I Can't Believe I'm Actually With Peeta

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Tuesday7:05 AM

"What were you thinking!?"

"We've been worried sick!"

"Are you hurt?!"

"Where were you?!"

"This had better not happen again young lady!"

"We are very disappointed!"

"This is not how we raised you!"

I'm sitting on the 3 seater couch in the living room while my parents rant on and on about how disappointed they are. My mind should be filled with regret and worry but instead i'm trying to process the fact that i'm actually with Peeta.

We went from hating each other's guts to being in a relationship in like a week. Either that or we've never truly hated each other, maybe the hate was just our way of masking what we truly felt inside.

Wait, what? Did I just say that? That's weird.

"Well. Don't you have anything you want to say for yourself?" Dad asks

"Sorry?" I reply

"Is that a question or a statement?" Mom asks angrily

"A statement." I reply as if i'm assuring my self of it

"Katniss what were you thinking?" Dad asks

"My friend got hurt so I took him to the hospital."

"Oh, that's terrible what happened?"

I know that telling him he got into trouble for drugs is a really bad idea but lying isn't the best choice to make right now.

"He took too long to pay up for drugs and these men stabbed him."

"Aww, poor boy." Mom says completely ignoring the reason he got stabbed

"Poor boy?!Did you not hear the reason he got stabbed?!" Dad exclaims

"Yes, but he could have died and i'm sure he's a really nice young man." Mom defends stressing on the word ' died '

That's my mother for you, always trying to see the good in people. It's one of the thing that makes her so different from my father, he's quick to punish and looks for the bad in people whereas my mother looks for the good and avoids punishing as much as possible.

Dad wasn't always like that however, something within him has changed recently.

"What's his name Katniss?" She asks

"Andrew...well Peeta, his name is Peeta but he tells everyone his name is Andrew."

"Mellark?" Mom asks


"I went to school with his father."

"Really? That's-"

"So this kid lies about his name, yet you trust him enough to be your friend?" Dad asks interrupting us and clearly ready to go into a shouting frenzy any minute

I feel the heat spread to my cheeks and quickly place my hands over them to cover the pink

"You're with him?"

"Yes." I say looking down at my hands in my lap which are tightly pressed against each other.

He takes a deep breath

"He's the boy you told me about?"

I nod.

He shakes his head and gives a laugh as if feeling like he's crazy for what he's about to say.

"As long as this doesn't happen again, I don't have a problem with you being with him." He says calmly and I know he's cooled down.

"I feel the same way." My mother adds

My lips spread into a broad smile.

"Thank you!" I say and hug them both.

"No problem." They say in unison

"Now get to school." Mom says

"Can one of you give me a ride to school?"

"What happened to you truck?" Mom asks

"I kind of sorta lent it to him."

"YOU DID WHAT?!" They ask in unison

"He's going to give it back to me after school." I say

They sigh

"Wake up your sister and get in my car." Mom says sternly

8:00 AM

"Hey asswipe! Wait up!" I call out to Peeta while running over to him

He stops by the exit of the car park and turns around.

"Talking to yourself again Everdeen?"

"If you thought I was talking to myself why did you turn around?"

"So I could walk over to you and give you another lecture about how sane people don't talk to themselves out loud." He says

I roll my eyes.

"I'll be needing my truck back today."

"You're letting your boyfriend walk home ALONE? In the COLD?" he asks giving me puppy eyes look

"My boyfriend is old enough to walk home alone." I say with a smile

"True, but your boyfriend would rather have your company while walking home." He says with a smirk pulls me in and kisses me.

My hands trail up his neck and through his hair as he grazes his hands over my body lightly and heat lingers in the places he has touched.

My eyes gently fall shut and I feel light headed, almost like i'm floating, a I can feel something being ignited in my stomach.

I slowly pull my swollen, red lips away from his.

"Peeta...we have to go inside."

"Why?" He asks and then pecks my lips one...two...three times.

"I...I don't know."

My sentences aren't forming properly, something about that kiss put me in some sort of trance.

"Wanna go somewhere?" He asks while leaning his forehead again mine


He nods with a smile

"Right now."



I smile back at him and kiss him again.

10:00 AM

We're laying in the trunk of my truck, cuddling with a warm blanket over us, preserving our body heat.

My truck is parked on the beach and we're watching the waves crash on the shore.

"You never told me how your parents took you lending me your truck..." He starts

"Or you arriving home so early in the morning." He adds

"They were pretty mad, but I guess they somehow trust you."

"Good." He says and kisses my forehead

"I find it strange, I wouldn't if I were them."


"Yes, i've told you time after time we're not friends."

"I know we aren't and I hate you."

"I hate you more." I say and we both give a little laugh

We said the words ' I hate you ' but there was a sort of feeling behind it which felt more like we were saying ' I love you '. We don't love each other and I doubt we ever will.

"Peeta..." I start

"Mmm?" He asks while playing with the end of my braid

"What do you think about love?"


I nod


I don't even have to ask, he only thinks that because of what happened with Madge and i'm going to change that. I don't care if by the time he learns to love again he wont be with me just as long as he's no longer heartless when i'm done with him.

A smile spreads across my lips, the kind of smile that says watch out I have a plan that you have no way of escaping.

"What?" He asks worriedly

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

"My parents are gonna kill me when they find out I ditched school."

"You mean if they find out." He says stressing on the ' if '

"Good point."

He looks at me, with love in his eyes. Yes love. And I wonder for a moment what that means because a few minutes ago he said it was bullshit.

"What?" I ask

"When I said I liked looking at you I wasn't lying." He says and brushes a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

I can't fight back the blush that occurs as soon as he says those words.

"I like your eyes, your eyebrows, your cheekbones, your nose." He says and gives my nose a little squeeze

"Your hair, your smile."

I blush more, even though I didn't think it was possible to blush any more than I am now.

"And your lips." He says and looks at me as if taking in every detail of my face

"You know...you could kiss them if you want." I say with a little laugh

"It would be my pleasure." He says and presses his lips against mine.

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