Angelique Maeng: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter II



Okay, maybe it didn't seem so great being an Apollo kid. It didn't come as a surprise to her that she was, since she was amazing at playing bass clarinet, her voice was apparently beautiful to people, and she was awesome at bowman ship, which she even knew Apollo was known for his arrow shooting. Angelique had asked Jake why he looked so disgusted when he heard the sun god's name. He told her that he had met Apollo and he told the worst poems ever, which seemed ironic because Apollo was the god of the arts, poetry being an art form. That wasn't the only bad part. She felt embarrassed that Apollo was her father and angry that he never even talked to her, not to mention that she wasn't even claimed until last night's bonfire, which apparently every demigod was claimed at thirteen. She was almost fourteen in July and he just now claimed her?

Wait, why was she getting so worked up about it? As far as she remembered, she didn't even care yesterday morning; she just wanted to get away from her mom and stepdad, which she kind of did- she honestly didn't know if being a demigod and staying at Camp Half-Blood was much better, but she guessed it was better than nothing. Cabin seven, or the Apollo cabin, was nice- at first glance it's a normal cabin, but when the light hit it, it looked like pure gold. It was bright, filled with nice art and bookshelves with the classics (that she would never touch, but it was nice to see them in the god of the arts' cabin), and last but certainly not least, the instruments. Man was she in love with the instruments. They might have been old and Greek, but they were in tip-top shape and that pleased her very much.

"Nice to see a new camper getting up on time– mostly they try to get away with sleeping in," The cabin counselor, Will Solace, explained to her.

"I always get up this early in Cali," Angelique stated.

"Oh! So you're from California? No wonder!" He said. "Must be why dad picked your mom– that state's all about the sun!"

"Well, my mom was all about the sun– she said she got her inspiration from it," Angelique said making her bed look tidy. She picked up a necklace with a sun pendant hung on it and tied it around her neck.

"What'd she do?" He asked.

Angelique grimaced. "She's a fashion designer," She didn't expect anyone but maybe a few girls to know her, but her step dad was a different story. He was famous for his acting, and man, did he like to flaunt it everywhere. Egotistical jerk.

"Must be why you customized your camp shirts?" He guessed. Angelique nodded, a little embarrassed. "Well, it's time to eat– alright, cabin seven! To the eating pavilion!"

She had learned a lot about Camp Half-Blood just in that one morning alone than last night. She caught on quickly that burnt offerings are given at every meal to a god or goddess of choice, but she learned the most at the Apollo table from stories and other things. It seemed like each group of demigods sat at their own tables– Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, even the satyrs sat together. At the very front of the pavilion was the tables for the camp activities director (which she later found out was Chiron, the famous trainer of all heroes, including this guy named Percy Jackson which she couldn't go anywhere without someone talking about him) and the camp director, Mr. D, who she found out was a god sent to Camp Half-Blood for punishment from his father, Zeus, which Angelique would have to look that story up somewhere later.

After breakfast, the schedule was packed– however, there were two free hours for arts and crafts and whatever you wanted. Before sword training and the like, Jake had shown her where they kept the armor and weapons. She took a sword of good length for her and was later given a bracelet from Chiron who told her it was from her father and it turned into a bow. He also gave her a quiver with a dozen bronze-tipped arrows that magically came back to the quiver after a certain amount of time (two minutes, but that didn't seem too bad).

She was absolutely horrible at sword fighting. She eventually admitted that she'd rather shoot arrows than fight with a sword, but she sucked it up and told herself that she just needed a lot of practice. Will gave her a tour of the camp– the Athena Parthenos, Thalia's tree with the golden fleece, the forge, strawberry fields, the forest where they played capture the flag, the arena, the amphitheater and so many other places that she didn't even know camps would have; and then there was the Big House which is what they called the big, blue barn house. It was where the infirmary was, and apparently the only times she would typically be there is if she got hurt or she was in big trouble. She was definitely only looking forward to seeing the infirmary.

It made sense that there weren't many kids of the big three, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. There kids were probably very powerful, and from what she heard from the campers, bad things happened to the camp– specifically Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. Two wars took place in one year when he was there– the great prophecy then, and the Prophecy of seven both happened right after each other, both including Percy in it along with two other kids of Zeus, and two (or three, depending on where she heard it) kids of Hades. Apparently, Thalia, who was a daughter of Zeus, had joined the hunt, which no one bothered to tell her what that was, ending with her confused. At that point she was almost happy to be a child of another Olympian that wasn't one of the big three. Too much drama.

Days passed that summer; it was peaceful and filled with epic chariot races and capture the flag games (which Angelique was happy to have at least won one game with Apollo's cabin, even if it was only one). She met Nico Di Angelo, a son of Hades, who, after they met, would tell stories of his adventures with Percy and the others; one of her favorites was during the prophecy of seven when he went with Reyna and Coach hedge to deliver the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood to stop the war. She loved her time at Camp Half-Blood, until, who would have guessed, a quest.

