Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 82

Now that Dean had made the ultimate sacrifice and joined the authority in his sister's place he is not in a really good mood and neither is Sarah she refuses to talk, eat, Seth and Roman are trying everything to get Sarah to open up but she just won't.

"Sweetheart you have to eat something at least try". Seth said.

"Not hungry". Sarah mumbled.

"Baby girl try and eat something anything". Roman said.

"Don't want too". Sarah mumbled.

The two men sighed this was worse when Dean had to go out, Sarah then got up from the table and went to the bed and started crying into the pillow. Seth signed for Roman to go out on the patio so they could talk and Roman had nodded his head.

"Rome this is bad man this is worse when Dean had to go out for a month and a half". Seth said.

"No kidding what do we do". Roman said.

"I have no clue". Seth said.

"Have you heard from Dean yet?" Roman asked.

"Not yet i can tell he's not in a good mood, i still can't believe he did it though". Seth said.

"He did it to protect Sarah and he'd do it again in a heartbeat, wouldn't you do it if you were in the same situation he was in". Roman said.

"I would". Seth said.

"The real problem is what we are gonna do with Sarah, she won't eat, she won't talk, she won't do anything". Roman said.

"Then we might have to act like Dean, we may have to be a little strict with her if that's what it takes to get her to listen. She's just so use to listening to him this is probably a phase and once Dean comes back she'll feel better". Seth said.

"I hate being strict with her but if that's what it takes then we might as well give it a try". Roman said.

"I hope this works". Seth said.

The two men then go back in the room to see Sarah laying on the bed hugging her brother's pillow close to her chest so she didn't hear Seth and Roman enter the room.

"Sarah your going to the table and you will eat something, you hardly ate anything the past couple days now get to the table and eat something". Seth said strictly.

"I'm not hungry". Sarah mumbled.

"Sarah Nicole you have to the count of three to get to the table right now". Seth said strictly.

"I don't want too". Sarah said.

"Alright i have had enough of this get to the table right now because you are not leaving this room until you eat something i don't care if we have to stay here all day but you are not leaving this room until you eat something". Seth almost yelled.

"Your not my brother so stop trying to act like him!" Sarah yelled.

Sarah then ran from the room crying slamming the door behind her.

"A bit harsh man i said we had to be strict with her but you didn't have to yell at her like that". Roman said.

"What the hell did i just do?" Seth asked.

"I think you acted like Dean but went a bit overboard". Roman said.

"If we don't find her Dean will kill us". Seth said.

"No kidding but where would she go? She usually comes to us when she's upset". Roman said.

"My guess she went to look for Dean but if she can't find him she probably went to hide i don't know". Seth said.

Just then there was a knock at the door they hoped it was Sarah because if it was Dean and he saw that his sister ran away he'd be more pissed, Seth goes to open it to see Dean standing there knowing he and Roman are screwed.

"Hey Dean come in". Seth said nervously.

"Why you so nervous man? Just because i joined the authority doesn't mean i turned on you guys". Dean said.

"I just didn't expect to see you we thought you be with Randy and the others". Seth said.

"I was able to sneak away for a little bit, i wanted to see Sarah. Where is she?" Dean replied.

Seth looked over to Roman to figure out what to say until Roman spoke up.

"Dean before you got here, Sarah was a mess the past couple days she was a complete mess. She wouldn't eat, talk, she shut down like when you went out". Roman said.

"That doesn't explain where she is". Dean said.

"That was my fault actually, when she wouldn't eat anything i...i yelled at her". Seth said.

"You yelled at her?!" Dean yelled.

"She wouldn't eat Dean, she barely ate anything the past couple days all she did was mope around. She laid on your bed the past couple days holding your pillow crying in it. What else were we supposed to do?" Seth replied.

"You pick up your phone and call me". Dean said.

"Dean we tried everything to get her to open up but she wouldn't, everything we tried it didn't work". Roman said.

"I'm really sorry Dean we figured that if we tried to be like you she'd listen". Seth said.

