Angelique Maeng: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter V



"Cam! Why don't we camp out for now? We won't get there any faster if we tire out our transportation," Angelique shouted to Camlo. She tried to lighten the mood; honestly, she didn't think she was very good at it and wondered why she even tried.

"Yeah– Yeah, that's a good idea," Camlo said.

Neither Camlo nor Lillyan were acting right– Lillyan more than Camlo. She'd only known them for about a week or two, but she knew enough that they weren't acting right… Or maybe they were acting right and Angelique knew nothing about them at all. Maybe they were just pretending to be that way to trick her– Oh, great. Now she was over-thinking things again.

She was fully aware that her friends weren't lying about their personalities and they were actually acting off from what they normally acted as. She didn't know why she even thought of whatever kind of excuse that was.

The two landed where they couldn't see any humans. Camlo once again tied the two Pegasi, Opal and Blackjack, to a tree stump so they didn't fly off. They needed them and they both knew that. Angelique set her backpack down by where she planned to set up and sat down. Her leg was still throbbing from that gash she had from that stupid Helldog– Hellhound– whatever. It wasn't as bad as it was, but it still hurt.

Angelique sighed. She just had to know. "Are you absolutely sure you don't still have feelings for Lilly?" Angelique asked Camlo. She wasn't convinced. Camlo was hiding something, and his answer before didn't make things any better. His face had turned red when he answered, indicating embarrassment… Did she really just use that big word? She was just so confused.

"Yes, I'm sure," Camlo said unpacking his sleeping bag. "We're just friends."

For Zeus' sake, Angelique didn't know whether to believe him or not. She wanted to, really, she did. She didn't want to admit it, but she kind of had a crush on him since day one. Maybe it was because he was a kid of Aphrodite that he was so attractive; yeah, that's probably it. She was only attracted to him because he was the kid of that really pretty goddess of love who was absolutely beautiful to anyone (as Piper McLean had told her. Even she saw her beauty).

Gods, her and her excuses.

She wanted to ask him who the person he liked was, she really, really did, but, because she was taught better, she didn't. You should never pry, even if you really want to know, is what her mother would tell her, back when she actually listened to her mom. The lack of information was eating away at her insides… Was this Jealousy? Envy? When did her life turn into a crappy Twilight movie?

Angelique unpacked her sleeping bag and laid it by her backpack. She sat on it, pulled her knees to her chest and took hold of her sun pendant. She glanced over to Camlo who was watching her.

"Is that something special to you?" He asked pointing to the pendant.

Angelique shrugged. "I've had it since I was little. I don't remember who gave it to me, but I've worn it ever since," Angelique said, rubbing her thumb on the back of the pendant. She looked down at it. Why did she wear it? It's not like anyone told her to, right? Or is it the exact opposite but she just can't remember? Why would she remember someone telling her to wear it if she couldn't even remember who they were– he was distracting her.

"We should sleep," Angelique said as she unzipped her sleeping bag and jumped in. She closed her eyes, knowing full well that she'd get one of those famous demigod future dreams or whatever they were called.

In fact, she did.

She stood in the middle of a city she didn't know. The place was empty– all except for the vacant cars parked on the side of the streets. She wandered for a while, having nothing else to do, until she spotted two familiar demigods.

Nico Di Angelo and Will Solace were running down the empty streets along with a young girl at about eleven-years-old. She had dark hair, just like Nico, chestnut-colored eyes, and wore a loose, black and white, knitted sweater. That must have been the demigod Nico and Will were sent to get, but what were they running from?

She looked behind them to see a menacing three-headed lizard monster. Well, there was her answer. She wondered why Nico hadn't slashed at its heads yet. Then she realized what the monster was– a Hydra, that one dragon, lizard thing that if you cut off one head, two more come back out from the stump and the only way to really beat it is if you used Medusa's head to turn it to stone, unless you wanted to burn the stumps before they grew back. It didn't seem like any of them had any sort of fire making thing, so, unless they were Leo Valdez, that was totally out of the question. Nico was a lot smarter than Will led on, or maybe he just learned from his mistakes.

She ran after Nico, Will, and the girl they were trying to rescue. She knew she wouldn't be able to talk to them, but she could at least listen to what they were saying.

"For the gods' sake, Nico! Why did you even think about provoking it?" Will shouted as they ran.

"I get it, Solace! I messed up again!" Nico shouted annoyed.

"M-Mr. Di Angelo? What is that thing?" the girl asked. She looked so scared.

"Don't worry about it, Alex. Just don't think about it–!" Nico stopped in mid sentence as a huge crack in the asphalt began to form underneath the Hydra. The crack grew bigger, the girl named Alex became more scared, then the overgrown lizard dropped down into the center of the earth. Nico, Will, and Alex stopped to look at the crevice that had appeared. Will stared at Nico with disapproval. Nico looked at Will.

