Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 85

One morning Sarah was still asleep so Dean watches tv while Seth and Roman go to the gym to train for a little while, Dean checks on his sister frequently to make sure she's not in any pain ever since her surgery he has been even more protective and alert to make sure she's alright. He has her tucked into his side then there was a knock on the door making him sigh so he gets up to answer so he gently gets up from the bed removing Sarah from his grip and he covers her back up then kisses her head then wonders who's at the door, all most everyone has been checking in on Sarah since her surgery even to Dean's surprise even Triple H and Stephanie so he wonders who it is this time. He opens the door then gets an annoyed look then steps outside

"What do you want Renee?" Dean asked.

"I heard about Sarah how is she". Renee said.

"She's fine, now what do you want". Dean said.

"I was hoping we could talk". Renee said.

"About what?" Dean replied.

"Did you give it any thought about getting back together?" Renee asked.

"No and i'm not going to". Dean said.

"Why". Renee said.

"Ok first you cheated on me and you were caught, second you threatened my sister, third you laid your hand on her which i don't take kindly too, and how can i forget you hand delivered her to the authority. After all that why would i get back with you". Dean said.

"Dean i still love you i really do, the thing with Jake was a mistake alright it was the worst mistake ever and for what i did to Sarah i only did to get back at you for breaking up with me i was hurt and i wanted to hurt you. But look the past is the past could we maybe start over start fresh". Renee said.

"Moving speech Renee but do i look stupid to you, i wasn't born yesterday i meant what i said were over and i'm not getting back with you that's final. So no matter how much you beg or plead i'm not getting back with you i stay professional at work but outside of work i don't want you around me or Sarah especially after what you did before". Dean said.

"Dean please i will do anything". Renee said.

"Good bye Renee". Dean said.

Dean then went back in just as Renee went back to her room then just as she got back there she all of a sudden felt sick to her stomach so she rushed to the bathroom and emptied her stomach then wondered why she was so sick she checked her bag then something popped into her mind and reached for something else. She then took a test and waited a few minutes and it was time she saw the test then she broke down as she read it.


She dropped the test in shock then wondered who the father is but she knew she now had to talk to Dean again.


Dean then threw his head back against the door making a small thump then checked and saw that Sarah was still asleep boy did he need a drink after talking to Renee his thoughts were then interrupted by Sarah waking up so he went to her side quickly. It took Sarah a couple minutes so her vision could clear and she saw her brother.

"Dean". Sarah said sleepy.

"Hey sweetheart you ok". Dean said.

"My side hurts". Sarah said.

Dean then set a pillow by her right so then recovered her up.

"What time is it". Sarah asked.

"Just a little after 10 and you need to eat something". Dean said.

"Do i have to?" Sarah asked.

"Yes sweetheart even if it's just a little you have to get something on your stomach". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Dean then ordered room service after a couple minutes it came and Sarah ate what she could before she was finished.

"So are we gonna go to the arena today Dean?" Sarah asked.

"Nope i'm gonna stay here with you so you can rest". Dean said.

"Can we at least go so we can see Uncle Seth and Uncle Roman?" Sarah asked.

Even though he was gonna be out of action for a few days Seth and Roman were still gonna compete but he didn't know if he should bring Sarah but he didn't wanna keep her cooped up all day and he wanted her to take it easy.

"I'll think about it for now let's watch a movie what do you say". Dean said.

"Sounds good". Sarah said.

Dean then was flipping through the channels until he found a movie then Sarah curled into his side as he threw an arm around her, half way through the movie Sarah had fallen asleep while Dean stayed awake as he was dozing off. By the end of the movie Dean had fallen asleep and his phone was buzzing singling a text message and it continued doing that for a while, Seth and Roman then had entered the room but since Seth was the first to enter he signed for Roman to be quiet just as he saw his friend and niece fast asleep. They knew that this was a perfect kodak moments so they took their phones out and snapped pictures then put their phones back, Dean's phone kept buzzing and Roman checked it.

