Angelique Maeng: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter VI



They tried everything– they prayed, they got on their knees and begged, they even played that stupid pan flute to try and see if they would come down and tell them they sucked, but there was no use. They had no way of getting those nine stupid muses up on Olympus to help them and they wasted an entire day and a half just to try. It frustrated Lillyan.

"I give up!" Lillyan exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air and sitting on a park bench. "We don't know how to get them to help us."

"They have to, Lilly! It's in the prophecy!" Angelique argued. Lillyan hated when she argued with her, especially when she was right.

"Well, maybe they'll feel bad for us and come down on their own," Camlo suggested.

"That would be just all hunky-dorey if we didn't just lose a valuable day to search for that Lyre!" Lillyan shouted. "I mean, come on! We don't have a lot of time!"

"You've said that, like, ten times now, Lil," Camlo said, rubbing his forehead.

"Isn't there anything else we can try?" Angelique asked, probably more to herself than to Lillyan and Camlo. Lillyan noticed a lot of Angelique's tendencies and speaking her mind was one of them, right next to the use of the word "whatever".

"I say we start looking for the Lyre again, if we keep wasting time like this, we're never going to find it and– BAM– instant war between the gods," Lillyan said getting back up off the park bench.

"But where?" Camlo asked, taking his hand off his forehead.

"Maybe we're looking too far west, for all we know, it could be in Iowa!" Lillyan suggested. "I mean, Angelique did say that the demigod that Di Angelo and Solace went to get might actually be the child of ghosts from the prophecy, so why couldn't it be there? They were sent to Iowa to find her."

"But where are we supposed to look there? We barely know the place!" Angelique said as she crossed her arms.

"You might not, but Cam does," Lillyan said, looking at Camlo. His head perked up.

"Who, me?" Camlo asked pointing to himself. He looked confused. Lillyan gave him a look that said don't be stupid, pretty boy!

"Yes, you!" Lillyan said. "You're the only one I know that knows the Iowa area as well as you."

Camlo fell silent for a moment. He couldn't lie now. Lillyan had known him for three years, she knew he had run away from there. He would know where to look.

"Yeah, I guess I do, don't I?" Camlo said, finally. "I'd say we should look in Des Moines. It's probably where they were, I mean, if not, we can look in Iowa City."

"Alright, pretty boy, let’s head for Des Moines," Lillyan said as she kicked her heels.

The three demigods took off, on their way to the capital city of Iowa.

"It'll take the rest of the day to get there– maybe we'll see Nico and Will, if they're still there," Camlo said on the back of Opal, the stupid Pegasus that hated Lillyan's guts. "Of course that's on the off chance they stayed in Iowa, which is highly unlikely, but there's still a chance," He added with a shrug.

Lillyan rolled her eyes. "Just shut up, Cam," She said. "We have more important things to think about, like, you know, the Lyre?"

"I'm just saying, maybe they can help us," Camlo said.

"How? It’s not like Di Angelo can lead us to where this magical instrument is!" Lillyan said sarcastically.

"Hey, you're the one who said we should go to Iowa to search for the Lyre in question," Camlo argued. Gods, she hated it when he was right.

"I didn't say we needed to find them, I said maybe we'll find the Lyre there!" Lillyan argued back. Good one, Lilly; that'll tell him.

"Would you two stop fighting? We don't have time–!" Angelique stopped talking, staring straight behind herself.

"We know we don't have–!" Lillyan stopped as well, she looked behind them, seeing three dots in the sky, heading towards them.

Camlo looked at Lillyan then in the same direction. His eyes widened at the sight. "What is that?" He asked confused.

"Lillyan?" Angelique asked. "You're the monster expert here."

"Oh, my gods... " Lillyan said, suddenly realizing what those three little dots were as they got closer and closer, picking up speed. "They're the Kindly Ones!" She screamed. She pushed forward, trying to out fly them. Camlo and Angelique seemed to have the same idea as Lillyan heard the two Pegasi' wings flap frantically.

It was no use. The Kindly Ones kept gaining speed, and, before she knew it, there was a winged monster flying right next to her. Lillyan recognized her as Alecto. She grabbed one of her bronze daggers and slashed at it. The Kindly One dodged her attack and thrashed her body into hers, but before it could get away, Lillyan used her dagger to stab her in the gut– if she had a gut, she really didn't know.

She pulled out the dagger as Alecto turned to dust. She turned around as she saw Camlo slashing at the Kindly One named Tisiphone who was attacking him while she backed away every time Loveless's blade came even close to contact with the hag's wrinkly skin. Angelique, on the other hand, was absolutely defenseless. Megaera, the only Kindly one left, was too close and she wouldn't have time to draw her bow; instead, she was kicking her foot at her trying to at least keep her away from Blackjack, the one Pegasus Lillyan actually liked.

