Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 83

Dean was the first to wake up the next morning he gently removed his sister's hands from his shirt then recovered her so she can sleep a little longer he kissed her head just as she turned grabbing his pillow making him chuckle, he grabs some clothes from his suitcase then heads into the bathroom to shower. After his shower he saw that Sarah was starting to wake up but she acted different, Sarah felt something lurch in her stomach as she dashed for the bathroom to release the contents of her stomach just as Dean was behind her rubbing her back soothingly.

"It's alright sweetheart it's alright just let it out". Dean said.

Sarah then finished just as Dean wiped her mouth with a wash cloth then felt her forehead, she was burning up.

"Sweetheart you're burning up like get you back to bed". Dean said picking her up.

"I don't feel so good bubba". Sarah said.

"It's gonna be alright sweetheart i promise everything's gonna be just fine". Dean said.

Seth had walked back into the room to see Dean tending to Sarah so he rushed over.

"Hey is she alright". Seth asked.

"I don't know she just started throwing up like crazy". Dean said.

Seth then turned his attention toward his sick niece as he brushed her hair out her face and off her extremely hot and damp forehead.

"How are you feeling sweetheart". Seth asked his niece.

"I don't feel so good Uncle Seth, it feels like i'm baking in an oven". Sarah said.

Dean was searching through his luggage for the first aid kit he got a while back.

"Where the hell did i put that damn thing". Dean muttered.

"Dean what are you looking for?". Seth asked.

"The first aid kit i got i can't find the damn thing". Dean said.

"Anything specific you need out of it?" Seth asked.

"The thermometer i got one just in case Sarah got sick". Dean said.

"I'll check the bathroom". Seth said.

"De". Sarah cried out for her brother.

Dean then dropped what he was doing and went over to his sister picking her up and holding her, he felt the body heat coming off of her and he felt his shirt getting a little damp from the sweat.

"It's alright sweetheart i promise everything's gonna be alright". Dean said.

Sarah then felt a sharp pain in her right side of her stomach she tried to hide it but it was becoming too much, Seth then emerged from the bathroom with a back up thermometer.

"Here i found a back up". Seth said.

"Thanks. Alright Sarah open up". Dean said.

Sarah then took the thermometer into her mouth holding it under her tongue then after a minute it beeped with her temperature.

"What is it Dean". Seth replied.

"102". Dean said.

"Could it just be the stomach flu or the flu?" Seth asked.

"Probably, does anything hurt sweetheart". Dean said.

"My right side". Sarah answered.

"It could be just a stomach ache". Seth said.

"Does anything else hurt sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"No". Sarah said.

Sarah tried to get up a bit too fast but got dizzy and almost fell but Seth caught her in time.

"Whoa sweetheart slow down where you going". Seth said.

"Have to get to Randy before he comes looking for me don't want that". Sarah said.

"Oh no your not going anywhere near them tonight not while you're sick, tonight you're staying with us and that's final". Dean said sternly.

"Dean that was the deal". Sarah said.

"I don't care about the deal you're not going anywhere tonight you're staying with us and that's final". Dean said.

"Why". Sarah said.

"Well for starters i'm your brother and i said so, second you're not leaving my side while you're sick, and third i'm the oldest so i make the rules so your not going anywhere except with us". Dean said.

"But Dean-" Sarah said being cut off.

"No buts Sarah your not going and that's final, do i make myself clear". Dean said strictly.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

Sarah then felt something lurch in her stomach so she ran to the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach, Dean was right behind her while Seth was wetting a washcloth once she was finished Seth had wiped her mouth then she rinsed it with mouth wash.

"Alright first things first you need to change into something a bit cooler so go get a pair of shorts and a t shirt". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Once Sarah left the bathroom so did Dean and Seth, Sarah then got some clothes then went to change.

"Seth what if it's something else and not the stomach flu?" Dean asked worried.

"We'll keep checking her temp if it goes higher we'll take her to the hospital if it starts to drop then she'll be fine". Seth said.

"I don't want nothing to happen to her Seth". Dean said.

"Nothing won't happen to her she'll be fine". Seth said.

After a few minutes Sarah came out but she kept holding her right side ready to cry from all the pain, there was a knock on the door and Seth opened it to see Roman there.

"Hey Rome". Seth said.

"Hey you guys ready yet". Roman said.

"Sarah's sick so we're taking our time". Seth said.

"You alright baby girl?" Roman asked.

"I'll be alright but i just feel sick right now". Sarah answered.

There was another knock on the door so Dean opened it this time and it was Randy.

