Meeting Jojo & Receiving Shocking News

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NB: Whenever she talks to her self it will be in italics.

Friday ( 31st January )

7:00 AM

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I exclaim

Madge has mom strapped down onto the bed, with her mouth duct tapped and is hanging over her with an axe in her hand with an evil grin on her face.

"A lot of things." She replies with a little chuckle

"Now I'm going to ask you one last time..." She starts

"Will you be my friend again?" She asks holding the axe firmly over mom's neck

"Of course not!"

"Well I guess you'll have to say goodbye to your mommy." She says

"You know I thought you'd be smarter than this, but it's not like you don't deserve to have your mother taken away from you."

"I don't."

"Yes you do. You stole my boyfriend and then refused to die, if you promise to be my friend again we can put this behind us."

Okay. So she poisoned me and shot me and I decided that was a result of anger but now she's trying to kill my mother? There is something deeply wrong with Madge. Wait, the axe isn't real, it's completely fake. We just use it to scare away burglars and Madge knows that.

"Kill her then." I say while crossing my arms as a smile plays on my lips.


"You heard me, chop her head off."

"Scared of something Madge?"

"No, no I just-"

"You just know it's a fake axe?" I ask and mom laughs in remembrance that the axe isn't real.

"I'm giving you 3 seconds to run before I call the cops on you." I say seriously


"I'm not scared of you." She says


"Three." I say and she runs out of the house.

I shake my head and untie my mother.

11:57 AM

"Are you sure this cousin of yours is still alive?" I ask while dodging the ripped pieces of cloth hanging from the ceiling."

"Yup, lovely place isn't it?" He asks

"Sure." I say while examining the room.

Every few seconds we have to jump because of the rats which resemble puppies that run across the floor, the ceiling is leaking, there's a scent of rotting corpses in the air, it's dark and there are holes in the floorboards. As we go deeper and deeper into the house the idea of making a run for it becomes more intriguing but I don't do it. He brings me to a door which leads to what assume is the basement and he kicks the door open.

I don't need your condescendingWords about me looking lonelyI don't need your arms to hold meCause misery is waiting on me

I am not aloneNot beaten down just yetI am not afraidOf the voices in my headDown the darkest roadSomething follows meI am not aloneCause misery loves my companyMisery loves my company

Loud music pierces my ears as we walk down the creaky steps.

"JoJo!" He yells as we step down from the last step.

"Peeta!" She squeals, runs and heaves herself on him, they do a spin hug and kiss each other's cheeks.

"It's been too long!" She says and goes back to what she was doing i.e throwing chopping knives at pictures of people that I'm sure attend or attended our school and some people I've never seen before.

Her hair is jet black with orange streaks and she has light brown eyes, she's taller than me but shorter than Peeta and really skinny. She's wearing some black distressed shorts and a lace bra.

"Yes, I'm afraid it has been!" He replies

I don't need your condescendingWords about me looking lonelyI don't need your arms to hold meCause misery is waiting on me

I close my eyes tightly as the intense music continues to pierce through my ears.

"That your new girlfriend?"

He nods and wraps an arm around my shoulder before saying, "Her name is Katniss."

She examines me and then screws up her face, "You could do way better!" And instead of defending me he just laughs and shakes his head as I shoot her a nasty glare.

"Haha, I like this one!" She says and continues throwing the knives.

"So what do you want Mellark?"

"I need you to get rid of someone for me!"


"Madge Undersee!"

"Gale's Ex?"


"How do you know Gale? He doesn't know you!" I say

"Oh sweetie, we weren't talking to you!" She says and I try to laugh off the embarrassment.

"Yes her!" Peeta says

"It's about time! If I were you I would have gotten rid of her the same day as the shooting!"

"So you'll do it?"

"Duh! Under one condition though!"


"I want Gale!"

"No way! I don't want my friend with you!" I say

She stops throwing knives, walks over to a pile of pictures on the floor and sticks one of me to the wall and continues throwing the knives again.

"What is that?!" I ask Peeta

"She puts the faces of people she's gotten rid of or wants to get rid of on it." Peeta says with a smile and I'm pretty sure my skin is 10 times paler than it were before at this point.

