Angelique Maeng: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter VIII



"How do you know my name?" Angelique asked, confused. She knew his name, of course; she couldn't go around Camp Half-Blood without hearing his name, but for him to know her name, now that was just crazy.

"Well, Nico just told me. I called him, wondering how he was doing on his rescue mission, and he starts talking about the new great prophecy and you! How crazy is that?" Percy said with enthusiasm. "He said you had a problem, and even though I probably won't be any help at all, I could try."

"He did go to find the lightning bolt in the same kind of situation," Will told her. That was a good point.

Angelique recited the prophecy and told Percy about what they figured each part of it meant. He listened intently, well as much as a person with ADHD could.

"So, Alex is who you're assuming is the child of ghosts, right? And you don't know how to contact the muses?" Percy said out loud. He tapped his chin. "Annabeth!" He shouted for his girlfriend.

"Yeah, seaweed brain?" a girl's voice shouted. That must have been Annabeth.

"Do you know how to summon the muses?" Percy asked her.

"What do you need the muses for?"

"Angelique needs to know!"

"Who in Hades is Angelique?!"

"This Camper at Camp Half-Blood!"

"I thought you were calling Nico?"

"I was!" Percy shouted, a tiny bit annoyed. "Angelique, Lilly, and Cam met up with him and Will on a quest!"

"What do they need the muses for?"

"They need to find Apollo's Lyre! They say the muses are supposed to guide them or something!"

"Oh, okay. I suppose you could play a Hymn to Apollo or maybe your best bet is the Hymn to the Muses!" Annabeth explained.

"Thanks, wise girl!"

"No problem, seaweed brain!"

"They have a weird relationship," Angelique pointed out to Will.

"Eh, not as weird as mine and Nico's," Will said to her.

"Good point."

"So yeah, I hope you heard that," Percy said pointing his thumb to his left.

"Yeah, we heard it," Lillyan said.

"I gotta go now; Annabeth and I are going on a date! Later, Nico!" Percy said, waving his hand.

"Later, Jackson," Nico said before he cut off the Iris message. He turned to Will, who gave him that look again he gave earlier. "Love you!" Nico said nervously with a smile.

They were so adorable; Angelique could barely hold back her grin. She wondered about the entire story on their relationship; however, that was a question to be asked after they found the Lyre, not in the middle of their search.

"So, I guess we're headed towards Nevada and Arizona?" Camlo asked.

"Well, it’s our best bet right now, isn't it?" Lillyan pointed out.

"What about Blackjack? We can't leave him here," Angelique said, pointing to the black Pegasus.

"We'll take him back–!" Will stopped when he put up his hands. "Gods, what in Hades is wrong with you?" Angelique looked in the brush. There was a teenage girl with short black hair and a silver tiara-looking thing around her head. She was pointing a bow and arrow at Will.

"Who is that?" Angelique asked. Lillyan glared at the girl in the brush.

"My name is Thalia Grace, Lady Artemis' Lieutenant," She said, still aiming at Will. "I'm here to get the two demigod girls with you," She looked at Alex and Angelique. "Three if you count the daughter of Hermes."

"Whoa, what?" Angelique asked, concerned.

"First off, Angelique is on a quest, second– You're too late, Alex already agreed to come back to Camp Half-Blood with us," Nico said defensively. "And third, Thornbrush already said no."

"We can change her mind, Di Angelo- all of their minds," Thalia said, now pointing her bow at Nico. He didn't seem scared, he looked more angry than anything.

"Can you put the bows down? Seriously, Grace, Alex is scared enough as it is!" Lillyan said, annoyed. She pointed to the daughter of Hades who was hiding behind her half-brother.

"You can still join too, if you want, Lillyan," Thalia said in all seriousness.

"It's Lilly or Lil!" Lillyan shouted. "And no, I don't want to join you! I said that six years ago!"

"I'm just saying, you could avoid a lot of heartbreak if you join the Hunt," Thalia said, no longer pointing a drawn bow at any of the boys.

"I'll take my chances," Lillyan said through gritted teeth.

"Well, maybe not you; Alex, was it? It's your choice, you can go with them to Camp Half-Blood, or with us and join the Hunters of Artemis," Thalia said to the daughter of Hades.

Alex was quiet for a while. It wasn't really a surprise, she was already quiet, but she was thinking. Angelique thought as well. Was it so bad to be a Hunter of Artemis? It seemed cool; Angelique would fit right in, she could shoot well. Was there a catch? What was different from being a Camper at Camp Half-Blood?

