The Race

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Ever since Peeta opened up to me yesterday afternoon it's all I've been able to think about. How is he so good at masking the pain and as for all the insults I throw at him, do they hurt him in any way?

Well the race is in like an hour so I'm getting ready. I won't ask or speak of yesterday though, I have a feeling it's a bad idea.

I have a warm shower and then get dressed. I'm wearing black high-top converse, white skinny jeans and a white tank top with a big 1D logo right in the middle of it.

I comb out my hair, apply some pink lip gloss and put it in a low bun, putting a black and white polka dot bow on the side of my bun.

I spray myself with some heat by beyonce and make my way downstairs and into the living room.

Dad's listening to Cd's and returning them to sender while mom and Prim argue over how Prim should put her hair.

"What do you think John?" Mom asks dad

"Either way her hair looks beautiful." He replies

"Thank you dad!"

"I just don't understand why-" Mom starts

I clear my throat to get their attention.

"If we don't leave now I'll be late."

They nod and get into dad's car while I get into my truck and we make our way over to my school.

Before the race begins all cars are examined by Ms. Paylor, she holds a paper in her hand which I assume contains a list of all the qualities a car in ' good condition ' should have.

"Nice try Jake, you're out of the race." She says as she finishes looking at the car

Mr. Abernathy, a close friend of my father, hands Ms. Paylor a mike.

"Welcome, students, parents, guardians and others to Panem High's first official race!"

The race is being held on the school's old playing field which has turned into a big, circular, dusty area over time.

"The first student to make it around the track and back wins!"

I run to my truck and get in.

"All competitors to the starting line!"

"Let the race begin in 5!"


Peeta speeds up to the starting line and Ms. Paylor quickly checks his car.

Everyone rolls up their car windows.




All the cars speed down the dirt track. I'm in second position I wait until I've passed the corner to overtake the person in-front of me.

With the speed all the wheels are rushing against the ground with I'm surprised I can still see through all the dust.

Almost there. I keep thinking to myself. I press on the gass.

When I'm about to cross the finish line Peeta zips past me and the crowd goes wild.

"In third place we have Johanna Mason!"

A girl a little taller than me with dark hair containing green streaks, brown eyes and what looks like a permanent scowl on her face. Slams her car door and storms off angrily.

"In second place we have Katniss Everdeen!"

Unexpectedly the crowd cheers.

"And in first place we have Andrew Mellark!"

The crowd roars.

I sigh, get out of my truck and make my way over to my family.

"You did great honey!" My mom exclaims happily and pulls me into a hug

"Yeah, great job kiddo." Dad says while giving me a side hug

"You did really well Katniss." Prim says and hugs me

"Thanks guys."

"Let's go get ice-cream to celebrate." Dad suggests

"Okay, I'll meet you at Bernie's." I say and walk towards my truck

I press the unlock button on my car key and Peeta runs up to me.

"Aren't you going to congratulate me?" He asks


"Aww, is someone jealous that they didn't get a trophy?" He asks

"Only you are that immature Andrew, it's just a cup."

"Well my mother always told me when the fox can't get the grapes it says it's sour."


"Don't be so upset that you didn't win Kat, I did warn you that you couldn't drive."

I roll my eyes and he smiles.

"Coming over tonight to reward me?" He asks giving a suggestive wink

"Never in a million years."

He walks up close to me so that our chests and middles are pressing against each other's.

I tense and he intertwines our fingers.

"Sure about that?" He whispers in my ear

He brings his lips away from my ear and looks me in the eye


"R-really?" He mocks me

I nod and he takes a step back.

"See you later Kat."


We're not even touching anymore and I'm still stammering.

"It wasn't a question it was a statement."

"What if I have better things to do?"

He laughs

"Better things to do than hang out with me? I doubt that."

"I can give you a list of things right here, right now."

"And I'd really like to listen to that list Katniss but unfortunately for you, I don't care."

He walks away and I get in my truck.

In my rear view mirror I can see Peeta's car behind me.

I purposely reverse into his car.

"You're right, I can't reverse!" I shout at him out my window and drive away.

"I'll have vanilla." Dad says

"I'll have after eight." Mom says

"Strawberry for me please." Prim says

"Cookies and cream for me." I say

The ice-cream reaches quickly and we dig in.

"So was the dude you were talking to Andrew?" Dad asks

And I somehow almost choke on my ice-cream. He saw that?

"Katniss, I see everything." Dad says

"And I know everything." Mom adds

"You two were getting pretty close." Dad says

I quickly shove some more ice-cream in my mouth.

"You'll give me an explanation when you're finished with the ice-cream in your mouth." He says seriously

I nod.

"Katniss people are always watching you because you're my daughter and you have a certain image to uphold."

Ever since I can remember dad's been the owner of ' Evergreener Records '

He's offered to give me a recording deal many times because of my "Beautiful voice" but I just don't think fame is something I can handle.

And because I'm the daughter of world know John Everdeen I have to act a certain way, the paparazzi is always following my every move and it's quite annoying. My dad gave them a restraining order though so they aren't allowed to be within 100 feet of me.

I wish I could be free because knowing they're always watching me makes me feel really uncomfortable.

"I know dad, I didn't ask for this life."

"I'm know that but Katniss please be aware of your actions."

"I am very aware. Do you not know how frustrating this can be for me?"

He sighs.

"I'm sorry, but it is how it is."

I knock on his bedroom door.

He answers.

He's on the phone with someone. He's only wearing his boxers and his hair is messy.

I can't help but gaze at his abs and muscular arms.

"Changed your mind about giving me the reward?"

"Uhhh...ummm..." I start but It like I've forgotten to speak

I gulp.

"Put a shirt on." I say

I hear the girl on the other side of the line scream ' is that another girl ' Peeta rolls his eyes and hangs up the phone.


"Fine, it's your house."

"Is that why you gave up so easily? Or is it because you wanna see me shirtless?"

"Both." I actually confess

He gives me a smirk

"But that's not important." I say walking past him

I sit on his bed.

"I brought the stuff we need for our assignment."

"Let's get started straight away."

"Or..." He starts

"Or?" I ask

"You could reward me."

"No Peet-Andrew."

He gives a little chuckle


"Sorry it's just-"

"You can call me Peeta if you want."


"Shhh." He says and puts his index finger to my lips

"It hurts less when someone who actually cares about me calls me Peeta."


"Well my dad always says no one cares or will ever care about me and I just think of it as one more person proving him wrong."

I nod.

"What gives you the impression I care about you?"

"I know you do Kat, you always have."

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