Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 81

Sarah didn't know how to ask her brother that she wanted to learn how to fight she always felt it was her brother's job to protect her and fight for her but she didn't wanna feel weak, powerless, or defenseless anymore she wanted to learn how to fight. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn't even hear her brother calling her.

"Sarah? Earth to Sarah". Dean said.

"Huh?" Sarah asked.

"You alright sweetheart". Dean said.

Sarah bit her lip deciding if she should ask if it be alright for her to learn how to fight.

"There's something i actually wanna talk to you about Dean". Sarah said.

"What is it sweetheart". Dean said.

"I wanna learn how to fight. Like you, Uncle Seth and Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"Why do you wanna learn how to fight?" Dean asked.

"I'm weak, powerless, defenseless, every time that i get caught i can never fight back. I wanna learn how to fight so that way when i get caught i'm able to fight back so i don't feel weak, powerless, or defenseless". Sarah said.

Dean then grabbed her chin when she looked down and looked at her in the eye.

"Hey you are not weak or powerless or defenseless. They want you to think that but listen to me sweetheart you're not weak you're one of the most strongest people i know and your not powerless or defenseless i seen you fight back plenty of times before so that doesn't make you powerless or defenseless. And it's my job to protect you and fight for you i'll never stop protecting you or fighting for you". Dean said.

"I know it's your job to protect me and fight for me but i wanna learn how to do it myself because you won't always be here and i have to start doing stuff for myself". Sarah said.

Dean then brought his sister into his arms.

"Sweetheart where's that coming from?" Dean asked.

"Well i'm getting older then you'll start dating again and you...you might forget about me". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart i could never forget about ever, just because you're getting older doesn't mean anything no matter how old you get i will always be around to protect you and fight for you. Always". Dean said.

"But will you show me how to fight?" Sarah asked.

"Let me think about it first, but sweetheart you are not weak, powerless, or defenseless don't let them put that in your head alright. You are a strong, confident, tough, most powerful little girl i have ever met and i am proud to call you my sister". Dean said.

"You really mean that Dean?" Sarah asked.

"Of course i mean it sweetheart". Dean said.

"I love you bubba". Sarah said hugging her brother.

"I love you too sweetheart". Dean said hugging her back.

Dean then kissed the top of her head then they grabbed their stuff so Dean can head to the gym for a few hours, when they get there they see Seth and Roman already there starting there warm up exercises then Sarah had an idea to run up sneaking up on them jumping on Seth's back.

"Boo!" Sarah yelled in excitement.

She made the two men jump a little while she laughed holding onto Seth's neck.

"I scared you huh". Sarah giggled.

"You are just like your brother aren't you sweetheart". Seth said.

"Not all the time". Sarah said.

Seth then got her from off his shoulders and sat her down just as Dean was coming up.

"You gonna be alright while we have our work out sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"Actually i wanted to work out some just a little not like what you guys do just something simple". Sarah said.

Roman and Seth looked surprised usually when they had their workouts Sarah usually reads her book or plays on her phone.

"As long as you don't go overboard with anything it's fine with me, you gonna be alright in what you have on". Dean said.

"Well i sorta already prepared for this". Sarah said.

Sarah had taken her sweater off and she was wearing a mini version of her brother's tank top with sweatpants on with her tennis shoes.

"Remind me to never take my eyes off you anymore you little sneak". Dean said.

"I'm not a sneak". Sarah said.

"Really then who ate the last few cookies from the pack". Dean said.

"It was Uncle Seth". Sarah said.

"Was not it was you". Seth said in defense.

"No it was you i saw you". Sarah said.

Dean kept his eyebrow raised at his sister in a playful manner till she caved.

"Alright it was me but you never call dibs on them". Sarah said.

Dean then laughed and ruffled his sister's hair, she then pulled her ear buds and phone out turning her music on then getting on a gym bike going slow at first while the guys get to their work out.

"Since when does Sarah wanna work out?" Roman asked.

"She told me she wanted to learn how to fight like us". Dean said.

"She finally told you?" Seth asked.

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked.