Dean then ran his hands down his face then through his hair trying to collect his thoughts and emotions together, his sister had ran away because Seth yelled at her; he didn't like it when anyone yelled at his sister he didn't even like it when he yelled at her.

"Let's split up and find her she couldn't have gotten far she knows not to leave without one of us so she'll be in the hotel somewhere". Dean said.

"Dean we don't even know where to start looking". Seth said.

"You'd be surprised where Sarah goes to get away from people". Dean said.

"Let's just find her before someone else finds her". Roman said.

The three men then separated to go look for Sarah hoping she's safe.


Sarah had finally calmed down she went to the bathroom to wash her face then once she was finished she went to go find Randy to talk to him and she had found him in the hallway talking to Kane and Big Show.

"Well well look what we have here boys, the lunatic's sister". Kane said.

Randy and Big Show then saw Sarah there in front of them.

"And what do you want?" Randy asked.

"I want to join the authority in my brother's place i'll work for you guys but you leave my brother, Seth, and Roman alone, if you mess with any of them the deal's off". Sarah said.

"Sorry kid no deal because your brother made that exact same deal with us only difference is we leave you alone". Randy said.

"Look i'll do whatever you want just let me join in my brother's place". Sarah said.

"Again no deal". Randy said.

"Guys my brother is the only family i have i'd do anything for him just like he do anything for me, what he did was to protect me and now i have to protect him so i'm asking you let me join the authority in my brother's place. Wouldn't you all do the same if you were in my position". Sarah said.

"That was a moving speech it was let us think it over first alright". Randy said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

While the men discussed it Sarah started to pick at her nails while waiting, Dean kept looking in the hallways trying to find his sister wondering where she could have gone then it hit him as he started to go down the hallway on the floor where Randy and the others were staying. Once he got on the floor he began going up and down the hallways till he finally found her sitting on the floor with her back to the wall.

"Sarah". Dean said in relief.

Sarah heard her name being called from down the hallway and saw her brother there.

"Dean". Sarah said running to him.

Dean had picked her up once she got close enough he held her tightly to his chest kissing her head repeatedly.

"Don't ever do that again you hear me". Dean whispered in her ear.

"I won't i promise". Sarah whispered back.

"Oh my baby". Dean whispered.

Sarah had buried her face into his shoulder while holding her arms firmly around his neck not wanting to let go ever again, Randy and the others two men had went to the two siblings.

"Well isn't this a good picture". Randy said.

"Whatever deal she made with you call it off the deal is i work for you and you all leave her, Seth, and Roman alone and if you don't the deal's off. That's the deal". Dean said.

"No Dean". Sarah said.

"Sarah i'm not letting you do this". Dean said.

"Why not". Sarah replied.

"I'm your brother and i said so". Dean said.

"Not good enough Dean, you always protect me now i have to protect you". Sarah said.

Dean then put her down then took her hand guiding her away but Randy followed.

"Would you mind i need to talk to my sister". Dean snapped.

"Ok". Randy said putting his hands up in defense.

Once the two were away Dean then go on his knees and gently took his sister's shoulders.

"Sweetheart you don't have to protect me it's my job to protect you". Dean said gently.

"Then who protects you Dean? All we have is each other if you protect me who's protecting you". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart i can protect myself i'm a big boy i can take care of myself and hey we have other people to watch out for us we have Seth, Roman, Jimmy, Jey, all of them were not alone anymore sweetheart". Dean said.

Tears were starting to pool in Sarah's eyes then she let out a sob which broke Dean's heart into a million pieces he couldn't stand to see his sister in this much emotional pain like this but he also couldn't let her join the authority.

"Come here sweetheart". Dean said gently.

Sarah then threw her arms around her brother crying into his neck uncontrollably while he soothed her.

"Shh sweetheart shh it's ok it's alright, everything's gonna be alright sweetheart i promise". Dean soothed.

It took Sarah a few minutes to calm herself down and when she did Dean had wiped her face with his sleeve.

