Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 78

The show starts off with the authority making their come back to WWE and Seth is highly pissed about it since he was the one who brought them back and it was a choice of the matter either bring the authority back or watch as his niece gets choke slammed and he did not want to see that happen so he didn't have any other choice but to bring them back.

"We're back". Triple H sang.

"Yes we are back finally the authority is back in power and we just have one person to thank for that, Seth Rollins". Stephanie said.

Seth's music hits and he comes out steaming mad ready for a fight.

"If things were different i'd make sure you never come back". Seth said.

"Then your precious little niece would have gotten choke slammed last week and i know for a fact that you didn't wanna be responsible for that so you did what's best for business by putting us back in power". Triple H said.

"I have half of a mind to shove this mic so far down your throat you'll choke on it". Seth said.

"You do anything Seth and you'll face more consequences than what you already have coming". Triple H said.

"That's right so why don't we get down to the bottom of this everyone from Team Rollins at Survivor Series come out now except Big Show". Stephanie said.

Dolph, Ryback, and Eric came out to the ring to face their consequences for going against the authority helping take them out of power, once their in the ring Stephanie and Triple H are wondering what punishment is suitable for the three superstars the choices they picked are suspension for one month no pay, suspension for two months no pay, or three month suspension no pay then it came to Stephanie on what she'll do to the three superstars.

"I got it you three are FIRED!" Stephanie said.

Everyone was shocked in the ring they didn't expect that but they got out of the ring with sad expressions leaving Seth in the ring with a shocked expression.

"And as for you Seth you're going to compete in a match tonight but here's the catch you win you keep your money in the bank contract and we'll leave your precious little niece alone but if you lose you will lose your money in the bank contract and Sarah comes to us to be our little helper". Triple H said.

"Like hell she's working for the authority there's no way in hell she's getting involved in any of this i told you once before you want me by all means come at me but you don't bring Sarah into this she's an innocent child in all of this". Seth said.

"Seth you should really watch your tone or something very bad can happen". Stephanie warned him.

Just then there was Randy coming out with Kane and Big Show but they weren't alone they were carrying a struggling Sarah, Seth then turned his attention to the two guys who had his niece.

"Now Seth you wanna run your mouth some more?" Triple H said.

"Let her go i told you she stays out of this if you want me fine but leave her out of this". Seth said.

Randy and Kane then picked her up as she was still struggling and once they got her in the ring they had her shoulder in a death grip and she stared at Seth with a sad/scared expression which then turned to fear when Big Show had her up by her throat ready to choke slam her again.

"Come on Seth don't you wanna help her? Don't you wanna help your niece". Randy mocked.

They heard Sarah saying something but couldn't hear her.

"What was that Sarah?" Stephanie said.

"DEAN!" Sarah cried.

And just like that Dean's music hits and he comes flying out the back sliding under the ring sending death glares to all the members of the authority.

"Ambrose if i were you i'd stop because he will choke slam her". Triple H said.

Dean was ready to choke everyone out in the ring except Seth and Sarah, just then Roman's music hits and he is in a even worse mood than Dean and Seth. Roman then gets in the ring and goes for a mic.

"Well isn't this nice it's Roman great so what are you gonna do because if you do one thing little Sarah here will get chokeslammed if any of you make a move". Triple H said.

"I'm gonna tell it is how it is i'm gonna give you to the count of 3 to put my niece down or so help me you will see my bad side". Roman said.

"Were so scared". Stephanie mocked.

"You should be". Roman said.

Sarah was then passed off to Triple H and then he, Sarah, and Stephanie got out of the ring while inside the ring was Randy, Kane, Big Show standing off against Dean, Seth, and Roman. The six men then fought it all out and Triple H broke it up.

"Alright that's enough out of all of you, tonight's main event is a six man tag team match it will be Randy Orton teaming with Kane and Big Show against the team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns but Seth wager still the same you win you keep your money in the bank contract and we'll leave your precious niece alone but if you lose you lose your contract and little Sarah works for the authority". Triple H said.

Dean then goes for a mic.

"There is no way in hell my sister is going to be some kind of a prize in this situation so here's my wager you give me my sister back or i kick all your asses". Dean said.

