Feelings I don't Understand

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I open my eyes and realize my head is on Peeta's chest, one of his arms are wrapped around me and our legs are entangled. I'm still in his room.

I sit up and his hand slides down and hooks around my hipbone.

My eyes find their way to his digital alarm clock, it's 3:55 AM.

"Peeta." I say shaking him awake

"Peeta." I shake him again

"Peeta!" I shout but not loud enough to wake up the entire house

"Huh?" He asks with his eyes half open

"We fell asleep here."

"Why didn't you wake me up and send me home? Dad is going to kill me."

"It's not my fault you find it so hard to leave me because I'm just so damn irresistible."

He says while rubbing his eyes.

I scowl at him


"What's the time?" He asks


"And you woke me up?" He asks

"Well yeah-"

He closes his eyes and pretends to fall asleep.

"Peeta this is serious." I whine

"I wanna sleeeep." He mumbles and covers his face with a pillow

"But I don't know what to do." I say

"Your keys are on that table, just go home." He mumbles

"I can't go home now my parents will kill me."

"Kat, babe, I like you and everything but please stop talking." He mumbles

"You like me?" I ask pulling the pillow away from his face

"Nah, just messing with ya."

I roll my eyes and he smiles.

"What should I do?"

He pulls me down and into his chest.

"Sleep." He says

"I can't."

"Just stay here and come to school with me." He says while sitting up

"People will get the wrong idea."

"We both know you want them to get the wrong idea." He says leaning in so that the tips of our noses are brushing

I bite my lip and blush, he's still shirtless.

"Making you blush am I?" He asks with a smile


"I believe you."

His bedroom door flings open, this startles us. I fall to the ground and land on my back somehow Peeta ends up on top of me.

I can feel his erection pressing against my middle and his hands are placed on either side of me.

The light switch flicks on.

I hear a laugh.

"Bannock you've got to see this." A boy calls

"Rye what are you doing here?" Peeta asks sounding annoyed

When I look up I see a boy resembling Peeta's father.

"Well I heard commotion and came to make sure you were alright, but I see you're in the middle of getting your dick wet so I'll just leave."

A boy looking exactly like Peeta's father who I assume is Bannock joins Rye in the door way with a young woman hooked on his arm.

"Getting a bit comfy there lil bro?" Bannock asks

"I'm getting more than comfy." He replies with a smile

"I don't think we've met this one." Rye says

"Her name is Katniss."

"Well she's sexy. Can I have her?" Rye asks

"No she's mine." Peeta says

Really? Wait, what? Ew. No. Never.

"Not for long." Rye says

"You know I'm right here." I say

"No, shit." Rye says

"Bro, it's a bit early for such workouts." Bannock says

"Look who's talking." Rye says

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bannock asks

"Well, your bedroom walls aren't exactly sound proof." Rye says

Me, Rye and Peeta begin laughing while Bannock and the girl's face flush with embarassment.

"You like this position, don't you Everdeen."


"You know you do." He says

"Shut up." I say

"You first." He says and plants a kiss on my forehead.

"WHY AREN'T YOU SLEEPING!?" Mr. Mellark's voice echoes through the house like a roaring lion

Our smiles fade, Peeta quickly gets up and then helps me to my feet.

Rye, Bannock and the girl quickly disappear.

Mr. Mellark appears in Peeta's door way and Peeta pushes me behind him.

"What's she doing here?!" He shouts angrily

"We were doing a project and we fell asleep."

"A project?!" He exclaims and then laughs

"Do you think I'm some kind of idiot?!"

"Dad please..."

"Be quiet!" He says and walks up to Peeta

"You have no where to run and your mother isn't here to save you! Not this time!"

He punches Peeta straight in the nose.

"You stupid boy!"

He punches him in the stomach.

For some reason this makes me want to cry.

Don't hurt him.

He punches his lip.

"I pay for you to get and education at the most top school in all of Panem and you repay me by bringing a filthy slut into my home?!"

"She's no where near a filthy, slut." Peeta says

He punches his arm.

"Don't talk back!"

"You're lucky I promised your mother I wouldn't kill you, you piece of shit!"

Peeta falls to the ground.

And I clasp my hands over my mouth.

His father leaves.

Peeta sighs and passes his hands through his hair.

I make my way over to him and help him up.

"You okay?"

"That's a stupid question." He snaps

He walks over to his closet, pulls out a bottle of whiskey and heads it.



"Katniss go!" He shout angrily and punches a hole in the wall next to his closet

"I don't want to hurt you." He says calmly and drains the bottle of whiskey.

I nod, put on my coat, leave the house and drive home through the dark, cold hours of the morning.


"I mean I don't know how to explain it, like I care about him but I don't."

"Like I can tolerate him but I hate his guts."

"Katniss you're grounded for a month and you're going on and on about what you feel for Andrew." Madge says

"Right, sorry."

"What does Katniss feel for me?" Peeta asks and we jump

"I feel that you're an ass." I reply while turning around to face him

"And I feel that you're idiot." He says

"Aww thanks." I say sarcastically while pinching his cheek.

He bites his lip and stares intensely into my eyes.

"What?" I ask

The bell rings.

"Nothing, I just like looking at you." He says and takes his seat.

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