"Oh." I say with a shaky voice.

"Katniss and I were going to head down to the beach! You wanna come?" He offers

And I slowly lift my head up to watch him as my face turns into a scowl.

"Love you too babe!" He says and kisses my forehead but my face remains the same.

"I'm not really sure if could take on being somewhere with her any longer!" She says while pointing the knife at me.

"The feeling is mutual!" I answer

"Again sweetheart, I wasn't talking to you!" She says and I roll my eyes.

"C'mon JoJo, it'll be fun!"

"No. This what I'm doing right now is fun!"

"So it's settled you're coming with us!" He says, then walks over to her stereo, turns off the music slaps the knife out of her hand and flings her over his shoulder like he would often do with me.

"Katniss, would you be a dear and get the door." She says

I quickly walk ahead of them while mumbling things under my breath and open the door.

1:55 PM

Peeta and Johanna are running around the beach like dogs who have been let off their leashes for the first time in years while I'm sitting in my truck with my arms crossed and a scowl on my face.

I don't like this Johanna chick. I don't care if she's his cousin. I've spent most of the time here imagining what would happen if she got hit by a bus. Are cousins supposed to be all over each-other like that? I swear if she kisses him on the cheek one more time I will get out of this truck and kill her.

She left her knife at home right?

I know that she's only flirting with him this much to get to me and it's working like a charm. Why does she want to piss me off though?

Backseat serenadeDizzy hurricaneOh god, I'm sick of sleeping aloneYou're salty like a summer dayKiss the sweat awayTo your radio

I turn up the volume on the radio, hop into the back seat and lay down with my eyes closed.

Backseat serenadeLittle hand grenadeOh god, I'm sick of sleeping aloneYou're salty like a summer dayKiss the pain awayTo your radio

I'd go out there and enjoy the beach with them but Johanna will just do all she can to get Peeta's attention focused on her rather than me, his girlfriend, the person he was supposed to spend the day here with. Although I should be at school rather than here. I hope the school doesn't decide to call my parents and talk to them about how much their daughter has been skipping classes with a certain 6 ft 1 blonde who has a record of showing up to school whenever he wants because I know my father wouldn't be happy about that at all.

Does he even remember he brought me here? They've been running around the beach like that for hours. No I'm not jealous.

I tense up a little and my breath hitches when I feel his body on top of me and his warm breath against my lips. Before I have the chance to ask him what he's doing her presses his soft lips against mine and grazes his tongue over my bottom lip as one of his hands slowly finds it's way to the nape of my neck while the other faintly moves against my skin. Heat spreads through my body at his touch.

A very cold breeze blows and I can hear the crashing of the waves on the shore but I'm more interested in the way Peeta's lips are moving against mine. I slowly open my mouth and he slips his tongue in it, and gently brushes it against mine. He leisurely traces his hand up my back where he pulls me closer to him, he presses the bulge in his pants harder and harder against my core as the kiss deepens and I can't help but gasp. I feel him smile against my lips. He bites and sucks on them whilst I thread my hands through his hair. The kiss is feverish and filled with passion.

He pulls his lips away from mine and looks down at me with a smile on his face.

"Why are you being so anti-social?" He asks and moves his eyes from mine to my lips and then back to my eyes again.

"I uh.." I begin, he bites his bottom lip and trains his eyes down to my lips again.

He takes one of my hands in his and gently presses his lips to my knuckles before making his way up my arm, he stops at my shoulder for a bit before moving to my collar bone. His lips find there way to my neck and he begins peppering light kisses on it, a shiver runs through my body and I let out a gasp again when he starts sucking and biting on my neck.

"You-you seemed to be having a blast without me." I say through hitched breaths. He pays no attention to my words and ghosts his hands up and down my arms. I bite on my bottom lip to avoid letting the moans that want to escape my lips have their way. Finally he pulls his lips away from my neck and looks down at me.

"That's not true, I wish you'd leave your truck and come have fun with us." He says before pressing his lips lightly against my forehead.

"I don't want to impose."

"You're not imposing Kat, now get out of the truck."

"Or we could stay here and continue what we're doing." I suggest with a smile.

"I don't think so Kat, because this would end in all our clothes on the floor and us breathing heavily."

