Visiting Mom

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Saturday ( 1st February )

Peeta fell asleep rather than going home as a result of how tired he was, and I told him it wasn't a problem because dad always leaves for work really early in the morning. Unfortunately, today is not one of those days. So, Peeta is hiding in my closet while I try to get rid of my dad.

"Are you sure you don't want any breakfast?" He offers.

"For the billionth time, I'm not hungry." I say.

"It's bacon and eggs." He says in a sing-song voice and I throw one of my pillows at him.

"No need to get violent." He warns me jokingly.

"Dad please leave." I beg.

"Fine, I'm going."

"Do you want any breakfast Peeta?" He asks and my eyes widen.

"I'm fine sir." Peeta says shakily.

"Alright, well you can come out of the closet now." He says with a chuckle.

"Come out of the closet now, good one John." He says to himself with a laugh before making his way downstairs and I shake my head.

"How do I look?" Peeta asks as he pushes my closet doors open.

"Oh my god." I say and burst into laughter as I get a good look at him.

He's wearing a pink tube dress and some black heels.

"I know, I know, I look fabulous." He says and struts around my room.

"Be careful." I say and continue laughing.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." He brushes me off right before he falls down.

"Peeta, you alright?" I ask and make my way over to him, he mumbles something into the ground which I don' hear because it's muffled by the ground.

"What did you say?" I ask and kneel down next to him.

"I said, if you get over here you'll have to kiss me." He says with a smirk and pulls me on top of him so that I'm straddling his lap.

"No, let's go downstairs for breakfast."

"You have to give me a kiss first." He says and crosses his arms.

"Fine." I say and give him a quick peck on the lips.

"I want a proper kiss."

"You'll get a proper kiss after breakfast, alright?"

"Alright." He sighs and I smile before getting off him.

"Don't you want to change?" I ask before he has the chance to open the door.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" He asks.

"Nohing, you look great." I say with a laugh.

"So, I thought we could all go visit your mother after we eat."

Since the incident I've been trying to keep mom off my mind because any time I think about her it just makes me want to cry. But I just can't stop worrying, I know that I should be happy that she's alive but the fact that Madge was wicked enough to hire someone to stab her and could do it again, breaks my heart.

I would report Madge, but I'm not sure if I should call the police or a mental hospital.

"Yeah, sure." Prim and I say in unison whereas Peeta eats as if he hasn't been fed in years.

"You're welcome to tag along." He says to Peeta.

"I'd love to." He says with a mouth full of food.

"Chew first, talk later." I warn him.

"I'm sorry, this is just so delicious." He says and dad smiles.

"What a nice young man." Dad says as he put his plae in the sink.

"I know right." I say and kiss Peeta's temple.

"I think the way dad is thinking of Peeta right now and the way you're thinking of him are two different things." Prim points out.

"You're probably right." Dad says.

"Now, let's go to he hospital." He says and we all stand up.

"Um, son, are you going to the hospital dressed like that?" He asks Peeta.

"I'm loving his look actually." Prim states and we laugh.

"See, Prim appreciates my look." He says before heading upstairs to change.

"So, you're alright mom?" I ask and she nods and gives me a cheery smile.

"Good, I was so worried about you." I say and hug her gently so that I don't press against the wound.

"I'm fine, sweetie." She says when we pull ou of the hug and kisses my forehead.

I give her one last smile before making my way over to Peeta. Already satisfied with the conversation she had with mom earlier, Prim is sitting in the corner of the room watching a family of birds in a tree outside the hospital window.

Mom and dad begin kissing and I screw up my face before turning back to look at Peeta.

"Please, throw bleach in my eyes." I beg and he laughs.

"If I remember correctly, you owe me a kiss." He says and wraps his arms around my hips. I rest my arms on his shoulder as press my lips against his. The kiss starts off with us pecking each-others lips slowly and quickly evolves into a much deeper one which has me clutching to his back. He has to pull his lips away from mine and remind me we're not alone.

"I doubt they're looking at us." I whisper and he points behind me.

When I look back they're all staring at us. Dad looks shocked, mom looks like she's trying to hold back a laugh, and Prim is giggling.

"Sorry." I say and bite my lip as my cheeks flush with embarrassment.

They all laugh and I turn around and bury my head in the crook of Peeta's neck.

"Hello Everdeen's, lovely day isn't it?" A familiar voice asks and they stop laughing.

I turn around, and there she stands, with the brightest smile on her face.

"Madge." I say barely above whisper.

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