Broken Friendships

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12:00 PM

"Madge why wont you talk to me?"

Not that I really mind.

"Look, i'm sorry I called you a-"

"Sorry isn't going to change anything." She cuts me off

"You have to understand I was upset, I mean you always do this to yourself plus you mentioned Ryan and in case you don't remember you promised you wouldn't."

She laughs.

"Don't you get it? I don't like you. We're not friends. I poisoned you not Delly she just gave you the drink."

"But why would you-"

"Because you called me a whore and the last time I checked I wasn't one plus you don't deserve Andrew."

"And you do? You slept with his brother! Multiple times!"

"It isn't a big deal." She says

"So what did you think? That you'd just kill me off and he'd come running to you?"

"Duh, haven't you seen the way he looks at me?"

"You mean with disgust and hatred?" I asked confusedly

"No with love."

I laugh, like really hard.

"Oh Madge, oh poor delusional Madge, any feelings he had for you are gone so any idea you had of you two being together in the future should just be forgotten right now to save you the trouble."

"You think i'm going to give up this easily? You'll be out of the picture in no time." She says and walks out of the bathroom

After School

"Katniss I know you and Madge aren't the best of friends right now but such a lie is a bit-"

"A lie? You don't believe me?"

"No...I can't, she wouldn't say or do something like that."

She thinks i'm lying? I expected better of Annie, she's supposed to be smarter than this.

"You think Madge wouldn't do something like this?Annie are you feeling okay?" Gale asks

"Yeah An, You know how mean, sneaky and wicked Madge can be at times." Finnick says

"I know, I just think that Katniss is lying, Madge wouldn't be like this."

"Why would I lie?"

"Because of what she said about Ry-"

"Shut up. I mean doesn't a promise mean anything to you guys anymore?"

"Katniss i'm sorry, I just can't believe it. Let's go Fin." She says

Finnick gives me a look that says ' sorry ' and walks off with her.

"Fine, don't believe me, I don't care." I say with the hurt evident in my voice and storm off in the other direction

Gale catches up with me, places his arm around my shoulder and walks with me as I look down at the ground with clenched fists while biting on my bottom lip.

"I can't believe Annie thinks I'd lie about something like that."

"Don't worry, The Fin Man and I will talk some sense into her."

"I doubt that will do anything."

From the way I felt like my insides were being viciously ripped apart by some kind of monster and the drops of blood the dripped into the toilet bowl this morning I knew that it was that time of the month again and I was very upset, I'm feeling much worse now and am just going to go straight home rather than wait on Peeta.

At Home

When I reach home no one's there so I walk downstairs to dad's ' man cave ' to play darts in the hopes of getting my mind off the horrible pain i'm feeling now that makes me want to pull on the hair in my head but I know deep down inside that i'll focus on the pain even more if anything.

To my surprise dad is there.

"Hey." I say while jumping on dad's back

"Gahhh." He says and tips forward a bit but manages to stand straight again

I hop off his back and he hooks me under his arm.

"Dad." I say with a laugh

"Katniss." He says casually and ruffles my hair

"Let me go."

"Oh alright." He says and removes his arm from around me

"So did Delly apologize?" He asks while throwing a dart

"It wasn't her." I say with a sigh and throw a dart

"Who then?"


"As in your best-friend Madge?"

"Yeah, she said she did it to get me out of the picture so she could have Andrew."

"That's bitchy." Dad says and I give him a questioning look

"What?" He asks and continues throwing darts

"What do your friends think about this?"

"Gale and Finnick aren't pleased but Annie doesn't believe me."

"Oh, i'm sorry."

"It's fine." I say with a sigh

"And what does the boy think?"

"The boy, has a name."

"What does Angus think?"

"His name is Andrew dad." I say with a laugh

"And I haven't told him yet."

"Why not?"

"Didn't get the chance."

"What do I do about Madge dad?"

"Well first of all don't hurt her, be the better person."

"Don't hurt her? Not even just a little?"

"Katniss." He warns kind of jokingly

"Fine, I wont hurt her."

I wasn't actually going to anyway.

We continue throwing darts and he tells me about work and how small minded his employees are and that the reason he's been so so harsh on us lately is because they think he isn't a good dad.

"You're a great dad dad." I say and we both give a little laugh

"It doesn't matter what they think what matters is what we think, and we think you're amazing."


"Of course we do, i'm gonna go to my bedroom and have a shower." I say, put down the darts and begin to walk away but he picks me up at flings me over his shoulder, this action brings back many childhood memories.

"Put me down." I say with a laugh

"Gladly, wow you've gotten heavier." He says and puts me down

"Well i'm obviously not the same weight I was when I was 6."

"True." He says while straightening his back

He pulls me into a hug and says, "Prim told me what happened with Anthony."

"Andrew." I correct him

"Well he's your boyfriend not mine. Is everything okay now?"

"Yes, everything is perfectly fine."

"Are you sure I don't need to go over to his house with a chainsaw?"

"Yes dad." I say with a laugh

Later That Day

I put on my pj's since I don't plan on leaving the house again for the rest of the day and lay in bed with a hot water bottle on my belly pretending not to notice the pain again while replying to my text messages but I still can feel the walls of my uterus tearing away.


Just tell me you're sorry for lying and we can put this behind us



We tried. She wont budge.

