Angelique Maeng: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter IV



Oh, boy. How should he say this?

Hellhounds were rough.

That was a good pun; he'd use that one later after they beat them, but, for now, he had to keep those mutts from biting his head off– or any limb for that matter. He slashed at one in the chest; it instantly disintegrated into dust. On to the next one… and the next, and the next, and… It was going to be a long night.

"Why are there so many of them?!" Angelique asked as she shot another one of her arrows between a Hellhound's eyes. Man, was her voice pretty. Even when she wasn't singing, her voice just made his heart melt.

Wait, what was he doing; he had to pay attention to the fight, not to his– too late, one of the hounds pounced on him. Gods, was he really this stupid? No, he could come to a stalemate when it came to sword fighting with Nico Di Angelo, and that son of Hades was really good, like, insanely good; he could barely keep up most of the time, but he still could so that couldn't be it. The Hellhound tried to bite him, but he stabbed his sword into the thing's neck and it vanished just like the rest of the hounds he killed.

"Get yourself together, pretty boy! I know you're not just good looks!" Lillyan shouted as she threw another one of her daggers.

"Behind you!" Angelique shouted as she shot an arrow past Camlo's head. Holy Hera, fierce and pretty? What more could a guy want?

Oh, gods, there he went again. What was with him? Ever since Angelique arrived at camp, all Camlo could do was think about her. He'd listen to her sing during the bonfires, he'd watch her shoot her bow, and, even though she wasn't very good, he'd watch her sword fight with Will Solace while he'd spar with Nico Di Angelo (which often led to his butt getting kicked and later a speech from Nico: Get your act together! You can't get distracted by emotions like that!).

At one point, Camlo had asked Piper McLean, his cabin counselor, about it– well, not directly talking about her, but about how love really felt. She found it so quickly with Jason Grace, that Jupiter kid, and, man, was she pretty good at this love thing. She said Love is really weird, sometimes awkward, but always weird. If mom starts talking to you about it, don't listen to her, though; she doesn't know what she's talking about. By the way, I know who you've been crushing on lately. I believe it's a certain Apollo girl? Piper always teased him about his little crushes, but this wasn't any normal crush and Piper apparently picked up on it.

Nico once told him about his experience with Eros; he said it hurt, like, a lot, but once he accepted and got over his first ever crush (Which he later found out it was the Percy Jackson), it didn't hurt so much. He sure hoped he didn't meet Eros along the way, that would hurt, and bad.

He kept fighting until he was caught off guard thinking of one of his other talks with Nico when they'd talked about the "love" subject. His sword, Loveless, went flying out of his hand and turned back into his bronze ring. He scrambled to get it back.

"Cam, watch out!" Lillyan shouted.

He quickly put the ring on and thrashed his sword behind him. It hit a Hellhound as it turned to dust. He lost his balance and fell on his rear end. He exhaled loudly.

"Cam, what in Hades are you doing?!" Angelique said concerned. "You're going to get yourself killed!" She shot another one of her arrows.

"Sorry!" He shouted as he got up and slashed at the next Hellhound that went after him. Come on, Cam! Get yourself together! You can't let those feelings get to you! He said to himself in his head. He struck at another hound.

Finally, all the Hellhounds were turned to dust. Angelique sat on the ground, trying to catch her breath. She may have been using her bow, but she spent most of the time running away from them. Camlo felt bad for her. She'd only started training a few days ago; he and Lillyan had been training for years. She had scratches on her face.

"Wow, Hellhounds are rough, Ha, get it? Rough?–Oh, my gods– that looks bad," Camlo said as he knelt down taking off his backpack. He noticed the deep gash on Angelique's left calf. He opened up his bag and took out a med kit. "Here, let me help you," He said as he took a rag and wet it with his water bottle.

"You and your puns…" Lillyan said putting her hand on her forehead.

"Cam, you don't have to–!"

"No, no. Just let me help, okay?" Camlo said calmly. Oh, gods, this was the most he'd said to her in days. He was surprised he was calm enough to speak. The past few days he'd been pretty silent, cracking the good old "Camlo humor" when it called for it, but fairly quiet.

He cleaned her wound then dressed it. Afterwards, he took out a piece of ambrosia and gave it to her.

"Here," Camlo said holding it out.

"T-Thanks…" Angelique said taking the ambrosia. She ate it.

Camlo had no idea what it could have tasted to her, but if it was him, he would have tasted his dad's rhubarb pie. He supposed she would have tasted something her mother made, or something she had when she lived in LA.

"Well, well, well. Looks like pretty boy is at it, again," Lillyan said putting her hands on her hips. Camlo froze. "Courting yet another young lady."

