The Story Of Madge And Peeta

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3rd Period

"Wait, so you guys kissed again?" Madge and Annie ask while fixing their hair and make-up in the bathroom mirror.

"Yes, it was perfect, and he also said he likes me." I say while brushing my hair

"No way!" They squeal

"Yes way." I say with a little laugh

I have no idea how they can spend so much time focusing on their hair and make-up. It's not really my thing.

"This is so exciting." Madge says

"I guess it is, I mean I like him too but-"

"Wait, wait , wait. Back up. You like him and you didn't tell us?" They ask

"Oh yeah, sorry."

"Well it's not like we didn't already know."

I roll my eyes and smile

"So when are you gonna get together?" They ask

"What gave you the impression we were gonna date?"

"No." Annie says while basically bathing herself in perfume

They pack their make-up away.

"No?" I ask

"You're not doing this again." Madge says

"Doing what?"

"Anytime you like a boy and he likes you back you push him away." They say


"No buts."

"On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like him?"

"That's the problem..." I start

"He breaks the scale."


"No, I'm scared."


"What if things instantly fall apart?"

"What if I'm not good enough for him?"

"What if he's just playing with my head and doesn't actually like me?"

"Katniss stop focusing on what ifs and think about the positive things that could come out of being in a relationship with him."


They both raise an eyebrow

"Fine..." I say with a sigh

"I'll try."

"Excellent." They say and we make our way to class


Today is the first time I've brought Madge & Annie to the Maple Tree and they adore the scenery


"Yeah?" She asks while taking another selfie with Annie

"What happened between you and Andrew?"

She freezes.

"I-it's not really import-tant."

tell me."

She sighs and puts away her 5c

"We were together for 3 years..." She starts

"He loved me more than anything. He'd never run out of ways to show me how much he did." She says with a smile beginning to creep up her lips.

"He was so sweet...so kind, so caring."

She sighs

"Sweet? Kind? Caring? Andrew?"

She nods

"I'm not finished." she scolds me

"Sorry, go on."

"So I had sex with his brother...five times."

Nothing could've prepared me for what she just said.

"You did what?!" Me and Annie ask in unison, for the first time.

We look at each other and give a little laugh before going back to our shocked expressions.

"It was an accident."

"Rye's just really good a seducing me and I hate that I let him."

"And around the third time when I tried to stop, he...never mind."

"You call doing it five times an accident?" I ask

"You probably hurt him so much."

"I know what I did okay!" She yells

"And to top it all off I didn't even apologize, I just dumped him and date Rye for like 3 months."

"We broke up when I realized he was just using me."

"I guess that's why Andrew's such a dick now." She says sadly

I take in everything she's just said for a moment and pass my hand through my partly curly, partly straight , long , brown hair.

"So is that why you told me he might be a really nice guy deep down inside? Because he was in the beginning?"

She nods

"Are you sorry for what you did?"

"More than anything."

"Let's go then." I say standing up


"To apologize to Andrew."

When we find him he's sitting on top of a picnic table in-front of the school.

The wind is blowing his curly, blond hair back, he's wearing that adorable smile and his eyes look almost hypnotic.

He's got a basketball under his arm and is surrounded by like 30 girls.

That's why I can't be with him, I can't take all the girls at this school or anywhere we go for that matter , constantly clinging to him like he's some sort of magnet. If we do take this to the next level I want some Katniss, Peeta time sometimes not Katniss, Peeta and a bunch of desperate girls time.

Anyway I make my way over to him with Madge and Annie following closely behind.

I make my way through the sea of girls by hitting them with my Physics textbook.

"Mellark I need to talk to you." I say

I think I actually see some joy reflected in his eyes when he sees me but they quickly flicker back to his ' I'm a hot, asshole that you can't have ' look.

I grab his hand and pull him over to a tree Annie and Madge are standing under.

"I know hat happened between you and Madge." I say

He hooks his arm around my waist and pulls me into his side

He sighs

"Madge has something she'd like to say."

"I'm, really, really sorry Andrew."

"And you're telling me this because?"

"I assumed you cared."

"Well you assumed wrong."

"You're really pathetic, you know that right?"

"Not as pathetic as you." He snaps

"Going around sleeping with my brother like some whore." He adds

Her eyes fill with hurt and tears.

"Andrew!" Annie and I yell

"What you thought she did it for free?"

Annie and I look at Madge with wide eyed expressions

"No. He paid her. Five fricking grand for each time they did it!"

"He made me feel good." She says

"Better than you ever could you douche!" She yells back

"I'll stop you right there. I'd rather not hear about your sexual experiences with my brother."

"Fine! I'll just leave then!"

She shouts and storms off.

"I'll go calm her down." Annie says and runs after her

I push him away from me and stand so that we're facing each other.

"Was that necessary?"

"She started it."

"I know but-"

"If you're going to defend her then you can just leave."

"You shouldn't keep using anger as a way to hide your pain Peeta." I say, kiss his cheek and walk off in the direction I saw them go

To get Peeta mad was not my intention, and I'm not taking anyone's side. I just think he needs to understand that he was insensitive and the only way that's going to happen is if he is left alone to think about it.

However my mind keeps thinking that if Peeta and Madge make up they'll get back together and if that happens I wouldn't even be able to pretend to be happy.

10:00 PM

I'm walking home, slowly, the air is cold and the ground icy from all the hale. The street lights aren't working so I have nothing but the crescent moon to guide me home. I pull my black coat tighter around me and pull up my white mittens are making my hands colder if anything. I hear a laugh, a laugh that sounds charming yet vindictive, I know that laugh anywhere it's Peeta's. When my head turns to the right a long, dark, desolate looking alley lays before me.

When I squint my eyes I make out 3 figures.

Punches and kicks are all I hear until that laugh echoes through the night like a trumpet again.

My mind says continue walking but my heart say go down the alley and help him.

I've learnt very well that my heart often leads me into sticky positions but yet again I decide to listen to it.

This is for Peeta I remind myself as I make my way down the spine-chilling alley.

As I get closer I see him and two men but not the ones from the forest.

"Dylan, Josh, just give me more time." Peeta says calmly as they pin him against the wall

"We gave you enough time! You've run out of chances!"

One of them pulls out a knife and the smooth, shiny surface glistens in the moonlight.

A gasp escapes my lips and I'm surprised it took that to get them to notice my presence.

The man with the knife quickly pierces it into Peeta's side. Red blood stains the white , glacial , ground. He slides down the wall until he's sitting on the ground with his legs stretched out in-front of him.

They shove me onto the ground and make a run for it , I quickly spring back to my feet and rush to Peeta. I can see through his eyes how weak he is becoming as more and more blood spills onto the ground.

"Peeta." I say barely above whisper, my lips begin to tremble as tears spill out of my eyes

I kind of hesitate before pulling the knife out of him, so afraid that I might make it worse.

"Katniss." He breathes

I pull out my cell and call an ambulance

I hold his face in my hands

"You're gonna be okay." I try to reassure him

But I don't even have faith that he will be, I don't know much about the human body but I know it isn't right to loose this much blood.

He slowly brings one of his hands to my face and wipes away the tears, by the way he did it I know it took all the strength in him.

I kiss his forehead

"You'll be fine." I repeat

He gives me a little smile before it seems like all colour leaves his skin and his eyes close shut.

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