"When you went out Monday to grab a drink and i was watching her she told me she wanted to learn how to fight like us, she said she doesn't wanna feel weak, powerless, or defenseless anymore". Seth explained.

"Why would she tell you but not me?" Dean asked.

"I guess it was because she didn't know how to ask you, i think ever since you two had that fight if she brought a certain subject up that'll get you mad you might go off on her again". Seth said.

"Hold on, what fight?" Roman asked.

"It was a while back while you were still recovering, anyway Sarah wanted to walk around for a few minutes but Dean said no because Wyatt still after him so she said something and...and Dean smacked her". Seth explained.

"You smacked Sarah?" Roman asked in shock.

"It was an accident, it was done out of anger. I never meant to do it". Dean said.

"I just can't see you two fighting". Roman said.

"Well it was our first and last fight". Dean said.

"You keep saying that now just wait till she gets older and starts to date". Seth said.

"Yeah that ain't ever gonna happen". Dean said in a matter of fact voice.

"Never say never Dean because it's bound to happen". Seth said.

"Seth you do know that if he beats the hell out of a boy for hurting Sarah we'll be the ones bailing him out right". Roman said.

"He's right i'll have to break someone's arm if they hurt her". Dean said.

"I can see Sarah's prom night already a boy shows up and you interrogate the poor kid". Seth said.

"Poor kid my ass, we all use to be teenage boys once you know what most of them want and they sure as hell ain't getting it from Sarah". Dean said in seriousness.

"I agree with Dean because that's how i'll be with JoJo". Roman said.

"Sometimes you two are just so over protective". Seth said.

"It's our job, if you were in our situation you would know". Dean said.

The guys then continued with their workout for a few hours while Sarah continued her's, Dean kept glancing over towards his sister to make sure that she's alright and not overworking herself.

Once the workout was over they all grabbed their stuff heading out back to the hotel to get ready for smackdown, Dean always had to keep his eye on Sarah because ever since the concussion she gets bad intense headache some so bad she'll end up crying begging for the pain to stop so he had to make sure that if she started to get a headache even if it was small he'd have to give her something.

Once they got their stuff packed for the arena they all headed out while they were in the car Sarah started to feel just a bit of pain in her head so she shook it off at least for now her brother had enough on his plate right now she figured it'll go away on it's own. Once they got to the arena the pain worsened a little but not too bad she didn't wanna tell Dean at least not now and when she heard the door slam she winced.

"You alright sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"I'm fine i think the noise startled me that's all". Sarah said.

"Alright let's head inside before you get sick". Dean said.

The four then head inside then Dean, Seth, and Roman are told that they are in singles competition for the night. Dean is going against Luke Harper, Seth and Roman are gonna be in a tag team match against Randy and Kane, Sarah still had a bad feeling about everything because she knew that the authority wasn't gonna leave her alone.

"Hey you alright baby girl?" Roman asked Sarah.

"Not really, the authority lied they're not going to leave me alone they said it on Monday. They were still gonna use me to get to you guys. What if they do it again tonight? After what happened on Monday when i almost fell...i was really scared that i would actually fall". Sarah said.

Dean then put his stuff down then brought his sister into his arms holding her while resting his chin then dropped a kiss to her head, Sarah just clutched to her brother's shirt afraid to leave him.

"It's alright sweetheart nobody's gonna hurt you again". Dean said.

Sarah kept tightening the grip on her brother's shirt laying her head on his chest, Dean petted her hair trying to calm her some.

"Don't let them hurt me again Dean". Sarah whispered.

Dean tightened his hold just a little on his sister.

"I'll never let anyone hurt you ever again sweetheart". Dean swore.

Seth and Roman then sat beside their niece.

"Sweetheart nobody'll ever hurt you again not with us around". Seth said.

"He's right baby girl nobody won't ever hurt you while we're around, if anyone hurts you they'll answer to us". Roman said.

"I won't ever let anyone else hurt you ever again sweetheart". Dean said.

Sarah loosened her grip on her brother a little but kept some of his shirt balled into her fist, after a couple more minutes Sarah had let go of her brother and they continued to the hideout but they didn't know that they were being watched by the authority members.