"Artemis swore off men, right?" Alex said, still behind Nico. "I– I honestly would rather stay with Nico," she said quietly as she fiddled with her hands.

"You heard her answer, now go back to whatever you Huntress' do," Nico said, his voice angry. Thalia narrowed her eyes at him.

"Fine," Thalia said firmly. "But if you change your mind, Alex, or Angelique, or even Lilly, just call us up," She turned and walked away. A few other girls who were hiding in the brush followed, bows at their backs. "Later, King of Ghosts," she shouted as she walked away with the rest of the Hunters.

"I thought you were on good terms with Grace?" Camlo said.

"We are, I just didn't like how she was pointing her bow at my boyfriend," Nico said, still a little angry.

"Ah, that makes sense," Camlo said. "So, are we going or not?"

"What about Blackjack though?" Angelique repeated. "And who's Thornbrush?"

"That's me, sunshine," Lillyan said, putting her hand up.

"Like I was saying before," Will began again, "We'll look after Blackjack; you guys go find that Lyre."

"Thanks, Will," Angelique said. She turned to Camlo and Lillyan. "Let's go."

Camlo and Angelique mounted Opal. She almost forgot how much this Pegasus hated her. The moment she had touched him, he snorted as if to say something insulting.

"Opal, quit it!" Camlo scolded the winged horse. "Angelique is a nice demigod!"

"Oh, so that Pegasus doesn't like you either, huh?" Nico said, his hands in his pockets. "Wonder why."

"We could ask Percy, but that's for after you get the Lyre," Will said, now standing next to Nico. "Now, go finish your quest."

"Be safe," Alex said quietly.

"Thanks, Alex; we'll see you back at camp!" Angelique said.

"Last one to Nevada gets to put up the tents!" Lillyan said right before she kicked her heels and took off.

"Oh, you sneaky child of Hermes!" Camlo shouted as he and Angelique took off on Opal.

They headed in the direction of the Nevada-Arizona border. Maybe it was there, since Alex couldn't decide if it was one or the other.

"Where should we look? In which city?" Lillyan asked, flying next to Camlo and Angelique after a while. They were almost to Nevada.

"I thought we were racing?" Angelique asked with a laugh.

"We were, but I don't really feel like it anymore!" Lillyan shouted, humor in her voice. "So where, sunshine?"

"I say Las Vegas, I think it's a good place to start," Angelique suggested.

"It's a start," Camlo said. "That's good."

"Didn't Percy, Annabeth and Grover go there when they went on their quest to find the Lightning bolt?" Lillyan asked.

"Is that a bad thing?" Angelique asked.

"I… I don't know," Lillyan muttered. "I feel like something went wrong there."

"Well, everything goes wrong when you're a demigod," Camlo said.

"We don't have time for gut feelings, we gotta take this chance," Angelique reminded them. "We've already wasted enough time."

"Alright, sunshine, whatever you say," Lillyan said.

"There it is!" Camlo said, pointing ahead. "Las Vegas! It's so bright!"

"Viva Las Vegas," Angelique said, mentioning the song of the very same name. "We search high and low– just like we did Los Angeles and Hollywood."

"Right; split up?" Lillyan asked. "I search high, you guys search low?"

"Sounds like a plan– Angelique?" Camlo said, turning his head towards the daughter of Apollo.

"Let's do it," Angelique said as they descended.

They landed just outside the city, Camlo leading Opal off to tie him to a tree so he wouldn't fly away. They walked the rest of the way to the city. It was getting late and the lights of Las Vegas were just as bright as Angelique remembered it. Did she mention that she's been to Las Vegas? No? Well, she has.

It was with her mom, before her mom met her stepdad. That jerk. Anyway, She had a fashion show one year and her mom didn't want her baby to be home alone, so she took Angelique with her and it was fantastic. It was the first time that she had seen her mother's designs and they just took her breath away. The models were nice, the dresses were amazing, and it was just the best day ever. That week they had stayed with her grandma who lived in Vegas. She wondered if her Grandma would let them stay if it got too late– if Angelique could even remember where she lived. She missed her Halmoni (that's Korean for grandma, by the way).

"So where do we start?" Lillyan asked Angelique.

"How about there?" Camlo asked, pointing to a Hotel and Casino.

"Why there?" Lillyan asked, looking at it.

"Because there are empousai right behind us," Camlo whispered, pointing his thumb behind him.

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