Big Brother Seth

Chapter 2

The next morning Seth was awoken by jumping on his bed and he opens his eyes to see his sister jumping up and down on the bed to get him up.

"Wake up Seth, wake up wake up wake up". Sky said excitedly.

"Sky indoor voice and stop jumping on the bed before you get hurt. What time is it". Seth replied sleepy.

Sky stopped jumping then looked at the clock on her phone.

"It's a little after 7:30". Sky said.

"Why aren't you still sleep like a normal kid?" Seth asked.

"I always get up early in the morning i'm use to it, by the way your phone was ringing someone named Dean was calling". Sky said.

"Dammit". Seth mumbled.

Seth then got up so he can get ready for the day since Sky was already dressed.

"While i get ready you can watch tv after i get ready we'll head out". Seth said.

"Ok". Sky said.

Seth grabbed a new set of clothes then headed into the bathroom just as Sky turned the tv on, just then there was a knock at the door.

"Sky can you get that please". Seth said.

"Ok". Sky said.

When she opened the door it was Roman, Dean and Dean's kid sister Sarah.

"Who are you?" Dean asked.

"Who are you?" Sky asked.

"I asked you first". Dean said.

Seth then emerged from the bathroom as he was buckling his belt.

"Sky who is it". Seth asked.

"How you doing Seth". Dean said.

Seth then turned around in shock to see his two friends and niece standing there.

"Dean, Roman, Sarah, what are you guys doing here this early?" Seth asked.

"Well you wouldn't answer your phone so we decided to check on you". Roman said.

"Who's the kid?" Dean asked.

"Dean, Roman, Sarah i'd like you to meet my little sister Skylar". Seth said.

"I prefer Sky". Sky said.

"Hi Sky". Roman said.

"Hi". Sky said shyly.

"Hi Sky". Sarah said.

"Hi". Sky said.

"I'm Sarah, Dean's my brother". Sarah said.

"Where are your mom and dad?" Sky asked.

"I'd rather not talk about that". Sarah said.

"We should head to the arena before it gets too late". Seth said.

"Let's go". Roman said.

"Sky make sure you have your backpack and something to keep you occupied with we'll be there all day i don't want you to be bored". Seth said.

"Alright". Sky said.

Seth then gave his friends a look that says 'i'll explain later' they then nodded just as Sky came back with her backpack, they all then headed to the arena and in Seth's mind having Sky around right now is a bad idea since they are feuding with The Wyatts he doesn't know how Dean does it at being a brother. He's never been a older brother before he never knew he had a sibling until now he hopes he doesn't screw up at this he'll talk to Dean about it later. Once they arrived Dean took a hold of his sister's hand while Seth took a hold of Sky's hand as they went in the arena.

"So what are we gonna do all day?" Sky asked.

"Well it depends if we have to go out tonight, if we have to go out tonight we have to put on ring gear and prepare. If we don't have to go out we just watch and wait to see what we'll do". Seth explained.

"Does that mean we can come out with you guys?" Sky asked excitedly.

"I don't know about Dean but you are not coming out tonight sorry Sky, it's too dangerous for you to come out especially while were feuding with another group". Seth said.

"So if your going out where are me and Sarah gonna go?" Sky asked.

"I'll probably leave you with one of the divas or Roman's cousins". Seth said.

"I was gonna leave Sarah with Jimmy and Jey so you can ask if they'll keep an eye on Sky for you". Dean said.

"But why will it be too dangerous for us to come out?" Sky asked.

"Sky, this another group were feuding with they will do anything and everything in their power to mess with us either physically or mentally these guys are dangerous. That's why Dean doesn't like bringing his sister out with feuds like this because he doesn't want her hurt or involved with this i don't want that for you Sky. I don't wanna see you hurt because of me trust me when i say this if you got hurt and it was because of me, mom will come and beat my ass". Seth said.

"I wouldn't doubt that". Sky said.

Seth's phone then rang and he left the group to answer it, he then had a pissed off look because he knew who it was.

-"Hi dad". Seth sneered.

-"Hello Seth". James said.

-"What do you want? I'm busy". Seth replied.

-"Can i talk to Sky? I just got your voicemail". James said.

-"No you cannot talk to her, you left her just like you left me". Seth said.

