Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 84

The next morning Sarah started to come to a little as she heard a irritating beeping sound, she felt weak, tired, exhausted, when she opened her eyes everything was blurry so she blinked a few more times till her vision cleared up. She slowly moved her head to her right to see Dean fast asleep with his hand in her's so she slightly shook his hand but he didn't budge. Just then a nurse came in to check on Sarah.

"Good morning Sarah i'm Nurse Shannon how are you feeling". Nurse Shannon said.

"I feel weak and i'm very tired other than that i'm fine". Sarah said.

"Your gonna feel like that because of the medicine and your also gonna feel sore for a few days". Nurse Shannon said.

After she checked over Sarah she then put her chart back in the folder on the wall.

"I'll be back shortly with your breakfast". Nurse Shannon said.

"Thank you". Sarah said.

She then gave Sarah the tv remote so she can watch something, after a few minutes there was a knock on the door.

"Come in". Sarah said.

Seth and Roman then entered to see their niece wide awake.

"Uncle Seth! Uncle Roman!" Sarah said excitedly.

"Hey sweetheart". Seth said hugging her.

"How you feeling baby girl". Roman said.

"I feel a lot better, the nurse said i'm gonna feel sore for a few days". Sarah said.

"You will so you have to take it easy". Seth said.

"Has your brother been awake yet?" Roman asked.

"Nope". Sarah said.

Seth and Roman then had an idea to prank him so they quietly go to him but unaware to all of them Dean is awake he's just keeping his eyes closed, once the two men are close enough Dean spoke up with his voice heavy with sleep.

"You scream at me or in my ear and i will punch you both in your throats". Dean said.

"I thought he was asleep". Seth said.

"I was i just woke up". Dean said.

"Morning Dean". Sarah said.

Dean then snapped his head over to see his sister wide awake he then gave her a bone crushing hug.

"Oh my baby i'm so glad your alright". Dean said.

"Dean...can't...breath...and your crushing me". Sarah said.

Dean then kissed her head but didn't let go.

"How do you feel sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"Better, the nurse said i'll be sore for a few days". Sarah said.

"Well that means you are going to take it easy for a while". Dean said.

"I know". Sarah said.

The nurse then brought in Sarah's breakfast then she ate, they all then watched tv when the doctor came in to check on Sarah.

"Hi Sarah i'm Dr Jones do you remember me". Dr Jones said.

"Yeah". Sarah said.

"Well i'm gonna check on you to make sure your alright. Are you in any pain". Dr Jones said.

"A little". Sarah said.

"How bad from 1-10". Dr Jones said.

"Maybe about a 5 or 6". Sarah said.

"Do you have any other pain?" Dr Jones asked.

"No". Sarah said.

The dr then checked all of her stats then gave her a little medicine for the pain once he was finished he left the room, Sarah then felt drowsy from the medicine.

"Get some rest sweetheart were not going anywhere". Dean said.

"Promise?" Sarah asked in a slur.

"We promise sweetheart". Dean said.

Sarah's eyes then started to droop for a couple seconds till she was out like a light, Dean stayed by his sister's side holding her hand in one of his then moving hair out of her face with the other.

"I love you so much sweetheart". Dean whispered.

He then kissed her head then sat there as he slowly drifted off to sleep again, it's been a few hours since the doctor has checked on Sarah and she was fine Dean was now awake. He hasn't left his sister side for anything he just stared at her watching her sleep just then there was a soft knock at the door so Dean got up to answer it he then saw Seth and Roman there so he comes out the room so they don't disturb Sarah.

"How is she?" Roman asked.

"She's still asleep". Dean said.

"Have you left yet?" Seth asked.

Dean was still wearing the same clothes from the previous day and he hasn't shaved just yet he was also in need for a shower.

"No and i'm not going to not until she is released". Dean said.

"Dean at least go change your clothes man". Seth said.

"That is the very least of my worries right now the only thing i care about right now is my sister in this room behind me that's it". Dean said.

"Dean she'll be fine with us while you go clean up and change if anything happens one of us will call you". Roman said.

"I'm not leaving". Dean said.

"Dean she will be ok you said it yourself she's still asleep so you go to the hotel shower, change and come back if she needs you we'll call you". Seth said.

"Yeah and if i leave what happens if she needs a shot, i'm the only one who will be able to calm her down". Dean said.

"I swear your just so stubborn i see where Sarah gets it from". Seth said.

"I'm not leaving until Sarah does". Dean said.

"That's what it'll take for you to leave?" Roman asked.

"Yeah". Dean said.

"Well can you talk to the doctor to see when she'll get released". Roman said.

"I can". Dean said.

Dean then went to the nurse's station to page Sarah's doctor he then waited a long 5 minutes for him to show up.