"Would that be so bad?"

OMG, I did not just say that.

"No. Not at all but we're in public." He says and kisses my nose.

I sigh and he helps me out of the truck. Johanna rolls her eyes when she sees him returning with me.

"You know you're going to have to get used to her, she is my girlfriend." Peeta says while wrapping an arm around my shoulder and pulling me into his chest.

"As long as she isn't like Undersee I guess we can get along." Johanna says while looking at me up and down.

"I guess I can try not to punch her."

"Aww, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" He says and we roll our eyes.

We spent the rest of the day running around the beach like idiots and rolling in the sand. My father has called me 20 times since I left school and I have a feeling that if I pick up he will shout at me so I simply put my phone on silent and shove it in my back pocket. I'm sitting between Peeta's legs, his arms are wrapped tightly around my waist and his head in on my shoulder, every once in a while he plants a kiss on my shoulder and I smile.

"Well, I'm going to leave now." Johanna says as she stands up and dusts off her shorts.

"Want me to drop you home?" He asks

"No, I'll be fine." She says with a smile.

"You know if you want, you can come live with us Jojo."

"Nah..." She started whilst looking down at her hands.

"I don't like being tamed." She finished.

"Jojo." He pleaded but she shook her head.

"I'll be fine Mellark." She said and began walking away.

"Oh and Peeta." She said as she turned around.

"Yeah?" He asked expectantly.

"You might want to hold on to that one, she's a keeper." She said with a smile and I smiled back.

"There's no way I'm letting her go." Peeta said.

"Love you." He said

"Love you too cuz." She says and continues walking away.

"Don't get jealous." He says as he nibbles on my ear.

"I'm no where near that." I say confidently.

"Whatever floats your boat Kat." He says

"I don't like her."

"She can be a bit mean but she really nice once you get to know her."

"I'll believe it when I see it."

He laughs.

"Where are her parents?"

"They went out to dinner sometime last year for their anniversary and didn't return. Four days after they went missing their bodies and car were found over the side of a cliff. She hasn't left that house since."

"Oh, so is that why she's a bit...you know..."

"She isn't crazy Katniss." He said and chuckled into my shoulder.

"Whatever floats your boat Peeta."

10:00 PM

Peeta and I are in his room doing Karaoke.

Oh baby, baby [ Peeta Sings ]

Oh baby, baby [ I sing ]

Ah, yeah, yeah [ Peeta sings ]

Oh baby, baby [ I sing ]

How was I supposed to know [ Peeta sings ]

Oh pretty baby [ I sing ]

I shouldn't have let you go [ Peeta sings ]

I must confess, that my loneliness [ I sing ]

Is killing me now [ Peeta sings ]

Don't you know I still believe [ I sing ]

That you will be here [ Peeta sings ]

And give me a sign [ I sing ]

Hit me baby one more time [ Peeta sings ]

When we're finished we dramatically drop our mikes and he asks me, " Why aren't we famous?"

"Because our voices suck." I say with a laugh.

"Oh, right." He says before flinging me over his shoulder and then throwing me on the bed.

When were on his bed he tickles me and then showers me in kisses.

"S-stop." I beg through laughter.

"Nah, I'm good." He says and continues what he's doing.

"Fine." He says finally and stops, he then lays down, pulls me into his chest and kisses my nose.

"Who was calling you earlier?" He asks.


"Don't you want to see what he wants? I'm sure it's important if he's taking time off his busy schedule to call."

"Let me check." I say and pull my phone out of my back pocket.

I dial his number and sit up as it rings.

"Hey, dad." I say into the phone and Peeta begins sucking my neck again, I don't know how I'm meant to explain the love bites he gave me on the beach to my parents.

"Peeta stop." I say and let out a giggle, unfortunately for me dad picks up the phone as soon as I say that.

"Katniss, what are you and Philbert doing?" He asks in a concerned tone.

"Peeta and I aren't doing anything you should worry about, why do I have so many missed calls from you?"

His words shock me so much that I freeze.

"W-what?" I ask

"Your mother is in the hospital, she was stabbed, get here as soon as you can." He repeats but the words still don't fully register in my brain and my phone slips out of my hand.

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