Don't Invite Anyone Over


Thursday Evening

Katniss, Your father and I have gone out to dinner with Mr and Mrs Undersee.Therefore, you are going to look after Prim for the night,Please don't sneak out or invite anyone over.I trust that you will be obedient.Love Mom

I smile as I pass the tip of my index finger against the edge of the cube card. My eyes peer over to the clock above the fridge which reads ' 9:35 ' . All I got from that note was " we're gone until 1:00 AM send Prim to bed, invite Peeta over and get him out of the house before we return " and I have to say that sounds like a great idea.

"Primrose!" I shout gleefully

I hear light thumping noises which are no doubt the result of her feet colliding with the steps. I turn around sharply and lean against the kitchen counter waiting for her arrival.

She stands in the archway, hair in a neat ponytail and gasping for air.

She looks at me with a worried expression.

"Have I done something wrong?"

"Nope." I say calmly

"So you need a favour?"

A small chuckle escapes my lips, whenever she's in trouble or I want her to do something for me I refer to her as Primrose.

"Mom & Dad are having dinner with the Undersees again..." I start

"And you want me to stay in my room while you and your boyfriend entertain yourselves?" she asks

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask with wide eyes and a small laugh

"You know very well what it means." She says with a little laugh

"Actually, I just wanted you to occupy yourself while Peeta and I go up to my room and study."

"While you study?" She asks in a tone which tells me she definitely doesn't and will not ever believe that

"Yeah...study." I say again with a convincing grin

"Right...I'll talk to Rue on the phone while you two study."

"Don't do it too long though." I warn her

"I think I should be saying that to you." She says with a smirk and my cheeks flush bright pink

"Seriously though...remember what mom and dad said about you bringing up the phone bill."

"Mhmm." She says, turns on her heel and walks back upstairs

"Prim! I'm serious!" I call out

"I am too! Make sure to keep the noise down!" She shouts back and before I can respond the sound of her bedroom door shutting fills the air.

10:00 PM

"Mmmm." I mumble and roll over to my other side

"Peeta!" I shout while awaking from my sleep and sitting upright.

"Yeah?" He asks casually while throwing my mother's vase high up into the air and catching it again like a father would do with his baby.

"Oh my gosh, don't do that!" I exclaim, hop off the chair and make my way over to him

"Why not?" He asks with a laugh and holds the vase above his head

I jump trying to grab it but he just raises his arm higher, "Peeta that's a 12 thousand dollar vase." I whine

"Really that much for a vase?" He asks and switches it to the other hand

"Put it down." I warn while pointing my index finger at him

"Or what?" He asks and waves it above his head

"Or...you don't want to know what." I snap and jump higher

He gives a little chuckle

"What if I do want to know what."

"Peeta." I say sternly

"Katniss." He mocks

"Hey." Prim interrupts

"Who's this?" He asks and continues throwing the vase back and forth between his hands

"My little sister Prim."

"And how old are you Prim?"

"14." She answers happily

"Oh, I see."

"Well I'm Andrew."

"Oh Andrew, so you're the boy whose name Katniss moans while taking those long showers."

My cheeks go scarlet and Peeta's laugh fills the room

"You know Kat if you're ready to take the next step all you have to do is ask." He teases while he and Prim laugh at me

"Stop teasing me." I say while folding my arms and trying to hide my embarrassment with anger.

"Aww Kat, don't be mad." He says and pulls me into a hug and still managing to keep the vase out of my reach

I refuse to hug him back and keep my arms folded.

"Andrew knows I'm only joking Katniss." Prim says

"You are? Bummer." He jokes and pulls out of the hug

I roll my eyes.

Prim's eyes move over to the window for a few seconds before lighting up as she runs towards it.

"You have a motorbike?"


"Cool." She says and makes her way outside where she eagerly takes in ever detail about the bike.

"I'd love one like this when I learn to drive." She says and grazes her slender fingers across the leather seats

"She is amazing."

"She?" I ask with a slight chuckle

"Yes. She. Why, scared "She" is going to replace your place in my heart?" He teases

"You wish."

"Never." He says and hooks his arm around my shoulder

"So Prim...what are your plans for tonight?" Peeta asks trying to make conversation

"Well I was meant to stay in my room till you and my sister entertain yourselves."

"Really?" He asks and looks at me, I quickly avert my eyes to the wall to my right, Peeta laughs in response to this

"Yes. But..." She starts

"But?" He asks

She looks up from the motor bike and gives us a grin that worries me deeply.

12:45 AM

"Guys do you really think this is a good idea?" I shout above the loud music

"Yes!" They yell back in unison

Prim and Peeta are wildly jumping from couch to couch while music plays from my IPod 5 through it's speakers.

"At least take your shoes off!" I yell in frustration when I really should have kept my mouth shut because soon after I do their shoes hit my arms and legs.

I'm sorry if I say I need you,But I don't care I'm not scared of love,'Cause when I'm not with you I'm weakerIs that so wrong?Is it so wrong that you make me strong?

"If we're going to hop around these chairs like idiots could we at least do so to music of quality?" Peeta asks over the music

"One Direction isn't that bad." Prim says as she heaves onto the 3 seater sofa.

