Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 79

Now that the authority is back Seth knows that they are going to make his life a living hell he just hopes that they leave Sarah alone just the way they promised but he highly doubts that they lie all the time so they could be lying about hurting Sarah again he wouldn't put it past them. Tonight him, Dean, and Roman were all in single matches so he doesn't know how tonight is gonna go especially with the authority members lurking around just waiting to strike at any minute not to mention the single matches that he, Dean, and Roman are against the authority members. Dean is going against Kane, Roman is going against Randy, and Seth is going against Big Show, right now they are all in the hideout talking about their strategies for the matches and Dean is wondering what he could do with Sarah because he knows how things are they might have said they were gonna leave her alone but he didn't believe it. None of them believed it for a second.

"Dean where am i gonna go while you guys compete?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know sweetheart i might leave you with Paige or one of the superstars". Dean said.

"Are you guys worried that the authority might be lying about hurting me again?" Sarah asked.

"A little yeah because we don't trust or believe a word that they say, they could be lying again". Dean said.

"They always do, they just want us to keep our guard down around Sarah so they can strike". Seth said.

Sarah bit her lip because she still had a double target on her and none of them were sure about the authority, Dean was really stressed out and he needed a break from it all what he could really use is a drink but he knows that if he goes out someone has to watch Sarah. Seth then asked Dean and Roman if he could talk to them in the hallway.

"Dean are you alright man?" Seth asked.

"No, i'm stressed out and i could just really use a break". Dean said.

"What if you went out for a drink tonight, i could watch Sarah". Seth suggested.

"Yeah i was planning on going out tonight with a few of the guys anyway why don't you tag along". Roman said.

"You really don't mind watching Sarah for a while?" Dean asked.

"I don't mind Dean, she's my niece i'd do anything for her or you plus i'm really not in the mood to drink tonight". Seth said.

"Thanks Seth". Dean said.

"No problem man". Seth said.

"We should get going Dean your match is up soon". Roman said.

"I'll get Sarah". Dean said.

Dean then went to get his sister from the locker room and brings her to Paige.

"Hey Dean, hi Sarah". Paige said.

"Hey Paige i need a favor". Dean said.

"Yes i'll watch Sarah for you while your in your match". Paige said.

"Thanks". Dean said.

Dean then bent down to his sister's level and lightly grabbed a hold of her shoulder's.

"Alright sweetheart stay with Paige and do not leave her sight, you know the rules alright". Dean said.

"I know Dean". Sarah said.

"Be good and behave you hear me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

Dean then swiftly grabbed her chin and kissed her head then Roman and Seth kissed the top of her head before heading out, Paige then brought Sarah into the locker room and something was on Paige's since the other day with Sarah.

"Sarah can i ask you a question". Paige said.

"Sure". Sarah said.

"The other day when i was helping Seth find you, you said everything is your fault. What did you mean". Paige said.

"Oh, well one day while i was still recovering from my concussion Renee had broke in mine and Dean's room she said that i ruined his relationship with her said i ruined his life. Then i guess my mind just tied that to when the authority was brought back and i thought it was my fault, when the authority was brought back i thought it was my fault because i opened the locker room door and i let Renee get me then when Ryback, Dolph, and Eric got fired i blamed that on myself when the authority came back. I guess my mind just tied all that together and i just blamed all that on myself". Sarah explained.

"Sweetheart none of that could ever be your fault never, the relationship between your brother and Renee had absolutely nothing to do with you whatsoever she's just angry that your brother broke up with her and she's taking it out on you so she can hurt your brother. And what happened with the authority is not your fault at all they knew that Seth would keep telling them no to bring them back in power so they tried every method they could think of to hurt him and when they had you that time he was scared, he was scared because you were about to be chokeslammed and the both of us knows that Seth'll do anything to protect you even if that meant doing something like bringing the authority back. None of what happened in the last few weeks was or will ever be your fault you had no part in it Renee, the authority they want you to think that so they can bring you down and once you're down they'll strike. Do you understand what i'm saying sweetheart". Paige said.

"Yeah". Sarah said.

"Good". Paige said.


"This match is set for one fall introducing first being accompanied by Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Dean fist bumps Roman and Seth then gets in the ring while the other two gets on other sides of the ring to guard, then Kane's music hits and he comes out with Randy and Big Show.

"And his opponent being accompanied by Randy Orton and the Big Show, Kane". Lillian said.

They walk down to the ring together and before the match could even start Roman, Dean, and Seth jump the three men sending them into the steel steps and the barricades multiple times. Then during the attack Triple H's music then hits and he comes out with a disapproved look on his face.

"Alright that's enough out of the three of you so instead of single competition for you boys it will now be a 6 man tag team no disqualification elimination match oh and there's a couple bonuses in this match. Seth if you all win my wager stays the same you keep your brief case and we'll leave little Sarah alone, but if you all lose you lose that brief case and Sarah comes to work for the authority". Triple H said.

Dean then goes for a mic of his own.

"Alright listen here Triple H i don't care who the hell you are, i could care less who you are. You can be the goddamn president of the United States for all i care but if i have to tell you one more time to keep my sister out of your mouth i will walk up that ramp and beat the living hell out of you then when i'm done i will reach down your throat and rip out your vocal cords then i will rip your guts out and strangle you with them. I said it before and i will say it again if anyone messes with my little sister i don't care who or what you are i will show you what this extremely pissed off brother can and will do, leave my sister out of this". Dean said.

Nobody has ever heard Dean talk like that before but they all knew that his brotherly instincts had kicked into overdrive so they couldn't blame him for acting the way he's acting.

"Good luck boys because your match starts now". Triple H said.

All six men then got in the ring and on separate side but since the authority members were down and weak they should be easy to take out.

