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8:30 PM

Six days. That's how long Peeta has been missing for and what horrible six days they have been. I've spent most nights tossing and turning in bed, too afraid to sleep because of the nightmares of him being tortured that seem to plague me.

My family and friends always try to comfort me but, their words seem to go through one ear and come out the next. This happens mainly because I know that they don't care about Peeta. The only people other than me who actually seem affected by his absence being his mother and Prim. Every day I go over to his house and spend the afternoon with Mrs. Mellark. She usually sits silently and stares blankly at a wall with tears in her eyes and she mumbles "he's alright, he'll be fine" to herself whilst I hold her hand and try to keep myself together.

His older brothers and the maid are acting as if nothing's changed and I can honestly say that I've never seen his father happier.

The sky is dark and the stars are randomly disperesed across it. I gaze at them for a while through my bedroom window before I lay down on my bed and scroll through some of our old conversations on my cell phone. I then begin to look through pictures of us together which fills me with sadness, longing, joy and comfort at the same time. I hold the cell phone to my chest and close my eyes as I try to picture the moments we shared together before he went missing. But, all I can seem to remember is the horrible state he was in when he told me he'd tried to comitt suicide earlier that day and the way I cried when I realized that he was actually missing.

The tears begin to stream down my cheeks and I quickly wipe them away as I remind myself that I need to be strong for him and for my own sanity as well.

My phone goes off and I quickly hold it up and unlock it.

From Unknown:

Do you want to know where your precious little boyfriend is?

To Unknown:

Who is this?

From Unknown:

Don't waste my time. I'm a very busy person. Do you wish to know where Peeta is or not?

To Unknown:

Yes. I do.

From Unknown:

Meet me outside your house in two minutes. Don't be late. I don't tolerate tardiness.

To Unknown:

Who is this?

From Unknown:

That's not important.

To Unknown:

Answer my question or I wont show up.

From Unknown:

Your loss.

To Unknown:

I beg to differ. If my presence didn't benefit you, you wouldn't have notified me.

From Unknown:

Smart girl. Call me J.

To Unknown:

Okay, J. I'll meet you outside.

J told me that he didn't tolerate tardiness but, decided he would be 40 minutes late. I've spent these minutes pacing up and down the pathway to my house and contemplating whether i'm making the right descion or not.

A black car comes up our driveway before parking and I see an unrecognizable face in the driver's seat. The guy appears to be 18 or 19 years old. He has long blonde hair which touches his shoulders, light brown eyes and is a bit muscular. I slowly make my way to the car and as I reach the door he shoots me a kind smile before he leans over and opens the door.

"Get in."

"How do I know that you'll take me to Peeta?"

"You trust me, don't you?" He asks. His voice is deep, in a soothing and hypnotic way.

"No." I cross my arms and scowl at him.

He leans back in his seat and a smirk forms on his lips. I have to admit he's really good looking. Much too good looking to be tied up in something like kidnapping.

"Why not, cupcake?"

"You kindanpped my boyfriend." I snap.

"Sweetheart, I'm not J." He chuckles.

"Then who are you?" I ask and take a step back.

"Get in and I'll tell you." He smiles and pats the empty car seat.

"No. Tell me who you are first."

"Fine." He sighs and rolls his eyes.

"I'm a guy who works for J. And if you want to know more and see your boyfriend tonight, you'll get in the car."

After much thought about it, I roll my eyes, get in the car and shut the door. He then presses a button which locks all the doors of the car and backs out of our driveway.

"Does anyone know that you've left?" He asks.

"No." I say nervously.

"Good." He smiles and drives down the road speedily.

I look at him worriedly and again he smirks at me before he places his hand on my shoulder and says, "Relax, cupcake. I won't hurt you."

"But some other person will."I thought to myself.


Can anyone guess who J is? The answer is in chapter 24!

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