-"I came back Seth now stop being ridiculous and let me talk to my daughter". James said.

-"Oh now she's your daughter see from what i heard you signed your rights away right after you and mom got divorced". Seth said.

-"Look i know what i did was a mistake but people make mistakes Seth". James told his son.

-"Mistake? Which mistake are you talking about dad? Divorcing my mother for someone else? Giving up your rights to Sky? Which mistake was it dad please humor me". Seth said.

-"Look i wish i could take it all back but i can't, the thing with me and your mother we just grew apart Seth that's all". James said.

-"Yeah like i haven't heard that old excuse before". Seth said.

-"You can't keep me from my daughter Seth". James said.

-"Actually i can because mom signed temporary custody over to me so if you wanna see or talk to Sky you come to me and right now my answer is no, that's if she even wants to see or talk to you. You did a lot to me growing up dad but i will be damned if you do it to my little sister". Seth said.

-"The past is the past Seth let it go what's done is done it can't be fixed". James said.

-"Look i'm busy i gotta go". Seth said.

-"Seth-" James started but Seth hung up.

After Seth hung the phone up he was ready to crush it but then he felt small arms wrap around him so he looked down to see Sky hugging him then a small smile appeared on his face.

"I don't have to see or talk to dad do i?" Sky asked.

"Not if you don't want to, i won't make you do anything you don't want to do". Seth said.

"I don't want to do it". Sky said.

"Then you don't have to, Sky it's your choice if you wanna see dad or not that's not my choice to make. If you wanna see dad i won't get mad, if you wanna talk to him i won't get mad". Seth said.

Sky then threw her arms around Seth's torso tightly burying her face into his shirt. "I love you Seth". Sky said.

"I love you too Sky and i will always be here for you no matter what". Seth said.

"Your the best brother ever". Sky said.

"I don't know about that". Seth said.

"We should get going we have to get ready for tonight and we have to get the girls ready". Roman said.

"Let's go". Seth said.

"Could me and Sarah walk around?" Sky asked.

"Yeah i could show Sky around please Dean please". Sarah said.

"It's alright with me but i don't want you doing anywhere near the authority or The Wyatts do you hear me Sarah". Dean said sternly.

"Yes Dean". Sarah said.

"Can i go with Sarah, please Seth please". Sky said.

"Alright but the same goes for you i don't want you anywhere near the authority or The Wyatts, do you understand me". Seth said sternly.

"Yes". Sky said.

"Alright be good and behave once your done your little tour come back to the hideout". Seth said.

"You too Sarah". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Dean then kissed his sister's head just as Seth did the same then the two girls went off to walk around once they were out of earshot Seth sighed.

"What's wrong Seth?" Roman asked.

"I don't know how to be an older brother, i never been around kids before. How do you do it Dean there has to be a secret to how you do it". Seth said.

"Not really, look I've been taking care of Sarah since she was born it was hard at first but once she got older it got a bit easier. And there is no secret at all all you gotta do is set some rules for Sky, if she breaks a rule punish her". Dean said.

"Punish her how?" Seth asked.

"Depends on what she did wrong and what you see fit as punishment". Dean said.

"Did you ever punish Sarah?" Seth asked.

"Couple times all i did was take her phone for a week". Dean said.

"How is that punishment?" Seth asked.

"You ever see a kid go without their phone for a week? The second i gave Sarah her phone back it became her new best friend trust me it's punishment enough for her". Dean said.

"So you never spanked her or anything?" Seth asked.

"Nope i never once laid a hand on her and i never will, but you do whatever punishment you see fit on what she did wrong". Dean said.

"I'd help you Seth but i'm the youngest of my siblings but i already see it in you, you have that same overprotective flare in you just like Dean has. We know that you won't ever let anyone hurt Sky just like Dean won't let anyone hurt Sarah". Roman said.

"If anyone hurt Sky i'd probably have to kick their ass then my mom will kick my ass". Seth said.

"Seth it'll get easier it just takes time after a while you'll get use to it". Dean said.

"How long did it take you?" Seth asked.

"Took me a few months till after she was born but she became the apple of my eye, there isn't anything i wouldn't do for her. Sarah means everything to me and i will do anything to protect her. Like i said it'll just take time Seth soon Sky will have you wrapped around her finger". Dean said.

