My First Party

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10:45 PM

I've got two tickets to iron maiden baby,

Come with me Friday don't say " maybe "

I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby, like you...

I'm laying on my bed and kicking my feet in the air and singing with what isn't...how should I put this...what isn't my best voice.

"Hey Kat." Peeta says and flings himself onto of me with his legs pinned down at either side of me.

"What the hell Peeta? Ever heard of knocking?"

"Knocking?" He asks taking his time to pronounce the word as if it's the first time he's heard it.

"Sorry baby but that word's not in my vocabulary."

"Anyway let's go." He says

"Go where?"

"To a party?"

I've never been to a party not because I'm not invited to them or don't think I have the right clothes but because I don't think I'd really fit in.

"How big?"

"Is my dick? Katniss I don't really think that's appropriate." He jokes

"I meant the party." I say with a laugh

"Just 20-50 people."

"I'll just ask my parents-"

"Who said anything about asking your parents?"

"It's like you want them to hate you."

"Nah, never."

11:00 PM

"Would you stop walking like an elephant." I scold Peeta through whisper

"It's not me, it's the stairs."

"Yeah, sure, blame it on the stairs."

"Hmm I'm guessing you're gonna get grounded for two..three months."

I turn around and Peeta trips and falls down the many stairs head first.

"To a party, cover for me?"



"How much you're willing to pay me."

"Prim-" I begin to whine

"I'm only joking." She says with a little laugh

"Dad isn't home anyway and mom's sleeping."

"Thank God."

"You two have fun." She says with a smile and disappears down the hall at the top of the stairs

At The Party

As we walk through the front door the scent of fresh vomit, alcohol and marijuana creeps up my nostrils and causes me to cringe while Peeta just takes in a deep breath and smiles.

"Smell that?" He asks with a smile

I hold my breath and nod.

"That is the scent of an awesome party."

"What kind of parties do you go to?"

He doesn't answer.

"Come on." He says and pulls me into the house

"Hey Andrew." Delly says with her usual cheery voice

"Hey." He says and gives her a side hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I look at him like I'm about to kill him while Delly blushes and looks at him like she intends to eat him with her eyes.

He looks over at me and backs away when noticing my facial expression.

"We're only friends." He defends

"And we're only dating." I respond with a scowl

"We used to be more actually and we could be again." She interrupts obviously with the aim of taunting me I can see it in her eyes, patiently waiting for me to explode.

But I don't give her the satisfaction instead I cross my arms and give her the same look she's giving me.

Peeta looks between both of us seeming prepared to stop a fight.

"I'll uhh see you later Drew?" She asks breaking the silence

"Did she just call you Drew?" I ask with forced laughter and an raised eyebrow.

"Katniss." He warns me.

"What I was just-"

"See you later?" Delly interrupts

"Don't bet on it." I snap

"And didn't you see us talking?" I ask kind of angrily

"I-" She starts

"Just leave before I break your jaw." I snap

An offended look forms on her face and she leaves without another word.

"Aww was someone jealous?" He asks as if I'm a baby

"What was that Peeta?"

"It's how I greet people." He defends

"Well learn another way."

"Okay, okay, calm down."

"Don't tell me what to do." I say and begin storming off.

Am I supposed to brush that of like nothing? Well I'm sorry but I can't because I know how easy it could be for him to just leave me for some other girl and I'd be lying if I said that wouldn't hurt. Just the thought of it makes tears well up in my eyes and I look up and try not to blink to stop them from falling.

Deep breaths. Deep long breaths.

"Kat." He says and grabs my arm, I try to shake him off but he doesn't let go.

He pins me against a wall, cups my cheek and looks down at me.

"Don't get upset, okay?"

I try to look away.

"Kat." He pleads

"Okay." I say and he kisses me

"Now let me introduce you to some of my friends." He says and pulls me deeper into the party

"This is Jacob, James, Al which is short for Albert, my ex girlfriend Kathrine, my ex-girlfriend Bianca, you've met Delly and this is Sophia."

"His girlfriend to be." Sophia says proudly

"Umm..no." He says with a laugh

Delly is kind of intimidating with her black frayed shorts, black combat boots and shirt which reached just above her belly button not to mention her perfectly curled hair where as mine is just in a high bun.

