Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 8

The show hasn't started yet but Dean did get word that he and Roman were going to break up now he just had to tell his sister that Roman won't be around as much.

They are in the hideout and Dean is getting ready for Raw.

"Sarah, i have to tell you something". Dean said.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked.

"Me and Roman are not together anymore we broke up but not the way we broke up the first time. But before you ask he is still your uncle and if i have to go for a match someone is going to watch you". Dean said.

"So i will still get to see Uncle Roman? Just not as much". Sarah wondered.

"Right". Dean said.

Monday Night Raw

"Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw. I'm Michael Cole and sitting to my left is JBL and to my right is hall of famer Jerry "The King" Lawler". Michael Cole said.

Triple H and Stephanie make their way to the ring with the WWE roster at the ramp.

"Welcome to Raw". Stephanie said.

"As you all know Money in the bank is almost here and we still have to find one competitor to join the list so tonight we will have a battle royal to determine that one person. However those who cannot participate because they have failed to adapt are Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and John Cena. But John you are able to qualify if you can win your match tonight. But your match isn't an ordinary match it is a stretcher match against the demon Kane". Triple H said.

They soon get out the ring and the first match begins it is Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler.

(skips most of the match)

Ziggler has the sleeper hold locked in on Rollins he then soon gets out of the sleeper. Ziggler hits him with his finisher zig zag. Rollins then kicks out at 2. They go back and forth to each other till Rollins hits Ziggler with the curve stomp he goes for the pin then out of no where Dean Ambrose come out and attacks Rollins. And Rollins runs out the ring. Ambrose is then put in a match not knowing what is going on backstage.

Back stage

"Where is that little brat?" Seth asked himself quietly.

He then remembers only 2 places of which she could be. Dean's locker room or catering. He checks both places and nothing. He then sees her walking down the hall heading towards Roman's locker room. Before she has a chance to scream he clamps a hand over her mouth. She looks up to see her former uncle, Seth and he now has her. She fights him but he is much too strong for her and he takes her to a room ties her up and sets a camera and it goes on the trion.

"Hey Dean up here, you remember me Seth your old team mate, partner, friend". Seth said.

"What do you want you sellout?" Dean asked in an angry tone.

"I just wanted to say "hi". By the way someone here wants to say hi to you may know her".Seth said.

He then turns the camera on Sarah. When Dean sees this his eyes darkened.

"Anything you want to say to big brother Sarah?" Seth said relaxed.

"Dean help me. Seth i got something to say to you too". Sarah said.

"What's that?" Seth said.

"You're nothing but a two bit double crossing back stabbing sellout traitor". Sarah said.

Dean smirked at that knowing where she got a mouth on her. After hearing this Seth gets mad and slaps Sarah across the face hard. Dean sees what just happened and blows up.


"You want her Ambrose come get her". Seth said.

"DEAN!" Sarah cried.

Dean then drops the mic and goes off backstage.

"Wow King, JBL, what are your thoughts on what just happened? Seth Rollins kidnapping Dean's sister then slapping her after hearing her tell him off". Cole said.

"I think we may have just seen the last of Seth Rollins because after Dean gets done with him there will be no more Seth Rollins". Jerry said.

"Well Michael i agree with King here what he did was crossing the line with Ambrose, a line at which no one should cross. I mean his sister has nothing to do with what's going on she's just a pawn to mess with Dean's head". JBL said.



He gets the same answer from everyone. I don't know. Then he hears something. Crying. Not from an adult but from a child. His sister. He then goes over to her. He gently touches her shoulder and she turns around and sees her brother, she throws her arms around his neck crying in his chest.

"Shhh Sarah, it's alright now. I'm here now. It's alright i'm here. I'm here princess. It's okay, it's alright". Dean said calmly.

"Dean i was so scared, i tried fighting him but he was too strong". Sarah said crying in her brother's chest.

"It's okay Sarah, i'm here now. i'm here baby girl. Big brother is here". Dean said.

Dean then picked up his sister who then fell asleep on his shoulder and clinging to him even though she sleep.

Mean while

Roman Reigns tries to have Vickie put him in the battle royal but she said no. She asked him to hold the two cups of coffee so she can run to get something. He turns his back and puts something in the coffee and Vickie returns and gets the coffee from Roman. She then brings it to Stephanie and Triple h.

"I brought your coffee". Vickie said.

"Awesome thanks Vickie". Stephanie said.

Triple H turns around and the coffee gets spilled all over Vickie and Triple H asks for another. A few minutes later Stephanie gets sick everywhere and pukes all over Vickie twice. While Vickie is getting cleaned up Roman knocks on the door and she opens up.

"What do you want?" Vickie hissed.

"We both know you're in hot water now. Most likely Stephanie is going to fire you next week but you can still do something to stand up to the authority. And if they do fire you at least you know you did something positive for the WWE universe. Make it official put me in the battle royal". Roman said.

"Fine! YOU'RE IN"! Vickie yelled.

Its now time for the battle royal. All the wrestler get in the ring.

(skips most of it)

All the wrestlers in the battle royal are eliminated but 2. Reigns and Rusev. Rusev is on the outside of the rope the Reigns hit him with a superman punch and wins the battle royal.

"The winner of the battle royal and can now qualify for the WWE championship ladder match Roman Reigns". The announcer said.

He heads backstage and sees Dean there.

"What's up?" Roman asked.

"Anytime i have a match or go and beat the crap out of Rollins i need you to watch Sarah". Dean said.

"Sure no problem. What he do this time?" Roman asked.

Dean takes a deep breath and tries to calm down.

"He grabbed her from behind, she then told him off and he slapped her across the face hard". Dean said trying to hold his anger from growing anymore.

"I'll keep her. Don't worry". Roman said.

It's the main event match.

"This next match is scheduled for one fall the only way to win to to put the other person on the stretcher and push it across the finish line. Introducing first from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 251 pounds John Cena". The announcer said.

Cena gets in getting ready for Kane.

"And his opponent weighing in at 323 pounds Kane". The announcer said.

(skips most of the match)

Cena carries Kane to the stretcher and puts him on it. Then Rollins runs down the ramp and attacks Cena then Orton comes down to help beat Cena. They throw Cena in the ring and Randy hits him with his famous RKO while Rollins goes to get a steel chair then out of no where Ambrose jumps Rollins and beats him while yelling and screaming at him.

"I told you to stay away from my sister! Now you got the nerve and balls to grab her then slap her! Are you crazy? I'm gonna make sure you pay". Dean said.

Randy then throws Dean off of Rollins, and Ambrose throws Orton over the top rope and continues to pummel Rollins. Kane then gets back in the ring and chokeslams Dean. Cena then gets up and throws Kane over the ropes and when Kane is down he picked up the steel steps and throws them at Kane knocking him down. He then puts Kane on the stretcher wheels him up to the finish line then Kane wraps his hand around Cena's throat and then Cena does his finisher move AA to get the win.

The winner of this match and can qualify for the Money In The Bank ladder match for the WWE world heavyweight championship John Cena! The announcer said.

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