Bang! Bang!

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The pain has stopped, not that I thought it would be here today because it's usually only there on the first day of my cycle. Madge and Annie aren't talking to me and Finnick and Gale are trying as best as they can to get Annie to realize that her best-friend is a witch. However this isn't bothering me at all, if they don't want to talk to me fine. Yeah we've been friends for years but I expected this because I just don't believe in things lasting forever.

My boyfriend on the other hand thinks that it's hurting me deep down inside and I'm covering up the hurt to seem strong. Of course he's wrong but he's taking me to an arcade and I'm not turning that down. Although I'm not really fond of video games because I suck at everyone one I play I've always wondered what it's like in an arcade. He says he's going to take me to Brewster's Arcade because it's close and owned by his aunt.

He locks the car and we make our way inside hand in hand. It's pretty dark on the inside, there are swirly neon lights built into the ceiling and the ground is covered in a dark blue carpet with rockets and planets on it. It's really dark in here despite the lights and this kind of darkness makes me uncomfortable but Peeta wraps his arm around my shoulder and makes me relax a little bit. The coldness of the air conditioning in this place is almost sickening and causes me to shiver. Instantly he removes his jacket and helps me put it on. He takes me deeper into the arcade past the people playing Pac Man , Street Fighter , Sonic The Hedgehog and other games which I have never seen until this very moment.

When we reach and area in another section of the arcade where people play laser tag we are suited up, given earpieces and handed our white laser guns. Peeta & I are separated and the man that brought me to the other side of the room says " Remember, it's all optical illusions."

"Optical illusions?" I ask and hear Peeta ask through my ear-piece

But it's too late for questions because I'm pushed into the room and the door locks behind me. I try to open it but the handle has somehow disappeared.

I turn around sharply as "wind" blows my hair and cheeks back and the ground around my feet rises. When I look down it's as if I'm standing hundreds of feet up with nothing below me but razor-sharp rocks and icy looking water. I take deep breaths and remind myself it's all optical illusions while my heart reacts to this as if it demands to be let out of my chest.

"Peeta?" I ask

"Don't worry love, it's all illusions, now are you gonna forfeit and let me win this game?" He asks through the ear-piece

"Never." I say with a grin

"Where are you?" I ask

"Turn around." He says but when I do no one's there

"You turned around didn't you?" He asks with a laugh

"Of course I did."

"I wont give away my position that easily, if you want me you'll have to find me."

"How do I reach you?"

"Jump into the water."

"But I'll drown."

"Nah, I'll save you before you have the chance to."

"But it's scary."

"Trust me on this one...okay?"

"Okay." I say and jump expecting to die but instead I feel like I'm in a play where the scene changes and when I open my eyes again I'm in his arms and we're on a beach.

"Catch me." He says teasingly and then runs away.

I run after him quickly but not fast enough to catch up with him. I pick up my pace and heave onto his back. He laughs as our bodies crash to the ground and I begin kissing him. He pulls me tighter to his body and slowly passes his hands up the smooth skin of my belly and almost to my tits when a voice announces,

"This room is not meant to be used to fulfill your sexual desires." And we pull away to laugh.

The scenery then changes from the beach to a plain black room and the door swings open.

He helps me off the ground and one the outside they take back their vests and guns.

We make our way back into the section where people play the games and I spot Madge and Annie talking to two familiar looking men who are probably in their late 20's. Madge is giggling and blushing while Annie looks completely terrified.

"C'mon." Peeta says to me and pulls me in their direction

"Annie, what are you doing here?"

She bites her bottom lip anxiously, obviously the result of holding something in.

"Madge-" She starts

"Shut up Annie." Madge says with the most forced smile ever

"Mellark?" The men asks

"Thought you got rid of me huh?"

"Of course not. If we wanted to get rid of you we'd have to do so to your little friend first." One of them says and looks at me when saying the word ' friend '

"Girlfriend." Peeta corrects him

"Not for long." Madge says

"Was anyone talking to you?"

She rolls her eyes but embarrassment is written all over her face.

"As I was saying she is my girlfriend and you couldn't get rid of her even if you got Tony and Mark to help you."

"You wanna bet?" He asks and walks up to Peeta standing as close as possible and hovering over him like a tower

"No need to get all fighty." Annie says trying to part them and one of them punches her so hard she goes flying back.

"Annie." I say and run to her side whereas Madge just checks her voice-mails so I pull her hair.

"What was that for?" She snaps

"Your friend of many years gets punched in the eye by some man and you react by checking your voice-mails?"

"Yeah, what did you expect me to do? See if she's okay?" She asks and goes back to checking her voice-mails

My next moves surprise me, I slap the phone out of her hand, crush it with my foot and then slap her straight across her face. Peeta holds me back from hitting her again

"How dare you slap Murtle?" The men ask in unison

"Murtle?" Me, Peeta and even Annie ask with a laugh

"My parents chose my name not me!" Madge defends

"Murtle-" Peeta starts with a laugh

"Murtle deserved it." He finishes

"Maybe you do deserve what's coming to you at 3:15." they say and leave with Madge.

