Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 80

Tonight's show is in the home city of Dean and Sarah, Cincinnati. They were excited to be back home they waited for this for a while and now that they were there, back home it was the best moment of their lives. One morning while Sarah was still asleep and Seth was bunking with Roman, Dean went out on the patio to call someone.

-Hello. A voice said.

-Derek? It's Dean. Dean said.

-Dean, it's great to hear from you kid. How are you and Sarah doing. Derek said.

-Were good man, Sarah still sleep. But hey we got a show tonight here in town, i was wondering if maybe you wanted to meet up today and after the show tonight. Dean said.

-That'd be great Dean, you wanna meet say in an hour or so. Derek replied.

-Yeah that'll be fine, where you wanna meet up at? Dean asked.

-The diner, you remember where it is? Derek asked.

-Yeah, let me get Sarah up and get ready then we'll head out. Dean said.

-Alright see you then Dean. Derek said.

-See ya. Dean said.

Dean then hung the phone up then Sarah came out to find her brother on the patio so she gently put her hand on his shoulder making him jump a little.

"Hey sweetheart". Dean said.

"Why were you out here Dean?" Sarah asked.

"I was on the phone and i didn't wanna wake you, but now that your awake go get ready were gonna head out soon". Dean said.

"It's too early to be going to the arena". Sarah pointed out.

"I know ms smartie pants were gonna go meet someone". Dean said.

"Who?" Sarah asked.

"It's a surprise, now come on go get ready". Dean said.

Sarah then went to go get ready but she wondered who she and her brother were going to go meet, after she got ready Dean then got ready. Once the two siblings were ready Dean got his wallet and keys heading out since he left his and Sarah stuff in the car so he made sure the coast was clear and he didn't get caught by Seth or Roman because he wanted just today to spend with his sister, once they were down to the lobby they quickly made their way out to the parking lot and got in the rental heading towards the diner. Once there Dean texted Derek he was there with Sarah so they went in and had breakfast while waiting on Derek. Sarah was eating her french toast and eggs while Dean was eating his eggs and bacon but Sarah was still curious about who they were meeting.

"Dean who are we here meeting?" Sarah asked for the 10th time now.

Before Dean could answer the door opened and Derek entered the diner then looked around for Dean.

"Turn around and you'll see". Dean said.

"Huh?" Sarah asked confused.

"Turn around and you'll see who we're here to meet". Dean said.

Sarah then turned around and saw her uncle, her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Uncle Derek". Sarah said excitedly.

Sarah ran to her uncle hugging him around the waist, the siblings hasn't seen their uncle since Dean became a wrestler and went on the road so this was going to be a good day for them.

"Hey there sweet pea". Derek said.

"I missed you so much Uncle Derek". Sarah said.

"I missed you too honey". Derek said.

Sarah then pulled her uncle towards the booth where Dean was and he was sitting there laughing with a smile on his face.

"Dean how come you didn't tell me we were seeing Uncle Derek?" Sarah asked.

"I wanted to surprise you". Dean said.

"It was the best surprise yet". Sarah said.

The three then sat down and ate then left, Dean decided to take Sarah to the nearest park so she can let off some energy before they head to the arena and once they got to the park Sarah jolted out running towards it.

"Sarah, be careful". Dean called out.

"I will". Sarah said.

Dean and Derek then sat down on the bench watching Sarah play and roam around.

"So how you been kid?" Derek asked.

"Fine, everything's been good". Dean said.

"And Sarah how she doing?" Derek asked.

"She's been great". Dean said.

"Anything interesting happen". Derek said.

Dean bit his lip deciding if he should tell him about Sarah's father or not.

"If i tell you this, don't get upset or anything". Dean said.

"Ok". Derek said.

"One night after a show i got a call from someone, it was Sarah's father". Dean said.

Derek's eyes widen then goes to his young niece playing.

"What did he want?" Derek asked.

"Sarah. At first he wanted to meet her then after he met her he asked if i would be willing to share custody of Sarah with him, he said that he'd get her so she can go to school and i'd get her for certain holidays, her birthday, and summer vacation". Dean explained.

"I know that you said no right". Derek said.

"Of course i did, nobody is keeping my sister from me that damn long. Then he tried to sue me for full and sole custody of her, you can see who won from that". Dean said.