The pain in Sarah's head started to increase a little but she still hid it and loosened her ponytail some to ease the pain a little but it wouldn't, she started to rub her eyes and temples hoping it'll go away soon but Dean noticed.

"Hey you alright sweetheart?" Dean asked concerned.

"I'm fine i think i'm just tired after the workout today". Sarah said.

"You'll let me know if you get a headache right, you know how they get too painful for you to handle". Dean said.

"I promise i'll tell you Dean". Sarah said.

"Alright". Dean said.

The second Dean had turned his back Sarah winced in pain again rubbing her temples hoping the pain will stop soon, the guys have just finished putting their gear on for their matches later and since they didn't know whose match was first they were going to accompany each other.

"Dean who are you gonna leave me with while you guys go out?" Sarah asked.

"Good question". Dean said.

"We could leave her with Stardust". Seth suggested.

"I am not leaving my sister with that weirdo". Dean said.

"Well what about The Ascension". Roman said.

"Definitely not". Dean said.

"You have to be the most stubborn and hard headed person ever". Seth said.

"Oh believe me he is". Sarah said.

"I am not". Dean said defensively.

"Yeah Dean but you are". Sarah said.

"We could always leave her with Naomi and Tamina, i'm sure they won't mind". Roman said.

"And you do trust them she'll be fine with them". Seth said.

"Yeah i'll be fine Dean you worry too much". Sarah said.

"It's my job to worry about you". Dean said.

"I know". Sarah said.

"Well we should get going your match is soon". Roman said.

Dean then took a hold of his sister's hand as they started down the hallway heading towards the divas' locker room to find Naomi and Tamina, they found them outside the locker room with their new tag team partner Sasha Banks as they were discussing new game plans and strategies then Tamina signed to Naomi to turn around.

"Hey guys, hi Sarah". Naomi said.

Sasha then saw Sarah beside Dean.

"Aw who's this?" Sasha asked.

"This is Sarah, she's my sister". Dean said.

"Hi Sarah, i'm Sasha". Sasha said.

"Hi". Sarah said.

"Could i leave Sarah with you guys my match is soon". Dean said.

"Sure she'll be in good hands with us". Naomi said.

Dean then looked down at his sister.

"Alright sweetheart you know the rules alright". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Dean then kissed her head followed by Seth and Roman then the three men went out for Dean's match leaving Sarah with the three women.

"So Sarah what's it like having Dean as your brother?" Sasha asked.

"He's a great brother he's just a little overprotective ya know". Sarah said.

"Well all older brothers are like that they just wanna protect you". Sasha said.

"I say he goes overboard just a little". Sarah said.

"Then he must love you very much". Sasha said.

"Yeah he does". Sarah said.

While the three divas continued to talk about their game plan and strategy Sarah pulled her book out and began reading.


"This match is set for one fall, introducing first currently in the ring Luke Harper". Lillian said.

Just then Dean's music hits as he comes out with Seth and Roman in tow.

"And his opponent being accompanied by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose!" Lillian said.

Dean fist bumped his brothers then got in the ring for his match up while Roman and Seth stood guard making sure nobody gets near the ring.

The match then goes underway.

(Skips time)

Half of the match has gone by and Dean is in total control of Harper as he just hit a running bull dog on the older wrestler, Harper had gotten caught in the ropes so Dean goes back on the ropes from across the ring then hits a dropkick right to the midsection making Harper fall out the ring then Roman and Seth started to move towards him trash talking but the ref had stopped them as they started to move back.

Just as Harper was about to get back up Dean had flew out the middle rope knocking Harper down still in control of the match, Dean rolled back in the ring just as the ref began his count on Harper and he got back in the ring at the count of 4 then hit Dean with a boot to the face knocking him down as he took control of the match. He then had Dean's arm twisted behind his back hoping Dean will tap but he was able to counter the move as he took his free arm and started jabbing him in the ribs with his elbow once he was free he was able to hop the rope going to the top turn buckle then hit a missile drop kick knocking him down just then as Dean started to feel it coming to him he was about to go for dirty deeds just as the lights in the entire arena went out then up on the trion it was Bray holding a picture of Dean with Sarah, that set Dean off very bad.