"Uh Dean is it what can i do for you". Dr Jones said.

"I was wondering when my sister will be able to get released". Dean said.

"Well for now we just want to monitor her to make sure she's stable enough to leave, if we release her too early she could get a infection. We'll keep her for another day or so and if everything is good she can go but she will need to take it easy and rest for a few days. Once she's released she will be sore for a few days and she'll need rest then in a couple weeks she'll be good as new but i would still recommend for her to take it easy". Dr Jones said.

"Alright thanks". Dean said.

Dr Jones then went back to his other patients then Dean went back to his sister's room to find her still asleep, Seth and Roman were quietly talking outside the room when Dean came up.

"What he say". Seth said.

"They wanna keep her to make sure she stable enough to leave if they release her too soon she could get an infection, they're going to keep her for at least another day or so and if everything is good she'll be able to get released". Dean explained.

"So while she's still asleep why don't you go clean up and change she will be fine when you get back". Seth said.

"I don't know Seth i never left her while she was sick". Dean said.

Sarah was starting to come to a little everything was still a little fuzzy but she remembered that she's still at the hospital after getting her appendix removed, she noticed her brother wasn't in the room so she called out for her brother.

"De". Sarah called out.

Dean then went back in the room after hearing his sister call him and he went right by her side.

"Hey baby how are you feeling". Dean said.

"I'm ok i just wanna get out of here". Sarah said.

"I know you do, i talked to your doctor he said that they're going to keep you for another day or so to make sure that your stable enough to leave". Dean said.

"But i feel fine". Sarah said.

"I bet you do the doctor just doesn't wanna take any risk that's all". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

"Hey you up for see somebody". Dean said.

"Who". Sarah said.

"Come in guys". Dean said.

Seth and Roman then entered the room then saw their niece's face brighten up.

"Uncle Seth! Uncle Roman". Sarah said excitedly.

"How you doing sweetheart". Seth said.

"I'm fine still a little sore". Sarah said.

"Your gonna feel like that for a few days baby girl". Roman said.

"Sweetheart will you be alright with Seth and Roman while i run back to the hotel to change, i'll be right back in 20 minutes tops". Dean said.

"Your coming back right?" Sarah asked.

"I'll be back i promise". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Dean then kissed her head then she kissed his cheek, Dean then had left the hospital to change and clean up leaving Seth and Roman to watch over Sarah. They all watched tv then Sarah's nurse came in to change her IV but when Sarah saw the needle she was close to freaking out.

"Sweetheart are you ok". Seth said.

"I don't want the needle". Sarah said.

Roman and Seth look at each other not knowing what to do then Seth had an idea.

"Sarah take my hand then close your eyes and squeeze my hand as hard as you can". Seth said.

"Are you sure that'll work Seth?" Roman asked.

"It's worth a try". Seth said.

Sarah took a hold of Seth's hand then closed her eyes but as soon as she felt the needle touch her skin she started to shake with fear.

"Hey it's alright sweetheart ok". Seth said.

Once her IV was changed the nurse then left and Sarah kept her grip on Seth's hand.

"Hey it's done now sweetheart it's over you can open your eyes". Seth said.

Sarah then opened her eyes to see everything's finish and she was able to calm down.

"Nice job Seth". Roman said.

"Thanks". Seth replied.

"How'd you do that?" Roman asked.

"Like i said it was worth a try". Seth said.

They then watched tv waiting for Dean to come back after 20 minutes Dean came back cleaned up and shaved, it was now nearing 8 in the evening so the nurse informed Seth and Roman that visiting hours were over so they had to leave but they promised that they be back the next morning. They then brought Sarah's dinner and she ate what she could they then gave her a little pain medication so she can sleep.

"De could you lay with me please". Sarah asked in a slur.

"Sure sweetheart". Dean said.

Dean then was careful of the wires as he laid on his sister's bed holding her to his chest in a protective hold as he was stroking her hair back as she slowly felt herself going off to dream land.

"G'night De". Sarah said.

"Good night sweetheart sweet dreams". Dean said.

Sarah was then asleep within a few seconds as she listened to Dean's heart beat, Dean laid on the bed holding his sister as he stroked her hair back then after a while sleep ended up calling his name.

After a couple of days Sarah was finally released from the hospital, Dean had picked her up bridal style and he was careful to avoid hitting her right side he then brought her up to the room so lay her down so she can rest. The whole time Sarah is recovering Dean refuses to leave her side for more than a few minutes. That night Sarah was curled into Dean's side falling asleep and Dean just held her in a protective hold but managed to bounce around to much since she was still sore.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart i love you". Dean whispered.

He then kissed her head and watched tv until he fell asleep for the night.

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