"He must have been out for a while cause he hasn't checked none of his texts". Roman said quietly.

"Who are they from?" Seth asked.

"Renee". Roman replied.

"What could she want?" Seth replied.

"Don't know but text after text she either wants something or she just really misses Dean". Roman said.

"We should pack for the arena so we're not late". Seth said.

"Right". Roman said.

Roman has been bunking with Seth and Dean since Sarah's surgery he's been on the couch, Seth and Roman have helped Dean with Sarah one of them would stay up and watch her while he got some rest she woke up a couple times during the night but that was because of her side so one of them helped her while Dean slept. When Sarah was discharged Dean had stayed awake two nights in arrow so he could help her but Seth and Roman had decided to help so he can rest. While they were packing Sarah had slightly stirred in her sleep then blinked waking up she looked around and seen that she fell asleep she then looked over towards her brother to see him fast asleep she then got up, Seth and Roman had heard movement coming from the bed so they checked and saw Sarah awake.

"Hey sweetheart you ok". Seth asked.

"Yeah i'm fine just a bit sore". Sarah replied.

"Do you know how long you were asleep for?" Roman asked.

"No one minute i was watching a movie with Dean then i was out". Sarah said.

Sarah then moved slowly as she made her way to the bathroom with Seth and Roman's help, while she was in there Dean was starting to come to because when he didn't feel his sister next to him he woke up in a panic and saw his two friends.

"Where's Sarah?" Dean asked panicked.

"Relax dude she's in the bathroom calm down". Seth said.

"And check your phone it's been going off for a while". Roman said.

Dean then picked his phone up and opened it then when he saw 35 unread text messages he checked to see who they were from and got annoyed because he saw they were from Renee, mostly all of them said she need to talk to him others said it was urgent he then cleared them and her number out of his phone.

"Who were they from?" Seth asked.

"Renee". Dean answered.

"What she wants?" Roman asked.

"She said she really needs to talk to me says it's urgent, well i'm not talking to her". Dean said.

"Dean what if it is important?" Roman asked.

"Like what?" Dean asked.

"It could be anything just talk to her see what she wants". Roman said.

"It'll be the only way she'll leave you alone". Seth said.

"Alright i'll go talk to her would you guys mind watching Sarah". Dean said.

"Yeah". They said.

Dean then left the room to talk to Renee as much as he doesn't want to but so she'll leave him alone he will do it, he then finds her room knocking on the door then she opens it.

"Dean what are you doing here". Renee asked sniffing.

"You said you wanted to talk to me so what do you wanna talk about and if this is about getting back together forget about it". Dean said.

"Dean i'm...i'm pregnant". Renee said.

Dean was shocked and stunned from what she said, he didn't know how to respond.

"W-what?" Dean asked to be sure.

"I'm pregnant". Renee said.

"Why are you telling me then? We never slept together but that one time and i had protection". Dean said.

"I don't know who the father is, it's between you and Jake". Renee said.

"Well until you know for sure don't come around i have enough on my plate as it is". Dean said.

"Dean if this is your baby would you consider getting back together". Renee said.

"No if this is my baby i will step up other than that i don't want nothing else to do with you or getting back with you". Dean said.

"I can schedule with a doctor and find everything out". Renee said.

"Fine but if this is my baby i will step up and raise the child but i don't want a relationship with you". Dean said.

"Alright". Renee said.

Dean then left going back to the room with his mind wondering, he already had his sister to take care of but a baby? Now he needed a drink big time he wasn't ready for a baby at all especially now that he's moving up in his career he didn't know what the hell to do once he got back to the room he opened it and saw his sister talking with Seth and Roman he didn't know how to break it to them especially to Sarah.

'Here goes anything' Dean thought to himself.

Seth and Roman turned their heads towards the door to see their friend there with a look of disbelief on his face.