Triple H then started to twist one of Sarah's arms behind her back causing a lot of pain in her arm, she feels the tears stinging in her eyes but she's holding it but she doesn't know for how much longer.

"Something you wanna say now Dean or maybe little Sarah". Stephanie said.

Stephanie then put her mic to Sarah's mouth.

"L-let me go". Sarah said.

Dean then got out of the ring going towards Triple H and Stephanie who still have his sister, he's not afraid to take them out he's been wanting to do it for a long while now.

"Here you want her? Take her". Triple H said.

Triple H then shoved Sarah in the direction of her brother and she wrapped her arms around his torso clinging to him, he then puts his arms around her protectively daring anyone to touch her. He can go from a superstar to big brother real quick and real fast, Dean felt his sister shake with fear and fright then he felt his shirt getting soaked so he looks down to see her crying gripping the back of his shirt so he, Seth, and Roman take her backstage to Dean's locker room to get her to calm down.

"Alright sweetheart shh it's ok you're safe now you're safe shh sweetheart shh, everything's gonna be ok alright sweetheart everything's gonna be alright". Dean soothed.

Once Sarah had calmed down enough she was able to find her voice.

"It's my fault, it's all my fault". Sarah cried.

"Sweetheart nothing's your fault, you had nothing to do with any of this. You didn't cause any of this to happen". Seth said.

"Yes i did Uncle Seth, i opened that door i let Renee get me it's all my fault that the authority is back and it's my fault that Dolph, Ryback, and Eric got fired it's all my fault". Sarah cried.

Sarah then let go of her brother to go hide in the bathroom leaving Dean sighing running his hands threw his ran frustrated, angry, aggravation everything no matter what he could say to his sister she wouldn't believe it, this then weighed on Seth's mind because he was the one who had to talk to Sarah to straighten everything out with her because if Dean or Roman couldn't make her believe it he will damn sure try. He then checked all the female restrooms calling Sarah's name but nothing till he bumps into Paige.

"Hey Seth what's going on". Paige said.

"Have you seen Sarah? She ran out of the locker room crying and i haven't been able to find her". Seth said.

"No where do you think she went?" Paige asked.

"My guess probably the bathroom she goes where she can hide away from people, she doesn't like it when people see her cry". Seth said.

"Let's go find her then". Paige said.

Paige then texted the divas to have them be on the look out for Sarah and if they find her text her or Seth, after 10 minutes they still didn't have any luck which frustrated Seth even more because in his mind this is his fault not Sarah's.

"Hey you alright?" Paige asked.

"Not really". Seth said.

"What's wrong with Sarah? If you don't mind me asking". Paige said.

"It's ok, she thinks it's her fault that the authority's back in power and for Dolph, Ryback, and Rowan getting fired because of what happened last week she has it in her mind that it's all her fault that all that happened but it's not her fault it's mine i brought the authority back i costed those guys there jobs if anyone's to blame it's me". Seth said.

"You can't blame yourself for what happened they left you with a difficult choice you did what you thought was right before they could hurt her, you couldn't have known that they were gonna do that. They left you with an almost no choice situation but you had to make sure that Sarah's safety comes first and so they would let her go you brought the authority back, Seth this isn't your fault either. It's not your fault, Sarah's fault, none of your faults but the authority's they knew you were gonna keep saying no all the time so they did something where you wouldn't have much of a choice and if they used Sarah they knew you'd pick her so they used that against you , they tried everything in their power to be brought back even by using drastic measures. Seth this isn't yours or Sarah's fault neither of you had anything to do with this whatsoever". Paige said.

"Thanks Paige now i think we should find Sarah". Seth said.

"Let's go then". Paige said.

They then left to find Sarah searching everywhere Sarah might go or hide.


Sarah's still in the bathroom crying her eyes and ever since the concussion she has been getting really bad headaches and if she doesn't calm herself down she's gonna get one hell of a headache very bad, Paige then ran in and ran out but went back in when she heard sniffing she knew it had to be Sarah.

"Sarah, sweetheart come out from the stall". Paige said.

"I can't". Sarah cried.