(Skips time)

Dean, Roman, and Seth have been dominating the match the whole time the first person they eliminated was Big Show when Roman had speared him through the barricade and he got back in the ring to get powerbombed through a table that Seth and Dean had put up after they put Randy and Kane down, once Big Show was eliminated they then turned their attention towards Kane while Randy was still down. Seth had hit him on the back with a chair while Dean had hit him in the rib area with a kendo stick and they took turns whacking him then Dean kept hitting him with the kendo stick till it broke then Seth took the chair and hit it against his rib cage then Dean took over and kicked him in the stomach performing dirty deeds planting Kane's head into the steel chair which resulted in him getting eliminated which now leaves Randy by himself with Roman, Dean, and Seth. Roman then had readied himself and hit a superman punch on Randy's jaw knocking him down then Seth was able to jump from the top rope hitting Randy with a knee to the face and Dean performed dirty deeds but they weren't finished they wanted Randy to suffer so after the dirty deeds Seth had curb stomped him into a steel chair then Dean and Seth picked him up while Roman got himself prepared for the spear and once that was done Dean and Seth threw Randy in the middle of the ring to get speared by Roman and he pinned Randy winning the match for the team.

"The winners of this match Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

The trio wasn't done with the authority members just yet so Dean slid out of the ring to get a table and slid it back just as Seth was putting it up then they did a triple powerbomb on Randy putting him through a table, Dean then got another one then did the same thing to Kane and finally Big Show, once those three were down they just laid where they were struggling to get up while Dean, Seth, and Roman held their fist out united once again and this time nothing can or will ever break them up for no reason.

They then head backstage so they can shower and change but something was on Dean's mind, he hasn't been out in a while he couldn't remember the last time he left his sister and went to go get a drink or even met a woman he was so focused on his sister he never hadn't been out but one time and that was when Sarah was about 4 so it's been about 6 almost 7 years since he has been out. He just hopes he can still have fun but not to much fun because he still had his little sister to take care of and she was his first main priority no matter what. Once they are showered and changed, Dean was now having second thoughts about going out because he wouldn't know if his sister would need him or not and Roman noticed a change in his best friend.

"Hey you alright man?" Roman asked.

"I don't know if i should go out Rome, i mean what if Sarah needs me? What if she gets a headache that's really bad? What if she gets sick again?" Dean ranted.

"Dean slow down and calm down, look if Sarah needs you all she has to do is tell Seth and he'll call you there is no need to get frustrated and get all questiony with the 'what ifs', if anything happens Seth has our numbers and he'll call". Roman said.

"Roman it's been 6 almost 7 years since i have been out, anything could happen". Dean said.

"Nothing won't happen Dean alright". Roman said.

"I hope your right". Dean said

"I know i'm right". Roman said.

Dean then went to get his sister from Paige and prepares himself to leave Sarah with Seth for the first time, once he got Sarah from Paige he thanked her then said goodnight as they went out to the parking lot where Seth and Roman are, once out there Dean got ready to go to the bar with Roman but not before bending down to his sister's level.

"Alright sweetheart i'm going out with Roman for a little while so Seth is gonna watch you while i'm gone, if you need me for anything all you have to do is ask Seth and he'll call me, listen to what Seth says he's in charge, other than that be good and behave. And go to bed at a decent hour". Dean said.

"Can i come with you Dean please". Sarah asked.

"Sorry sweetheart this is no places for kids at all but hey i promise you on my next day off we can spend the day doing whatever you want, how's that sound". Dean said.

"It's a date". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then hugged his sister close to him and kissed her head.

"I love you Dean". Sarah said.

"I love you too sweetheart". Dean said.

He then kissed her head one last time then Roman kissed her head saying good night to the young girl, Seth then got in his car while Roman and Dean got in Roman's going to the bar while Seth went back to the hotel with his young niece and just as he looks in the mirror he saw that she has a glum expression on her face and wonders why, once back at the hotel they headed up to the room so Sarah can get ready for bed and once she is finished she climbs into bed reading on her tablet then Seth sits on the bed taking it from her as she hold her head down.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Seth asked.

"I'm afraid that the authority might get me again, they could be lying so you guys would put your guard down around me". Sarah said.

Seth then knew where this was going so he propped himself up on the bed pulling Sarah close to him and he dropped a kiss to her head then resting his chin on top her head.

"Nobody'll ever hurt you again sweetheart i promise, not the authority, not Wyatt nobody will hurt you again because Dean, Roman, and i will protect you at all cost. I will protect you at all cost". Seth said.

Sarah then listened to his heart beat and it slowly was putting her to sleep but whispered something.

"G'night Uncle Seth i love you". Sarah muttered.

Seth then dropped a couple more kisses to her head just as she fell asleep.

"Good night sweetheart i love you too". Seth whispered.

Seth then rested his chin on top of Sarah's head then soon after that he fell asleep, it's been a few hours since Dean left with Roman and it's now a little after 1 am and Dean goes back to the room but he isn't very drunk but he drank a little, he left the lights cut off so he wouldn't disturb Seth or his sister but cut the bathroom light on so he could change for bed then glanced over to see Sarah curled up in a little ball in Seth's chest and he is holding her in a protective hold, that put a smile on Dean's face so he decided to capture the moment and took a picture of it on his phone then put it down. He had gotten ready for bed then took one last glance over towards his sister and Seth then he slowly drifted off to sleep for the night. When Seth went to sleep that night he had mentally made a promise to Sarah that no matter what he, Dean, and roman will always be there to protect her then his main promise something he never breaks is that he promised that he will always protect Sarah no matter what or under the circumstances he will always protect her as if she were his own little sister and he doesn't break his promises to her never had never will.

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