Crap, she knows, Camlo thought to himself. Of course she knew, Lillyan had known him for three years, which was long enough to know his tendencies. She was also a fast learner and was in the process of finishing up figuring out Angelique.

"Are you still mad?" Camlo said, trying to keep his cool.

"About what– Hades, no!" She screamed. "And we agreed never to talk about it again, Camlo Loiza Loveridge." Well, now she really was angry. It didn't take three years to know that Lillyan went to using full names when she was angry, however it does take three years to figure out Camlo's middle name. He always knew Loiza was kind of girly.

"I think you are," Camlo said. Probably a stupid idea, but Camlo was full of stupid of ideas. "You used my middle name."

"Well, I'm angry now! But not because of that!" Lillyan shouted again.

"What, did you guys date or something?" Angelique asked, after she finished the ambrosia.

"Is it really that obvious?" Camlo asked jokingly.

"Well, if you hadn't said anything!" Lillyan shouted.

"Hey, hey! You had your little hissy fit! Now quiet down or you'll attract more monsters!" Camlo whispered angrily.

"So, you did date?" Angelique said, shaking her arm, turning her bow back into her bracelet.

Camlo laughed. "Yeah, once," He said. He took a stick and drew a heart in the dirt. He then wrote a C at the top left, an L on the right, and a J at the bottom. "You see, I had a crush on her once–!"

"Not this again!" Lillyan groaned.

"–When I first came here, I saw her and I thought, 'Jesus, she's pretty', so I asked her out," Camlo continued, ignoring Lillyan. "Fortuna, the goddess of luck, must have been on my side, because she said yes."

"Only ‘cause I felt bad for you!" Lillyan argued.

"Keep telling yourself that!" Camlo said. He drew a line towards the L from the C. "Anyway, we started dating, and then I was claimed by my mom, Aphrodite," He drew an X between the J and the C. "Being that Jake was friends with her way before I came here, and him being a kid of Athena, he didn't like the idea of me dating his 'best friend', so Lilly started to doubt me and my loyalty– from past children of Aphrodite, we have a history of breaking hearts- so, days went on, and Lil said that she kept seeing me look at all the other girls, so we broke up. End of story," Camlo said as he drew an X on the line between the L and the C. "Then she started liking Jake," Camlo whispered to Angelique.

"I do not!" Lillyan said, flustered.

"Keep telling yourself that, sweet cheeks!" Camlo teased.

"Don’t call me that!" Lillyan hissed.

"Whatever you say," Camlo said in a playful tone. He turned to Angelique. "Can you get up?" He asked.

She nodded. "I think so," She said as she slowly got up. "I'll probably have a limp for a few more hours, but with my fast healing from my dad, I think I'll be okay."

"Sure hope so," Lillyan said, crossing her arms. "You are leading this quest, remember?"

"Don't be so insensitive, Lil," Camlo said, annoyed. "She's injured."

"Whatever," Lillyan said. "Where are we going next, then?"

"I say Hollywood," Angelique said.

"Let's go then," Lillyan said kicking her heels. The wings on her shoes fluttered open and she took off.

Camlo didn't know what was going on with Lillyan. She'd never acted this way before when he teased her about their past relationship. Maybe it was because of the whole "Lyre" thing? He honestly didn't know; what he did know was that his jokes and puns weren't going to fix it, he didn't even know if it worked in the first place.

"Come on, let’s go get Opal and Blackjack," Camlo said to Angelique as he started to go in the direction of where the Pegasi were.

"Wait– that's what that black horse's name is?" Camlo heard Angelique say behind him. Good, she was following him.

When they got there, both Pegasi were still there. Good. His luck wasn't running out yet.

"Cam, wait!" He heard Angelique say. He turned around to her before he untied the reins.

"What is it?" Camlo asked.

"What's going on with Lilly? I've never seen her this angry before," Angelique said.

"I honestly don't know, but it can't be because I told you about us dating at one point– I've done it before and she's never gotten this angry," Camlo said. He turned back to the Pegasi.

"Do you still like her– like, like, like her?" Angelique asked.

Wishful thinking, but was she saying that because she had feelings for him? Probably not.

He turned back to Angelique. "Ah, no. Not anymore," He said. "We're just friends. She has feelings for Jake, like I told you; of course, she won't admit it, but she does. I like someone else, to be honest," He blushed. Subtle hint, but it was all he could say. He wasn't ready to hurt someone else, not if his feelings really wasn't real love.

Thankfully, Angelique stopped asking questions. She sure was considerate for others. Another one of her many aspects that he enjoyed. He unhooked the reins and handed Blackjack's to Angelique.

"Let's go, she's probably already there," Camlo said as he mounted Opal.

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