Derek bit his lip because he was keeping a dark secret from both Dean and Sarah, he's kept it hidden for years now since before Sarah was born and if he told Dean all living hell would break loose so he's going to keep quiet at least for right now he doesn't wanna tell him that secret not now anyway he doesn't wanna bring any emotional pain to his nephew or niece. Derek then cleared his throat.

"I can't believe after 10 years that son of a bitch would want something to do with her". Derek said.

"It seemed weird ya know". Dean said.

"I know what you mean". Derek said.

"You alright Derek?" Dean asked.

"Yeah i'm fine man. It's just been far too long since i seen you guys". Derek said.

"I know what you mean. With Sarah it's like she's growing up way too fast like right before my eyes, one minute she's a little baby i just brought home from the hospital then she's a little girl coming to me when she has nightmares now she's 11 and still a little girl. My little girl". Dean said.

"Dean you have come a long way with Sarah you both have, when you first brought Sarah home it was hard but you were able to get through it. Sarah will always be your little girl no matter what. And Dean if your mother could see the both of you now she'd be so proud of you and Sarah". Derek said.

Dean then formed a lump in his throat and his eyes stinging with tears but he quickly wiped his eyes then cleared his throat he didn't wanna have Sarah see him cry, he's never cried in front of her ever and he wasn't gonna start now.

"Listen i got to get to work soon but after the show tonight let's get together grab a drink". Derek said.

"I'd love to i just have to get someone to watch Sarah". Dean said.

"Alright but text me when you're ready to meet up". Derek said.

"Sounds good". Dean said.

Sarah then went to her brother and uncle because she saw Derek was about to leave but before he left he reached in his pocket and pulled something out. It was a locket.

"I know i missed your birthday but i kept this in handy, it was your mom's she would have wanted you to have it". Derek said.

Derek put the locket around Sarah's neck and she took it in her hand and opened it, it was a picture of Sarah as a baby in her mother's arms with Dean standing beside his mother. That was the day Sarah was born.

"Was that me as a baby?" Sarah asked.

"Of course it was you, that was the day mom had you". Dean said.

"She was beautiful". Sarah said.

"Just like you are". Dean said.

"Thank you Uncle Derek". Sarah said hugging him.

"Your welcome sweet pea. I have to go now so Sarah be good, behave, and listen to your brother you hear me". Derek said.

"Yes Uncle Derek i promise". Sarah said.

"I love you sweet pea". Derek said.

"I love you too Uncle Derek". Sarah said.

Derek kissed her head and she kissed his cheek then he headed off, Dean then saw the time and knew he had to get to the arena soon and just as they were walking back someone from behind them stopped the two siblings.

"Well if it isn't Dean Ambrose". A voice said.

The two turned around and saw Dean's very best friend standing there, Sami Callihan.

"Sami my man how's it going". Dean said bro hugging him.

"Good good". Sami said.

"Uncle Sami". Sarah said excitedly.

"Hey sweetheart how have you been?" Sami asked his niece.

"Good". Sarah said.

"What have you been up too Dean?" Sami asked.

"You know same stuff different day". Dean said.

"I feel you man i feel you". Sami said.

"I was just about to head to the arena but i'm meeting Derek for a drink later why don't you tag along". Dean said.

"Text me the details later my man". Sami said.

"Alright". Dean said.

"Bye Uncle Sami". Sarah said.

"Bye munchkin". Sami said.

Sami then hugged and kissed his niece's head then Dean bro hugged him, Dean then took his sister's hand going to his rental and heading to the arena.

"Dean". Sarah said.

"What is it sweetheart". Dean said.

"Can you tell me something about mom". Sarah said.

"Like what". Dean said.

"What was she like". Sarah said.

"She was beautiful, kind, and caring but before you were born she made a lot of bad decisions, so when she found out she was having you she wanted to change for you". Dean said.

"So that story you told before Survivor Series that happened before i was born?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah that happened a few years before you were born". Dean said.

"Did mom love us?" Sarah asked.

"Of course she did sweetheart she loved us more than anything". Dean said.

"Do you see mom in me?" Sarah asked.

"Yup, you have her hair, her little button nose, her smile, her laugh, you got her beautiful looks". Dean said.