"Sweetheart please come out so we can talk about this". Paige said.

"There's nothing to talk about Paige this is all my fault. It's my fault the authority's back, it's my fault those guys lost their jobs, everything's my fault". Sarah cried.

"Sarah please come out so we can talk". Paige said.

The bathroom door then clicked and opened up revealing Sarah who's eyes are bloodshot and puffy from crying, she also has dried tears on her face with new unshed tears coming back to her eyes so Paige got some tissue wet it and helped Sarah was her face, she then pulled her phone out to text Seth.

"Now can we talk?" Paige asked.

Sarah nodded and the older woman began.

"Sarah, you had absolutely nothing to do with the authority coming back whatsoever they only used you as a way to get Seth to bring the authority back because they knew he had one true weakness they could use against him and they did. They left him with an almost no choice situation when they had you he didn't have a choice but to bring the authority back or they could have seriously hurt you he did what he thought was right by saving you but also bringing the authority back which he highly regrets. So you, Seth, none of you had nothing to do with this it wasn't neither of your faults because you couldn't have known what they were actually up too so this doesn't mean it's your fault". Paige explained.

Sarah looks shocked at what Paige had said.

"Wait Uncle Seth thinks it's his fault?" Sarah asked shocked.

"He does". Paige said.

Seth then found Paige and Sarah so he runs to them.

"Sarah, thank god you're ok". Seth said hugging her.

"I'm sorry Uncle Seth". Sarah murmured in his shirt.

"It's alright sweetheart as long as you're safe that's the only thing that matters to me". Seth replied.

"I'll just leave you guys to talk now". Paige said.

"Thanks Paige". Seth said.

"Your welcome Seth". Paige said.

Once Paige left Seth had to talk to his niece.

"Sarah, sweetheart you have to understand what happened last week was not because of you what happened was not nor could ever be your fault they want you to think that to break you down and once your broken down that's when they'll hit. You did not cause the authority to come back and you did not cost Dolph, Ryback, and Rowen their jobs alright the authority wants to punish those guys because they helped take them out, they want to punish me because i turned on them and took them out. When they took you last week i was scared out of my mind because they knew that if i didn't bring the authority back they'd choke slam you and i couldn't bare to see that so i had no other option but to bring them back if it meant to save you i'd do it again so don't think that the authority situation was ever your fault because it wasn't you had nothing to do with that whatsoever. Do you understand what i'm saying sweetheart". Seth said.

"Yes. Paige told me that you think it was your fault what happened". Sarah said.

"In a way i do think it's my fault but i did it for the right reason, i was the one who took out the authority and i was the one who brought them back". Seth said.

"Do you regret bringing them back?" Sarah asked.

"I do but i only did it to save you because the both of us would have known what was coming if i didn't, Sarah my first and main priority will always be your safety if i don't know your safe i will panic but as long as i know you're safe that is the only thing that matters to me. Nothing else matters to me but you not the championship, not this stupid money in the bank contract, nothing matters to me but you". Seth said.

Sarah then threw her arms around Seth's neck holding onto him.

"I love you Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"I love you too sweetheart, now what do you say we get back to your brother and Roman before this match starts". Seth said.

"Yeah". Sarah said.

Seth then took a hold of Sarah's hand going back to Dean's locker room, once back there the second Seth opened the door Dean immediately crushed Sarah in a bone crushing hug.

"Dean...can't...breath". Sarah said between breaths.

"Sorry, are you alright sweetheart you had me worried sick". Dean said.

"I'm fine now Dean everything's good". Sarah said.

"Yeah everything's fine now Dean". Seth said.

"That's good to hear now what do you guys say we go out and kick some ass". Dean said.

"I'm in". Sarah said.

"Let's do it". Seth said.

"Let's go kick ass". Roman said.

The four then headed out to the ring as if they were the shield once more but they had to wait just a little while longer before actually reforming.


"This is a six man tag team match set for one fall introducing first the team of Randy Orton, Kane and The Big Show". Lillian said.

They get in the ring ready and prepared for a fight. Then out of no where familiar music blares through the speakers that haven't played in months.








