New Changes, new lives

Chapter 2

The next morning

Seth was awoken by someone banging on the door he picked his phone up and squinted his eyes to see 8 in the morning he groaned getting off the couch to answer the door and kill whoever woke him up, he opens the door to see his best friend Dean standing there with a suitcase by his side, one of his hands tucked into his pocket, and wearing sunglasses.

"Dean what the hell are you doing here at 8 in the morning?" Seth asked.

"I said i'd be here today so i got an early flight the sooner i got here the better. Plus i wanna meet my little niece, where is she anyway". Dean said.

"Still sleep like a normal kid, let me put some coffee on but i strangle the life out of you for waking me up". Seth said.

"If you say so Rollins". Dean said.

Seth then folded the blanket back up and put the pillow away back in his closet, he then saw the time and knows that he and Haley have to go for this test soon so he might as well wake her up now so they won't be late. He then quietly goes in his room to wake Haley up and she just looks so peaceful he'd hate to wake her up but the sooner they get this over the better.

"Haley, sweetheart wake up. Come on kiddo wake up". Seth said shaking her.

Haley then stirs waking up looking through her bleary eyes to see her dad.

"Daddy? What time is it?" Haley asked.

"A little after 8 and we have a long day ahead of us so come on plus there someone here who wants to meet you". Seth said.

"Who?" Haley asked.

"Come see for yourself". Seth said.

Seth then left the room to let her change, Haley then got her small backpack out and got out her last outfit she owned and put it on. It was a red t shirt with black designs, black shorts to match, she then put her red chucks on tied them then brushed her hair into a high ponytail she finally put her inhaler in her pocket so she wouldn't forget it. She then comes out of the room to see her dad and some other guy in the apartment and she thinks it's either Dean or Roman, Seth then saw that Haley has finally came out from the room and introduces his best friend to his daughter.

"Dean this is my daughter Haley, Haley this is Dean". Seth introduced.

"How's it going kiddo?" Dean asked.

"Good". Haley said.

Dean looked at Haley then back at Seth and even to him the two looked like twins.

"Dude she's your twin no doubt". Dean said.

"So what are we doing today dad?" Haley asked.

Seth's heart swelled at hearing her calling him dad, it brought tears to his eyes but blinked them away and Dean saw.

"Well first we have to go get this test done then we'll get some stuff to do your room". Seth said.

"Can Uncle Dean come please". Haley asked.

"You'd have to ask him first sweetheart". Seth said.

"Can you come Uncle Dean please". Haley asked using the puppy dog eyes.

"Sure sweetie". Dean said.

Seth then quickly got ready then grabbed his wallet and car key, he, Dean, and Haley headed out for the doctor's office to get this test done. Seth signed him and Haley in to see the doctor then waited what it felt like for hours till finally he and Haley get called back while Dean waits in the waiting room.


"The doctor will be with you in just a minute". The nurse said.

Seth nodded while Haley was nervous and shaking a bit.

"Haley, you alright sweetheart?" Seth asked.

"I don't like needles they freak me out". Haley said.

"Alright we won't do the needles it'll just be a quick swab of the mouth and that's it". Seth said.

"Alright". Haley said.

The doctor then knocked and entered the room shaking Seth's hand.

"I'm Dr Grady what can i do for you". Dr Grady said.

"I was hoping if i can get a paternity test done today to make sure she's my daughter". Seth said.

"Sure it'll be a quick swab and you should have the results in 20-30 minutes, so let's do this". Dr Grady said.

Seth then let the Dr swab his mouth then Haley, he then sent them to the lab for testing.

"They should come back in about 20 minutes". Dr Grady said.

"Thanks". Seth said.

Seth and Haley then left the office going back out to the waiting room and wait for the results, in Seth's mind he hopes it's positive and he's Haley's father.

20 minutes later

Dr Grady then called Seth back to the office and gave him the envelop of the paternity test, once Seth was in the hallway his heart was beating faster and he was nervous as hell but he finally had the courage to open the envelop and read the results and it put a huge smile on his face the results came back as 98.999% positive, he was Haley's father. This was the best thing to ever happen in his life he had tears in his eyes because he now has a daughter, a little girl who he missed 7 years of her life and he won't miss anymore because he's keeping her nobody will ever take her away from him not over his dead body. Seth then decides to make both Dean and Roman, Haley's legal guardians should anything ever happen to him because he knew his friends would always look after the little girl. He finally goes back to the waiting room to see Dean and Haley looking at videos on Dean's phone, they look up to see Seth and got curious to hear the result. He then goes to them so nobody can hear and tells them the results.

"It's positive, i'm your father Haley". Seth said.