"I miss her Dean, even though i don't remember her i miss her". Sarah said.

"I miss her too sweetheart". Dean said.

Sarah wiped her eyes before the tears could escape her eyes then she cleared her throat from the lump that was forming.

"Listen sweetheart it's alright that you miss mom i miss her too but look whenever you want to talk about her i'm here and when you want to see her just open your locket she'll be right there". Dean said gently.

"I love you bubba". Sarah said.

"I love you too sweetheart". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her head, once they have arrived to the arena they both agreed to keep quiet about the day since they are private about their lives especially Dean. Once they got their Dean only told Seth and Roman that he had errands to run for the day and they believed it.

"Hey Seth would you mind watching Sarah tonight i'm meeting someone for a drink after the show". Dean said.

"Yeah sure". Seth said.

The trio then got ready for the night because they were all in singles competition, Dean was going against Big Show, Seth is going against Randy, and Roman is going against Kane, they all knew that these matches were planned so they knew something was gonna go down they just didn't know what yet. Sarah also got a bad feeling about this she knew something was going to happen but didn't know what, just because the authority agreed to leave her alone doesn't mean any of them buy it for a second. Sarah told her brother that she had to go to the bathroom and he told her to make it quick since it was right around the corner it take her just a few minutes. On the way there she ran into Randy, Kane, and Big Show.

"What do you three want? Big Show, Kane, when the authority hired you or whatever you should have really used those gym memberships they bribed you with, Randy well just stop kissing up to mommy and daddy to get whatever you want because sooner or later there going to turn on you". Sarah said.

"Your brother should really teach you a couple things. One never go anywhere by yourself, and second to keep your mouth shut". Randy said.

Sarah then dodged them then ran into the woman's bathroom and none of the three superstars dared to go in there.

"You can't stay in there all night kid you have to come out sooner or later". Randy called in.

"No i don't". Sarah said.

After a few minutes Sarah still stayed in the bathroom not knowing if the three men were still out there or not, she peeked her head around the door slowly coming out then just as she was far enough out Randy got her from behind putting his hand over her mouth preventing her from screaming but that was bad for him when she bit down on his hand hard but still kept a grip on her.

"Why you little". Randy said.

"Let me go, put me down. Put me down you stupid idiot, let me go". Sarah said struggling.

"Shut up". Randy said.

Randy carried a struggling Sarah back to the authority's office where Stephanie and Triple H were with Kane and Big Show.

"Good you got the brat nice work Randy". Triple H said.

"I knew you were lying when you said you leave me alone". Sarah said.

"That's because we're geniuses". Triple H said.

"Ha that's a joke because i'm smarter then all of you combined that's how i knew you were lying the whole time. Let me go". Sarah said.

"How about you be a good kid and for once shut up". Stephanie said.

"Good things i don't act like your kids, i probably act better then your kids". Sarah muttered.

"What was that?" Stephanie said glaring at her.

"Nothing". Sarah said.

"You better watch what you say because your mouth can get you in serious trouble". Stephanie said.

"I bet your mouth got you in trouble too am i right". Sarah said.

Stephanie kept glaring at Sarah.

"Alright that's enough out of you". Triple H said.

"And just who do you think you are? Last time i check you are not my brother so don't tell me what to do, i can do what i want, when i want, and how i want". Sarah said.

"Your really pushing it small fry". Jamie said.

"I thought you two were going back to whatever mall you were hired from, i guess you two must really be desperate for security". Sarah said.

"I'm giving you one more chance you little brat to shut up". Stephanie said.

"Takes a brat to know a brat Stephanie though might i add there's another word that describes you but if i say it i might get in trouble with my brother". Sarah said.

"Alright that's it i seriously have had quite enough out of you, i'm not asking this time i'm telling you to shut up and keep your mouth shut". Triple H said in a stern voice.

"Yeah there's a word that describes you too in fact there's a word that describes all of you". Sarah said.

They then saw the time and it's time to go out for the match and Randy twisted Sarah's arm behind her back keeping it in a tight firm hold making it painful.


Dean is starting to get worried because Sarah hasn't returned yet, his brother instincts are kicking in going into overdrive but Seth pulls him from his thoughts.

"Dean we have to go out now". Seth said.

"I'm not going out when i don't know where my sister is". Dean said.

