Big Brother Seth

Chapter 3

The next morning Seth was awoken by someone consistently knocking on the door he reached down to grab his phone to check the time and it was a little after 8 in the morning he then took in his surroundings as Sky laid curled up into his side lightly gripping his shirt, he started to get annoyed by the knocking so he got up to answer it so it won't wake Sky up he figured it'd be Dean, Sarah, and Roman but when he opened the door he face went into complete shock at who it was.

"Hello son". James said.

"Dad". Seth said shocked.

Seth was completely shocked at seeing his father there outside his hotel room.

"Aren't you gonna let me in?" James asked.

"Let's talk outside i don't wanna wake up Sky". Seth said.

Seth then went out the room closing the door behind him then glaring at his father.

"What the hell are you doing here dad?" Seth asked.

"Is it a crime to drop by and see my kids now, it's been too long since we saw each other Seth". James said.

"I wonder why dad". Seth said.

"You really need to let the past go son you have to what's done is done you can't change it". James said.

"I did let that go dad i let that go when i left home to start my career and you were pissed when i did leave". Seth said.

"You're damn right i was pissed you left so you can go fight in a ring when you could have had it all working with me in my business". James said.

"That's not what i wanted to do dad i never wanted to work in your business i wanted to make a name for myself and that's exactly what i did". Seth said.

"Can i at least see Sky? She's still my daughter Seth". James said.

"That's up to her not me and why all of a sudden you want to see her huh, because when you divorced mom you had signed your rights away giving mom full and sole custody of her. Why come around all of a sudden". Seth said.

"Look giving my rights up that was very stupid and dumb of me but i wanna make it up to her please give me that chance". James said.

"Why should i? You're gonna do the same thing to her that you did to me and i will be damned if you do that to her, and what in the hell were you doing going around her while you were drunk? Have you lost your mind completely, she is a child dad and you were going around her while you were drunk what the hell is wrong with you". Seth almost yelled.

"Seth she was lying to you i never once went around her while drunk i'm not stupid". James said.

"Do you think i'm stupid dad? I wasn't born yesterday, Sky told me how you acted and how you smelt when you went over to see her". Seth said.

"Seth you know all children have wild active imaginations she was lying to you". James said.

Seth then has had enough of his father so he grabbed his arm twisting it behind his back shoving him against the wall.

"This is the last time i'm telling you dad, stay away from me and stay the hell away from Sky. If i hear or ever catch you around her i swear to go i will snap your arms and legs like twigs, and if you ever in your life threaten either Sky or my mother ever again i will end your pathetic worthless ass". Seth hissed in his father's ear.

What Seth didn't know what that Sky had opened the door and saw what he was doing.

"Seth". Sky called out.

Seth turned around to see his sister awake with a confused look on her face.

"Sky could you go back in the room for just a minute i'll be in there once i'm finished". Seth said.

"Sky is that you sweetie?" James asked.

Seth then added more pressure to James's twisted arm pushing it more into his back. "Don't talk to her". Seth growled.

"Dad?" Sky asked.

"Sky it's me sweetheart". James said.

"Go away! Leave us alone!" Sky said.

"Skylar you don't talk to your father that way". James scolded.

Before Seth completely lost it and went into complete fight mode he let his father go throwing him away from the door.

"Stay away from us dad, i'm not a scared little kid anymore i can and i sure as hell will kick your ass now go back to wherever the hell you came from". Seth said.

"Sky, sweetheart i love you". James said.

"Just go away dad leave us alone". Sky cried.

"Sky please i'm still your dad". James said.

Seth glanced back to see Sky holding back tears and she was ready to let them fall, he didn't know what was going on with his body he just felt this rush in his body as if he were ready to kick his father's ass.

"Seth please". James pleaded.

Seth then turned around and picked up his sister just as she let the tears fall from her eyes.

"Just go back to wherever you came from you already did enough damage as it is". Seth said.

James then left after giving up but he won't stop fighting, Seth just watched as his father left he then went back inside to console his now upset sister who was soaking his shirt with her tears.

"Shh it's alright now Sky alright everything's gonna be alright now, everything's gonna be ok sweetheart i promise". Seth soothed.

"I don't wanna see him Seth". Sky sniffed.

"You don't have to if you don't want to". Seth said.

"D-did you really mean what you said?" Sky asked.

"Yes i did Sky, he's not ever gonna hurt you or mom again not if i have anything to say about it". Seth said.

"I love you Seth". Sky said throwing her arms around his neck.

"I love you too Sky". Seth said.

The two siblings then got ready for the day just as Seth texted Dean and Roman saying he'll meet them at the arena once he finishes getting ready, Sky then packed a couple things in her backpack for the arena so she won't get bored.