Haley then jumped on Seth hugging him with all her might, he then picks her up carrying her out of the office with Dean in tow with a smile on his face because now he had a niece and he couldn't be happier.

"So what do we do now dad?" Haley asked.

"We go to the store to get you some stuff and some stuff to decorate the guest room to make it yours, all it really would need it a paint job and a few of your personal touches to make it perfect". Seth said.

"I love you daddy". Haley said hugging her dad.

"I love you too sweetheart". Seth said hugging her back.

Dean then took in the sight of his friend and niece, he already knew that Seth will be the perfect father to Haley and knows that if he will ever need help with anything he's just a phone call away because he'll do anything for his friend and his niece. Seth then drives to the nearest Walmart and parks the car, once the trio gets out of the car Seth grabs a cart just as Dean grabs his niece's hand and they go in the store. They decided to start with grabbing Haley some clothes and from what she told Seth she was a tomboy so he let's her pick out the clothes she likes, she grabs different shirts with different designs some with superheros, some just plain shirts, she then moved on to pants and shorts grabbing different pairs, she then decided she needs some new shoes and picked out a few pairs. She then got some undergarments she'll need, she then moved on to grab a new hair brush, a tooth brush, tooth paste, mouth wash, soap, and other essentials she'll need. Seth then moved on to the paint to see what colors they have to paint the room, Haley then looked over the colors and picked out red since it was her favorite color so Seth got a few cans of red paint, some paint brushes, and the other stuff he'll need. He then goes to check pays for everything then packs it in the cart taking it out to the car loading it up, he then has to make one more stop before he heads home. He stops at the nearest phone store to get Haley a phone, he comes out 5 minutes later with an IPhone for her once he has it set up for her he inputs his, Dean's, and Roman's number into the phone for her.

"This is yours and you can use it for anything but it's also used for emergencies only, you only call if there's an actual emergency alright". Seth said.

"Alright thanks dad". Haley said.

"Your welcome honey. It already has mine, Dean's and Roman's numbers in their". Seth said.

Dean is lost in his thoughts and something just came to mind, what would Seth think if he moved up to Davenport and helped him with Haley. That way he can spend more time with the both of them and because he feels like he has a family now it might be a bit small but he didn't care it was still family and he will be there for them in anyway he can. Once they got back to the apartment they unloaded the car and took the stuff up to the small apartment once Seth opened the door they brought the stuff in and brought the paint stuff into Haley's new room to set everything up. They got everything covered up and they got the paint set up ready to paint, after an hour and a half later they finally finished the room after getting some paint all over them.

"The room should be dry in a few hours so it's best to stay out here while it dries". Seth said.

"What are we gonna do?" Dean asked.

"I could go for video games". Haley said.

"Let's see if you can beat your uncle kid". Dean said.

"Your on". Haley said.

Seth laughed turning his xbox on putting in one of the WWE games he plays in his spare time, Dean is gonna play as himself while Haley is gonna play as Seth which makes him grin a little. 5 minutes later the match is over and Haley had beaten Dean making him go in shock and Seth chuckle a bit. Once they got bored of the games after a while Seth decided to order in pizza for lunch and it came 20 minutes later, they all ate while talking once they finished they went to go finish the room and it turned out pretty good. It was now going on 7 at night and Seth decided to make tacos for dinner while Dean and Haley played the xbox again, the tacos were now done and they all began to eat. After they ate Haley was wore out by doing her room all day so she quickly went to go change for bed then brushed her teeth and washed her face before going back to her room hooking her IPod into the dock then Seth and Dean come in to tuck Haley in for the night.

"G'night daddy, g'night Uncle Dean". Haley said in a sleepy slur.

"Good night sweetheart sweet dreams". Seth whispered.

"Sleep tight kiddo". Dean whispered.

They kiss her head then quietly leave the room leaving the door cracked as they made their way back to the kitchen and Seth notices something is on Dean's mind.

"A penny for your thoughts Dean?" Seth asked.

"How would you feel if i moved up here? I could help you with Haley i'm starting to get bored in Vegas anyway". Dean said.

"You would do that?" Seth asked.

"Yeah i mean what else are brothers for". Dean said.

"She already has you wrapped around her little finger". Seth said.

"Oh really she had you wrapped from the first minute". Dean said.

"I can't believe i have a little girl now you know what that means right". Seth said.

"Yeah we gotta keep the little weasels away from her when she's older". Dean said.

"I don't think that she'll ever date let alone go on a date with you around". Seth said.

"You're right because the first punk who hurts her i'll have to kick their ass". Dean said.

Seth already knew that Dean took his role very seriously he just hopes that when Roman meets Haley it'll go well just like it did with Dean. He also hopes he can be a good father.

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