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"Wow Andrew actually making out with a girl against your own car for a change." I say while walking past him

He removes his left hand from Ashley's hip and shows me his middle finger. I smirk.

I get in my truck and make my way over to Capitol & Associates which is the most expensive supermarket in town but it has the ham I like.

On the way there Andrew overtakes me with such a speed I'm surprised his car doesn't take off.

"Idiot!" I yell

He toots his car horn four times which means ' back at you Everdeen ' over the years we made a language using our car horns. Three toots means ' we're extremely late ' , two toots means ' you asshole ' and one toot means ' whatever '

I drive through the entrance, park my car and run into the shop. I have to get home on time so dad and I can get started on the fajitas and I'm already late because my piano teacher was an hour late.

I walk up to the counter with the ham.

"That will be $478." the cashier says

"Will you be paying for that with cash or card mam?"

"Cash." I say counting the money and then handing it to her

"Thank you."

"Your change." she says putting $22 in my hand

"Have a nice day." She says

"Same to you." I reply

I smile and leave. I don't mean to seem nosy but, where was Andrew going? I follow the road I saw him go down and turn left onto a dusty road following his car tracks until I end up in the woods.

I see Andrews car parked next to a black sports-car. Through the bush I see Andrew handing two tall, muscular men a 15 pound sack of marijuana each, I know what that would look like from when Gale used to smoke. They hand him a wad of cash then suddenly all eyes are directed at me.

This isn't good. I reach under my seat and put on my black leather jacket then pull my black raybands out of the pocket and put them on.

I grab my phone, purse, car keys, get out of my truck, lock It and make my way over to them.

"Hey babe." I say to Andrew

Luckily he plays along and wraps his arm around my waist pulling me into his chest.

"Yow Andrew, sure this is your chick?" One of the men says while examining me, his voice is deep, in a really scary way.

He smiles at me and I feel like i'm going to pass out over how hard I try to hide my blush.


"Nice." The other man says

"You in the business too?" The first man asks

"Yes." I say knowing by business he means drug dealing.

"Cool, cool." He says

"You can't tell anyone about this." The second man says

"I know." I reply

"Good because we wouldn't want to have to get rid of a pretty girl like you." The first man says pulling out a gun

"And we don't bluff." The second man says

"I've been in this business since I was 13 dick-heads." I say

"Mellark, tell your woman to watch her mouth." The second man says

Andrew gives me a look that says stop.

"Sorry." I apologize

They leave. I wait 5 minutes until after they're gone to talk.

"You like this position, don't you?" Andrews asks with a smirk

I narrow my eyes at him and push him away.

"You're a fricking drug dealer!" I exclaim

"I prefer the term drug seller." He says with a smirk

"Why are you so chill about this, it puts you in danger!"

"And you care because?"

"Well i-i-"

I don't want you to get hurt Andrew. Wait ewww.

"You-you what?!"

"Katniss you don't know shit about me or my life alright?!"

He storms off to his car and drives off.

"But I wish I did Andrew, I wish I did." I say while watching his car fade into the distance

I feel alone, like a piece of me has died but it's probably just a feeling that comes along with being on your own in these woods, I quickly get in my car and drive home where dad is pacing the living room floor.

"John, she'll be home soon." My mother tries to convince my dad but I an tell by the tone in her voice she doesn't even believe it.

"I'm here."

"Katniss." They say in unison

"Where were you?" Mom asks

"Mr. Horan was late for class, sorry."

"I got the ham." I say holding it up

"Oh, next time call us." My father says

"Where's Prim?"

"She's went out with Rue and her family."

"Oh, wanna get started on the fajitas?"


"Mom slice the tomatoes, dad make the guacamole and i'll handle the re-fried beans."

After a few hours of singing, dancing and almost throwing over food the fajitas are finally ready. By this time Prim returns so we have dinner together as a family.

After we're done eating I help wash the dishes then run up to my bedroom to make a phone call. I quickly dial the number and hold my breath.

"Hello Mellark residence how may I help you?"

"Hi, i'm Katniss, i'd like to speak to Andrew please."

"Andrew? Oh you mean..."

"Son there's a girl on the phone for you!" The man shouts

"Delly I've already told you-" Andrew starts

"It's Katniss asshole."

"Really, did ya miss me?"

"Not even in your sweetest dreams Andrew."

"Then why did you call?"

"Are you alone right now?"

"Got something you want to confess Everdeen?" He asks and I can hear the smirk in his voice, I roll my eyes.

"Are you?"


"Make sure no one's listening."



"It's my cell number, call me and we'll continue this conversation."

I hang up the phone quickly get my cell and dial the number, he picks up almost immediately.

"So what we're you saying?" He asks

"Not that I give a shit about your feelings or anything but i'm sorry I shouted at you for the thing..." I say in case either of my parents are on the other side of the door

"No, Kat, don't apologize I was an asshole to you, you we're just looking out for me."

"Did you just call me Kat?"

"Yes, do you have a problem with it?"

No, it's kind of cute actually. Wait, what?

"Yes, I do."


"Wait, you apologized to me and looked out for me , are you developing a crush on me Everdeen?"

"Ha, you wish."

"Maybe I do."

I shake my head and smile.

"Goodnight Drew."

Did I just call him Drew?

"Goodnight Kat."

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