"You don't have a choice right now, she's probably with one of the girls or with Jimmy and Naomi". Seth said.

"I got this feeling something's not right". Dean said.

"Let's just go out alright we'll find her later". Roman said.

Dean then sighed not letting it go, he just hopes that she's alright and safe or all hell is gonna break loose.


"This match is set for one fall". Lillian said.

Dean's music hits and he comes out with Roman and Seth in tow but he's not letting this feeling shake that something's wrong with his sister because she's missing and he doesn't know where she is or if anyone has her.

"Introducing first being accompanied by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Cincinnati's own Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

The crowd cheers very loud for Dean since they are in his home city for the night. The authority's music then plays through the speakers making the three men in the ring sigh in frustration.

"Hey boys how you doing". Triple H said.

Randy then comes out still holding Sarah by her twisted arm holding a mic.

"Hey Ambrose you looking for her? You know you really shouldn't have let her out of your sight because anything could happen". Randy said.

Randy then passes her off to Big Show and he holds her in place in the chokeslam position and she struggles to get him off her throat, Dean, Seth, and Roman are pissed especially Dean and he goes for a mic.

"I'm only saying this once and i'm not asking, i'm telling you right now let my sister go because if i have to come up that ramp you will see one pissed off brother can and will do to all of you". Dean yelled.

Sarah kept trying to free herself but it kept failing she then got an idea she swung her legs out trying to kick someone if not Big Show till she brought her knee up straight to his chin and he lost his balance and hold on Sarah so Dean dashed up the ramp catching Sarah right before she fell on the ground letting her body hit against his will force, Dean's body was able to break Sarah's fall as she laid on top of her brother for a couple of minutes catching her breath.

"Sarah, sweetheart are you ok". Dean said a bit worried.

"I'm fine Dean, i'm ok". Sarah said.

Dean then picked his sister up holding her close kissing her head.

"My baby, oh i'm so glad your alright". Dean whispered in her ear.

Sarah kept her head on her brother's shoulder clutching the back of his shirt, just then a fight was about to break out and Dean was able to keep his hold on Sarah then once he got clear she was able to run backstage to the hideout locking the door. Then it happened, something inside Dean just snapped he lost all control then Seth and Roman were up there in an insistent helping him, they threw the authority members except Stephanie everywhere. From the barricades to the electronic wall and all over the ramp once the authority members were down and out Dean picked up a mic.

"I told you assholes before if i had to come up this ramp i'd show you what this pissed off brother can and will do next time you should listen to me, now this goes for you and Bray Wyatt. Stay away from my sister". Dean said.

The three men then decided to triple power bomb Randy, Kane, and Big Show off the side of the ramp then once that was finished they headed backstage going to Dean's locker room, when they got there the door was locked knowing Sarah locked it.

"Sarah! Open the door sweetheart". Dean called through the door.

The lock on the door clicked and the door opened and Sarah crashed into her brother's legs clutching to them tightly, Dean then bent down to her level and moved some hair behind her ear

"Hey let me look at you sweetheart are you ok". Dean said.

"I'm fine Dean". Sarah said.

Dean then brought his sister into his arms hugging her tightly burying his face in her hair and she buried her face into his neck.

"I'm so glad your alright sweetheart, my baby i was so worried". Dean whispered.

"I was worried too Dean". Sarah whispered.

"It's alright now sweetheart, everything's alright". Dean said.

Once they broke the hug Dean brushed some more hair away from Sarah's face then kissed her head, they then packed their stuff up for the night and headed out but Dean also remembered that he agreed to go meet Derek and Sami for drinks so he gave Seth Sarah's stuff throwing his stuff in the trunk of his car. Dean then told Seth the list of do's and don'ts for Sarah but he assured him that she'll be fine.

"Alright sweetheart i'll be back in an hour or so, Seth's in charge you know the rules alright. Be good, behave, and go to bed". Dean said.

"Ok Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her head and she kissed his cheek, Dean then sent Sarah with Seth and Roman for the night knowing she'll be in good hands. Dean texted Derek and Sami that he was heading to the bar, Derek texted back that he has to work late and they'll meet up another time but he still went out for that drink with Sami.

"So Dean, how you been". Sami asked.

"Everything's fine man". Dean said.

