Angelique Maeng: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter IX



Alex had only known about being a demigod for a few days and it was already getting to her head. Multi-headed monsters, Huntress', and prophecies? She couldn't quite wrap her mind around it. At least she had new friends- and an awesome older half-brother. Angelique was so nice, she hated the thought of anything bad happening to the daughter of Apollo. Alex supposed that if it were his daughter to bring the Lyre back, nothing bad would happen, but what about all the other monsters that could be wandering around? If there was anything worse than that Hydra thing, would her father try to protect her? Alex would have to pray to the gods, if they would even listen to a daughter of Hades.

Her half-brother, Nico Di Angelo, had said that he thought no one would care about a child of Hades because they smelt like death and, well, they were children of the god of the underworld. It made sense, but he seemed to have friends now; he even had a loving relationship, in fact. She wondered what the campers at Camp Half-Blood would think of her?

"Alright, lets head out–!" Nico stopped as he came face to face with the Hydra. Again.

"You have got to be kidding…" Will said, annoyed.

"Gods dammit, Solace!" Nico hissed as he grabbed Alex and Will by the arm. "Just fucking run!"

"Nico!" Will shouted as they started running, dragging Alex along (which she didn't mind).

"What?!" Nico shouted.

"Watch your language! There are young ears here!" Will whisper-yelled. He really had no point in whispering; Alex could hear everything he said.

"Why in all of Hades does it have to be a Hydra?!" Nico shouted to the skies. "Why couldn't it have been a freaking gorgon or something?!"

"Why a gorgon?" Will asked.

"Then I would have been able to at least kill it without needing, oh, I don't know– fire that we don't have?!" Nico hissed.

"How'd it get out of that pit?" Alex asked. She still didn't understand how she could have done that, but apparently it was her doing that the pit had appeared to drop the monster into the depths of the middle of Des Moines.

"I think it might have climbed out–Oedipus!" Will shouted as one of the Hydra's heads snapped its jaws a little too close to his heels. "I am not Achilles, thank you, you ugly lizard monster!" The hydra roared.

"I think you might have made it more angry, Will," Nico said.

"You were the one who provoked it!"

"I thought its tail was a fallen tree!"

"Likely excuse!"

"Can we just keep running?" Alex squeaked. "I'd like to get out of this alive!"

They turned right onto a gravel road. Gravel roads were good sometimes; there weren't many cars going down them and usually they were far away from rural areas. Perfect place to get chased by a huge, three-headed, lizard monster.

Nico arched his back as one of the Hydra's heads snapped its jaws at him. "I am not a meal, damn it!" He shouted angrily.

"Are we going to keep running away from this thing or…?" Will began.

"Oh, do you have some Greek fire handy?" Nico said sarcastically.

"Quit with the sarcasm, Nico!" Will scolded. "We can't run from it forever, you know!"

"Well, if you have any other plans, I'm all ears!" Nico said.

"I'm asking you, numbnuts!" Will protested.

"Why are you arguing while we're being chased by a huge ass monster?!" Alex screamed.

"Whoa, potty mouth!" Will said. "Must be a Hades kid thing."

"Shut up, Solace!"

"Stop it!" Alex hissed.

"Sorry," the couple said together.

It annoyed Alex when they argued about stuff right when they get chased or something equal to it. She wished they'd argue after they were safe, but they do it anyway. They must have a strong relationship, because if they argued this much, they must love each other too much to split apart. It was kind of cute.

The Hydra kept behind them with only about a yard between the demigods and it. Alex's heart raced. She hadn't met any other monsters, unlike Nico and Will, but she assumed that this feeling would happen a lot while encountering them. She kept running, surprised that she hadn't run out of breath.

"It just doesn't want to quit, does it?" Nico grumbled. "Why can't all those stupid monsters just leave demigods alone?!"

Alex screamed as one of the heads grabbed onto her hood. It dangled her up high in the air, acting as if she were a play toy. She tried to unzip her jacket, but it was stuck. Great.

"Get your slimy ass teeth off my half-sister!" Alex heard Nico scream.

Alex couldn't quite see since the Hydra kept shaking her around, but she knew it wasn't good that Nico Di Angelo was angry. Honestly, she hasn't seen him so angry before, but Alex couldn't help but think he'd be one of those super protective older brother figures from the Anime shows she'd watch when she was still in boarding school (where she never payed attention and always got detention).

She had to admit– Alex was terrified. She hadn't been touched by this monster they encountered. She was only keeping her cool because she wasn't about to die by the first monster she ever met. Who knows? Maybe she'll actually get out of this mess alive.