"You already Sky?" Seth asked.

"Yup we can go". Sky said.

Seth then put his gym bag over his shoulder then quickly pulled his shoulder length hair into a small bun the put his hat on, Sky then pulled her hair into a high ponytail Seth swore that Sky could pass off for his twin but as a girl she had all his features from the shoulder length hair, the brown eyes, the skin complexion everything was him.

"You alright Seth ". Sky said.

"Yeah yeah we should go before we're late". Seth said.

Seth then took his sister's hand as they left the hotel, Seth had a gut feeling something wasn't right so he kept his guard up and was on high alert he put his and Sky's stuff in the car just as she was strapping herself in the car he looked around to see if anyone was watching them but it was clear he then got in the driver seat then took off for the hotel but his father had followed him staying a couple cars behind him.


Seth has finally arrived at the arena for Smack down once he and Sky got out they got their stuff and headed in but someone called them from behind.

"Seth. Sky". James called out.

Seth growled at hearing his father while Sky clutched her brother's hand tightly, Seth had gently pushed his sister behind him just as he took a protective stand in front of her while glaring at their father.

"Dad what in the hell are you doing here? You cannot be here right now". Seth said.

"I just wanted to see you guys". James said.

"Well we don't wanna see you". Seth snapped.

Sky just clutched to Seth's pants leg not even looking at her father.

"Sky come on i'm still your dad". James said.

"You're not my dad!" Sky snapped.

"Skylar Ann Marie Rollins you do not talk to your father like that". James scolded.

"Hey back off dad don't think for a second i won't take your ass out right here because i will do it". Seth said.

"She won't talk to me like that i raised her better than that". James said.

"You mean mom raised me better than that, you were hardly ever around". Sky snapped.

Just as James was about to make a move Seth caught his entire arm and twisted it behind his back again.

"Wrong move dad". Seth said.

Seth added more and more pressure to his arm not letting go.

"If you ever try and lay a hand on her i will snap both your arms off, got it". Seth hissed.

Seth then let him go as he held his sore arm again then sent a vicious glare towards his father just as he kept a protective arm around his sister.

"Don't you ever try and put your hands on my sister ever again". Seth said.

"I'll be around Seth". James said.

"Just stay away from us". Seth said.

Once James had left Seth checked on his sister.

"Sky are you alright?" Seth asked.

"I'm fine". Sky said.

"Alright let's go inside". Seth said.

Seth then took a hold of her hand once again heading inside the arena, he was still a bit uptight and Sky knew it because when she was holding his hand she felt his whole body tense under pressure.

"I'm sorry Seth". Sky whispered.

"What are you sorry for?" Seth asked.

"I snapped at dad and he almost hurt us". Sky said.

Seth then stopped and bent down to his sister's level then gently grabbed her chin with two of his fingers when she refused to look at him.

"Hey you have nothing to be sorry for Sky alright i'm not mad that you snapped at dad alright because i did the same thing and he wouldn't have hurt either of us it's my job to protect you and i will do anything in my power to do so against anybody who tries to hurt you plus i'm a big boy i can take care of myself". Seth said.

"Even dad?" Sky asked.

"Especially dad". Seth said.

"Were you actually gonna break his arm? You looked like you were gonna do it". Sky said.

"If he laid a hand on you i was gonna do it, i mean what i say Sky nobody is gonna hurt you not while i'm around". Seth said.

"I love you Seth". Sky said hugging him.

"I love you too Sky". Seth said.

Seth then took a hold of his sister's hand as they continued to the hideout once there he saw Dean, Roman, and Sarah there waiting on him.

"Hey there you are what took you so long". Dean said.

"Can i talk to you guys in the hallway". Seth said.

"Yeah". Roman said.

"Sure, Sarah stay here we'll be right outside". Dean said.

"You too Sky". Seth said.

"Alright". The girls said.

The three men then went into the hallway Seth didn't know how to tell them but he had to.

"What'd you wanna talk about Seth". Roman said.

"The reason it took me and Sky so long was because...because our dad stopped by to see us a couple times". Seth said.

"I'm taking it as it didn't go well". Dean said.

"I almost broke his arm when he tried to go for Sky". Seth said.

"Wait what do you mean he went for Sky". Roman said.

"She said something he didn't like it he almost hit her and i grabbed his arm just in time and i almost broke it". Seth explained.

"It was a good thing you were there to stop it before it could have gotten worse". Roman said.

"I would have done the same thing". Dean said.

"You would?" Seth asked.

"Damn right i would if anybody ever tried to lay a hand on Sarah i would kick their ass". Dean said.

"When he first showed up at the hotel and Sky had seen it i just felt this energy run through my body". Seth said.

"That my friend would be your brother instincts kicking in". Dean said.