"That wasn't me," Nico said pointing to the huge gaping hole with an angry, three-headed lizard at the bottom. He was just as astonished as Alex.

"Then who was it, Nico? You're the only one who–!" Will stopped before he could finish. He looked at Alex, then back at Nico Di Angelo. "Oh, my gods… You were right."

Then she woke up again. She was greeted with Camlo over top of her with a smile.

"Morning, sunshine!" Camlo said putting his hands on his hips. "Ready to go?" He asked.

"I just opened my eyes, of course I'm not ready," She said getting up. Her hair was a mess.

She got out of the sleeping bag and began to roll it up to pack it back in her bag again.

"Lil sent me an Iris message saying she's there and already started searching. So far nothing yet," Camlo said, grabbing his backpack. "So, how was your dream?" He asked.

"I think I know who the 'child of ghosts' is in the prophecy," Angelique said. Camlo looked at her in confusion. "It's not Nico, it really is the demigod he and Will went to pick up."

"Are you sure?" Camlo asked.

"I can't make up something like this, Cam," Angelique said. "I can prove it when we meet the demigod they went to get. If I'm right, her name is Alex."

"I'll take your word for it," Camlo said, genuinely. "Are you ready now?"

"Yeah, let’s go," Angelique said.

They took off on Opal and Blackjack, heading towards Hollywood. It didn't take long since they had stopped fairly close and flying sure took less time than walking. The bright side was that her leg stopped throbbing, the downside was that Camlo and Lillyan weren't acting right and they had less than two weeks to find the Lyre. They had nothing to go on, nothing to help them, and they still had a lot of ground to cover. It kind of annoyed Angelique.

"Lil said she was going to wait for us by the Hollywood sign," Camlo shouted as they reached the city. "There it is!" He said a minute later. He pointed the the huge "HOLLYWOOD" sign on a hill. Angelique could barely make out a figure next to the H.

"You know, this is kind of illegal," Angelique shouted.

"Who cares? We're demigods!" Camlo shouted back as they landed next to Lillyan.

"Took you guys long enough," Lillyan said with crossed arms as they dismounted the Pegasi. "I covered half of Hollywood and nothing! Came across another pack of Hellhounds– gods, they just would not quit!" Well, it sure seemed like she was back to normal again. Angelique didn't want to ask because, well, she could get mad again.

"Then what are we going to do? We need to find that lyre or we're all dead!" Camlo said.

"It's only the first few days–!"

"Which is basically a fourth of our time! We have a week and a half, sunshine!" Lillyan interrupted.

"I get that!" Angelique shouted. "I get that we only have a week and a half left while we have so much ground to cover! We just got started, Lilly!"

"Then what do we do?" Lillyan said a little bit more calm.

"I- I don't know," Angelique said. "But I think it's a good idea to review the prophecy– I actually found out some information last night that might be useful," Angelique had been thinking about it since they left that morning. They weren't going to get anywhere without at least trying to decipher the prophecy.

"That sounds like a plan," Camlo said. "So, we've already established that we need to go west– done that. It didn't really help."

Angelique told them both about the dream she had last night and how the child of ghosts in the prophecy might not be Nico Di Angelo. Lillyan nodded, showing she understood what she was talking about. Camlo still didn't seem convinced, but Angelique just guessed he needed more proof than a dream.

"So, we got a few things down, at least the gist of it," Lillyan said.

"Play the song, do you think that has anything to do with the pan flute?" Angelique asked as she grabbed the instrument Will had given her.

"Well, Apollo did give it to you and said it would help, right?" Lillyan said.

"Will gave it to me," Angelique argued.

"Whatever, sunshine! Apollo gave it to him to give to you, so it has to be!" Lillyan said pointing to the flute.

"But what song?" Camlo asked. That was the question, what song are they supposed to play?

They all sat down, hands on their chins, all in thought mode, well, up until their ADHD kicked in. Angelique couldn't think at all, she couldn't focus. Play the song, find what your friend took… That was the other thing, Angelique knew it wasn't Lillyan who took the Lyre, she couldn't have, so who was it? Great, she went off topic again.

"Ugh, I can't think straight…" Lillyan confessed. She got up and started pacing.

"Play the song, find what your friend took. The muses to guide–!" Angelique stopped and jolted up. "The muses!" That was it! They needed to call on the muses!

"The muses?" Camlo questioned. He got off the ground as well.

Lillyan stopped pacing and faced the two. "Angelique, you are a genius!" She exclaimed. "We need to contact the muses!"

"But how are we going to do that?" Camlo asked.

Gods dang it, Camlo just had to ask the important questions again.

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