"Isn't she the most precious thing ever Dean? You were suppose to protect her Dean. Where were you Dean when she cried for you? Where were you when she needed you the most? You were suppose to be there to protect your precious little sister but you weren't there. You're a failure Dean, you failed at protecting her. You're nothing but a failure". Bray said.

Dean just glared at Bray but he didn't know that his match was still going on till Roman and Seth had gotten his attention to turn around when he did he got a closeline from hell knocking him out.

"The winner of this match of this match Luke Harper". Lillian said.

Roman and Seth went to go help help Dean but all he was worried about was his sister so they went back to check on her before Dean went ballistic and when they got backstage Dean went in search for his sister but Roman and Seth had to calm him down.

"Dean you have to calm yourself down now or you're gonna freak Sarah out". Roman said.

"That son of a bitch is really getting to me. I protect Sarah at all given cost! And i'm not a failure. Am i? Am i a failure guys?" Dean replied.

"You are not a failure Dean you're not, you do everything in your power to protect Sarah. You raised her since birth by yourself not many people would do that but you did you took on the biggest responsibility when you stepped up and raised Sarah. Wyatt is getting to you he's trying to get under your skin deeper and deeper". Roman said.

"Why Sarah though? Why her? She didn't do anything". Dean said.

"He wants to get to you and he's using Sarah to do it just like the authority is using her to get to us". Seth said.

"But she's just a kid, an innocent little girl she never hurt anybody". Dean said.

"We should get Sarah it's almost time for our match". Roman said.

"She's coming with us". Dean said.

"Dean?" Seth asked confused.

"She's staying where i can keep an eye on her". Dean said.

"I don't think that's a good idea Dean". Seth said.

"My sister my choice". Dean said.

Dean then walked off before Seth could say something that's when Roman spoke up.

"Leave him be". Roman said.

"Rome, you and i both know that this is a bad idea". Seth said.

"I know that, Dean just wants to make sure that Sarah's safe and if he wants her to be with him then let him be. After all it's his choice". Roman said.

"I just hope it's the right choice". Seth muttered.

The two then go to find their brother and found him just as he was wishing the girls good night, they saw him holding his sister's hand in an almost death grip she then let go running to Seth and Roman.

"Did you guys hear Dean said i can come to ringside with you guys tonight". Sarah said excitedly.

"That's great sweetheart". Seth said.

"Yeah that's great". Roman said.

They both knew it was a bad idea but to keep her happy they will lie through their teeth to do it then Dean comes up to them.

"Let's do this". Dean said.

"Let's go". Roman said.

"Sarah you stay with me and where i can keep an eye on you and if i tell you to run you go find Jimmy understand me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Sarah then took her brother's hand just as they went out for the tag match.


"This tag team match is set for one fall currently in the ring the team of The Viper Randy Orton and Kane". Lillian said.

Randy and Kane had smirks on their faces because they had a setup for this match so Big Show stayed behind waiting on the signal.

Roman's music hit as he walked out with Seth, Dean, and Sarah in tow, as if they were The Shield again.

"And their opponents being accompanied by Dean and Sarah Ambrose the team of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins!" Lillian said.

The four then walked down the barricade then hop it it took Sarah a couple of tries till she finally got over but she wined at the loudness of the crowd because the pain in her head is expanding making her headache hurt worse but she continues to hide it, Roman and Seth fist bump Dean then kiss the top of Sarah's head as they went on the other side of the ring but they knew something was up when they didn't see Big Show out there so they had to keep a look out on that. But before the match Kane has a mic.

"Seth, Roman as the director of operations it's my duty to do what's best for business and with that i put a stipulation on our match tonight. If you win Seth you keep your MITB contract and we'll leave your precious niece alone, but if you lose Seth you'll lose your contract and little Sarah comes to work for us". Kane said.

Sarah looked up at her brother with her eyes widen he threw a protective arm around her pulling her close to him as she wraps her arms around his side clutching to him. The match then went under way.