"Hey you alright man?" Roman asked.

"No". Dean said.

"What's wrong? What did Renee talk to you about?" Seth asked.

Dean then walked over and sat on the bed with his face buried in his hands then he felt Sarah's hand on his shoulder then looked over towards her then gave her a shoulder hug.

"Dean what's wrong?" Sarah asked.

"Guys there's no easy way of saying this but what Renee wanted to talk to me about is...she's pregnant". Dean said.

"What?"Seth and Roman said together.

"She's having a baby?" Sarah asked.

"Yes". Dean said.

"But you two never". Seth started.

Dean then silent nodded not wanting to go into detail but he covered Sarah's ears so he can say something.

"It was one time and i used protection i'm not stupid". Dean said.

"Did she say anything else?" Roman asked.

Dean kept his hands over Sarah's ears.

"She doesn't know who the father is, it's between me and this ass she cheated on me with". Dean said.

"Wow". They said.

"No kidding". Dean said.

Dean then took his hands off Sarah's ear as she looked down a bit sad and Dean noticed.

"Hey what's wrong sweetheart". Dean asked concerned.

"If it's your baby you might forget about me, you'll spend all your time on the baby you'll forget all about me". Sarah said.

"Oh sweetheart come here". Dean said.

Dean then brought his sister into his arms and hugged her close then kissing her head a few times then when she wouldn't look at him he gently took two fingers and brought her chin up and looked at her with a gentle look.

"Sweetheart i could never ever forget about you not ever and no matter what happens you will always be my baby no matter what. You will always be my little girl no matter what anyone ever says". Dean said.

"Promise?" Sarah asked.

"I promise". Dean said.

Sarah kept her grip on her brother not letting go and Dean didn't blame her.

"Dean could we go to the arena?" Sarah asked.

"Ok but you are not leaving my side for anything but the bathroom other than that you stay with me, understand me". Dean said.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"Good we should head out". Dean said.

"Shouldn't Sarah change first?" Seth asked.

She was still in her pajamas which was a long sleeve shirt and some pajama pants with socks on.

"I don't feel like changing plus i'm pretty comfortable". Sarah said,

"Well put your shoes and jacket on i don't want you getting sick while your still recovering". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

She then slipped her jacket on with Dean's help then he zipped it up and she put her winter boots on then while Seth and Roman got their bags together Dean slipped his jacket on not zipping it, he then took a hold of Sarah's hand as they made there way out of the room leaving heading to the arena. Once there Dean had his sister on his back so he can carry her so she doesn't fall on the slippery sidewalk she remained on his back for a few minutes till he set her down then took a hold of her hand.

"Alright Sarah if you feel any pain let me know ok sweetheart". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

They then walked to Seth's locker room then on the way there Dean heard his name being called so he turns around to see Renee so he sighs.

"Would you guys mind watching her till i get back?" Dean asked.

"Yeah". Seth said.

"I'll be right back sweetheart". Dean said.

"Ok". Sarah said.

Dean kissed his sister's head then went over towards Renee.

"What Renee". Dean said.

"The doctor's here agreed to do a test and we'll have the results back quick". Renee said.

"Alright let's just get this over with". Dean said.

"What's your problem Dean?" Renee asked.

"My problem? My problem is that my sister just had surgery so i have to make sure she's alright now i found out you're pregnant with possibly my baby so pardon me if i feel a bit stressed right now and if i'm not the father i'm not taking care of the kid". Dean said.

"Oh but you'll take care of Sarah". Renee said.

"That's completely different. Sarah is my sister and i raised her since birth since we don't have no other family around, i was the only person to take care of her if i didn't take care of her she'd be in foster care and i will be damned if i let that happen. I'm more of a father to Sarah anyway. Don't question me on taking care of my sister". Dean said.

"Let's just get this done". Renee said.

"Whatever". Dean said.