"Dean i have to do this it's my turn to protect you". Sarah said.

"I can't let you do that sweetheart". Dean said.

"Can't or won't?" Sarah asked.

"Both i can't let you do this and i won't let you do this, sweetheart it's not your job to protect me it's my job to protect you". Dean said.

"I have to protect you Dean if nobody else will do it then i will". Sarah said.

"Sarah that's not how it works it's not your job to protect me your job is to be a kid and enjoy life, my job is to watch out for you and protect you besides i have Seth, Roman, Jimmy and Jey to look out for me". Dean said.

Randy then decided to make his presences known to the two siblings.

"Well Dean-o it looks like we don't need you after all". Randy said.

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked.

"I considered your sister's deal and we've accepted it so we don't need you anymore". Randy said.

"So just hand over the pip squeak and we'll be on our way". Kane said.

"Like hell i'm giving my sister to you that's not the deal you you assholes know it, the deal was that i work for you and you all leave my sister, Seth, and Roman alone and if you mess with them the deal's off that was the agreement". Dean said.

"Well little Sarah was very convincing and we've accepted her deal". Randy said.

"I'm not giving my sister to any of you if you want me fine but not her". Dean said.

"Then we'll take her from you if you wanna do it the hard way". Kane said.

Dean then lit up with rage and fury, his nostrils are flaring just as he sent the three men an evil death glare and if looks could kill they all would be dead and buried 12 feet under by now while Sarah backed away a bit.

"Touch my sister and i swear to god i will break your arms". Dean growled.

Randy then went to grab Sarah but Dean had caught his arm in time then twisted it behind his back adding more and more pressure to it.

"You really wanna test me Orton really you all really don't get it do you, my sister stays out of this so the next time i say leave her out of this then you leave her out and if you ever touch my sister again i will snap you like a little twig. I am the wrong brother to piss off when it comes to my sister". Dean said in a threatening voice.

Dean held Randy like that for a couple more minutes while adding more and more pressure to his arm, Seth and Roman kept looking in the hallways but found nothing till they heard familiar voices so they run to them and they found Dean holding Randy against the wall with his arm behind his back still while Sarah watched.

"Sarah". Seth called out.

Sarah turned around when she heard her name being called she saw Seth and Roman heading her way then ran to Seth crashing into his legs hugging him.

"I'm sorry for what i said Uncle Seth i really am". Sarah said.

"I'm sorry too sweetheart i shouldn't have yelled at you like that". Seth said.

"What is Dean doing?" Roman asked.

"He's trying to get me out of my deal". Sarah said.

"What deal?" Seth asked.

"I was going to take Dean's place in the authority and i said i'd do it if they leave you guys alone". Sarah explained.

"Sweetheart you don't have to do that we can handle ourselves". Seth said.

"I know that but they won't leave me alone and the only way they will leave me alone if i join them". Sarah said.

"Sarah i'm not letting you do it". Dean said.

"It's my choice Dean for once let me protect you instead of you protecting me". Sarah said.

"No i won't let you". Dean said.

Seth saw the two siblings going back and forth he knew he'll regret this but it'll keep Dean and Sarah together then it will end this whole thing.

"I'll do it i'll rejoin the authority on the condition you leave Dean, Sarah, and Roman alone. If you so much as even threaten any of them the deal's off". Seth said.

"Uncle Seth no". Sarah said.

"Seth there has to be another way without any of us joining them". Roman said.

"If i have to join them again to protect you guys then i'll do it". Seth said.

"Uncle Seth you can't please don't do it let me do this please i'll do it". Sarah said.

"I can't let you do it sweetheart i just can't". Seth said.

"As moving as that sounds Seth we don't want you back you made it perfectly clear when you left you didn't want to come back so therefore we don't want you back". Kane said.

"Don't listen to him i'll do it take me". Sarah said.

"Sarah don't do this we can handle ourselves". Roman said.

"Not to mention boys we've already agreed to her deal so now she does work for us". Randy said.