The Hydra head that had hold of Alex's hood, the one in the middle, stopped shaking her around. She saw Nico charging at it, stygian iron sword in hand, striking at the ground. Behind him, a fissure opened where an army of skeletal soldiers crawled out. The Hydra heads hissed in unison.

Right as Nico reached the Hydra, he lifted his sword, and, with his momentum, he jumped up and stabbed the middle head's eye. It screeched louder than a Banshee, dropping Alex; but before she could start to fall, she felt someone grabbing her wrist. She, in turn, grabbed their wrist. She looked up to see Nico holding on, his sword still in the Hydra's eye.

"I won't let you go, I promise!" Nico said.

"Are you crazy Nico?!" Will screamed.

"I've done crazier things, Will!" Nico said. "Now I just gotta find a way to get down–!" The Hydra head thrashed to the side, trying to get his sword out of its eye. What did Nico say about stygian iron?

Below them, the army of skeletons attacked the Hydra from below. Nico tried his best to keep his grip on his sword. Alex looked to her left to see a couple of arrows up one of the Hydra heads' nose. It seemed Will had taken out his bow. It was no surprise that he was a son of Apollo.

"Will!" Nico shouted.

"What?" Will shouted back.

"Do that supersonic whistle thing!"


"Just do it!"

"But it's going to–!"

"Alex, cover your ears."

Alex did was she was told, covering one ear with her free hand and the other with her shoulder. She could barely hear a whistling sound. When it stopped, she slowly uncovered her ears. As she did that, she felt gravity pull at her like a lever as she and Nico lost height. She gasped and looked up to see the stygian iron sword tilted in the Hydra's eye.

"Alex!" Will shouted. "Are you alright?"

"I–I'm okay!" Alex shouted back with a shaky voice.

"I'm good, too!" Nico interjected.

"The effects of my whistle won't last forever, you know!"

"I know how your supersonic whistle works, Solace!"

The sword slipped again. Now there was only about a foot of the sword still in the now stunned Hydra's eye.

"Dammit, we're going to fall; hold on, Alex!" Nico shouted as the last of the sword slipped out of the Hydra's eye socket.

Alex closed her eyes and screamed as she and Nico fell, right before she felt herself land on a slightly furry creature. She looked up to see Nico sitting in front of her, and they were… Flying?

She looked in front of Nico to see the head of a black horse. It was Blackjack.

"You must be feeling better, Blackjack!" Nico said as he patted the Pegasus' neck. Blackjack whinnied in response.

They landed next to Will with his bow in hand, a black tipped arrow notched onto it.

"You were about to use one of the stygian tipped arrows I gave you," Nico pointed out as he dismounted the winged horse.

"Well, I was getting desperate," Will said. He pointed to his quiver which only contained three more arrows, each without a head. She looked back at the stunned Hydra to see eight arrows stuck in two of the three heads.

Slowly, each head started shaking, snapping out of whatever trance Will's whistle had put it in. Alex wondered if she could put it back into a pit...

"We need to start running again–!" Nico heard a crack, then a loud thud. He turned back to the Hydra to see that it had fallen back into another pit into the earth, this time it closed itself up. He commanded the army of undead to go back into the earth. He looked at Alex.

"You are one powerful daughter of Hades," Will praised.

Alex blushed. She'd never gotten praise before about anything she ever did. It was a good change. She got off Blackjack.

"Seems like you're feeling much better, Blackjack!" Will said, stroking the Pegasus' snout. "Angelique must have done a wonderful job in patching you up!" He smiled. "I'm so proud of her…"


"What is with you and bad words today, Nico?" Will scolded.

"I should have warned them!" Nico shouted as he paced, his hands gripping at his hair. "Gods, I am so stupid!"

"Okay, calm down," Will said as he loosened Nico's grip on his hair. "What did you forget to tell them?"

"The Lotus Casino!" Nico screamed. "They're probably already in there by now!"

"Oh, that is bad," Will said, running his fingers through his blond hair.

"W–what's wrong with the Lotus Casino?" Alex asked, concerned. Angelique and the others were too young to get into a Casino, why would they be able to search inside one?

"That place is evil," Nico began, "You go in there for a couple hours, lured in by those stupid games, and an entire week could pass by without you even knowing it!" Oh, that's what was wrong.

"Holy Hera, we have to do something!" Will exclaimed.

"How?" Nico protested. "We– I mean– Okay, I don't have a legit reason to say that besides the fact my brain isn't working right now."

"We have to go get them out!" Will said. "They don't know; they can't afford to get stuck in there!"

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