This music plays through the speakers and they walk down the way they use to Roman and Seth on one side then on the other is Dean and Sarah.

"And their opponents being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose the team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

Once they get down they hop the barricades then Dean puts his sister in a safe and secure spot, once that was done Seth, Dean, and Roman did something very familiar to everyone they surrounded the ring on a side each looking at Randy, Kane, and Big Show as if they were fresh meat to a group of lions. Dean glares at all three members since they were the ones to put their hands on and threaten his sister so he makes the first move on Randy while Seth got Kane and Roman got Big Show the brawl lasted a couple of minutes before the ref took control separating the six men then the bell rang having the match go underway, Dean starts out with Big Show.

(Skips most of the match)

Dean hits a running bull dog on Big Show then he tags in Roman because he wants Big Show for himself so once the giant gets up Roman hits him with a closeline back to back knocking him down Big Show then had his head on the bottom rope which allowed Roman to get out of the ring and hit the giant with a boot to the face, Seth wants a part of the action now so Roman tags him in and he begins his assault on Big Show to keep him down he goes for the pin but Randy broke it up which caused Dean to get involved to grab Randy attack him then throw him out the ring towards the ramp Kane then charged at Dean then he pulls on the top rope sending Kane over landing next to Randy. Seth and Dean then look at each other as if they were reading each other's mind they ran back jumped on the ropes then runs out flying knocking Randy and Kane down once again. The ref had begun his count for them to get in the ring or get counted out Seth and Dean then slide back under the ring and Seth tags Roman in so he can finish this. Before Roman can even begin his attack on Big Show, Kane had tagged himself in going against the power house and when Roman had it he superman punched Kane right on the jaw knocking him down then once Randy got in Roman did it to him then Big Show, Dean and Seth are keeping Randy and Big Show busy outside of the ring while Roman is busy with Kane. Roman is feeling it so he gets himself ready and spears Kane winning the match.

"The winners of this match the team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

The guys then bro hug each other then Sarah slides in jumping on her brother's back kissing his cheek, Seth and Roman then set Sarah on top of there shoulders as the four stand united holding their fist out. The authority's music then hits so Sarah is now in front of her brother and he holds a protective arm in front of her and she holds on to it with Seth and Roman guarding.

"Congratulations you all won and i am a man of my word so just as we promised Seth you can keep your contract and we'll leave little Sarah alone but Seth this isn't over this is just the beginning". Triple H said.

They then went backstage to get their stuff and head out for the night, they quickly got the cars packed and headed back to the hotel for the night to get some much needed rest. On the way there Sarah started to get a little bit of a headache but so far it's nothing she can't handle but by the time they arrived at the hotel it's getting a bit unbearable and Dean notices.

"Sweetheart you ok?" Dean asked.

"My head is killing me". Sarah said.

"Alright first let's take your ponytail out that'll relieve some of the pressure then once were in the room i'll give you something for it". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

She then pulled her ponytail out relieving some pressure but her head was starting to hurt very bad and tears are starting to form in her eyes as she clung to her brother burying her face in his shirt and he just rubbed her back soothingly, they quickly made it up to the room and once in they dimmed the lights so there not to bright for Sarah she quickly got ready for bed wanting the pain to stop. Dean then got in his bag and got out some Tylenol for Sarah to take, once she was changed for bed she then came out holding her head wanting the pain to stop and go away but her head felt like it was going to explode.

"De make it stop it really hurts". Sarah cried.

Dean then hugged his sister holding her while gently rocking her hoping it'll calm her down, he then gave her one of the pain killers and some water she took it and cried waiting for the medicine to kick in she then ended up crying herself to sleep curled up in Dean's chest gripping his shirt in a tight hold but he was able to pry her hands off and gently lay her down so he can change for bed, Seth was already changed and in bed dozing in and out of sleep for a few minutes till he was finally out. Dean came out of the bathroom changed and ready for bed he cut off all the lights that was on and made sure no noise was playing he then put his clothes in his bag then got in bed pulling his sister close to him wrapping his arm protectively around her he then dropped two kisses to her head.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

Dean then laid there for a little while until he finally fell asleep with his sister curled up next to him.

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