"You guys think i'm cut out for this? Being a brother? What if i screw something up?" Seth asked.

"Seth you'll make mistakes in life but you will learn from them, look i may not be an older brother but i do have a daughter it won't be hard once you get the hang of it everything will get easier". Roman said.

"So what if you screw up you don't think i screwed up a few times with Sarah? I did but i learned from that it just takes time to get the hang of it once you give it time you'll get the hang of it". Dean said.

"I think i can do it, i mean you've been doing for 11 years Dean so how hard can it be". Seth said.

"See there you go Seth we know you can do it, you can be the best damn brother Sky could ever ask for". Dean said.

"I can and i will be the best damn brother i can be". Seth said confidently.

"Come on we have to get ready for tonight". Roman said.

The trio then went to their hideout to change into their gear, while Sarah was showing Sky around the arena.

"Hey Sarah". Sky said.

"What's up Sky". Sarah said.

"Who's the authority and The Wyatts, Seth seemed pretty serious when he said to stay away from them". Sky said.

"Well the authority is Stephanie and Triple H they run the WWE, Randy Orton, and Kane, most superstars don't tend to get in their way or they get severe consequences". Sarah started.

"What kind of consequences?" Sky asked.

"It could be anything, they could put someone in an unfair match, force someone to defend their title, or even strip them of the title. Stephanie and Triple H will do anything as punishment to someone if they are either disrespected or if someone gets in their way. Now The Wyatts they are the creepiest scariest guys around here they will do anything to mess with superstars, they always play mind games with everyone so far they haven't done it with our brothers and Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"I thought Dean was your brother". Sky said.

"He is he's more like my dad then my brother so i consider Seth and Roman my uncles since they are like Dean's brothers". Sarah explained.

"Does that mean we could be like sisters?" Sky asked.

"I'd like that i already have one overprotective brother it'd be nice to have a sister". Sarah said.

"Sisters". Sky said holding her pinky out.

"Sisters". Sarah said taking her pinky.

The two girls then started walking again till Sky spoke up again.

"Sarah if i ask you something promise you won't get mad". Sky said.

"What is it?" Sarah asked.

"Where's your mom and dad? Why is it that you travel with your brother?" Sky asked.

"I really don't know where my mom and dad are, Dean's always taken care of me my whole life. I don't even know what my parents look like but Dean says i look like our mom i never bothered asking about my dad because i don't need him all i need is Dean in my life". Sarah said.

"I'm sorry". Sky said.

"It's ok, what about your parents?" Sarah replied.

"They got divorced my mom was pretty torn up about it so she sent me to live with Seth until she got back on her feet, as for my dad i'm not really talking to him right now ever since the divorce i kept my distance from him". Sky said.

"Why?" Sarah asked.

"I heard them arguing one day they thought i wouldn't hear since i was in my room with the door shut but i heard them anyway, my mom had asked my dad something and he said...he said he didn't want me. I didn't know what he meant so i asked my mom she said i was too young to understand what it meant so after the divorce i lived with my mom, my dad hardly ever came around to visit me and when he did he was acting funny and he smelt weird all the time so i just stayed in my room". Sky explained.

"Why don't you tell your brother?" Sarah asked.

"I don't think he believe me if i told him". Sky said.

"Trust me when i say this if you have anything to tell him and it's important like this he'll believe you". Sarah said.

Before Sky could reply back to Sarah her phone to buzz with a familiar number but she doesn't know if she should answer it.

"It's my dad should i answer it and see what he wants or ignore it?" Sky asked.

"It depends do you want to talk to him?" Sarah asked.

"Not really". Sky said.

"Then ignore the call". Sarah said.

Sky ignored the call but he kept calling back.

"He won't stop calling, what do i do?" Sky asked.

"Tell Seth he'll know what to do he always does plus it's time we go to the hideout anyway". Sarah said.

"What is the hideout?" Sky asked.

"It's just a place where the guys and i go till the show starts then once they go out Dean always leaves me with someone". Sarah said.

"Who does he leave you with?" Sky asked.

"Almost everyone, sometimes he'll leave me with another superstar or diva but mainly he leaves me with Uncle Roman's cousins Jimmy and Jey. They're cool". Sarah said.

