get some payback for what those ass holes did to his sister on Monday. The match then goes underway.

(Skips time)

Half of the match has gone by and so far it's been a close match, but just as Dean was about to hit dirty deeds on Randy all the lights in the arena went out and Bray appeared on the triton screen.

"Do you know where your sister is Dean? Do you know where she is Dean? Where are you when she cries for you, where are you when she needs you, your suppose to be there for her Dean just like you always promised her but you failed all the time. You failed when you weren't there for her, you weren't there when she cried for you, when she needed you the most, your a failure to her Dean". Bray said.

Since Dean wasn't paying attention when he turned around Randy hit him with an RKO winning the match.

"The winner of this match Randy Orton". Lillian said.

Dean lies helpless in the ring as he struggles to get up and go back to his sister, once he goes backstage he's ready to rip Wyatt to shreds but he tries to keep his cool but it ain't working. When he goes to Seth's locker room he saw his friends and sister watching the show. Sarah saw her brother and ran to him hugging him and he hugged her back.

"He's lying Dean, you always have been there for me no matter what. You were always there when i needed you don't let what he said get to you because it's all a lie he's messing with you". Sarah said.

Dean then hugged his sister close to him then kissed her head, they all then change and head back to the hotel for the night to rest. Once all there stuff is packed they head out to the parking lot to load up the cars and head back to the hotel. It was a short drive to the hotel and once there they headed up to there rooms, everyone was exhausted and all they wanted to do was sleep. Roman then said his goodnights to Dean, Seth, and Sarah, once Roman went to his room Seth, Dean, and Sarah went to their room. Once there Sarah got some pajamas and quickly changed for bed, once she was finished Seth and Dean took turns. Once everyone was changed and ready for bed they turned the lights out then laid down. Seth was the first one out, Sarah curled into her brother's side seeking the comfort and protection.

"Go to sleep sweetheart i've got you". Dean whispered.

"G'night Dean i love you". Sarah said falling asleep.

"Good night sweetheart i love you too". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her head pulling her a bit closer. Dean just laid there thinking about what Wyatt had said to him and wondered if it was true. Did he fail his sister? Was he a failure to her? His mind was racing a hundred miles an hour just thinking about that but he knew it wasn't true and it could never be true. He was always there for his sister in any and every way possible, he wasn't a failure to her at all. He just knows that he needs to be rid of Wyatt once and for all.

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