"You keep your mouth shut before i snap your arm". Dean growled.

Randy then elbowed Dean in his midsection and once he got released he was able to get feeling back in his arm.

"Dean are you alright?" Sarah asked.

"I'm fine sweetheart". Dean said.

"Well we'll take Sarah off your hands before we go to the arena". Kane said.

"If you touch her i will take your ass out". Roman said.

"Sorry to inform you boys but a deal is a deal and we agreed to her deal we won't hurt her or you as long as she agrees to our terms". Kane said.

"What terms". Sarah said.

"For starters you will show us respect and be treated with respect, second no mouthing off, no fighting us, you will do what we tell you to do and while your with us at the arena you are not allowed to see your brother, Seth, or Roman". Kane said.

"I'm not agreeing to the last one your not allowed to tell me who i can and cannot see". Sarah said.

"Fine but for the other ones i expect you to agree". Kane said.

"I agree and my terms are you leave my brother, Seth, and Roman alone, you are not to interfere in any of their matches, don't threaten or hurt them in any way and if you do the whole deal is off". Sarah said.

"We agree". Randy said.

"Then we have a deal". Sarah said.

"That we do". Randy said.

"I'm sorry Dean i couldn't let you do it for once it's my turn to protect you like you always protect me". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart you don't have to do this i'll do it". Dean said.

"Sorry Dean-o your sister now works for us". Kane said.

Dean was just about to launch himself at Kane until Seth and Roman had to hold him back while he was fighting out of their hold.

"Well we must be on our way come on kid". Randy said.

Sarah then hugged her brother, Seth, and Roman then kissed their cheeks. "I love you guys". Sarah said.

Dean and Seth were trying to hold back their tears while Roman was trying to keep his anger under control.

"We love you too sweetheart". Dean said.

Seth then glared at the authority members ready to take them out. "If anything at all happens to her i swear you better run and not look back because we will hunt your asses down and we will end you". Seth said.

"Relax Seth nothing will happen to little Sarah". Randy said.

When Randy patted her shoulder she threw his hand off her while looking down to the floor, Dean was ready to jump them for doing this crap but Roman had to hold him back.

"We'll see you boys at the arena". Kane said.

They took Sarah's hand then began walking away while Sarah looked back at her brother and uncles, she saw her brother ready to break free from Roman's hold and run after them.

"Roman let me go". Dean said trying to get out.

"You have to calm yourself down before you do something stupid". Roman said.

"Dean she knows what she's doing you have to trust her". Seth said.

"I trust her i just don't trust them". Dean said.

Roman finally let go of Dean and he was ready to punch a hole in the wall.

"This wasn't your fault man it wasn't". Seth said.

"I didn't protect my sister Seth i say that makes me a bad brother and it is my fault". Dean said.

Dean then banged his fist against the wall a few times while keeping his temper under control.

"I just lost my little girl to the worst people i know". Dean said.

"We'll get her back Dean and we won't stop until we do". Roman said.

"She said she was protecting us so maybe she has something planned". Seth said.

"She was protecting me". Dean said.

"What are you talking about?" Roman asked.

"She said she do it because she would be protecting me, she told me for once she should protect me instead of me protecting her. But it's not her job to protect me it's mine to protect her and i just let her go, how could i just let her go like that. What kind of brother does that make me". Dean said.

"Hey you are a damn good brother to Sarah, you do anything and everything in your power to protect her you'll do it for the rest of your life. And Dean listen we will get her back alright it may not be right now but we will get her back you just have to believe me and trust me". Seth said.

"And how do you propose we get her back they're not going to willing let her go". Dean said.

"She said that the deal would be off if they either threaten or hurt us right". Seth said.

"I see where your going with this Seth you want her to call the deal off and the only way she can do that is if they come at us or threaten us". Roman said.

"Exactly so all we gotta do is provoke them enough for them to come at us then Sarah will call off the deal". Seth said.

"And what happens if she gets caught in the middle of all this?" Dean asked.