"Can I just ask what a quest is?" Angelique asked Matt, one of her cabin mates, half-siblings– whatever.

"A quest is a kind of mission– kinda– to prove worth and it's dangerous most of the time, if not all of the time." Angelique seemed worried which Matt caught on to that. "Don't worry; you're new so it probably won't be you."

"Unless it relates to the Great Prophecy, then it's definitely you," Lillyan interjected. Angelique got nervous. She had gotten a dream that night. She had seen a Lyre being stolen and she had a sinking feeling it was her dad's. It then shifted to herself at the edge of the Grand Canyon while a horde of monsters stood before her. She had heard her dad telling her get my lyre back from your friend before war begins between me and her father and before I put a plague on his children! She knew who he was talking about and she was afraid what would happen if she didn't.

"Hey, don't be scaring my cabin mate," Matt said.

"You mean your half sister? Don't tell me you're trying to play the big brother here... again." Lillyan said.

"What– no! Lilly, why would you think that?" Matt said.

"Because we all know what happened to your– sorry," Lillyan said shutting her mouth.

"You have a horrible habit of talking too much," Matt said firmly.

Angelique kept her mouth shut. She didn't need to be a child of Athena to know it wasn't wise to pry. Before they could continue being bitter at each other, Mr. D and Chiron stood before the demigods at the amphitheater. Chiron had his hands folded behind his back ready to announce the task at hand. Angelique nervously anticipated her own name as she remembered her dream.

"Good evening, everyone!" Chiron began. "As you all know, a new great prophecy has been told by our Oracle, Rachel Elizabeth Dare. While we don't know the entire meaning of it yet, we do know that something has been stolen– Apollo's Lyre, and it is suspected that Hermes has stolen it, or rather one of his kids."

"What?" Angelique whispered to Matt.

"Gods can't take other god's things, so it’s got to be a kid," Matt said. "I can't believe anyone would want to steal dad's lyre... Everyone knows its war if someone does– if any of his stuff gets stolen, honestly."

Angelique was concerned. She knew Lillyan wouldn't do that, but her dad was still accusing her? It didn't seem right.

"We will be sending a hero to find the lyre by the seventh of next month," Mr. D said.

"So two weeks from now... On Apollo's sacred day..." Matt said.

"Seems like him..." Jake said sitting beside Lillyan.

"We don't actually know the location of the lyre; however, the hero we will send will inevitably speed the process," Chiron said. "That hero being Angelique Maeng."

"Well, there goes my promise..." Matt muttered.

"At least you didn't promise on the river Styx, right?" Camlo said.

"Are you up for the task, Angelique?" Chiron asked the daughter of Apollo.

Angelique looked around to Will, to Matt, to her friends. They nodded, telling her that she should do it. She figured she had no choice. She looked to Chiron.

"Yes," She answered.

"Now, you are also allowed to take two others with you as well on this quest, but you don't necessarily have to. You can also choose more than three; however, that is very dangerous. Would you like anyone else to go along with you?" Chiron asked.

She thought for a moment. She'd have to choose wisely, but she definitely didn't want to go alone. She looked at her friends, and she knew who she had to take.

"I choose Lilly and Cam," Angelique said.

"Alright then," Chiron said as he started to trot away. "It's concluded– Angelique, Camlo and Lillyan will go and find Apollo's lyre and bring it back to Olympus!" He turned around toward Angelique. "You'll be leaving tomorrow morning, after speaking to Rachel."

That night, Angelique couldn't sleep. She didn't know what to think. What would this quest bring? She knew that she had to do it; Apollo's Lyre had been stolen by someone, most likely a camp mate, but she just couldn't understand why anyone would. If she remembered correctly from English class, Hermes once stole Apollo's sheep, or maybe it was a cow– whatever, it was an animal that Apollo owned. When Hermes had taken it, Apollo was angry and chased him down, but before Apollo caught him, Hermes invented the lyre and gave it to Apollo as a gift, appeasing Apollo's anger. If Hermes had made it for Apollo for something else he had done to the sun god, why would any of the Hermes kids want to steal the gift that their father made for Apollo? It made no sense, all except for maybe a kid wanting something like war between the two, but why would anyone want that?

When she finally fell asleep, she had a dream. It began pretty normal, as far as demigod dreams went. She was sitting with Will, Nico, Matt, Camlo and Lillyan, watching a chariot race between the Ares cabin and the Athena cabin. the Ares kids were ruthless, while the Athena kids outwitted them. They were having fun watching the two rivaled cabins crash into each other with their chariots, but just as the third lap ended, Angelique stopped cheering when she saw a man standing across the way. He stood against the wall by the finish line, she turned to her friends to ask if they saw him, but they weren't there anymore. There wasn't anyone in the stands anymore. She looked back to where the man was; he was still there, looking at her.

She made her way down to the track, but when she reached it, it wasn't the track anymore. She wasn't even at Camp Half-Blood, or even on Long Island. She was close to falling off the edge of the Grand Canyon. Moments after she realized where she was, she started to hear whispers from below.

Then, she woke up.

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