Sophia's hair is in a high pony tail and she is wearing a cream knit sweater with ' yeah ' marked across the chest, black skinny jeans and black wedge shoes probably wishing she'd exposed more skin after hearing Peeta's response to her suggestion of dating her but nonetheless she just keeps her mouth shut looking at me up at down probably picking at my every flaw and occasionally bringing the cup of alcohol to her lips.

Kathrine is dressed the most girly out of all of them with her pink shirt, pull & bear jean shorts, black boots, face full of wonderfully done make up, pink bracelets and earrings to match she isn't paying much attention to me or at least that's what she wants me to think but I notice her looking at me every few seconds with nothing but envy in her eyes.

And then there's Bianca with her long, straight ginger hair which reaches her waist, her dimples, perfect smile, perfect nose and caramel like eyes sprawled out on Jacob's lap in only her underwear laughing her head off obviously a result of how wasted she is.

Last but not least me a lot shorter than Peeta with my black pumps, black theory mini skirt and black bustier crop top. I feel so inadequate for Peeta standing next to all these girls but somehow I'm the one who he cant keep his eyes off of.

It's probably fair to say when they realize this they all look at me as if plotting my execution, well too bad. They had their chance.

"And guys this is my beyond sexy super model like girlfriend Katniss." He says while pulling me into his side

"Super model like? Gone a bit blind Andrew?" Bianca asks with a laugh and all the other girls join in which makes me feel a bit like crap.

Peeta doesn't even have to see how bad I'm feeling to defend me by saying, "Nope, I was blind when I dated you."

They stop laughing and she heads the bottle of alcohol in her hand.

"Wanna dance James?" She asks

He nods and they walk off into the party together.

"Don't you think that was a bit harsh?" I ask with a little smile when she leaves

"I guess, but she insulted my girl." He says and kisses my forehead

"Now, let's go show these armatures how to dance." He says and pulls me to the living room

Let's get out, let's get out'Cause this deadbeat town's only here just to keep us downWhile I was out, I found myself alone just thinkingIf I showed up with a plane ticketAnd a shiny diamond ring with your name on itWould you wanna run away too?'Cause all I really want is you

You look so perfect standing thereIn my American Apparel underwearAnd I know now, that I'm so downI made a mixtape straight out of '94I've got your ripped skinny jeans lying on the floorAnd I know now, that I'm so down

A good bit of cups of alcohol later we're dancing and giggling and everything seems spiny.

I knew you wereYou were gonna come to meAnd here you areBut you better choose carefully'Cause I, I'm capable of anythingOf anything and everything

My hand finds my forehead as I feel like a nail is being hammered into my head.

"You alright love?" Peeta asks me.

"Yeah, i'll just go sit somewhere."

"Okay, want me to get you some water?" He offers

"Yeah sure." I say and then stumble through the house till I sit on the carpeted steps leading upstairs.

I place my head in my hands and shake my legs impatiently while waiting for him to find me.

Make me your AphroditeMake me your one and onlyBut don't make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy

Suddenly the loudness of the music becomes irritating and Peeta arrives with Delly hooked on his arm.

They're just friends.

He hands me the glass of water and begins making out with Delly.

My throat begins to feel extremely dry and my chest feels tight but I'm not sure if it's a physical pain. It can't be.

He's just drunk. He's just drunk. He's just drunk. He's just drunk.

Tears pour out of my eyes. No. no. no. no. no. How could I have been so stupid?

He pushes her away and laughs then looks at me and says, "Oh no, Kat."

"Don't touch me." I say but he steps closer

"No!" I shout and throw the glass of water on the ground in-front of him, the shattering noise it makes and the pieces of it scattered on the ground resembling the current state of my heart.

So you wanna play with magicBoy, you should know what you're falling forBaby do you dare to do this?'Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse

"Katniss." He says while running after me

Are you ready for, ready forA perfect storm, perfect storm'Cause once you're mine, once you're mineThere's no going back.

I knew it was too good to be true. That he couldn't change.

I run as fast as my heels can carry me. Until I'm out of the house and walking through the cold night on an unknown road at who knows what time all by myself.

I feel his hand on my arm and when he turns me around I completely crumble.


"I said no. I don't want to hear it." I say and put my hand to my head and squeeze on it probably making the intense pain worse.

"Are we over?" He asks looking hurt

Wow. He actually has the nerve to feel hurt if I break up with him after he did that?

I wish I could say yes but I can't at least not now, I actually need time to think about this.

The dizziness gets worse and my legs start going weak, He catches me as my eyes basically roll back into my head. I think there was something in that last drink.

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