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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I own no one… this story anyway ;)

Rags to Riches

"Big money pull a million stringsBig money hold the prizeBig money weave a mighty webBig money draw the flies" - Rush

"Er Alec… do know that's a flapjack don't you?"

"Huh" Alec Lightwood glanced down at his hands confused, only to find that the "cd" he had been attempting to jam into the car's stereo system was indeed made of oats. Blushing he put the snack down and replaced it with a real CD (green day to be precise).

Today was to be Alec's first day at The Idris Academy, and needless to say he was terrified. His sister Isabelle seemed to pick up on his mood, although this wasn't hard due to his constant fidgeting, nail biting and gulping

"Look Alec, you have no reason to be nervous. Clary told me it's a really nice school and I'm sure you'll fit in if you try," she soothed, her eyes straying from the road (which resulted in some extreme swerving). Alec didn't answer the question and instead opted for staring bashfully down at his hands. He knew that he shouldn't be this nervous about starting a new school but he couldn't seem to help it.

He'd never been to a school before without Isabelle. Despite being a year younger than him, she was always there to fend off bullies and ensure he wasn't a total loner. Isabelle was always very confident, bold and outspoken, she was notorious for her captivating looks, bad girl attitude and long line of exes. By contrast, Alec had always been extremely quiet and studious, hating most kinds of attention, although those who had upset his sister knew he had a scary side. But even though he clearly lacked the correct social skills to fit in Isabelle had always made sure he wasn't alone.

But he knew that (whether better or worse) the The Idris Academy would be different to any other school he had ever been to. It was a prestigious place, filled with some of the riches kids in all America. The children of renowned businessmen, international super stars and powerful politicians. Alec's upbringing couldn't be more different as when it came to money, his family were at the opposite end of the spectrum.

All his life he had watched his mother slave away whilst single handedly raising her three- NO!...two….children, raising her TWO children. Alec himself had to get his first job when he was barely twelve. They struggled to buy clothes to fit his rapidly growing frame and satisfy Isabelle's fashion obsession, meaning some nights they slept on an empty stomach. He knew that if he hadn't managed to get a scholarship to the Academy, his life would probably become one long, pointless struggle for survival. Bit despite the fact he had earned his place at Idris, he was sure that the other kids would mock his lack of money and that the differences in class would make it hard to make friends.

Alec was ripped forcefully from his bitter thoughts when Isabelle's barely functional mini came to a sudden, screeching stop. "Shit!" Isabelle swore, tugging at the wheel and fiddling with the keys in an attempt to restart the vehicle. "Stupid, stupid car. I can't afford to replace you and having a car is an essential part of life." Alec rolled his eyes at his sister's antics but his amusement quickly faded. They were still about two miles from the academy and it was pouring with rain.

He sighed, and sent a mental punch to the heavens before clambering out of the pathetic vehicle. During the time it took him to grab his suitcase, hug Izzy goodbye and take three steps down the road, he was already soaked. He sighed again, louder this time. Idris Academy better be worth it.


"Alexander Lightwood, I'm a scholarship student," Alec muttered, wishing the receptionist wouldn't give him such a dirty look. It wasn't his fault he was sopping wet and dripping all over the schools pristine carpet. he couldn't control the weather, and he certainly couldn't do anything about Izzy's car. He hated cars and hadn't driven since…...well, not for a long time. He forced his mind away from that potentially hazardous topic and focused on the matter in hand.

The receptionist typed furiously upon her computer keyboard, until Alec finally worked up the courage to clear his throat. She sent him a poisonous glare before snapping, "You'll be staying in room 153 Mr Lightwood with your room-mate, who has yet to arrive. Here's your key and a map of the school and...please try to keep dripping to a minimal." Alec scowled at her, before staking to the elevator, making sure to inconspicuously wring his clothes out on the way.

It took Alec a whole hour to find his room. In that time he had been up 15 staircases; passed over 200 rooms and seen two swimming pools. Why a school need so many luxuries was beyond Alec. It seemed absurd and over the top to spend precious money on trivial things. But then he supposed that to these people money wasn't precious. It was a natural thing that they took for granted, an everyday luxury. He gritted his teeth, if only they knew.

As he opened the door to his room however, all bitter thoughts flew from his head, leaving only shocked awe. The room was massive. The ground was smothered by a thick shag carpet that looked and felt like velvet. Two massive four poster beds, each with their own matching mahogany dresser filled most of the room, although there was still room for a pair of handsome desks and a giant bookcase. To the left of the bookcase Alec could see a door that, he assumed led to a bathroom with what looked like a marble floor. His jaw dropped and he had to double check the room number. Surely this couldn't be his room. This magnificently designed and beautifully decorated place could not be for a student. But it was. And as there were around 10,000 students at this school then there were around 5,000 of these rooms in the academy, not to mention teachers rooms, classrooms, swimming pools, gymnasiums. He began to feel dizzy as the amount of wealth at this school dawned on him. He was hopelessly out of his depth.

He was suddenly very aware that his sodden clothes were creating a large puddle on the expensive carpet. Remembering how is mother always told him never to damage what he couldn't pay for (and he certainly couldn't pay for anything in this room) he dashed for the bathroom.

The warm water from the shower head beat down on him as he began to remove the damp bits of cotton that clung to his skin. The water was deliciously hot and worlds apart from the icy blasts he was used to. He sighed in content, immensely glad that Isabelle had forced him to apply for this scholarship, as he doubted he would have otherwise.

Although Alec knew he was clever (his impeccable grades told him so) he had never really thought himself to be exceptionally so. It just seemed too far fetched, too weird. Isabelle however had complete faith in him. She had always boasted to everyone they met about his intellectual prowess and was always telling him to apply for quiz shows or scholarships and even a "genus only" club. Although he often found her behaviour to be annoying and embarrassing, he knew that she only did the things she did out of love and he adored her for it.

When he was sufficiently clean and smelling of sandalwood, he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. It then occurred to him that he hadn't brought any clothes with him into the bathroom. Damn. He tried to think of a solution that didn't involved him entering his shared room wearing only a towel, but nothing came to mind.

He pressed an ear against the door…..nothing. Maybe he was in luck. Slowly he eased the door open and poked his head through. The coast appeared to be clear, so Alec ran across the room to his suitcase before he could chicken out. He pulled out a pair of boxers, trousers, and a clean sweater, not caring if they matched or not. Deciding the best course of action was to change here rather than retreat to the bathroom, he dropped the towel.

This, as it turned out, was a gigantic mistake as, at that very moment the door opened to reveal one of the most attractive men he had ever seen, and Alec was completely naked.


What a wonderfully scandalous ending to the first chapter. Sorry it's short but I really wanted to end it there. I also apologize for the lack of both Malec and general events, but I wanted this to be a sort of introduction to Alec and the story.

So despite all that, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, please review and let me know what you liked/disliked and I promise Malec will come soon.

Lots of virtual love,Amy xx

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