Kathy's Diner

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Friday Morning

"So let me get this straight..." Annie starts

"You had sex with Gale and now he won't talk to you?"

"Yes and I don't know why!" She wails and brings the damp snot covered and tear filled tissue to her face.

"Katniss are you hearing this?" Annie asks me

"Madge are you and Gale together?" I ask with a sigh

"No, but-"

"But nothing. You have to stop this Madge. You Slept with like 18 guys last term and now they won't even as much as look your way."

"19 actually." She corrects me

"Madge." I warn

"You don't understand-" She starts

"No, you don't understand." Annie cuts her off

"If you want to have sex fine, but you can't do it with every dude that walks past you."

"So you guys think I'm a whore? Is that what you're trying to say?"

"Yes." Peeta says with a nod

"We're not supposed to let her know we think that, it'll hurt her feelings." I mumble to him

"Shut up! Just because your brother could give me more satisfaction than you could ever dream of giving me is no excuse for you to be this mean to me!"

"Madge stop it!" I yell

"Don't shout at me! You aren't any better let's not forget the Ryan incident! You're way more slut than me!"

Tears start forming in my eyes and I'm so angry that I'm shaking. We all promised to never speak of the whole Ryan thing.

"That was completely different! I was drugged and you know it! You're disgusting! That's why Andrew doesn't want your whoring ass!"

With that I grab his arm and pull him away from the maple tree and to the gate that separates the school from humanity.

"Help me get over it?"

He nods and pushes me up and I climb over it and down onto the ground on the other side, he easily flings up and over the gate.

"You've done this before?" I ask

"Loads of times, have you never realized how shit school is?"

"Yes," I say with a laugh

"Done this with other girls?" I ask with a hint of jealousy in my voice

"Nah, you're the only girl I'd climb over the school gate with."

"Good to know." I say with a little chuckle and he wraps his arm around my shoulder

"So, where to?"

"Mmm, I know a place but I'm not sure if it's still there."

"Well, I may be wrong..." He starts and I playfully roll my eyes and cross my arms waiting for him to use whatever sarcastic comment he has planned

"But I don't think we'll figure that out by just standing here."

"I know."

"Well let's go then." He says with a smile and flings me over his shoulder.

Kathy's Diner, this place has been around since the 1960's the location has never been changed not once, even though it's extremely popular no outlets have been produced and despite the fact that it's 2014 everyone in here only uses dance moves from the 1960's to modern day songs.

We walk through the swinging double doors and as soon as we're on the inside a very pretty girl about my height with hazel eyes and blond hair which brushes against her collar bone and a face splattered with freckles greets us.

"Hello I'm Delly and I'll be your waitress this afternoon. Would you like a table or are you here to dance?" She asks with a bright smile

I swear the whiteness of her teeth is bright enough to light up a *insert measurement* football field.

"Dance." I say "Food." Peeta says

"I haven't eaten all day." He says

"Aww baby, if you're hungry we can eat and then dance."

"No, no if you want to dance my belly can wait."

"Nope not gonna make you starve for my happiness,"

"We'll take a basket of fries." I tell Delly

"And a sprite." Peeta adds

"Coming right up." She says happily and runs away with her knee high white dress swaying behind her.

"I hope you've got some good moves for the dance floor." I say

"I should be saying that to you Everdeen."

"Sure you can handle this jelly Mellark?"

"Oh I can handle it."

"You're fries, and your drink." Delly says stretching it towards us

"Follow us." I say to her as I run towards the dance floor with Peeta in tow

"Bringing food into the dancing area isn't permitted miss." Delly says

"It is now." Peeta and I say in unison

He eats some fries quickly and we begin dancing.

We start off by doing the twist

He got me goodI've got it badHe got me feeling like a girl gone madGot me running around like I'm a love foolTaking me down I can't stop

Then we move on to the jerk, speeding up and slowing down the space occasionally.

He got me upI can't come downHe got me locked and I don't want outI know he's playing my heart and I ain't got no choiceThere's just something about the boy

Then we do the monkey which Peeta & I both love to do.

Something aboutSomething about the boySomething aboutSomething about the boySomething aboutSomething about the boy

And we end with the pony.

We take our fries and sprite and make our way over to an empty table in the eating section.

"Can I have a banana and peanut milkshake please." I ask Delly and she returns with it a short while after

"Do you think I was too harsh on Madge?" I ask Peeta while stealing one of his fries

"No, she deserved every word."

"She has problems Peeta." I say with a sigh and sip my milkshake

"I know." He says and finishes his sprite



"Who's Ryan?"

"My mom's boss." I say while biting my nails, I know what's coming and the whole Ryan thing makes me nervous and tense.

"What happened between you two?"

My lips start shaking and I don't notice the tears spilling from my eyes until he wipes them away from my cheek with his hand.

"I-I can't tell you."

"At least not here."

"I understand." He says and slides out of his seat opposite me and positions himself next to me.

He wraps his arms around me and kisses the crown of my head.

"Don't cry, I'm sorry."

"It's n-nothing."

"I've told you multiple times you're a terrible liar."

"I know what I am." I say and cry into his chest

"Don't worry you're a terrible liar that i'd be miserable without."

I give a little laugh and he kisses my forehead

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