A Promise



Yes, you make me so nervousThat I just can't hold your hand

You make me glow,But I cover upWon't let it show,So I'm...

Puttin' my defenses up'Cause I don't wanna fall in loveIf I ever did thatI think I'd have a heart attack [3x]

I drive into the school's parking lot, park in my spot, turn off the radio, get out of the car, lock it and make my way over to the front of the school.

So the school called my parents and told them I skipped classes yesterday and when they asked who with and I said Peeta my father randomly said ' one ' with a smile on his face and left the room.

What the hell was ' one ' supposed to mean?

And on top of all of that when I asked my mother what it meant she just said it means ' one '

But anyway while making my way to the entrance of the school my eyes land on Peeta and Bianca. She's got her right hand on the upper part of his left bicep with a devious grin on her face while Peeta just looks disgusted.

Should I go over there? Or should I give him some space?

When I'm a few footsteps away from them she leans in to kiss him, yeah he leans back but I want Bianca to know that from today on she should keep her distance from Peeta.

I slap her straight across her face and a noise that sounds like a car tire popping echoes through the compound, she screams and holds her face while a triumphant smile forms on my lips.

"In case you didn't realize Andrew is mine, not yours, so please stay away, I will not ask you again." I say

Peeta smiles, kisses my forehead then hooks his arm around my shoulder and we walk to class together.

"Does he really have to be here?" Madge asks sounding really annoyed while dipping her paint brush in some florescent green paint

"Yes, he's going to help me." I say while putting on my apron

Peeta gives a provoking laugh and says, "So I guess you're stuck with me."

"I'd rather be stuck with Rye." She says and Peeta's face goes red with anger

"Say it again. I fucking dare you." He says angrily

"I'd rather be stuck with Rye." She says with a fake smile plastered on her face I quickly put my hand over his mouth to stop him from saying anything which may hurt her beyond repair.

"Madge stop being a bitch." Annie says

Madge gasps.


"I'm sorry to say it like that but it's the truth."

Madge turns back to her painting without another word.

"So Peeta, you're good at art?" Annie asks in attempt to stray our attention away from Madge

"I wouldn't say I'm great but I'm getting there." He says shyly

"I've seen your paintings and they're amazing." I say cheerfully

Shit. I only know that because I was snooping.

Please don't ask me how I know about that. Please don't ask me how I know about that. Please don't ask me how I know about that.

"How do you know about my paintings?" He asks with a raised eyebrow

"Umm...well it's a really funny story because..."

He crosses his arms.

"You snooped through the box in my room." He says

"Uhh, yeah, sorry about that."

"It's okay, I looked through your underwear drawer when I was in your house." He says with a shrug and picks up a paint brush

"Okay, cool." I say not properly processing what he just said

"Wait. You did what?!"

"Looked through your drawer, you've got some pretty interesting underwear in there." He says with a flirtatious grin

I feel the red rush to my cheeks while Annie and Madge laugh.

He leans in and whispers in my ear, "Make sure to save it for later."

I give a fake cough, "Ehmm...Anyway..." I start while Peeta smiles and then licks his lips.

"Back to the uhh...painting." I say and he gives a little chuckle

He places his hand ontop of mine and helps me pass the paint brush over the canvas in slow, gentle motions.

"I hope you're not this shy and innocent in bed." He mumbles

"What?" I ask with a blush

"Nothing." He says with a smile

That Night

"Where are you taking me?" I ask with a laugh as runs, pulling me behind him up what seems like millions and millions of stairs but he said it's just 78 steps.


"Well then." I say pretending to be offended

When we're at the top of the stairs he rips away a curtain which has obviously been visited by a family of moths very often over the years.

We walk out onto a balcony like area and Peeta sits on the wall and taps the space next to him.

I place the palms of my hands down on the wall and look over it, "No thanks," I say when I notice how high up we are, If I were to fall off this wall I'd die before I even hit the ground.

He twists his body and somehow manages to get me seated next to him.

"Oh god." I say, close my eyes and lean my head into his chest.

"It's not that bad," He says with a little laugh

I pull my head away from his chest give and give him a worried look, he holds my right hand in his left one and says, "Don't worry I've got you."

I smile, nod and take a deep breath.

"Look at how beautiful the stars are tonight." I say looking at the night sky with my eyes full of fascination

"I would but I've got something way better to look at." He says and for the first time I notice he's been looking at me the entire time

My eyes find his for a few seconds before they close shut and our lips lock.

Our tongues explore each other's mouths for a while before we fall over the wall, his arms wrap tightly around me instantly and I begin scream while Peeta is just quite.

I only realize the reason for his silence when our bodies are flung onto a cloth like thing which resembles a large hammock, it pitches us into the air because of it's springy material and then we fall back onto it where we stay wrapped in each other's arms for a while before he finally speaks.

"I told you I got you."

I give a little laugh and look up at him.

"The fear of dying made me forget." I say

"Well never forget okay? Always know that no matter what I've got you." He says and I see the truth behind it in his eyes.


"Always." He says

I smile and he gives me a quick kiss.

"How did you know that this thing would be here to catch us?"

He looks away from me and up at the sky.

"I've jumped over that wall before." He says plainly and by the tone in his voice he doesn't want to discus that topic any more than we already have.

Not that a discussion is needed anyway because I know very well why he would have jumped over this wall before and it's not because of his usual wild, risk taking, carefree spirit but because of a feeling deep inside him that he hasn't shared with anyone else and it causes my heart to ache.

"Peeta." I say softly

"Yeah?" He asks while looking down at me

"Can you promise that you'll never leave me."

And by that I don't mean as in breaking up with me but as in suicide and I know he knows this is what I mean.

He sighs as if it takes all the breath in him to do so.

"I promise." He says and kisses my forehead but I'm not sure if he means it.

A/N- The lyrics to the song ' Heart Attack ' are not mine but property of Demi Lovato. Thanks for the reads, reviews, follows and favourites! You are all amazing! Have a good afternoon! :)

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