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New Changes, new lives

By SamA1936

Drama / Other

Chapter 1

Seth was living the life he could ever want, now that he is retired from the WWE he finally settled down into a nice apartment in his hometown of Davenport. He keeps in touch with his two best friends Dean and Roman who have also retired from WWE so every now and then they'll go meet up and spend time with each other.

One afternoon Seth is sitting on the couch with his legs propped up on the table watching a movie with a beer in one hand and popcorn in another just then someone knocked at his door and he got up to answer pausing the movie, he opened the door and looked back and forth to see who could have knocked then a small voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"Down here". The little girl said.

Seth then looked down to see a girl maybe around 7 could be no older then 8 staring up at him.

"Can i help you?" Seth asked.

"Are you Seth Rollins?" The little girl asked.

"Who's asking?" Seth asked.

"I'm Haley, your daughter". Haley said.

Seth's eyes widen, he has a daughter? A daughter? He didn't know not one thing about raising a child, he had to raise himself since he was 15 other than that he knew nothing about kids.

"Come in Haley". Seth said.

She entered his apartment and already knew that he lived alone, Seth then got her some tea he kept in the fridge.

"So Haley where's your mom? Why didn't she come with you? And who is your mom?" Seth asked.

This stabbed the young girl in the heart and her eyes burned with tears threatening to fall.

"My mom's name was Rebecca Jones, she died a couple months ago". Haley said.

"Rebecca died?" Seth asked in shock.

"Cancer". Haley said.

"Haley how old are you?" Seth asked.

"7 going on 8 in a few months". Haley said.

Seth then did the math in his head and if he was right Haley is his daughter.

"Alright Haley just to make sure were gonna go to the doctors to get a test done because if i'm right you're my daughter but i want to make absolutely sure". Seth said.

"Alright, do you have any family or is it only you?" Haley asked.

"It's just me but you might have gained two uncles". Seth said.

"Who?" Haley asked.

"My two best friends Dean and Roman, we worked together in the WWE for a while till we retired". Seth said.

"Wait you guys were the shield, you guys were my favorite group ever. You guys dominated WWE". Haley said.

"You watched us?" Seth asked.

"I got bored went channel surfing then i found it, it was awesome". Haley said.

"Alright well i have to make a few phone calls so you can help yourself to anything in the kitchen except the beer but anything else is fine, you can have my room tonight until i fix up the other room, are you allergic to anything or have any health conditions i should know about?" Seth said.

"I'm asthmatic so i carry this inhaler with me everywhere i go other than that i'm fine". Haley said.

"Alright i'll be right back after i make these few phone calls". Seth said.

"Ok". Haley said.

Seth then stepped into the hallway and made his phone calls, the first one was for a doctor appointment to get a paternity test done the next day now the other ones were to his friends the first one is to Dean.

-What's going on Seth? Dean asked.

-How soon can you get to Davenport? Seth asked.

-Everything alright bro? Dean asked a bit worried.

-Alright today i found out that i have a kid, a little girl. Seth said.

-I'm sorry what, cause it sounded like you said you had a kid. Dean said.

-I do she came to my apartment today and found me. Seth explained.

-Wow never thought you would have a kid. Dean said.

-Me neither but congratulations Dean your an uncle, you now have earned the title of Uncle Dean. Seth said.

-I actually like the sound of that, but i can be out sometime tomorrow. Dean said.

-Alright thanks man. Seth said.

-No problem brother now i think you should tell Rome that he's an uncle now too. Dean said.

-Getting right on that. Seth said.

Seth then ended his call with Dean then dialed his other friend Roman.

-Hey Seth what's going on. Roman said.

-How soon can you get to Davenport? Seth asked.

-Depends why what's wrong. Roman asked.

-I found out i have a kid. Seth said.

-Welcome to fatherhood Seth, do i have a niece or nephew? Roman replied.

-You have a niece. Seth said.

-Cool, i can be there in like a few days. Roman said.

-Rome i don't know the first thing about raising a kid i could barely raise myself, how can i raise a kid? Seth said.

-It's really not that hard Seth. Just put her on a daily schedule, set some rules, every once and a while give her some chores. Not very hard or complicated. Roman said.

-You make it sound easy. Seth said.

-I do have a daughter Seth, if you have any questions just ask. Roman said.

-Thanks Roman. Seth said.

-Anytime Seth. Roman said.

Seth then ended his phone call with Roman then went back in the apartment and saw Haley just watching the movie, when he looked at her he did see a lot of his traits in him. She had his long shoulder length dark hair, his brown eyes, his skin tone, she was almost a mini version of him but a girl.