They then went to the doctor's and they both had their blood drawn then waited for the results, after a while they came back.

"Well what are the results". Renee said.

"Dean...you are not the father". The doctor said.

He then sighed in relief then left but Renee followed him.

"So that's it you're just gonna walk?" Renee asked.

"Yup you're damn right". Dean said.

"I still want to talk to you". Renee said.

"Talk about what Renee? I don't want to be with you and the kid's not mine what's there to talk about i'm not gonna raise a kid that's not mine". Dean said.

"So why are you raising Sarah clearly she has a father". Renee said.

"He didn't want anything to do with her! He walked out on her before she was even born i stepped up because it's my job as an older brother to watch her, protect her, and guide her through life to make sure she doesn't make mistakes. I'm more of a father to Sarah than anyone else she means everything to me and there's nothing i wouldn't do for her she's my life. Renee before i seriously lose my cool with you just leave me alone". Dean said.

Dean then continued his way to Seth's locker room but is so glad that he's not the father, once he's there he enters the room but Roman signs for him to be quiet since Sarah had fallen asleep so the trio then goes out in the hallway to talk.

"Well what's the verdict". Seth said.

"I'm not the father". Dean said.

"Wow". Seth said.

"You dodged a bullet". Roman said.

"Well the only baby i need in my life is Sarah, she's my little girl the only person i'll ever need in life". Dean said.

"Aw isn't that cute Dean's going soft it's cute". Seth joked.

"I find it adorable". Roman said.

"Bite me". Dean said.

"I don't know what you would have done with a baby and Sarah". Seth said.

"Well i'm just glad i don't have to think about that". Dean said.

"We gotta head out for our tag match now you staying or taking Sarah back?" Roman asked.

"We'll stay she doesn't like being cooped up". Dean said.

Seth and Roman then went out for their tag match while Dean went back inside to the locker room to check on his sister, she was stirring awake then had a sleepy smile when she saw her brother.

"Hey sweetheart you ok". Dean said.

"I'm fine, are you ok? What did she want?" Sarah asked.

"We just had to go do something that's all". Dean said.

"So is it your baby?" Sarah asked.

"No sweetheart it's not mine". Dean said.

"I'm glad i didn't wanna have to share you". Dean said.

"I don't need a baby in my life because your my baby and you always will be, no mater what you will always be my little girl and i don't care what anyone says about it". Dean said.

"I love you Dean". Sarah said hugging her brother.

"I love you too sweetheart". Dean said.

They then watched Seth and Roman's tag match against Randy and Kane.


Half of the match has gone by Seth and Roman are dominating then Kane gets ready for a chokeslam but Seth was able to get to the top turnbuckle and take Kane out with a knee to the face he then took Orton out while Roman dealt with Kane. Roman was pumped up he then superman punched Kane then got ready for the spear but Orton tried to stop it but Roman superman punched him then just as Roman was about to spear Randy had pushed Seth in the way and Roman speared him instead and Kane choke slammed Roman then Randy pinned Seth for the win.

"The winners of this match Randy Orton and Kane!" Lillian said.

Randy and Kane got out the ring while laughing heading backstage while Roman tried to help Seth up, once the two were up they headed backstage so they can change and head back to the hotel for the night the two decided to bunk with Dean for one more night just in case he'll need help with Sarah. By the time they got back to the hideout Sarah was in and out of it so Dean picked her up then Seth and Roman got their bags heading out. When they got outside they saw the sky darkened with clouds with a few low rumbles Dean knew this wasn't gonna be an easy night because his sister was terrified of storms so he already knew that this was gonna be a long night, when Sarah heard the low thunder she then clutched to Dean and he stroked her hair to calm her.

They then headed back to the hotel just as it started to drizzle a little bit, by the time they got back to the hotel the rain had picked up a little so they quickly went inside and headed up to the room Sarah had clutched onto her brother burying her face in his shirt.

