Another Side Of You



"Sure you're okay?" Finnick asks

"You seem distracted." Madge says

"I'm uh fine."

"Something you're not telling us?" Gale asks

"Something Andrew related perhaps?" Annie asks

"No, no."

"Here he comes now." Madge says pointing in his direction

"Hey Andrew."

He walks past me followed by a flock of bimbos along with his two best-friends looking straight ahead as if he's a merchant and i'm a filthy, worthless peasant.

However it doesn't make me feel sad like it should instead it angers me.

"Two can play at this game Andrew." I mumble under my breath while adjusting the books in my hand.

"Katniss I-"

"My friends they don't-"

"I mean I wanna spend time with-"

Andrew has been going at this for like 45 minutes.

I'm sitting under a maple tree behind the school reading Insurgent , it's fairly cool and the wind is gently blowing my hair back.

It would be nice to show some mercy and say I forgive him but I only show mercy and forgiveness to my friends and as I made clear on at 1 AM on Thursday he isn't my friend although everything that occurred after my fourth shot of vodka was kind of a blur.

"If you're going to say something say it now or get out of my sight." I finally say

He looks relieved.

"My friends they don't like you."

"And you're telling me this because?"

"Well you obviously felt hurt when I ignored you today."

"Stop flattering yourself Andrew."

"Don't deny it."

"I never deny things."

"Are you trying to frustrate me is that it?"


"Katniss i'm trying here..."

"I know."

"Would you at least put down the book and look at me."


"Why not?"

"Because I prefer paying attention to the more important things in my life."

"And I prefer spending my time talking to people worth my time."

"Are you saying i'm worth your time?"

"Of course not. You just happened to catch me in a good mood today."

"Wow a good mood and you're still being an ass?"

"You know what, I don't like you and you don't like me." He says

"This doesn't matter because I honestly don't give two shits about how you feel." He says

"Then go away."


Last Period

"For this assignment you will be placed into pairs." Mr. Hutcherson says

Everyone groans.

"Don't sound so excited." He replies sarcastically

He searches his desk for a minute and smiles when finds a sheet of paper with writing on it.

"You will we paired as followed and you are not allowed to change."

"Annie you're with Madge."

"Nerth you're with Johanna who...skipped class again, Nerth please inform her after class." Nerth goes pale and nods with a scared expression on his face. Who is this Johanna girl that everyone fears?

"Mellark you're with Everdeen."

"But sir-" I protest

"No buts Everdeen, you're stuck with him."

Andrew grins and me and raises his eyebrows up and down a few times.

"Odiar you're with Hawthorne."

"Cassie you're with Brooke."

"Amanda you're with Sean."

"Freddie you're with Effy."

The bell rings.

"I'll stick the sheet up in-front of the class so the rest of you can see who you're with."

"You're dismissed, this assignment is due on Monday I would advise you to start as soon as possible."

I get up and rush out the classroom door, Andrew grabs my arm and turns me around.


"We're going to my house to start this assignment."


"Yes we are."

"No we're not."

He crosses his arms.

"Your house is this huge and you sell drugs?" I whisper in his ear as we walk through the door

"Shhh." He replies

"Peeta, you brought home another girl." A woman who I assume is his mother says with a smile

Peeta? Why did she call him Peeta?

"Uhh yeah, is dad home?" He asks uneasily

"He's in the kitchen, want me to keep him there?" His mother whispers

Andrew nods.

"Dear where did you put the-" A tall man who I assume is his father starts as he walks in but stops when he sees me.

He looks like Andrew in many ways from his curly, blond hair to his beautiful blue eyes to his muscular build and pink lips. Except they don't have the same face, their faces are completely different.

He looks at me, then Andrew and narrows his eyes.

"Peeta, I thought I said I don't want another girl in this house?" Andrew's father asks angrily

"It's for an assignment this time I promise." Andrew no Peeta? Says his voice filled with worry

His father walks up to him and grabs him roughly by his shirt collar I gasp.

"You shut up!" He shouts at me

"Jake she's a guest." Mrs. Mellark says softly

"Be quiet Stephanie!" He shouts

"For an assignment huh?! That's what you said last time!" He shouts viciously at Peeta?

He raises his fist to punch Peeta? Andrew? In the face

"Jake please don't hurt my baby!" Mrs. Mellark says her eyes fill with tears

"Please! Not again! He doesn't deserve this!" She shouts while sobbing

I stand there baffled not knowing what to say or how to react.

"I SAID BE QUIET!" He shouts releasing Peeta? From his grip and lifting his hand to slap her across the face but instead he punches the vase next to her and it falls to the ground smashing into a million pieces.

"Katniss take our bags, run up the stairs and keep walking down the hall until you reach the 20th door to your right that's my room, wait for me there." He says

I nod

His mother falls to the ground crying and covers her face with her hands.

His father doesn't seem to care at all that his wife is hurt instead he just storms out of the house. Peeta? Tires to calm his mother down.

I run up the stairs and follow his directions which help me to find his bedroom rather quickly.

The walls are painted in black and there are posters plastered on the walls.

In one corner of the room is a big box of stuff and I can't help but wonder what's inside so I make my way over to it and open it when I do is see paintings of sunsets, beaches, his mother and a lot of me...

But why?

This is a new side of Peeta? That I didn't know existed and I'm very intrigued to find out more about it.

I quickly close the box and sit on his bed waiting for him to come. When he does I stand up quickly.

"Everything okay?"

He nods

"Ready to start the assignment?" He asks

"Your name's Peeta?"

"Katniss, it doesn't matter, you don't care so forget it."

"If I didn't care I wouldn't ask."

"Aww, you care about me?" He asks with a smile


"No, I want to know why they're calling you Peeta."


"Look before you drove off on me in the forest you said I don't know shit about you, which is true but I want to know shit about you so please just tell me."

He looks at me for a minute.

"Fine, but you have to promise you wont tell anyone."

"I promise." I say

He takes a deep breath and sits on the bed, I join him.

"My actual name is Peeta."

"My mother didn't have me with my father she had me with a man named Brad."

"My father hates Brad more than anything and I look exactly like him so he takes out all the rage he feels for Brad on me."

"And anytime someone calls me Peeta I just remember everything my dad says to me whenever he gets the chance."

"You're worthless Peeta."

"No one will ever love you Peeta."

"I hate you Peeta."

"I wish you were dead Peeta."

"Why hasn't someone killed you yet Peeta?"

"You're ugly Peeta."

"You're disgusting Peeta."

"You're a waste of space Peeta."

He places his elbows in his lap and head in his hands, I hesitate before leaning my forehead into his shoulder and rubbing small circles on his back with my hand.

"And it just causes me so much pain to hear those sentences echoing back and forth in my head, so I told everyone to call me Andrew, which is my second name."

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"None of the things he says are true." I say

"No, he's right."

"I'm a horrible person."

I've never seen Peeta break down before, And for some reason It hurts me terribly to see him like this.

"No you're not." I say and lift his elbows from his knees and his hands away from his face.

He's been crying the entire time.

"I'm here for you." I say truthfully

He nods and I hug him, he hugs back tightly and desperately as if a hug was just what he needed to cure his pain.

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