(Skips time)

Seth is in control of Randy just as he held his arm behind his back then he moves himself back so he can tag Roman in once the tag was made Seth and Roman do a quick assault then Roman takes over as he starts to torture Randy making sure to keep him away from Kane to make a tag. He delivers a forceful close line knocking Randy down he then tagged in Seth and he climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and does a 450 splash hitting it perfectly on Randy and just as he goes for the pin until Kane comes in breaking it up just then Roman pulls him off of Seth, out side the ring Dean makes sure he keeps his distance from the ring so his sister doesn't get hurt. Just then Big Show's music hits and he comes down.

"Sweetheart when i tell you to i want you to run backstage and find Jimmy, stay with him until i come get you alright". Dean said.

"But what about you guys?" Sarah asked.

"We'll be fine you just do what i told you". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Dean saw Big Show moving his way so he takes his sister's hand as they go around the ring but Show had caught up to him and got Dean from behind making Dean drop his sister's hand and he looks back at her.

"Sarah run now". Dean yelled.

Sarah then ran but just as she got to the ramp she got stopped by Kane and he picked her up.

"Let me go! Let me go! Put me down! Put me down you suck up". Sarah said struggling.

Randy then laughed turning his attention towards Kane then Roman and Seth look over to see their niece in Kane's grasp, struggling to be let go then just as Seth turned around Randy hit the RKO then when Roman went at him he hit Roman with an RKO and pinned Seth winning the match.

"The winners of this match the team of Randy Orton and Kane". Lillian said.

Randy then rolled out the ring and goes for a mic just as he makes his way towards the ramp he then gave Kane the mic.

"Well Seth, Roman looks like you lost and since you lost Seth you lose your MITB contract and little Sarah now works for the authority". Kane said amused.

Big Show then continued his assault on Dean by throwing him into the barricade then picked him up choke slamming him on the barricade, Sarah watched in horror as Big Show continued to torture her brother.

"No! Dean! Let me go! Put me down!" Sarah said struggling.

Once Dean was down Big Show then turned his attention towards to an injured and weak Roman and Seth he climbs over the ropes then begins his attack on them, he had choke slammed Seth then just as Roman was going for a superman punch Big Show had hit him with a KO punch knocking him out then Seth started to fight back but got a KO punch as well. Dean, Seth, and Roman were all hurt, weak, sore, everything you could ever imagine. Big Show then picked up Seth's MITB contract heading back towards the ramp.

"No! Uncle Seth! Uncle Roman!" Sarah said struggling.

"Ladies and gentlemen the newest member of the authority, Sarah Ambrose". Kane said.

Sarah kept struggling but she started to stop as the pain in her head returned only this time it was really unbearable to the pint she has silent tears streaming down her face. Seth struggles to get up but falls again each time that either Dean, Roman, or Seth get up they end up falling from all the pain.

The authority members and Sarah then head backstage so they can get their stuff for the night and head out but Sarah was in way too much pain every time she opened her eyes the lights were so bright they hurt her eyes or someone making too much noise would make her wince in pain. Randy noticed this on Sarah.

"Hey what's your problem kid?" Randy asked.

"Headache...real...bad". Sarah said in pain.

"What do we do?" Kane asked.

"I...want...my...brother". Sarah said.

"Should we bring her to Ambrose or what?" Kane asked.

The three authority members looked at how much pain Sarah's in and since none of them knew what to do or how to handle the problem they didn't have a choice but to take her to Dean. Sarah kept her head buried in her hands as she continued to cry in pain and agony, they had checked in the trainer's room to look for either Dean, Roman, or Seth. Just as the trainer's room door opened with an injured Seth icing his head, then he turned towards his young niece holding her head crying.

"What in the hell did you three do to her?" Seth asked angrily.

Seth then took his niece from Kane and held her trying to calm her but she wouldn't calm down.

"We didn't do anything to her Seth she just only said she had a real bad headache". Randy shot back.

Seth then brought her in the room where Dean and Roman were at taking care of their injuries then when Dean had heard crying his older brother instincts kicked into high gear big time and he took his sister from Seth as he sent an evil death glare towards the authority members.