"It's alright sweetheart it's gonna be fine i promise". Dean said.

Seth and Roman were confused at why Sarah was acting like this so they waited till they got to the room to ask, once in the room they all got settled then there was a big clap of thunder scaring the crap out of Sarah making her clutch to her brother.

"Dean". Sarah said worried.

"It's alright sweetheart i promise everything's gonna be fine". Dean said.

"Um what's going on?" Seth asked.

"Sarah's afraid of thunderstorms she always has been". Dean said.

Dean then picked her up so she can go rest he puts a pillow at her right side so she'll be comfortable so while she tries to rest the three men quickly change for bed, after they were changed there was another loud clap of thunder making Sarah whimper burying herself under the covers more she tried many times to get over this fear but she couldn't. Dean then went to his sister and brought her close to him holding her while gently rocking her then remembers a song he sang her when she was little.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You'll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine away

The other night dear, as I lay sleepin'

I dreamed, I held you in my arms

When I awoke dear, I was mistaken

So I hung my head and I cry

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You'll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine away

You told me once dear, you really loved me

And no one else could come between us

But now you've left me and you love another

And you have shattered all my dreams

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You'll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine away

I'll always love you and make you happy

If you will only say the same

But if you leave me to love another

But you'll regret it all some day

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You'll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine away

Please don't take my sunshine away". Dean sang.

"I like that song De". Sarah said sleepy.

"I do too sweetheart". Dean said.

He kept rocking her at a gentle pace as he stroked her hair back then once she was fast asleep he gently laid her down and covered her and kissed her head.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Dean whispered.

Once that was finished the guys then decided to have a quick talk outside of the room.

"Dean why didn't you tell us about when you and Renee ya know". Seth said.

"It was one time we were hanging in her room and she came onto me first i haven't been with someone in a really long time so we did what we did but i wore protection i'm not an idiot". Dean said.

"It was a good thing you did because i don't think you wanna be a father right now, you already have Sarah but when you add a baby into it she would have felt left out". Roman said.

"I don't wanna be a father at all i'm perfectly fine with just Sarah i don't need or want any more kids other than her, she's everything to me there isn't anything i wouldn't do for her. I'm more of a father to her anyway so i'm fine with just Sarah she is my little girl and nothing won't ever change about that". Dean said.

"We're proud of you Dean you have come along way with Sarah, not many people would do what you did most other people would have dumped them off with other relatives but not you". Seth said.

"Seth's right you took on the biggest responsibility ever especially at a young age, you raised your sister by yourself with no help then you continued on doing it by yourself". Roman said.

"Well i don't trust most people with my sister i would die before i let anything happen to her". Dean said.

"Let's just hope it doesn't come to that". Seth said.

"For now let's get some rest i don't know about you two but i am exhausted". Roman said.

"Same here". Seth said.

"Let's hit the hay". Dean said.

The three men went back into the room quietly just as Sarah slept, Seth got on the second bed, Roman got the pull out couch, and Dean shared the bed with his sister. Seth and Roman were fast asleep while Dean just stared at the ceiling lost in his thoughts, through out the night when the thunder rumbled that made Sarah whimpered and curl into her brother's side looking for comfort and safety she then gripped his t shirt. Dean had felt something grab his shirt so he looked down to see his sister's hand clutching his shirt so he brought her close to him. Just then a huge clap of thunder rumbled in the skies which made Sarah jump up out of her sleep scared to death.

"Hey hey it's alright sweetheart i'm right here, i'm right here baby i'm not going anywhere". Dean soothed.

"I don't like storms". Sarah whimpered.

"I know sweetheart it'll be over by morning". Dean said.

Sarah then propped herself up laying her head on her brother's chest then gripping some of his shirt, Dean then wrapped his arms around her protectively as he dropped a couple kisses to her head he then hummed to her which made her go back to sleep on his chest while Dean laid awake for awhile then sleep soon called his name.

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