Yeah I assumed as much, don't worry about it. At least I still have you & Fin :)

Well you have me, i'm not too sure if Finster will side with us or her.

Probably with us, he doesn't let people control him.

Lol "Finster" ?

Yeah it's a new nickname I invented, he hates it.

Well I'll make sure to use it the next time I see him.


God, she's stubborn, don't worry i'll get her to believe you.

So you're taking my side?

Yes, I know Madge and I know you wouldn't lie about something like that.


So you decided to get back at me by running off with Gale? Watch your back.

I didn't run off with Gale and sweetie please keep in mind that he's known me longer and actually likes me.


Where were you?

My tummy is hurting really badly, had to come straight home.

Aww, period love?


Want me to come over, cuddle with you, shower you in kisses and remind you how beautiful you are?

Yes, please

I'll be there soon and how about I bring you some ice-cream and gummy worms?

You're like the best boyfriend ever 3

"I'm here and I bring good things." He says while walking through my bedroom door.

"Aww babe." He says, picks me off the ground and lays me on the bed. The pain has become so unbearable, I just, I can't. I actually feel like crying.

"You don't understand how painful it is." I whine

"I know, but i'm here to make you feel better even if it's just by a little bit."

He picks up the hot water bottle and places it on my tummy.

"Ready for your ice-cream?" He asks and I nod

He feeds me the cookies and cream ice-cream and then massages my feet to stray my mind from the pain and although it doesn't work he's giving a really good foot massage.

"So how was your day?" He asks and I remember I still haven't told him about Madge.

"So tiring, we have another assignment for English which is due on Friday."

"Is it a lot of work?"

"Yes loads, I don't know how he expects it to be done by Friday."

"How are you going to complete it all by yourself? Maybe your mom can help you."


"I'm only joking." He says and continues to massage my feet

"Anything interesting happen to you?"

"Me and my friends got banned from 2 supermarkets and kicked out of a bar."

"That's what you spent the day doing?"

"Yes, it was fun. Wanna come with next time?"

"The thought of it seems nice but my parents already don't want me seeing you."

"I'll change that in no time."

"How?" I ask while propping myself up on my elbows and looking at him

"Don't worry you pretty little mind about that." He says, gently pokes my nose with his index finger and then goes back to massaging my feet

I give a little laugh, shake my head and lay down.

"Umm Peeta..."


"If I told you that Madge poisoned me with the intentions of killing me so she could have you how would you react?"

"She did what?!"

"Please don't take you anger out on my feet." I plead

"Oops, sorry." He says and gives them a small rub before continuing to massage them

"So she poisoned you? When I see her again i'll-"

"You'll do nothing. Just walk straight past her, please."

"We can't let her get away with everything Kat."

"I know, but we can't make her learn her lesson through violence."

He's about to say something when I cut him off by saying, " Or verbal abuse."

"Oh." He responds with a sigh

He stops massaging my feet, lays next to me and pulls me into his chest.

"I can't believe she went that far." He says and hugs me tightly

"I know, she was supposed to be my friend."

"She isn't anymore right?"

"I don't know."

"Katniss, you shouldn't be friends with people that want to kill you."

I push him away and sit up.

"Well when you say it like that you make her sound like some kind of serial killer."

We both give a little laugh.

"But seriously though, you still want to be her friend?" He asks and I look down at him

"Nah not really, I was closer to Annie than her anyway but Annie thinks i'm lying."

"Well then Annie's being an idiot." He says

"Do you still love her?" I ask without thinking

"I've never been with Annie." He says and laughs

"No, I mean Madge."

"No of course not..." He starts and gently brushes his thumb against my cheek

"I love yo-yodeling." He says and I smile down at him

Almost sounded like he was about to say you.

"You love yodeling?"

"Yes, it's a fun activity, you should try it some time."

"I have, I love yodeling too." I say and press my lips against his.

However it seems like my kiss wasn't enough because he quickly switches our positions so that I'm under him and brings his soft, warm lips to my neck where he takes his time to kiss and suck on it causing a spark to ignite in my stomach and gasps to escape my mouth, gradually his lips find their way to my earlobes where he tugs on them softly and causes an unusual tingling sensation to run through my body. Finally his lips crash against mine and I pass my hands through his curly blond hair while he kisses me with so much passion that I think i'm seeing stars. I felt his tongue run across my bottom lip and I open my mouth to let our tongues explore each others mouths. He runs his fingers through my hair and pulls me closer, as this kiss goes on I feel the need to kiss him more and more, feel him closer to me than ever but he pulls away so we can catch our breath. It didn't stop there however because a few seconds later he was sucking and nibbling at my lips again. I'm so tempted to just rip his shirt off, but that would lead to things we aren't ready for.

"Katniss do you want me to get anything for you at the-" Mom starts and Peeta pulls his lips away from mine and I groan, I was enjoying that so much.

"Hello Andrew." Mom says trying to ignore the fact that he's on top of me but it's written all over her face that she's not too pleased about it

"Katniss, do you have enough tampons sweetie?"

"Yes mom." I say, my face filled with embarrassment

"You need anything? Like more gummy worms? Cookies? Condoms?"

"Mom please leave." I say and cover my face with my hands while Peeta laughs silently

"Okay, okay, i'm going." She says and leaves closing the door behind her.

"Sure you got enough tampons sweetie?" Peeta mocks her in a joking tone.

"Shut up." I say with a laugh and push him off me.

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