"Come again". Seth said.

"When you saw your sister being threatened in any kind of way by anyone you get this energy through your body knowing you're ready to fight that person who threatened your sister and since you're her brother that is your brother instincts kicking in. Happened with me a few times". Dean said.

"What'd you do about it?" Seth asked.

"Well i almost broke someone's nose". Dean said.

"You almost broke someone's nose? How do you almost break someone's nose?" Roman asked.

"The dude wouldn't stop staring at her after i told him to back off he ended up with a black eye and a bloody nose i was a couple punches away from breaking it till the cops pulled me off him". Dean said.

"Did it happen any other time?" Seth asked.

"It happened when she was younger, our apartment was broken into and the first thing i could think of was getting to Sarah before anything could happen to her and once i got her she was scared, crying, shaking, i just held her until she calmed down and once she calmed down i told her to hide until i told her to come out or i got her she was still scared but i assured her that she'll be ok. Once she hid i took the baseball bat i kept by my door went out to catch someone trying to steal our tv so i went for him he got me to the ground he must have heard Sarah scream because i heard it to he went for my room when i grabbed him by his ankles tripped him up then beat the hell outta him someone called the cops i think because the next thing i remember was someone pulling me off the dude next thing i know Sarah was hugging my legs crying i picked her up and held her the rest of that night she didn't leave my side for anything all night". Dean explained.

"Wow". Seth said.

"Take it from a guy like me from brother to brother your sister will mean everything to you, you will do anything and everything to protect her from anyone. If i can do it so can you it'll be hard at first but you'll get the hang of it i mean hell you already got the protective part down if your anything like me i'm sure you'll do ok". Dean said.

"But i'm not good with kids i never knew how to take care of them especially by myself, what if i mess up? What if i make a mistake? If anything happens to Sky my mom will crucify me". Seth said.

"Now you're over reacting". Roman said.

"You clearly don't know my mom". Seth said.

"Seth relax nothing is gonna happen to Sky alright we'll make sure nothing happens to her we're family me, you, Roman were brother's alright Sky will be our little sister". Dean said.

"And you're going to mess up, you're going to make mistakes you're human if you make a mistake you learn from them". Roman said.

"Believe it or not man i made mistake with Sarah and i learnt from them". Dean said.

"Like what". Seth said.

"Well for one i made sure to always bring her diaper bag with me when we were out in public, i remember she was about 2 and she was potty training but i still had some diapers handy one day we go out to the park she has an accident so i'm in the middle of the park Sarah has a wet diaper i have no clean diapers or anything so i pick her up and i basically run home and change her from that day on i always carried her diaper bag. Another time we were taking a road trip dumb me i forgot to pack some snacks for her oh boy she had one crazy temper tantrum". Dean said.

"It was that bad?" Seth asked.

"You ever hear a four year old scream their head off when they're hungry? Not something you want to hear". Dean said.

"But am i really ready for this? I've never taken care of a kid before". Seth said.

"Your mom wouldn't have sent her if you weren't ready better you than your dad". Dean said.

"You're right on that my dad wouldn't have done anything for her anyway but i won't be like him". Seth said.

"Hey you're nothing like him Seth alright you just found out that you have a sister and so far your doing a great job, Sky really looks up to you and she already loves you". Roman said.

"Dean how'd you feel when you found out you were gonna be a brother?" Seth asked.

"At first i was shocked i thought my mom was joking but when she showed me the sonogram i was ecstatic then when she found out that she was having a girl i couldn't have been more proud i just knew that when Sarah grows up i gotta keep the little weasels away from her. Then the second she was placed in my arms she had me wrapped around her little finger but i also couldn't believe that i was a brother that i actually had a little sister i swore i thought i was dreaming but i wasn't, ever since then i have loved Sarah to death and i knew i'd do anything and everything for her. She became my little girl". Dean said.

Before Seth could speak they heard two high pitch screams coming from the locker room making both Dean and Seth go into big brother mode fast then the girls ran out crashing into their brothers.

"Sky what's wrong, are you hurt". Seth said panicked.

"Sweetheart what happened". Dean said.

"The lights just went out then they came back on for a second the these pictures were on the ground then the lights went back off". Sarah said.

Sarah and Sky handed the pictures to their brothers and they opened them, both men were furious they were ready to rip the Wyatts apart but they had to put those thoughts away for now.

"Seth...i'm scared". Sky whimpered.

"Me too Dean". Sarah said.

Dean pulled his sister into a tight embrace just as Seth did they both held their sisters in a protective hold.

"We won't let anything happen to either of you alright". Dean said.

"Promise?" They asked.

"We promise". They said together.

They then left the girls with Jimmy and Jey so they can go do a quick promo.

