Angelique Maeng: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter XX



The elevator was nice. Angelique didn't like closed in places, but at least the box that could be her ultimate death (at least in her head) had nice interior.

"Are you okay, sunshine?" Lillyan asked.

Angelique hadn't noticed, but she was jittery. There wasn't really any part of her body that wasn't moving. She was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, she was rubbing her hands on her upper arms, and not to mention the slight twitch in her right eye.

"Yeah, I'm fine," She lied.

"Do you really think you can lie to a thief?" Lillyan asked, unamused.

Angelique remained silent.

"You're claustrophobic aren't you?" Lillyan said.

"Slightly," Angelique said.




"Okay," Angelique sighed. "I'm extremely claustrophobic."

"Now, was that so hard?" Lillyan asked.

"Yes, actually," Angelique protested. "Extremely."

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Before them was a huge Greek-looking city with golden buildings. The entire city of Olympus was full of light; however, it was empty.

"So, where exactly are we going?" Angelique asked.

"We follow the yellow brick road, sunshine," Lillyan said, walking along a long path towards a building. "Sun god is just at the end of it."

"That is a long path," Angelique said before following. Camlo followed her with Alex on his back.

The path was very long, and Angelique had misjudged the distance. Around a fourth of the way down the path, Alex woke up and smacked the side of Camlo's head.

"Ow!" Camlo shouted. "What was that for?"

"For being a dumbass," Alex said. "Now put me down!"

"I didn't do anything!" Camlo whined. He paused. "Did I?" He added as he let Alex down.

"Well, probably," Lillyan said. "You are Cam, right?" She added as they started walking again.

"Well, yeah," Camlo said slightly defensive. "But I didn't do anything stupid lately, right?"

"You'd be surprised," Lillyan said.

"Hey!" Camlo snapped. "I saved your ass back there! You know, that drakon?"

"That doesn't count, it was on crush impulse."

"What the Hades is that supposed to mean?!" Camlo asked, confused.

"The moment Angelique was in danger, you jumped up and gouged the thing's eye out– which, by the way, didn't kill it right away," Lillyan argued. "Where was that, like, the moment the drakon showed up, huh?"

"I had Alex on my back!"

"Okay, that's enough," Angelique hissed, pushing between them and going ahead. "We're on a quest, not a hike."

"So this is Olympus?" Alex asked. "Nice."

"Annabeth Chase redesigned it a few years ago after the Titan war," Lillyan explained. "The gods gave her full freedom in the architecture and– voila– you got this new Olympus. It's awesome."

"Lil, I'm going to say this bluntly," Angelique began. "You are obsessed with these demigods; get a new hobby."

"I am not!" Lillyan protested. "And I do have a hobby! It's called cloud watching."

"Cloud watching is great and all, but I'm just gonna back up a little bit– a drakon?" Alex said.

"Yeah," Camlo said, casually. "Angelique blasted it with a solar arrow blasty thingy."

"I'm pretty sure it's called photokinesis, pretty boy," Lillyan said. "Or Apollo helping out his 'little girl', or whatever."

"Cool, light powers," Alex said. "How'd you manage that?"

"I don't know, actually," Angelique said. "I think I panicked."

"You panicked and your powers went off?"

"Yeah, sure, let's call it that."

"Gods, this path is long."

"I know, right?"

"Looks like you have competition for bestie, Lil," Camlo muttered to Lillyan.

"Shut up, pretty boy," Lillyan growled.

They hadn't even gotten to the halfway point in the path when Angelique started to complain.

"Why does it have to be so far away?" Angelique moaned. "Why can't it just be, like, closer or something?"

"That'd be too easy, sunshine," Lillyan explained.

"It'd be awesome if we could just call on Apollo and just give it to him, but no, we have to walk all the way up a stupid path to get to him and give it to him there," Camlo said. "It's so stupid."

"The gods make things complicated," Lillyan said.

"How much longer?" Alex asked.

"We just reached the halfway point," Lillyan said.

"No way."