"So you never once went out to the ring?" Sky asked.

"My brother doesn't want to bring me out, he thinks it's better for my safety if i don't go out the less people know about me the better. He doesn't wanna put a target on me so he keeps me back here then after the match or whatever they do is finished he comes to get me then we head back to the hotel for the night". Sarah said.

"Don't you ever get bored being back here?" Sky asked.

"I do but since i'm homeschooled, Dean makes sure i have some work i can do back here". Sarah said.

"You don't have any now?" Sky asked.

"Spring break". Sarah said.

The girls then headed back to the hideout and Sky's phone kept ringing off the hook from her father but she kept ignoring the call she just hopes Seth'll know what to do, they finally get to the hideout and they head inside just as the guys are strapping their vests on.

"Hey guys were here". Sarah said.

Dean then looked over to see the two girls.

"Hey girls how was your walk?" Dean asked.

"It was good". Sarah said.

"Seth could i talk to you out in the hall please". Sky said.

"Sure". Seth said.

Seth finished strapping his vest on then headed out to the hallway with his sister.

"What'd you wanna talk about Sky?" Seth asked.

"Dad won't stop calling me". Sky said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"Dad won't stop calling me, every time i ignore the call he just calls back and he won't stop. It's scaring me a little". Sky said.

"Let me see your phone". Seth said.

Sky handed her phone to Seth as he checked to see over 20 missed calls from their dad which seriously pissed Seth off.

"Look Sky i'll deal with this later alright you did the right thing by telling me i'll handle this when we go back to the hotel ok". Seth said.

"Ok". Sky said.

Dean then came out with his sister and Roman in tow as it was time for them to go out.

"We should get the girls to Jimmy and Jey". Dean said.

"Sounds good let's go Sky". Seth said taking her hand.

When Sky took her brother's hand she felt him tense then they walked through the hallways down to The Usos locker room, once they got there they agreed to watch the girls while they went out. Dean and Roman noticed something was off with their friend and didn't know why so they could ask later.


The Wyatts has just finished their promo till The Shield's music hit and they come down through the crowd then hops the barricade then slowly approached the ring hopping up on the apron staring down The Wyatts then once Roman got in the ring The Wyatts got out standing on the apron then when Luke Harper and Eric Rowan got back in Dean and Seth stepped as if a fight were about to break out then all the lights go out in the arena then once they came back on two pictures were in the ring one in front of Dean and the other in front of Seth they picked them up.

The picture sent fear, worry, and panic through their bodies. The pictures were of their sisters and they were recent, Dean was ready to go fight those sons of bitches for this while Seth was livid he may have had his sister for a day but he already loved her to death and he'd do anything for her anything to protect her. They put the pictures in their pockets then head backstage hoping that the girls are still safe with Jimmy and Jey, Dean and Roman still notice something is off with their friend.

"Seth are you alright? Ever since you talked to Sky you seem more uptight". Dean said.

Seth sighed then faced his friends.

"When Sky and Sarah were taking their walk our dad kept blowing up Sky's phone". Seth said.

"And that's a bad thing how?" Roman asked.

"When our parents got divorced he signed his rights to Sky over to my mom giving her full custody of her now for some reason he wants to talk to her and see her, i ain't letting that happen". Seth said.

"Why". Dean said.

"Because he's doing to Sky...what he did to me as a kid. He'll stay for a while then he'll start bailing first it starts out as one or two days of not coming home then it turns into weeks then months then when i was 17 i had finally saved enough to go to wrestling school so i left my dad was pissed about it but i didn't care but i will be damned if he does that same shit to my sister". Seth said.

"So why she with you". Roman asked.

"After my parents divorced my mom took it hard so she sent Sky to live with me just until she can get back on her feet so i have temporary custody of Sky". Seth explained.

"Well we should get the girls and head out it's getting late i don't want Sarah up more than she should be". Dean said.

They then went to get the girls from Jimmy and Jey, Seth and Dean thanked them for keeping the girls then they headed back to the hotel during the drive Sky bit her lip deciding if she should tell Seth how her father's been acting when she saw him on some visits then made up her mind but she'll tell him at the hotel.