"Listen here Wyatts i don't know what sick game you're playing here but it stops now you don't wanna mess with us because we fight back". Dean said.

"Wyatts you don't mess with the hounds of justice you think we bark loud well our bite is a lot more dangerous when you mess with us". Seth said.

"Wyatts come Elimination Chamber we are gonna put you down once and for all believe that and believe in The Shield". Roman said.

Once the promo was finished Roman went back to the hideout to grab his stuff while Seth and Dean went to go get their sisters.

"Dean you don't think that the Wyatts would actually hurt the girls do you". Seth said worried.

"I doubt it nobody would actually hurt a kid". Dean said.

"But what if they do? My mom would kick my ass if anything happens to Sky". Seth said.

"Seth listen to me nothing won't happen to Sky or Sarah alright not with us around alright as long as we're around they'll be fine i promise you". Dean said.

"When i heard Sky scream i thought something had happened i was scared that i had lost her or something happened". Seth said.

"It's natural to feel scared sometimes man when Sarah was younger she always come to my room in the middle of the night because she was scared of the dark when she woke me up i was scared because i didn't know what was wrong, sometimes when she had nightmares and i heard her scream i woke up panicked not knowing what was wrong or what was going on. Look as long as we're around the girls will be fine nobody in the locker room is dumb or stupid enough to mess with them or they'll just see what their older brothers are capable of". Dean said.

"Your right". Seth said.

"I know i'm right". Dean said.

Seth and Dean continued their way to Jimmy and Jey's locker room once there they got the girls thanked The Usos for watching them then heading back to the hideout grabbing their stuff, Seth noticed something's wrong with his sister but decided to wait till later to figure out what's wrong. Once at the hideout they grabbed their stuff and headed out heading back to the hotel for the night, at the hotel the men then went their separate ways since they bunked in different rooms once they all said good night Seth guided Sky back to their room, after they got in Sky grabbed some pajamas out of her bag then went to go change for bed Seth didn't know what was wrong with his sister but he was determined to find out. After Sky changed for bed Seth sat on the bed waiting for her.

"Sky come here please". Seth said.

Sky then went to go sit next to her brother while holding her head down.

"Sky what's wrong? You've been like this since i got you from Jimmy and Jey". Seth said.

"I'm scared". Sky whispered.

"Why are you scared?" Seth asked.

"When the lights went out i thought somebody would come take me and Sarah". Sky said.

Seth then brought his sister into his arms holding her close with his chin on top her head and he dropped a kiss to her head.

"It's alright Sky it's alright nobody will ever hurt you not while i'm around, i will always protect you". Seth said.

Seth then thought of a song and tried his best to remember.

"Come stop your crying

It will be alright

Just take my hand

Hold it tight

I will protect you

From all around you

I will be here

Don't you cry

For one so small

You seem so strong

My arms will hold you

Keep you safe and warm

This bond between us

Can't be broken

I will be here

Don't you cry

'Cause you'll be in my heart

Yes, you'll be in my heart

From this day on

Now and forever more

You'll be in my heart

No matter what they say

You'll be here in my heart, always

Why can't they understand

The way we feel

They just don't trust

What they can't explain

I know we're different but,

Deep inside us

We're not that different at all

And you'll be in my heart

Yes, you'll be in my heart

From this day on

Now and forever more

Don't listen to them

'Cause what do they know

We need each other

To have, to hold

They'll see in time

I know

When destiny calls you

You must be strong

I may not be with you

But you've got to hold on

They'll see in time

I know

We'll show them together

'Cause you'll be in my heart

Yes, you'll be in my heart

From this day on

Now and forever more

Oh, you'll be in my heart

No matter what they say

You'll be here in my heart, always

Always". Seth sang.

"That was a good song Seth i didn't know you could sing". Sky said sleepy.

"I have many talents Sky". Seth said.

Sky was then starting to fall asleep so Seth picked her up and laid her down on the bed covering her up.

"G'night Seth i love you". Sky said falling asleep.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart i love you too". Seth whispered.

He then kissed her head then got a change of clothes out of his bag then went to change, once he was changed he cut the light out then checked on Sky before going to sleep he was just dozing off when his phone vibrated signaling a text message he groaned rolong over picking his phone up and it was a text from his dad.

-Can we meet up and talk? James.

Seth didn't want to see his father but just to get him off his back he'll do it.

-Fine. When and Where? Seth replied.

-Tomorrow morning, nearest diner near you. James.

-Fine what time? Seth asked.

-10 am. Could you bring Sky? James.

-I'll ask her but don't expect her to say yes. Seth.

-I'll see you then. James.

-See you then. Seth.

Seth then put his phone down wondering if this meet will go fine.

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