I Wanna Make You Feel Adored

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12:01 PM

"Peeta!" I shout

"Peeta!" I shout again but he continues walking.

I run behind him and then heave myself onto his back, a smile creeps onto his lips and a laugh escapes his mouth as our bodies crash to the lush, green, freshly cut grass below the maple tree. For a minute I think that everything is fine and it was all in my head until his eyebrows crinkle and he sighs.

"What's wrong? Why are you acting like this?"

"Katniss I think we should-"

" ." I say while shaking my head and backing away

"Katniss, we're not- my life is too-"

"No it's not."



"I'm doing this because I really like you and can't bare to see you get hurt again."

"You really like me so you're breaking up with me? That's a horrible reason."

"I really don't want to do this." He says while walking towards me

"But you mean too much to me." He says, presses his lips against mine and leaves.

I take a deep breath and plaster the fakest smile ever on my lips to suppress the tears.

"Hey Katniss!" Madge calls out as I make my way down the hall, feeling lonely without Peeta beside me.

"What?" I ask turning on my heel

"I'm sorry, can we be friends again?"

"Now isn't a good time Madge." I say in frustration while waving her off

"Anytime is the right time." She says hopefully

"Madge you called me a slut, exposed the Ryan thing, poisoned me and teamed up with my boyfriend's horrible step-father to kill me."

"You're alive now." She says and gives an uneasy laugh

I narrow my eyes at her.

"Yeah, thanks to my ex-boyfriend." I say and It causes me to feel like I've been shot all over again but this time in my heart.

"Ex-boyfriend? That may have been my fault." She says while playing with her fingers

"Excuse me?!"

"I only intended for him to act colder or cheat on you not break-up with you."

"You know...you're not making this any better for yourself." I say and am about to walk away when she places her hand on my shoulder.

"Please forgive me, you know that I have problems."

"You can't use that as an excuse for everything Murtle." I say and give a small laugh

"Yeah, very funny." She says

"Fine, I forgive you."

But only because the bible says to forgive.

"But I'm not going to be your friend again, in-fact I don't want anything to do with you."

She gives me such as angry glare that I'm surprised she hasn't pulled out a pocket knife or something to stab me yet.

"Well I have to go now." I say while backing away

"Yeah, you do that." She snaps.

2:55 PM

"Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry." I remind myself as I walk into the house.

"Dad?" I ask while adjusting my side bag on my shoulder and making my way downstairs to his man cave which I find completely empty, honestly I'm surprised a tumbleweed hasn't rolled across the floor yet.

"Prim? Mom?" I ask while texting dad and walking back upstairs.


Are you at the studio?

Yes, Is everything okay?

Everything's fine, bring me 2 tubs of Ben & Jerry's when you're coming back?

What did he do?

Should I tell dad over the phone? Nah.

Nothing. I just feel like eating some ice-cream.

I'm not stupid.

*pretends not to see*

Very funny. We'll talk when I get home.

It's 3:00 PM, dad wont be home for another 9 hours.

"Is anyone home?" I call as I walk into the living room.

"I'm doing the laundry dear!" Mom calls out and I make my way to the laundry room.

I open the door and walk into the floral scented room, mom has her hair in a bun and is wearing some blue shorts and a vest. She's obviously just been back from work because she till has on her make up and jewelry.

"What is it?" She asks while sorting out the clothes into piles and loading the washing machine. I take a deep breath and tap my foot anxiously.

"Well today-" I start while taking a deep breath as the pain in my heart spreads throughout my body and causes me to burst into tears.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"A-andrew b-broke up with-with-"

"Oh sweetie." She says and hugs me.

She brings me over to the large, lime-green bean bags below the shelves containing laundry detergent and so on and hugs me again.

"Your father and I were scared this would happen."

"And to make i-it worse he kissed me and then left me there feeling like a piece of me died."

"That reminds me of someone I was with when I was younger." She says

"His name was Jake Mellark and I was crazy about him." She says while pulling me tighter into her chest.

"But he was so possessive and abusive, and for years I tried to convince myself that I wasn't hurting or falling apart more and more each day but the truth is I wasn't happy at all I felt so trapped. And despite how broken I felt when he punched me in the nose and left me in the middle of nowhere , I'm stronger now and being in a relationship with him taught me many things one of them being if a boy hits you once no matter how many times he apologizes just walk out of the relationship. It's funny how even though he treated me like shit I felt empty without him and for a long time after I was so depressed and felt like I was undeserving of love but many years later I met your dad, and I know he'll never hurt me or try to control me. I'm just saying it may hurt a lot now but you'll find someone better or who knows maybe he'll change his mind, but you're an amazing girl and you deserve a boy who is willing to give you the world and I'm not just saying this because I'm you mom." She coos while rubbing my back.

"M-maybe." I say with a bit of hope in my heart that he'll call me tonight and tell me things aren't really over between us.

10:45 PM

"I don't want to hear another word out of you!" I hear Prim shout on the other side of the door.

I'm in my room eating away my feelings, I've gone through 5 150ml tubs of ice-cream which may not be healthy but I don't care. There's nothing on TV right now that doesn't make me want to cry and I can actually feel the redness of my eyes and my nose is burning as a result of its soreness. Someone knocks on my door, it sounds impatient and loud.

"Yes?" I ask trying to sound like I'm fine but my voice trembles.

"Katniss it's me." Peeta says sadly

"And Prim." Prims shouts cheerfully

"And me! I brought cookies!" Mom says

"Welcome to the land of heart-ache and misery, population one." I say and sink under my blankets

"Population two." Peeta corrects me and gets into bed with me.

"Leave me alone." I say and scoot away from him but he moves closer towards me and wraps his arms around me from behind.

"Well it's been nice, I'll leave the cookies over here." Mom says and leaves

"If you two don't sort this out by the time I get back we're gonna have some problems." Prim says and follows mom out, closing the door behind her.

"Never." Peeta says and kisses my cheek.

"You understand why I did it, don't you?"

"Yes, but it still hurts."

"You think it isn't hurting me too?" He asks

"Well you seem fine." I say, wiggle out of his grasp and turn around to face him and that's when I notice his swollen face and red eyes.

"Do I look fine?"

"No." I say sadly

"Why were you crying?" I ask

"Because losing you is like my worst nightmare Katniss, I thought I could get over you but I can't."

"Same here." I agree

"So what are we gonna do?" He asks

"What do you want to do?" I ask

"What do you want to do?" He presses.

"I want you to let me love you until there's no more of you to love and even when that happens I'll still love you even more. I know you're broken, I am too, and I promise I'll help you put the pieces back together. Just don't push me away, I know your life is dangerous but I'm willing to be apart of it if it means I get to be with you." I say

"And I want you to let me love you until you can't take it anymore, I want to hold you in my arms whenever your feeling down and make you feel okay again, I want cuddle with you on rainy days and cold nights and sing songs to you and take you on adventures and introduce you to the wilder side of life, most of all I want to make you feel adored." He says

"Then do it." I say and he smiles before crashing his lips onto mine. This time when we kiss I'm on top of him slowly grinding into him as the kiss deepens and our hearts race. He passes his hands through my hair and pulls my face down closer to his as he thrusts into me upwards. The door opens but we don't stop, instead the kiss intensifies and a heat spreads like a wildfire from between my legs to throughout my body.

"Excellent, my plan worked." I hear Prim say

"You can thank me later, oh and I left a condom under you pillow but you can save those for another night." She says and leaves

I give a little laugh and begin gently sucking on his neck.

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