"She made the deal so if she calls it off they would have no choice but to let her go because the deal is they leave us alone if she worked for them so if we go at them until they fight back she will call it off". Seth said.

"It should work". Roman said.

"I hope it works". Dean said.


Sarah was with Randy, Kane, and Big Show now that she joined the authority in her brother's place she wasn't happy about it but this time she wanted to protect her brother, Seth, and Roman, and if this was the only way to do it she'd do it she was so lost in her thoughts she didn't even hear her name being called.

"Sarah, Sarah, Sarah". Randy said.

"What?" Sarah replied.

"Let's go we have a lot to do". Randy said.

"Whatever". Sarah mumbled.

She was ready to go back to her brother, Seth, and Roman but she couldn't since she was in a deal but if she called it off they have no choice but to let her go so now she had to form a plan.

"I'm gonna go to catering". Sarah lied.

"Don't be too long". Randy said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

She then left the three members and headed to Dean's locker room but on the way there she felt her eyes stinging and burning from the tears forming in her eyes so she wiped her eyes before the tears could fall but they kept coming so she walked faster but the tears soon fall out her eyes and she stop and sat on the floor crying into her arms once she had calmed down she continued the rest of the way to her brother's locker room, once there she knocks on the door and waits. Seth then opens the door and looks down then he went on high alert just as Sarah let out a whimper and a sob.

"Sweetheart are you alright?" Seth asked.

Instead of answering she threw herself at his legs hugging him tightly crying once again, Dean and Roman were inside talking then Dean's brother's instincts kicked in just as he heard his sister crying so he got up and went to Seth who was now holding Sarah.

"Sweetheart are you ok?" Dean asked.

Sarah then reached out for her brother and he took her holding her tightly against his chest then dropped a couple kisses to her head.

"Baby girl did they hurt you?" Roman asked.

She shook her head no after a couple minutes she had calmed down enough to talk but she didn't let go of her brother.

"Sweetheart why are you so upset?" Dean asked.

"I don't wanna be with them anymore". Sarah said.

Dean knew this would happen so they had to come up with a plan for her to call the deal off.

"I'm sorry i did it Dean i really am but i had to protect you, it was my turn to protect you for once. I did it to protect all of you". Sarah said.

The three men hearts swelled at what Sarah said Dean just held his sister tighter and closer to him, Seth was trying to hold back tears of his own, and Roman was ready to obliterate someone.

"I'm not mad sweetheart i'm not". Dean said.

"What do we do?" Sarah asked.

"I have an idea". Seth said.

"What is it?" Sarah asked.

Seth said his plan and Sarah agreed to it but didn't like the idea that her brother, Seth, and Roman to be bait but she would do anything to get out of her deal. She then saw that she had to go back before the authority went to look for her and she didn't want that but she didn't want to leave her brother either.

"I don't wanna go Dean". Sarah said.

"I wish you didn't have to go sweetheart but hey listen we'll get through this i promise you that". Dean said.

Sarah threw her arms around his torso clinging to him not wanting to let go but soon she did, Dean then kissed her head a couple times followed by Seth and Roman.

"I'll be back when the show's over". Sarah said.

"We'll be here waiting for you". Dean said.

"I love you guys". Sarah said.

"We love you too sweetheart". Seth said.

Sarah then left the locker room while trying not to cry and she goes back to the authority's office.

"Well look who's back it about time". Randy said.

"Sorry about that". Sarah said.

"Well let's get down to business". Stephanie said.

"What business?" Sarah asked.

"We have a show to run kid that is a lot of work". Triple H said.

"No dingy duh". Sarah muttered.

"What was that?" Triple H asked.

"Nothing". Sarah said.

"Should i remind you the terms of the deal". Kane said.

"No". Sarah said.

"Good now go sit down while we figure this out". Kane said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

While they were talking Sarah held her phone in her hand scrolling through the pictures of her and Dean, her and Seth, and her and Roman they brought tears to her eyes she just hopes that Seth's plan will work she then turned her attention towards the tv because Dean, Seth, and Roman are preparing for a six man tag team match against The New Day.


