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4:30 PM

“He's alright.” Annie says softly and I shake my head.

I tried to persuade myself the whole of Thursday that Peeta was safe and this morning I was almost willing to accept it until my I ran into Delly.


I was walking through the hallway my head facing the ground, each step seemed to drain more and more of my energy.

It was a bad idea to be walking like that because I could've easily knocked into someone, but, I didn't care. I was too worried about Peeta.

As expected, I knocked into someone and quickly apologized.

I'm sorry.”

Bad day?” A familiar voice asked and I nodded before I brushed past them.

I would be having one too if my boyfriend's ex girlfriend and step-father took him out of my life forever.” The person said sadly.

I turned around quickly to see Delly standing before me.

What are you talking about? What have you done to Peeta?” I asked, my voice shaking.

I think you should be asking what has Madge done to Peeta.” She chuckled.

“Katniss, cheer up.” Mom coos.

“How the hell can you ask me to cheer up?!”

“Mind your language.” Dad scolds.

“Peeta is missing! Am I the only one who cares?!” I exclaim as tears stream down my face.

“Katniss, we're all worried about-” Finnick began but I cut him off.

“No you're not! The only person in this room besides me who cares about his well being is Mrs. Mellark!”

“That's not tru-”

“Of course it is! Why are you even here? Just go away! All of you!” I scream.

More and more tears stream down my face and the room goes quiet.

They can't deny it anymore, Mrs. Mellark and I are the only ones who actually care about Peeta. Of course we filled the police in on the fact that he'd been missing but they seemed to give as much of a shit about his disappearance as everyone else.

I can't stand to look at them anymore. So, I run up the stairs and into my bedroom where I quickly lock the door and throw myself onto the bed. Not too long after, there are knocks on the door and everyone is pleading that I come out, saying things like you need to be outside with us, we miss him too and we're here for you. But, I know it's all lies, the only person besides me that actually cares that he's missing is his mother and she's too broken to even look me in the eye let alone speak, when I visited her she just stared out into the distance as tears trickled down her cheeks.

I've never felt a pain like this before, I can actually feel my heart hurting. And when I think of Peeta I don't get flashbacks of the way he made love to me when we last saw each-other. Instead, I remember watching him bleed until he passed out in that alley, the way he cried when he finally opened up to me about his father and the way he cried when he told me about his suicide attempt. I wish I could get flashbacks of the way he'd hold me in his arms or kiss me but it seems like those memories have been pushed so far to the back of my brain that the only thing that will bring them back is seeing him alive and well.

I just can't help but think that Peeta is somewhere hurting and there's nothing I can do about it. He wouldn't just run away, he would tell me. Wouldn't he? Of course he would, I know my baby.

The pleads for me to leave my room continue, but, I don't care what they have to say. I don't want to see any of them, I want to see Peeta. But, he's not here.

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