"What the hell did you three do to my sister?" Dean demanded.

"We didn't do anything to her Ambrose she said she had a headache". Kane shot back.

"Sarah, why didn't you tell me?" Dean asked softly.

"Thought...i...could handle it. Dean make it stop". Sarah said.

Dean then took a pain killer out then gave it to his sister and she took it waiting for it to kick in, she then clutched to her brother crying into his shirt. After a while the screaming pain in Sarah's head stopped then she felt sleepy and ended up going to sleep with her head on her brother's chest and her hands still gripping his shirt just then as Randy to grab her from Dean, Dean had sent an evil glare to Randy telling him to back off just as he held his sister tighter in a protective hold.

"Sorry Dean rules are rules your sister now works for the authority and she needs to come with us right now". Kane said.

Dean won't surrender his sister to anybody but he did have something else in mind and as much as he'll hate it he might not have no other choice in the matter.

"As much as this'll pain me and kill me to do i had another idea in mind". Dean said.

"Go on". Kane said.

Dean looked down at his sister as she slept peacefully on his chest he's doing this for her.

"What if i joined the authority in my sister's place you leave her, Seth, and Roman alone and she stays out of everything period. If any of you at all touch her or threaten her in any way possible i will kick your asses". Dean said.

"Dean you don't have to do this there has to be another way to do this". Roman said.

"Roman's right you don't have to do this man you don't, you already have enough on your plate to deal with". Seth said.

"If this is what it takes for them to leave Sarah alone then i'll do it". Dean said.

"Sounds like we have a deal here Dean-o". Kane said.

"Do not ever call me that". Dean snapped.

Dean now has to do the hardest thing ever by leaving his sister with Seth and Roman to join the authority, he kissed her head a few times then hands her to Roman just as she is waking up.

"Hey sweetheart how's your head". Dean asked gently.

"I'm alright, what's going on". Sarah replied.

"Your dear brother has agreed to join the authority in your place in exchange we leave you, Seth, and Roman alone". Randy said.

"Dean you didn't, please tell me you didn't and that it's a joke". Sarah said.

"Sorry kid not a joke". Big Show said.

"I wasn't talking to you". Sarah snapped.

"I'm sorry sweetheart". Dean said in guilt.

Sarah then hugged her brother clutching to him for dear life then Randy tried to separate the two siblings.

"Time to go now". Randy said.

"Seth, Roman take care of my sister please. Sarah, my little girl i love you so much sweetheart i want you to be good for Seth and Roman alright". Dean said.

Sarah had tears streaming down her face when her brother had said that he then kissed her one last time then whispered something in her ear which made more tears stream down her face letting out a huge sob.

"I love you so much sweetheart don't ever forget that". Dean said.

"Bubba please don't leave me you promised you wouldn't leave me again, don't do it let me do it please". Sarah cried.

"Sorry sweetheart i can't let you do that". Dean said.

"Dean please don't do it, they're lying to you they may say that they'll leave me alone but they really won't". Sarah pleaded.

"We have to go now so wrap up this moment or whatever the hell it is". Randy said.

Dean hugged his sister one last time and kissed her temple then walked out with the authority members wondering if he did the right thing or not.

"Dean! No! Come back Dean please". Sarah cried.

Just before she tried to bolt for the door Seth stopped her and she was close to getting out of his grip till Roman picked her up.

"Dean no come back". Sarah cried.

"It'll be alright sweetheart he knows what he's doing". Seth said.

"Bubba come back". Sarah cried.

When Dean hears his baby sister crying for him it kills him inside because he's ready to jump all these assholes and go back to his sister but if this is the only way to protect her then he'll do it.

"I want my brother". Sarah cried.

"We know baby girl we know, it'll be alright though ok. Your brother knows what he's doing". Roman said.

"I just wished that there was another way to do this". Seth said.

"Maybe there is". Roman said.

Sarah just laid her head on Roman's shoulder as she felt very drowsy after all the crying, Seth and Roman can just hope they can come up with a plan for this and soon.

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