Angelique Maeng: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter XIX



At first, Angelique thought Camlo said dragon. When she first saw it, she was confused. It wasn't a dragon, it was just an overgrown snake. But then she realized that he said drakon, which was an entirely different thing… Probably, she really didn't know.

Before she knew she was a demigod, she would have run for her life if she had seen it, being how big and scary it was; She never liked snakes or slithering creatures, but now she had at least some form of defense so it wasn't so bad. Of course, she still didn't like snakes. But, against everything she seemed to be about, Lillyan had told them to run.

"Can you tell me again why we're running and not fighting it?" Camlo asked, Alex still on his back.

"Because first of all, you can't fight with Alex on your back, second, I can't fight with the Lyre on my back, and Angelique can't fight worth crap yet," Lillyan explained. "So we're running away, okay? Ya got a problem with that?"

"Valid point," Camlo responded.

"Don't use big words, it's weird."

"I hate snakes!" Angelique hissed.

"It's not a snake, it's a drakon–!"

"I don't care, Cam, it doesn't have legs, it hisses, it's a fucking snake!"

"I didn't know Apollo kids had a fear of snakes," Lillyan said.

"I don't fear them," Angelique said. "I hate them."

Instead of bickering forever, like they were used to doing during this quest, they shut up about it for a while until the Empire State Building came into view. It was both a relief and stress inducing. The drakon was close on their tail and they didn't know if they'd get to the 600th floor of the Empire State Building (Lillyan gave her that information while talking about Percy Jackson– gods, she really idolizes him), or end up getting eaten by a overgrown python– snake– monster… Drakon, whatever.

"Do you think we can make it to the Empire State before that overgrown–? Nevermind," Lillyan said as the drakon's head suddenly passed them and curled around them in the surprisingly empty street… Wait, empty?

It hissed at Angelique, specifically. Gods, she hated snakes.

"So what are we doing, fight or not fight?" Angelique asked, taking a step back.

"Shoot its eyes," Camlo said. "Those are its weak points– It'll give us some time to pass," He paused. "Maybe."

"Maybe?" Lillyan hissed. "Why maybe?"

"Because that thing is huge," Camlo said. "You'd have to gouge it's eyes out to kill it– unless you want to relive Jonah and the whale–!"

"Yeah, I'll pass," Lillyan interrupted. "Angelique, do the thing."

Angelique flicked her wrist and her bow formed in her hand. She swiftly grabbed an arrow and knocked it on the string, aiming for the drakon's eyes. The drakon hissed again.

"How likely is it that it will have acid or fire?" Camlo asked. "And how likely is it that she'll get spat at with it?"

"Acid," Lillyan said, ready to run. "Either way, she's going to have to have fast reflexes."

"I can do that," Angelique said, slightly nervous. "But what if it's fire?"

"Well, then Hades have mercy on your soul," Lillyan said.

"Thanks," Angelique said sarcastically.

She shot her arrow right in the pupil. The drakon hissed and flailed its head around, screeching and hissing. It had one eye open, staring at Angelique. She shot the second one as well. She took a peek behind her and Lillyan and Camlo had managed to get past the drakon.

She had barely any time to react when it started spitting acid at her. She tucked and rolled away from the acid's line of fire and shot another arrow at the drakon's eyes. She continued this pattern until the drakon's tail made it's way around Angelique and squeezed. She found her face to face with the blinded snake monster.

"Gods, your breath stinks," Angelique said. "Pack a breath mint next time."

The drakon screeched at her.

"Angelique!" Camlo shouted before dropping Alex carefully on the ground and jumping onto the drakon's back. He ran along its body and stabbed at its eye. "Let her go, you overgrown garter snake!"

The drakon quickly let go of Angelique as she dropped onto a car, slightly denting the roof. She groaned as she crawled off what looked to be a red mustang. It kind of looked like… whoops, looks like stepdouche was in town for another interview... probably. Not like she was going to see him again, though. She felt good after that.

She turned her head back to the drakon who was currently getting its eye gouged out by Camlo's sword. It flailed around, trying to get the son of Aphrodite off. Obviously, Camlo had a good enough grip with his sword that all he had to do was use his body to cut through the rest of the eye, which is what he did. A gargantuan snake eyeball fell followed by Camlo who landed on it. The eyeball popped, leaving Camlo in eye fluid.

"Gross," Camlo said loudly, climbing out of the remnants of the eyeball. "Eyeballs are Gross," He repeated, trying to get all the goop out of his hair.

"Lets focus on the eyeless snake now, okay?" Angelique said, keeping her eyes on the slowly rising, now with only one eye, drakon. He screeched at them both. "It doesn't look happy."