"I am not kidding."

The four demigods groaned.

"Is Apollo even going to be there?" Alex asked curiously. "Who's to say he's not?"

"He's a god, of course he's on Olympus," Camlo said. "Right?"

"Good to know you're not stupid all the time, pretty boy," Lillyan said. "All the gods live on Olympus, especially when they're one of the big guys with thrones."

"I think I remember something about Percy sitting on his dads throne to get his attention," Camlo said. "Maybe Angelique should do the same with his throne."

"Sure, why not," Alex said with a shrug.

"Actually, that'll work," Lillyan said. "The gods are kind of possessive of their thrones. I mean, Percy could have been smited if Poseidon hadn't realized who was sitting on his throne."

"This is true," Camlo said. "That's why I suggested it."

"Percy was also threatened not to do it again," Lillyan added. "And this is a dangerous feat just to get onto the seat. That sucker's huge."

"Doesn't hurt to try, right?" Angelique said.

"I suppose not," Lillyan agreed. She looked down at her pocket watch in her hand. "Gods, this is going to take forever…"

"You know, it's been awfully quiet," Camlo stated. "Where are all the satyrs and heavenly beings? Shouldn't Olympus be, you know, full of goddesses, gods, and heavenly beings?"

"Ugh, I hate it when you ask the important questions," Lillyan groaned. "Why can't you keep your mouth shut for two fucking minutes?"

"I can," Camlo said. "But I won't."

Lillyan glared at Camlo.

"How much farther?" Angelique complained. She could feel the soles of her feet pounding in her shoes. "My feet are killing me from all this walking."

"We have, like, another quarter of the path to go, sunshine," Lillyan said, closing her pocket watch. "And with plenty of time to spare."

"Yeah, like a few hours," Alex muttered. "And what were you guys thinking going into that casino anyway?"

Lillyan groaned. "I should have trusted my gut, I should have known that the name of the casino meant bad news."

"Then why didn't you?" Camlo asked.

"Because adrenaline," Lillyan argued.

"That's not a valid excuse," Angelique said.

"You went in, too!"

"So? I don't know things; I'm new to this demigod thing."

"New or not, you have the demigod instinct, too."

"Demigod instinct or not, I'm not the one who knows everything that ever happened on Perseus Jackson's quests!"

"She has a fair point," Camlo said.

"Whatever, shut up," Lillyan grumbled.

"Awkward," Alex said.

"By the way," Lillyan began. "What's that letter in your pocket for?"

"What letter, I don't have a letter in my pocket," Alex lied.

"Don't lie, I read like half of it," Lillyan said. "Your full name is Alexandria?"

"Lilly!" Angelique scolded. "It's not nice to read someone else's private stuff!"

"What? I'm a Hermes kid," Lillyan defended herself. "I tend to pickpocket–!"

"That's not cool, Lil!"

"I only take what I'm curious about!" Lillyan said. "I give it back! Alex, check your right pocket."

Alex reached into her right pocket and she pulled out a folded letter.

"See? I gave it back!"

"You need to break that habit!" Angelique said, pointing her finger at Lillyan.

"I'm a Hermes kid! I can't help myself, okay?" Lillyan said. "So what's with the letter?"

"I'd rather not talk about it," Alex said, slightly peeved.

"See? She doesn't want to–!"

"Angelique watch out–!"

Too late. She ran into a huge, golden door.

"Ow…" She muttered as she rubbed her right side face. She looked up and saw an Omega symbol on the pair of doors.

"Well, we made it," Alex said, looking up at the doors.

Lillyan and Camlo pushed the doors open, only to see an empty throne room.

"Well, where is he?" Camlo asked as they walked in.

"Do I really need to sit on his throne?" Angelique whined, turning around to face the others.

"Probably," Lillyan said.

"Well, no need to go that far, kids," A strange voice said.

Angelique turned around to see and extremely handsome, blonde god with a lifeguard complexion and golden robes. His hair was in a man bun and his bow strung on his back. His eyes glowed like the sun.

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