Once at the hotel the group separated going to their rooms for the night to get some sleep, Sky took his sister to his room and once they entered Sky went to her suitcase to grab some pajamas to change.

"Seth can i tell you something...about dad". Sky said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"After the divorce when he came to see me he acted different". Sky said.

This made Seth take his sister and sit her down getting protective.

"Sky did he hurt you in any kind of way?" Seth asked.

"No, he just acted different and he smelt weird. He did that when he came over to see me". Sky said.

"Was this before or after the divorce?" Seth asked.

"Sorta both before the divorce he always came home like that his clothes would be a mess, he would stink, he acted different, then after the divorce he did the same thing so i just stayed in my room". Sky explained.

This made Seth furious but he pushed that aside for the time being.

"Why don't you get ready for bed it's already past your curfew as it is". Seth said.

"Alright". Sky said.

Seth then kissed her head then she disappeared into the bathroom just as Seth swiped his phone off the bed going out on the patio dialing his father's number because he is hot.

-"Hello". James answered.

-"What in the hell is wrong with you, you stupid son of a bitch". Seth explode.

-"Well hi to you too son". James said.

-"Why in the hell were you around Sky when you were drunk?" Seth asked angrily.

-"Seth she's a child she has a wild imagination she's lying i never went around her drunk". James said.

-"Now your saying she's a liar when she told me how you acted, that you smelt weird. Right now i believe my sister over you". Seth said.

-"Are you done? I'm very busy". James said.

Seth then heard another woman's voice in the background.

-"Yeah i bet you are dad, and another thing why the hell are you calling Sky all of a sudden". Seth replied.

-"I told you i wanted to talk to my daughter and you won't keep her from me". James said.

-"I can and i will keep her from you and it's her choice if she wants to see you. I will be a better father to Sky then you ever will be, i'll be there for her like you were suppose to be, i will always be there for my sister no matter what. If i ever hear or catch you around her i swear to god i will end you". Seth said.

Seth then heard the phone go out then he tossed his on the table holding his head in his hands but what he didn't know was that Sky had heard him then went out on the patio and hugged him burying her face into his neck.

"It's alright Sky it's alright, he won't ever come near you again not ever again. I will always be here for you and i will always protect you no matter what". Seth said.

"He threatened mom a couple of times, he told her that if she ever left he'd take me away from her and i'd never see mom again". Sky whispered.

Seth was cursing his father every which way in his head right now he had burning hatred for his father after all the emotional pain he caused on his mother and sister he was ready to find his father and tear him a new ass.

"Don't worry Sky he won't ever take you anywhere, he won't take you away from me or mom not if i have anything to say about it". Seth said.

"I'm glad i found you Seth, you're the best big brother i could ever ask for". Sky said.

Seth formed a lump in his throat then cleared it then spoke.

"I'm glad you found me too Sky and you're the best little sister i could ever ask for". Seth said.

"I love you Sethie". Sky said sleepy.

Seth then kissed her temple a couple times then replied.

"I love you too sweetheart". Seth said.

Sky ended up falling asleep in Seth's arms and her face buried in his shoulder so he picked her up gently carrying her to the room laying her down on the bed and covering her up with the blanket.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart". Seth whispered.

He then kissed her forehead then quickly changed for bed, once he was changed into some basketball shorts and a tank top he came out of the bathroom and heard soft whimpering coming from Sky so he remembered what Dean does when Sarah has a nightmare he goes to her pulls her close to him rocking her gently then whispers in her ear.

"Shh it's alright sweetheart everything's alright, it's just a dream you're dreaming it's alright. I'm right here Sky i'm right here sweetheart, I've got you big brother's right here and i'm not going anywhere". Seth whispered in her ear.

Sky had calmed down then once Seth put her back down on the bed he was just about to get up when her arm shot out grabbing his tank top.

"What's wrong Sky". Seth asked gently.

"Don't leave me". Sky whispered.

"I'm not going anywhere sweetie". Seth said.

He then got back on the bed and laid down just as Sky curled into his side he then threw a protective arm around her.

"G'night Seth". Sky said falling asleep.

"Good night Sky". Seth said.

Sky had fell back asleep just as sleep was calling Seth's name, he fell asleep that night with a smile on his face knowing he had his sister next to him safe and sound. He was determined to be the best brother he can be.

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