"What's happening at 3:15?"

"Let's get your friend to the hospital." He says and picks her up

"What's happening at 3:15?" I repeat

"It's nothing let's just get her to the hospital."

"No, why wont you tell me?"

"Katniss." He says and I hear the anger in his voice, he only becomes this short tempered when he's hiding something from me that will hurt me deeply.

"Please tell me, I care about you-"

"No you don't! Nobody does!" He shouts and his face becomes red

"Why would you say that?!"

"Let's just get your friend to the hospital and we can go our separate ways."

"But I don't want us to go our separate ways."

"Katniss just leave him alone." Annie says weakly

"The damage done to Ms. Cresta's eye isn't severe, I recommend her leaving this ice-pack over her eye until the swelling goes down and taking these painkillers." The doctor says while handing her a glass of water and some painkillers

"You feeling okay Annie?" I ask her and place my hand on her shoulder

"Yes, thanks for bringing me here."

"Well I had to we're friends."

"I'm sorry I didn't believe what you said about Madge."

"You mean Murtle." I correct her and we laugh

"Fin is going to be so angry about this."

"No, he's going to be absolutely furious." Finnick says and we both turn around

Before Annie can get up he makes his way over to us and pulls her into a tight hug.

"I told you she was horrible and you shouldn't hang out with her anymore." He says

"I know, you were right, I'm sorry." She says into his chest

Gale walks in the room and says, " Please remind me why you guys are friends with this girl."

"You're the one that's with her." Finnick says

"Nah bro, you know I like to hit it and quit it." Gale says

"Is An okay?"

"Yeah." Finnick answers while gently rubbing her shoulders

"Who called you guys?" I ask


"Where is he?"

"He left actually."

I check the time on my phone 2:55 PM, something bad is happening to him at 3:15 I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.

I reach into Gale's pocket, grab his keys, exit the hospital and get in his car. While driving I can see Peeta's bike a few cars in front of me so I follow him until he stops outside an apartment.

"Peeta what are you doing here?" I ask while getting out of the car

"Katniss go away I don't want you to get hurt." He says without turning around

"Stop trying to protect me, I don't need protecting! I'm not a child!"

He doesn't respond.

"Tell me what's going on, please?"

"I can't, I don't even know what's happening."

"Why are you here then?"

"My parents had a fight about me again a few days ago and my dad stormed out on my mom, she was completely broken so I called him up and said some unpleasant things and now he wants to talk."

"And you're actually going to do it? What if he hurts you again Peeta-"

"I'll be fine, please go home." He says, kisses my forehead

He walks into the apartment and I follow him in. It's dark and cold, it feels lonely.

The lights flicker on and Peeta's father along with the two men from the arcade stand before us.

"What's she doing here? I said come alone." His father says

"I followed him." I say before Peeta can respond

"Excellent." One of the men says with a smile that causes me to step back.

"We were hoping you would." His father adds with a grin that makes my heart go into my toe.

"Why?" I ask timidly

"So we can kill you silly." Delly says while walking out from behind one of the men

"What?! Why?!" Peeta asks

"Your father took everything I loved away from me so i'm going to take everything you love away from you." His father says

"Plus, you wont date me why she's alive."

"He wont date you ever." I say

"Really? That's what you want your last words to be?" She asks while crossing her arms

"He doesn't love me anyway." I say

"Wow, Murtle told us you were stupid but I didn't expect you to be this slow." His father says

"Of course he loves you, he's just scared of getting hurt, If he didn't love you I wouldn't see you as a threat." Madge says

I look at Peeta, "Do you actually love me?"

"I-" He starts

"It's a shame that you have to die as soon as you find out." Madge cuts him off

"And we'll kill you tonight so you'll suffer more to know that your precious little girlfriend died and there was nothing you could do to save her." One of the men says to Peeta

"No, you can't kill him." I say " No you can't kill her." He says

"How about we kill them both at the same time so they can watch each other die." Madge suggests with a laugh

She thinks this a joke?

"This ex of yours is really smart son." Mr. Mellark says

"I'm not and never will be your son!" Peeta shouts angrily

"I know."

"Boys pull the trigger." Madge says

My heart is racing I know that when the trigger is fired he'll try to block the shot to keep me alive but I can't let that happen. I'd rather I die and he live.

The bullet shots are far louder than I imagined, quickly I jump in-front of Peeta and use my body as a shield to protect him from the metal fragments which rapidly fly through the air and pierce into my forearm. I hear Peeta's voice yelling ' no ' and asking them how they could do such a thing as my body collapses to the ground. Blood spills out of me like tears from the eyes of a broken-hearted person and I barely see Peeta's face before I feel like every drop of life is sucked out of my body.

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