Lillyan quickly went to Angelique's aid, as Camlo was able to handle himself. Suddenly, Megaera's claws slashed at Blackjack's flank, the winged horse whinnying in distress. Angelique started descending with Blackjack while Lillyan threw her dagger at the Kindly One, hitting between her eyes as she turned her head.

"Maia!" Lillyan shouted. Her dagger flew back to her and she descended, hoping that Angelique and Blackjack weren't too badly hurt, or, even worse, dead. Shortly after, she heard the screech of a Kindly One, and then, before she knew it, Camlo and Opal zoomed past her, heading toward where Angelique and her ride had landed.

There he went again, off to woo the pretty new demigod. Camlo had a bad habit of thinking he's in love only to shortly realize those feelings weren't real; Lillyan hoped that Angelique didn't fall for his tricks like she had.

Lillyan landed next to the black Pegasus and Angelique who was tending to the gash in it's flank.

"You guys okay?" Lillyan asked concerned. She slipped her dagger into its holster on her belt and examined Angelique. There were no noticeable injuries on her, but Blackjack was a different story.

Angelique had just finished cleaning Blackjack's injury and had started dressing it.

"Is Blackjack okay?" Camlo asked, sitting on his knees next to Angelique.

"Yeah, he'll be fine," Angelique said, stroking the black Pegasus. "Isn't that right?" She looked at Blackjack's head. He whinnied in response.

"How long are we going to be stranded here?" Camlo asked as he looked around at where they landed. They were in a forest; the terrain was flat and it was getting dark. They had to be in Iowa, they just had to be.

"Hey!" Lillyan heard a familiar voice shout. She turned around to see a familiar dark haired son of Hades and blond son of Apollo, along with a young girl with the same dark hair as the other demigod.

"Guys, look! It's Nico and Will!" Lillyan said pointing to them.

Angelique turned her head to see her half brother and Nico Di Angelo running towards them. She got up and waved them down.

"Nico! Will!" She shouted. "Didn't think you guys would still be in the state!" She added as they got closer.

"Well, we ran into some trouble," Will said, glaring at Nico.

"Did it happen to be a Hydra?" Angelique asked. Will looked surprised.

"Yeah… How did…?"

"I had a dream about it," Angelique explained.

"Oh, that's why," Will said, nodding in understanding.

"So what's going on?" Nico asked.

Angelique looked over to Blackjack who was currently laying on his side breathing out his nose. "We were attacked by– Kindly Ones, you said?" Angelique said looking at Lillyan. She nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, your dad's little helpers went after us," Lillyan said a little angry. "Have any idea why, 'ambassador of Pluto'?"

"Dunno, there could be a million reasons why my dad would have done that– one of them being…" Nico trailed off as he turned his head to the girl, ignoring Lillyan's teasing.

"Are you saying that Hades thought that one of my half sisters and her friends were threats to his little girl?" Will Solace said defensively. "You have to be kidding, Nico!"

"That's not what I'm saying Solace!" Nico said. "I'm saying that maybe my dad sent them to keep an eye on her, and Alecto and her companions must have thought they were threats or something," Nico looked at Blackjack, still on the ground with a dressed injury. "Is that Blackjack?" He asked pointing to the black Pegasus.

"Yeah, one of them clawed him. He should be fine," Angelique said.

"Did you treat him, Angelique?" Will asked. She nodded. "Well, expect some good things being said to Percy Jackson," He said, humorously. Angelique seemed confused.

"Blackjack considers Percy as his boss," Lillyan told her. "You saved his life, which means a lot to him and Percy Jackson."

"So I've been riding Percy's Pegasus?" She asked.

"No, Blackjack really isn't anybody's; he likes all demigods, he just has close ties with Percy, since he saved him from this Yacht and, you know, Poseidon kind of made Horses?" Nico said.

"You sure know a lot about Poseidon," Camlo said with a grin.

"Loveridge, I am going to ask you to shut up before I drop you into a pit of Zombies," Nico said pointing his Stygian Iron sword at Camlo. The son of Aphrodite put up his hands in surrender.

"Okay, let’s not do something stupid, alright?" Angelique said crossing her arms. She was obviously annoyed.

"I thought you were over him?" Will asked crossing his arms giving Nico that one look he always gave that meant I will curse you to rhyme in couplets if you say the wrong thing.

Nico let his sword drop to his side as he looked over to Will. "I am, Will," He said as calmly as he could, seemingly afraid he might actually get cursed to Rhyme in Couplets. Gods, they were such a couple. It actually was kind of adorable.

"Alright, lover boys, are you going to introduce us to the supposed new child of Hades or what?" Lillyan said gesturing to the girl behind them.

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