"What the hell do you want". Dean said.

"I'm here to get little Sarah in case you have forgotten our deal". Randy said.

"Well change of plans tonight Orton she sick so she stays with me". Dean said.

"Just hand her over if she gets sick we'll be sure to get you". Randy said.

"Yeah right i don't trust anyone of you to watch my sister especially while she's sick because none of you know the first thing on what to do". Dean said.

"Oh like you do". Randy said.

"Yeah i do and she's not staying with you assholes, she stays with me and that's final". Dean said.

"Whatever". Randy said.

Dean then slammed the door after he walked away the grabbed his gym bag throwing it over his shoulder then grabbing his sister's bag throwing it over his other shoulder, he then picked his sister up bridal style since she didn't have much energy to walk he also noticed that she was always holding her right side he figured it was just a stomach ache so he shook it off for now. They then headed for the arena but before they took off Dean had popped the trunk to look for a bucket or something in case Sarah gets sick he found one it was a medium size bucket he sat it in front of her in case she'll need it. On the way there they had to roll the windows down to air out the car because Sarah puked three times, Dean was getting more and more worried about his sister he knew that once they got to the arena he was gonna take her to the doctor to get her checked out.

Once they arrived Sarah was the first one out of the car and she went away from the car to a bush to throw up once again, Dean was at her side in a split second with Roman and Seth in tow they were getting more worried as well. When Dean felt his sister's forehead she was felt like a furnace.

"Seth did you pack the thermometer?" Dean asked.

"Yeah yeah hold on". Seth said.

He then took off his backpack to to retrieve the device and once he has it he hands it over to Dean.

"Come on sweetheart open up". Dean said.

Sarah then took it in her mouth under her tongue while trying not to gag as she felt her stomach lurch again, it then beeped registering her temp.

"What is it". Roman said

"102.4". Dean said.

"It was 102 at the hotel". Seth said.

"It's going up". Dean muttered.

"Dean are you alright? What's wrong". Sarah asked.

"Your temperature went up a little". Dean said.

"Is that bad?" Sarah asked.

"A little but until we know what's wrong i'm taking you to the doctor". Dean said.

Sarah then flew to her brother clutching to him gripping his jacket burying her face into his shirt, she has always hated the doctors when she would go she would make Dean promise that he wouldn't leave until she was finished.

"Is everything alright?" Seth asked.

"She doesn't like the doctors". Dean said.

"I don't wanna go to the doctor". Sarah said.

"Sweetheart it's the only way we can know what's wrong". Dean said.

"You won't leave me will you?" Sarah asked.

"I won't leave you". Dean said.

"Alright but no needles". Sarah said.

"No needles". Dean said.

Sarah then took a hold of her brother's hand just as they were heading inside while on the way to the doctor's Sarah had threw up a few more times making all three men worry and panic more especially Dean he didn't know what was wrong with his sister but he was determined to find out. Not knowing what was wrong with his sister made him feel helpless because he couldn't help her, they finally arrived to the trainer's room to find the doctor there.

"Hello Dean what can i do for you". The doctor said glancing up from his paper work.

"My sister's sick and i wanna have her checked out could you take a look at her". Dean said.

"Sure". The doctor said.

Sarah then went over to the table to get checked out but kept her hand on her right side of her stomach, the three men then stood by while Sarah got examined. There was a knock on the door and Dean was informed that he has a match soon making him sigh in frustration running his hand down his face and threw his hair.

"Go Dean we'll stay with her if anything happens i'll come get you". Seth said.

"Will you be alright while i compete sweetheart". Dean asked his sister.

"I'll be fine". Sarah said.

Dean then kissed her head then she kissed his cheek, Dean then turned to his best friends.

"If anything happens come get me". Dean said.

"Gotcha". They said.

"I'll be back after my match sweetheart". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

"Please watch her". Dean told his friends.

"We will". They said.

Dean then sent one last glance to his sister before heading out for his match, after Dean went out for his match Sarah had kept holding her right side as she kept getting sharp pains she then felt something coming up her throat and Seth got the trash can just in time. After Sarah was finished she wiped her mouth then the doctor examined her again.

"Sarah has your right side been hurting all day?" The doctor asked.

"Yeah pretty bad". Sarah said.

"I think i know what the problem is". The doctor said.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"You need your appendix removed before it burst". The doctor said.

Sarah's eyes widen in fear just as Roman went beside her and Seth dashed out of the room to get Dean.