"This is a six man tag team match set for one fall introducing first currently in the ring the team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

Just then The New Day's music hit and the trio came out.

"And their opponents The New Day". Lillian said.

They got in the ring on one side then the ref kept them separated long enough to start the match and Seth started off with Xavier.

(Skips time)

Seth had just tagged in Dean and the two picked up Xavier and body slammed him over their shoulders then Dean goes for the pinfall but Xavier kicked out then Dean began his attack on him then Big E and Kofi tried to distract Dean but Roman and Seth had pulled them off the apron then Xavier goes for a sneak attack on Dean trying to pin him but Dean kicks out and he tags in Roman who who pumped up and went on Xavier then he was able to make a tag to Kofi who stood up in the middle looking at Roman. Roman then began his attack on Kofi then once he was down Roman had set up for the superman punch but Big E and Xavier distracted Roman only to get jumped by Seth and Dean then Kofi went for trouble in paradise but missed then Roman hit the superman punch on Kofi then set up for the spear and hit it right on pinning Kofi for the win.

"The winner of this match the team of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

They bro hugged each other then went to the back so they can get ready to leave for the night, Dean was ready but waited for his sister.

Sarah was still in the authority's office as they show came to an end and she was able to sneak out and head to her brother's locker room hoping to catch them in time she knocks on the door and waits then Roman opened the door.

"Hey baby girl". Roman said.

"Hi Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

Roman let his young niece in just as she flew to her brother who caught her.

"There's my girl". Dean said hugging her.

"Let's get out of here". Sarah said.

"Come on let's head out". Seth said.

They all get their stuff and head back to the hotel, Sarah kept her arms firmly around her brother's neck just as he held her with one arm. Once they got the car packed up they headed back to the hotel for the night on the way there Sarah had laid her head on Dean's shoulder as she felt sleep take over her but she fought it hard.

"Go to sleep sweetheart i'll wake you when we get there". Dean said.

She nodded her head sleepy as she started to doze in and out of sleep, Dean had took a blanket off the floor to cover her up so she wouldn't get too cold then threw a protective arm around her as she slept soundly next to him. Once at the hotel Seth and Roman got the bags while Dean got his sister who slightly stirred when she felt herself being moved.

"D'n?" Sarah asked sleepy.

"Shh sweetheart go back to sleep". Dean whispered.

Sarah then laid her head on Dean's shoulder and loosely held her arms around his neck, they went up to the room and quietly entered so they don't wake up Sarah. Dean then quietly brought her over to the bed and laid her down on the bed taking off her shoes and socks the covering her with the blanket.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

Roman was in a different room for the night so he said his good nights to his friends, Dean and Seth took turns changing for bed then went out on the patio to talk.

"Dean the first thing i wanna say is that i'm really really sorry for yelling at Sarah, we figured that if we acted like you she'd listen to us". Seth said.

"Seth your my best friend and i'd do anything for you but if you ever yell at my sister again i will snap your arms off and beat you with them, why didn't you guys just call me i would have talked to her". Dean said.

"We thought we could handle it". Seth said.

"Didn't go as planned did it?" Dean asked.

"Nope she wouldn't eat, talk, she wouldn't do anything all she would do is lay in your bed and hug your pillow, me and Roman tried everything but it wouldn't work so we figured if one of us acted like you she'd listen Roman didn't wanna do it so i did. I tried to act like you but she still didn't listen and that's when i yelled at her, the look on her face when i did it made me wanna kick my own ass". Seth said.

"She say anything after you yelled?" Dean asked.

"I'm not you so i needed to stop acting like it". Seth answered.

"Alright i'll talk to her about it just don't do it again i didn't like it when i did it". Dean said.

"Alright". Seth said.

The two men then went back inside and went to bed, Dean laid next to his sister and pulled her close to him and held her in a protective hold all night.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

He then kissed her head a couple times before going to sleep.

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