"So what do you want for dinner take out or should i cook?" Seth asked.

"Anything's fine i'm not really a picky eater". Haley said.

"Pizza it is then". Seth said.

Seth called in for a couple pizza one plain cheese the other sausage, once he did that he wants to know more about Haley.

"So Haley why don't you tell me a little about yourself". Seth said.

"My full name is Haley Rebecca Jones, i'm 7 going on 8 in a few months, my birthday is September 13th, i'm pretty smart so i skipped a grade, my favorite color is red, i love to play video games, go skateboarding, and i wanna wrestle someday". Haley said.

"You wanna wrestle?" Seth asked.

"It seems cool plus i don't really like girly girl stuff not my type i've been a tomboy for as long as i can remember". Haley said.

They stayed quiet for about a minute before Haley asked him a question.

"Did you know about me? Like did my mom ever tell you?" Haley asked.

"She never told me so i never knew about you until today, i was still starting my wrestling career out and when i got the call to go to WWE she decided to end things because i was gonna be on the road 300 days out of the whole year and she was just ready to settle down. She lost all contact with me she never even called me to let me know anything about you, if i knew i would have put off my career to help her and you out". Seth said.

"Here these are some of my old home movies, important ones she wanted to videotape i went through her things after she died". Haley said.

"Thanks Haley, but did your mom ever get married or anything?" Seth replied.

Haley's eyes widen in a bit of fear because she had actually ran away from her step father who was a drunk bastard all the time, when her mom wasn't home he would hit her with a belt and he told her if she ever said anything he'd do much worse.

"Your not gonna make me go back are you? Please don't make me go back". Haley said.

"Hey hey i'm not gonna send you anywhere you have my word on that but you have to tell me what happened". Seth said.

"I always hated my step father, he always pretended he was my dad but i wasn't dumb nor stupid but i did listen to him. When he first came around he was all nice but after they got married he changed like out of no where he started drinking and it got worse whenever my mom wasn't home and i didn't do my chores he'd get the belt then once my mom got home he acted all lovey dovey, after my mom died it went from bad to worse he practically blamed me for her death said it was all my fault. So after he passed out one night i went through my mom's stuff and saw your name on some of her stuff, i looked you up stole some of his money got a train ticket came here and found you, i'm sure by now he knows i'm gone. But whatever you do you cannot send me back you just can't please daddy don't send me back". Haley said.

Seth had almost went into shock, she had called him 'daddy'. He then pulled her into a hug and held her as she silently cried in his chest and once she calmed down he wiped the rest of her tears away.

"Haley you have my word you're not going anywhere ever, your my daughter and you're gonna stay with me. And if anyone has a problem with that they can deal with me and possibly your uncles, let me tell you this your Uncle Dean can go crazy when he's mad now your Uncle Roman he can be good but when somebody ticks him off they should run". Seth said.

"How are they my uncles though? I thought you didn't have any family". Haley said.

"Well were like brothers, Roman is the oldest then it's Dean then me. We started out wrestling together and we have always looked out for each other just like brothers do for each other. Roman looks out for Dean and i, i look out for them, Dean looks out for us. We'd do anything for each other". Seth explained.

"How crazy does Uncle Dean get?" Haley asked.

"Very crazy trust me, once you get to know him you'll find out for yourself". Seth said.

The pizza then came 10 minutes later and Seth set out a couple of plates and they kept talking till it was 9 o'clock.

"I don't know you're usually bedtime but it'll be 9:30, i don't have any clothes that'll fit you but you can borrow one of my shirts and a pair of shorts till we go to the store tomorrow. Hopefully Dean will get here by tomorrow". Seth said.

"Where does he live?" Haley asked.

"Vegas". Seth answered.

"Cool I've always wanted to go there one day". Haley said.

"Roman lives in Florida". Seth said.

"Even cooler". Haley said.

Seth then went to get a t shirt and shorts for her to sleep in, she went to his room and changed then crawled into bed and Seth tucked the blanket around her.

"Can i play my IPod i sleep better with music". Haley said.

"Sure". Seth said.

She quickly got her IPod hooked up and played her music getting her relaxed and soon she found herself really sleepy.

"G'night daddy". Haley said in a slur.

"Good night sweetheart sweet dreams". Seth whispered.

Seth kissed her head and left the room leaving the door cracked just as he laid back on the couch with a pillow and blanket, maybe he could do this dad thing maybe after a while he'll get the hang of it. He does know this for certain if Haley's no good son of a bitch step father comes around nothing won't stop him from going a few rounds with him. He just hopes he doesn't screw up at being a dad.

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