"Nope, It definitely does not look happy," Camlo repeated.

"You guys should run," Lillyan shouted from the other side. "Preferably before it finds you out by smell."

The two didn't need to think about it before sprinting around the overgrown garter snake, as Camlo had put it, and joined with Lillyan once again. Angelique quickly flicked her wrist and made her bow go back to a bracelet. They started heading back towards the Empire State Building.

"It's not guaranteed that we lost it," Lillyan said as they kept running towards their destination. "But we bought ourselves some time to at least get closer to Olympus."

"We probably didn't lose it, Lil," Camlo said, Alex on his back again. "It's like that one time–!"

"I thought we agreed never to talk of that again," Lillyan hissed under her breath through gritted teeth.

"Sorry," Camlo responded.

Angelique looked behind her back to see an angry drakon hissing and gaining speed towards them.

"Uh, guys," Angelique said, slightly distressed. "It's gaining speed– at an extreme rate!"

"Well, we got two options, sunshine," Lillyan began. "We either run and delay our deaths or face our deaths head on, which one?"

"I choose the one that involves us living, " Angelique said, flicking her wrist again, her bow appearing. She turned her torso ninety degrees and aimed at the drakon while running. She waited until its mouth was open and…

Instantly, her arrow had been engulfed with beams of light and streamed towards the drakon with immense power. It tore the drakon in half before turning into dust. The trio stopped and stared.

"Holy Hera," Camlo said, wide eyed and mouth gaped open. "That was…!"

"Either your dad wanted to help you out, or you have Photokinesis," Lillyan said staring at where the drakon had been.

"No time to waste," Angelique said, starting to run again after being astonished with herself. "We get the Lyre back to my dad, stop a war, and then we can talk about the light powers thing."

"Got it, sunshine," Lillyan said, following close behind. Camlo followed her.

"So," Camlo said from behind the girls. "Who's going to talk to the security guard?"

"I think Angelique should do it," Lillyan answered.

"What? No!" Angelique said. "You can do it!"

"I'm not doing it!" Lillyan protested. "Besides, he doesn't like me."

"How do you know he's going to like me?"

"It's called a thief's gut, ever heard of it?"

"No! Because I'm not a thief!"

"Why are you arguing?" Camlo whispered. "Monsters are probably lurking or something!"

"We're demigods of course their lurking!" Lillyan snapped.

"Don't snap at him!"

"Why not?"

"Because he has a valid point, you know!" Angelique answered. "Even I know enough to know that monsters can be anywhere!"

"Would you both shut up?" Camlo asked. "We're here," He added, pointing upward at the tall building before them.

"When did you get all snappy all of a sudden?" Lillyan asked, her hands on her hips.

"Why can't I be snappy? You are all the time!" Camlo said defensively.

"That's enough," Angelique said. "We're all going to stop bickering and we are going to bring back the Lyre, is that clear?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Lillyan said sarcastically.

"Is that clear?" Angelique repeated firmly.

"Yes," Lillyan said quickly.

"Now, let's go into the building," Angelique said, opening the doors. The two followed her into the Empire State Building.

There were plenty of people inside, much more than there was outside a few minutes ago. It seemed normal, although Angelique had never been inside the Empire State Building before. Near the elevator was a security guard just reading a book. That had to be the guy Camlo was talking about.

"Cam, you go," Lillyan whispered to the son of Aphrodite.

"What?" Camlo whisper-yelled. "Why me?"

"You have the charmspeak– maybe he'll let us pass with me around," Lillyan whispered back.

"Just go, Cam, we don't have time," Angelique said. She was starting to get impatient.

"Alright, alright," Camlo sighed. "But you guys have to stay close behind, okay?"

"Fine, fine, just do it already, pretty boy," Lillyan said, pushing him towards the security guard.

The security guard looked up from his book.

"Hi," Camlo said, waving at the security guard.

He just stared at him.

"We need to go to the 600th floor," Camlo continued with a smile.

"There's no such thing, kid," The security guard said, going back to his book.

"You don't understand," Camlo said. "We need to return Apollo's Lyre."

"I'm tellin' ya, kid," The security guard said, not looking up from his book. "There's no 600th floor."

"Lilly, show him the Lyre," Camlo whispered to her.

Lillyan grabbed the Lyre from her back and held it up to the security guard. He looked at it, then looked back at the three demigods. He reached somewhere behind his podium desk thing and handed Camlo a key.

"Use this key on the elevator and it'll take you to the 600th floor," He said. "Go– off with ya!"

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