Half of Dean's match has gone by and he is worn out he's not focusing on the match his mind keeps going back to his sister just as Sheamus was about to go for a move Seth ran down the ramp pulling on Dean's leg calling the match off then Seth drags Dean backstage.

"Dude what the hell is your problem". Dean said.

"I know what's wrong with Sarah we were both wrong". Seth said.

"What are you talking about". Dean said.

"Sarah doesn't have a stomach ache, the doctor said she needs her appendix out before it burst". Seth said.

All the color drains from Dean's face just as he runs as fast as he can down to the trainer's room with Seth in tow, the second Dean opens the door he hears his sister crying in Roman's shoulder. The doctor saw Dean and talked to him outside.

"Doc are you sure it's her appendix". Dean said.

"I'm sure". The doctor said.

"I thought it was just a stomach ache". Dean said.

"Dean this isn't your fault you couldn't have known". Seth said.

"She's gonna need emergency surgery so she'll be rushed to the nearest hospital now". The doctor said.

"This is all my fault". Dean said.

"No it's not Dean neither of us knew what it was but right now she needs us as long as were with her she'll be just fine". Seth said.

The doctor then called for the other medical team to bring the gurney and to prepare the ambulance, once they got their the doctor had brought Sarah out and laid her on the stretcher.

"Dean i'm scared". Sarah said scared.

"It'll be alright sweetheart i promise". Dean said.

Sarah then reached her hand out for her brother and he took her hand then brushed her hair off her face then wiped away the tears that started to stream down her cheeks.

They then loaded Sarah in the ambulance Dean got in not letting go of his sister's hand, some of the superstars and divas saw the scene and wonders what happened. Just as the ambulance pulled off Roman and Seth went to their rental but not before getting stopped by Dolph.

"Hey is Sarah alright?" Dolph asked.

"She needs her appendix out and she needs emergency surgery". Seth quickly explained.

"Poor kid". Dolph said.

"We're gonna follow them". Roman said.

"Right". Dolph said.

Seth then got in the driver's seat as Roman got in the passenger seat they then took off following the ambulance. While in the ambulance Sarah is crying while clutching Dean's hand not letting go.

"Hey everything will be alright sweetheart". Dean said.

"I'm scared Dean". Sarah cried.

"It'll be alright i promise". Dean said.

"Don't leave me". Sarah said.

"I won't i promise". Dean said.

Once they arrived to the hospital Sarah was unloaded out but kept a hold of Dean's hand with a death grip on it, the doctor on call was the first to come out.

"What do we got". The doctor said.

"11 year old girl with appendicitis". The medic said.

"And who are you sir". The doctor asked Dean.

"I'm her brother". Dean said.

"We need consent to do the surgery are you her guardian". The doctor said.

"Yes do the surgery just help my sister". Dean said.

"Sarah i'm Dr Jones can you tell me what hurts". Dr Jones said.

"My right side". Sarah said.

"Alright we'll fix that for you". Dr Jones said.

They then rush her in and a group of nurse swarm around.

"Get OR 1 ready we need to get her in now". Dr Jones said.

"Yes doctor". One nurse said.

Dean stayed by his sister's side brushing her hair out her face then the doctor stopped Dean just as they got near the OR area.

"I'm sorry but you can't come pass this point your sister is in good hands with us". Dr Jones said.

Dean then heard his sister call out for him and it broke his heart.

"Dean, Dean. Dean". Sarah cried.

"Your sister will be fine". Dr Jones said.

The doctor then went back so he can prepare for Sarah's surgery leaving Dean they're about to cry, after 10 minutes Seth and Roman have finally arrived to see Dean in the waiting room with his face buried in his hands and they rush to their friend.

"Dean hey are you alright". Seth said.

"No, Sarah just went in for her surgery". Dean said.

"Hey she'll be alright ok. She's the second most hardheaded stubborn person ever and if she's anything like you she'll fight to get better, she will fight through this she may go down but not without a fight". Roman said.

"I'm her brother i'm responsible for her, why didn't i see this before if i had found out sooner we could have avoided all of this". Dean said.

"You couldn't have known that this was gonna happen Dean none of us did". Seth said.

"I'm getting some coffee". Dean said.

Dean then walked off from his friends to go find some coffee or something, just as he gets to the coffee machine he is so lost in his thoughts he didn't hear Seth calling him.

"Dean. Dean. Dean". Seth called out.

"What". Dean replied.

"Are you alright". Seth said.

"Am i alright? My sister needs emergency surgery no i'm not alright". Dean said.

Dean stayed quiet as he was letting his emotions get the best of them.