"Sure about that?" Peeta asks and jumps onto a chair arm

"Katniss change the music." She commands as if I'm the younger one

"Well then." I say and switch the song

And the walls kept tumbling down (oh where do we begin?)In the city that we love (the rubble or our sins?)Great clouds roll over the hills (oh where do we begin?)Bringing darkness from above (the rubble or our sins?)But if you close your eyes,Does it almost feel likeNothing changed at all?And if you close your eyes,Does it almost feel likeYou've been here before?

Peeta grabs my hand pulls me onto the chair

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

"You guys wanna know how to make this more exciting?" Prim asks

"How?" Peeta and I ask in unison

I'm actually beginning to enjoy this game.

"We can throw the vase around between us!" She and Peeta yell in unison

Prim hops off the chair, snatches the vase and throws it at me before I have the chance to protest. Almost immediately I throw the vase at Peeta as if it's a hot potato.

He then throws it to Prim, who throws it to me and so on. After doing so for a few minutes we begin laughing randomly and throwing the vase around faster.

"Why are we even doing this?" Prim asks

"Because it's fun!" Peeta exclaims and throws the vase to me which I fail to catch as a result of noticing dad's black 2014 honda accord pulling into the driveway.

"Oh my god." I say but i'm not quite sure if it's because my parents are back early and we're jumping on the chairs and I have a boy over or the fact that I broke a vase which has been passed down in my family for over 30 years. Probably both.

We all heave off the couches and Peeta tries to clean up the pieces of the vase but Prim accidentally stumbles back and knocks over the glass table which smashes.

"We're dead." She says while examining it, her mouth forming an ' O ' & her facial expression saying ' fuck '

"So dead." I add

Mom and dad walk through the door and stop when they see the mess we've made.

"Katniss." Dad says and I can tell it's taking everything in him not to shout at me until his face is cherry red and his voice is almost gone

"Yeah dad?"

"What's this?"

"Ummm...a friendly gathering?"

"I mean the mess."

"A result of the friendly gathering?"

He takes a deep breath while opening and clenching his fists

"What a sweet young man, cleaning up the broken glass, you must be Andrew." Mom says trying to change the subject

"Dear." Dad presses

"John I'm introducing myself to Katniss' friend don't be rude." She says

"Boyfriend." I correct her

Dad covers his face with his hands.

"I'm Katniss' mom." She says while extending her hand to him

He stands up and shakes it.

"Andrew, Andrew Mellark."

"I know, I went to school with your father." She says

"This is my husband John." Mom says and places her hand on his arm

He pulls his hand away from his face and says , "two." Before making his way upstairs.

"Two?" Peeta and Prim ask in confused tones

"It doesn't matter, well you guys clean up and Andrew it's very late you should head home." She says before following dads trail upstairs

She comes back down and looks at the pile of broken glass again

"Is that my vase?!"

"Uhhhhh..." We all start

"Kind of." Prim says while looking at her feet

"Thank God! I hated that disgusting thing!" She shouts excitedly

"John! They broke the vase!" She yells happily and runs back upstairs

"Think they're gonna shout at us for this in the morning?" Prim asks

"For the vase...no but for the table they're going to more than shout at us." I say and pass my hand through my hair

"Go to bed, I'll deal with all of this."

"You sure?"


She gives me a quick hug and runs upstairs.

"I'll help you." Peeta says

"You don't have to-"

He kisses me.

"I want to."

"Okay." I say with a smile.

"But why did you kiss me?"

He shrugs.

"I like kissing you." He says and I blush

We've disposed of all the glass and are now sitting on the cold steps looking straight ahead at the vacant road.

"I still can't believe they took it so easily."

"Mom did, she has a habit of looking past the bad and focusing on the good dad on the other hand will kill me tomorrow."

"Nah he wont."

"Yeah, I don't even have to wonder if he will I just know."

"Well if you want you could spend the night at mine & you could finally reward me." He says

"Reward you?" I ask with a raised eyebrow

"Yes, you owe it to me from the day I won the race."

I laugh

"Shut up."

"Make me." He says

We look into each other's eyes for a moment before I say, "Wow, you can like feel the sexual tension."

He laughs, "I really like you." He says and kisses me

I pass my hands through his hair and he pulls me closer into him by the waist. I slowly glide my hands down his neck and to his back where I pull him in tighter enjoying the feeling of his tongue dancing against mine and his teeth occasionally nibbling on my lip. Unfortunately we have to pull away for air and I can tell he doesn't want to as much as I do but we need to breathe.

"I really like you too." I say and pull him into a tight hug, he returns it eagerly and we stay like this for a while, wrapped in each other's arms with our eyes closed enjoying the cold, calm night.

A/N - The lyrics to ' Pompeii ' are property of Bastille & the lyrics to ' Strong ' are property of so much for the reviews follows and favs someone brought the whole Madge being let off too easy for sleeping with Peeta's brother to mind, don't worry Katniss may not be brushing it off as much as she appears to be, anywho thanks so much for reading, you're all so amazing I shall update again when the follow count hits 100 and the review count hits 101, Counting stars people I shall update tomorrow don't worry I just kind of rewrote the chapter a lot plus my laptop wasn't working. Sorry if there are any spelling errors I have checked it over like twice and i'm too tired to do it a third time if there are any i'll change them tmr all for now Goodnight/ morning/ afternoon! :D

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