"Is Sarah alright?" Sami asked.

"Yeah she's fine i left her with one of my buddies tonight. I can't believe she's already 11 Sami, it was like i just brought her home from the hospital yesterday then i was taking her to her first day of kindergarten now she's 11. She's growing up way too fast, she may not be my little girl anymore with the way she's growing". Dean said.

"Hey she will always be your little girl man, you did something that most other people couldn't or wouldn't do. You stepped up to raise your little sister as your own most other people would have just left them with other family members but you didn't. Hell you're practically her father instead of her brother". Sami said.

Dean bit his lip debating if he should tell Sami about what happened with Sarah's father.

"There is something i have to tell you Sami". Dean said.

"What?" Sami asked taking a swing of his beer.

"One night after a show i did get a call from Sarah's father, he wanted to meet her". Dean said.

"What?" Sami replied in shock.

"He then wanted to share custody of Sarah with me, he'd get her during the school year then i'd get her for certain holidays, her birthday, and summer vacation". Dean continued on.

"Oh hell no". Sami said.

"Of course i told his ass no but then he tried and sued me for full and sole custody of Sarah, you can obviously see who won that fight". Dean said.

"Did he show up anymore after that?" Sami asked.

"No he wanted a visitation schedule but Sarah said no, it was her choice if she wanted to see him". Dean said.

"He's so lucky i wasn't around i would have tore him a new ass". Sami said.

"I did that". Dean said.

"Good". Sami said.

The two continued drinking and talking catching up, while back at the hotel Seth was getting changed for bed while Sarah laid on the bed watching tv but not paying attention to it and Seth noticed.

"You alright sweetheart". Seth said.

"Yeah i'm fine". Sarah muttered.

"With that voice i know your lying". Seth said.

Seth then got next to her and she refused to look at him.

"Hey what's wrong sweetheart". Seth asked.

"I feel powerless Uncle Seth, every time the authority catches me and i fight back i feel weak, powerless, defenseless". Sarah said.

Seth then brought Sarah into his arms knowing where this was going.

"Sweetheart those guys they're a lot stronger then you, your just a kid you can hit, kick, scratch, claw, punch, throw anything you got at them but there athletes no matter what you do to them it won't hurt them very much but what they do to you is worse. They don't care if your a kid or not they will hurt you. I'm on your side sweetheart i'm just stating facts i would never defend them ever". Seth said.

"I wanna learn how to fight better but i don't know how to ask Dean and i don't wanna go behind his back to do it either". Sarah said.

"Then talk to him about it i'm sure that you guys will come to some kind of agreement". Seth said.

"I will talk to him about it Thanks Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"No problem, but what still gets me is how they got you. You went to the bathroom". Seth said.

"They actually found me going to the bathroom and i was able to get around them and hide in there for a few minutes till i came out then Randy got me from behind". Sarah said.

The two stayed quiet for a minute till Sarah spoke again.

"They were lying Uncle Seth, they weren't going to leave me alone. They waited till i was alone to get me". Sarah said.

"I should have known they lie they always do". Seth said.

"When Big Show had me tonight in the chokeslam position and i brought my knee up i thought i was gonna fall, i was really scared Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"It's alright sweetheart nobody'll ever hurt you again, not with me, your brother, and Roman around. If anyone hurts you they'll answer to us". Seth said in a promising voice.

Sarah was slowly going to sleep as she heard Seth's heart beat and he was stroking her hair, Seth held his niece in a protective hold as sleep was calling his name as well.

"G'night Uncle Seth i love you". Sarah whispered.

Seth kissed the top of Sarah's head a couple times.

"Good night sweetheart i love you too". Seth whispered.

Seth then fell asleep holding Sarah in a protective hold, it's now a little after 1 in the morning and Dean came back to the hotel to see his friend and sister fast asleep on the bed so he quickly changed for bed then threw his dirty clothes in his bag then before he went to bed he kissed his sister on the head then caressed her cheek and placed one last kiss to her head she then stirred a little but Seth stayed asleep.

"D'n?" Sarah mumbled.

"Shh sweetheart go back to sleep". Dean whispered.

"G'night De i love you". Sarah said going back to sleep.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart i love you too". Dean whispered.

Dean then got on the other bed and slowly fell asleep for the night.

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