"Seth i'm sorry with what happened with Sarah i'm just on edge right now, i'm letting my emotion take over right now". Dean said.

"It's alright you're bound to act like this i would act like this if it were my sister". Seth said.

Roman then found his two friends and went up to them.

"Hey you good Dean". Roman said.

"I'll be fine". Dean said.

"Well someone here to see you". Roman said.

"Who?" Dean asked.

"Come see for yourself". Roman said.

Dean looked over towards Seth. "Hey i was with you i don't know". Seth said.

Dean then shrugged his shoulders then went out to the waiting room to see a few of the superstars and divas, to his and Seth's surprise Triple H and Stephanie were there as well which shocked both men.

"What is all this?" Dean asked.

"I guess they heard about Sarah". Seth said.

Triple H and Stephanie then saw Dean and went to him.

"Dean are you alright? How's Sarah?" Stephanie asked.

"I'm fine. She went into surgery not that long ago so nobody came to get me just yet". Dean answered.

"I thought you guys didn't like us". Seth said.

"Like i said before Seth we keep that in the ring but right now we care about Sarah". Triple H said.

"How'd everyone else find out?" Dean asked.

"Seth told Dolph and it got around". Stephanie said.

"Dean take a few days off, you take care of Sarah once she's well again come back". Triple H said.

"You sure?" Dean asked.

"We're sure you take care of your sister then when you feel up to it come back". Stephanie said.

"And she won't be involved in anything until she's completely healed". Triple H said.

"Thanks". Dean said.

Some of the superstars and divas then talked to Dean before heading out, it was now going on 2 am and Dean hasn't heard anything from his sister's doctor yet he kept bouncing his leg up and down fast. Seth and Roman had fallen asleep in the chairs with their heads against the wall, sleep was the least of Dean's worries right now he couldn't sleep not knowing if his sister was alright. He then took a walk around to clear his mind he went outside to get some air he looked up at the night time sky.

"Mom, i don't know if you can hear me or not the both of us know that i'm not the kind of guy to do this but right now i need to. I screwed up mom i screwed up big time Sarah needed emergency surgery for her appendix, i thought it was a simple stomach ache but it wasn't. I failed mom, i failed at being a son and i failed at being a brother i was suppose to be. Please watch out for Sarah please mom she's all i have left of you, she's all i have please watch over for her please. I love you". Dean muttered looking up at the sky.

What Dean didn't know is that Roman had heard him so when Dean turned around to see his friend.

"How long have you been standing there". Dean said.

"Long enough to hear what you said, Dean you're not a failure at anything alright you're not. You're not a failure as a son or a brother you didn't know what was wrong with Sarah so it doesn't mean it's your fault, you couldn't have known it was this serious". Roman said.

"When she said her right side was hurting i should have rushed her to the doctor right then but i thought it was a stomach ache now she's in surgery". Dean said.

"Dean most people will think appendicitis is just the flu or the stomach flu they don't think anything else until it gets bad, this is in no way your fault whatsoever". Roman said.

Before Dean could say anything Seth came running out the doors out of breath.

"Seth what's wrong". Roman asked.

"Sarah's doctor is looking for you". Seth said.

Dean then dashed back inside to hear if his sister's alright, he then found the doctor reading over a patient's chart then saw Dean.

"Your Sarah's guardian?" The doctor asked.

"Yes i'm her brother how is she". Dean said.

"Her surgery was successful she's in recovery now, she'll be moved to a room shortly". The doctor said.

Dean then sighed with a smile on his face knowing his sister is gonna be fine, he then thanked the doctor then muttered under his breath.

"Thanks mom". Dean muttered.

Seth and Roman then came back in to see their friend in a better mood he was in before.

"Hey so what happened". Seth said.

"She's gonna be fine, her surgery was successful and she's in recovery now". Dean said.

"See we told you she'll be fine". Seth said.

"Yeah we told you she'd be fine". Roman said.

"You guys were right i was just worried, she's my little sister it's my job to worry about her though". Dean said.

"We get it Dean just don't go way overboard". Seth said.

Finally Sarah was moved from recovery to a room she was still asleep from the medication, when the three men entered they were quiet so they wouldn't wake her up Dean was beside her within a few seconds taking her hand in his then brushing her hair back off her forehead.

"I'm right here when you wake up sweetheart i'm not going anywhere". Dean whispered.

Seth and Roman decided to head back to the hotel to get some rest and so Dean can be with his sister, after a few minutes sleep was finally calling Dean's name as he held his sister's hand in his. He was just glad that his sister was alright.

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